Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

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Kd'S Vipin K. Sharma said: (Wed, May 6, 2015 05:44:50 AM)    
Hello friends very good discussion here.

No doubt education plays an important role in our life. We learn about reading, writing, speaking in education life. But our success doesn't depend on our ability of reading, writing and speaking, it's depends on what we read and what we do after reading.

One more important factor is this that today in schools and college the students are not getting real life education. They are getting just piece of paper called degree, which is not useful in real life.

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Samuel Igbo said: (Fri, May 1, 2015 02:30:00 PM)    
Education is a principle of living in very man's life. Education leads to success, education is among the important of human activities and always have been the principle means of creating productive and sustainable living.

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Rashpinder said: (Thu, Apr 30, 2015 03:35:40 PM)    
As we know today education is much necessary but the thing is that success is only depends upon our skills, talent, confidence and goal. If we have any goal and positive attitude to achieve it and never give up then definitely we become successful.

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Manish Student said: (Sat, Apr 25, 2015 05:06:52 PM)    

Education is not only means studying education is called the talent you have, now a days schools are not giving extra activities like sports, dancing, singing, and etc, they are only concentrating on grades the hell grades which is making students to fear, the study life of a student now a days, wake up in the morning at 5 o'clock go for morning intuitions come back have bath have your break fast and leave to school/collage in school/collage first period to last period study study study, again come back home by 6 have bath again and leave to tuition again then study and now come back home by 9 get ready for dinner and sleep this is the situation of student now a days, and if we talk about summer holidays parents will nicely happily look a institute for their child for next year subjects so that their child can get very good grades than their friends or relatives child gets.

If we go on like this till his graduation now he is up for his job work from morning to night and keep working. Where the hell the life of a student has gone every student has their own dreams if you follow your dreams only you can get happiness in your life and also following your dream is only the way to get success in life too follow your dreams that can bring happiness in your life and don't think about your parents teachers nor friends nor any one just think what your heart is saying and go back of your heart one day you might be in that heights that every person who gave you advise about your future they will just shut their mouth and keep going, the most happiest person by your future will be you.

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Ankita said: (Fri, Apr 24, 2015 01:05:51 PM)    
I think, to be successful it is not necessary to be educated. Whether you are educated or uneducated the thing which leads us to success is "never to give up". We all learn or acquire education 'how do we use it really matter'.

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Lakshmi said: (Thu, Apr 23, 2015 11:25:21 PM)    
Hai friends:

Education most imported thing in every human. My point of view we compared between literate people and illiterate people, there was lot of difference will be there i.e. literate parents will develop their children's career in best way and also they respected what their children's desires on career. So every must be need education.

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Raba said: (Wed, Apr 22, 2015 01:04:39 AM)    
Hi dear friends,

I myself Raba say education is not a key to success. One can be successful without education look at Jacob zuma, Malema etc those are people in parliament therefore they are successful.

According to Dale Sterphen who wrote a book known as "Haking your own education"that education is just a waste of time and not necessary for success. Yes I'm a student as well but following the wish of my mother.

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Hina said: (Tue, Apr 21, 2015 08:02:40 PM)    
Education keeps mind to work and think even it will never let us dark questions. It will always support mind to think and find solutions.

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Annisa said: (Sat, Apr 18, 2015 09:31:27 AM)    
As a human who lives in a evolve world, we need to educate our self everyday. Since prenatal, we learn how to know our mother feeling, how to develop our self so we can be strong when we come to the world, how to be always healthy.

When we come to the world, we learn how to walk, how to eat, and many thing until we are now education is important. We need as long as we life. Education isn't always about school. It's about what we learn and get during our lifetime.

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Annisa said: (Sat, Apr 18, 2015 09:15:27 AM)    
Education is not always refers to school everyday we educate our self by many kind of information. Education is important in our life.

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Lwazi said: (Fri, Apr 17, 2015 01:39:12 AM)    
Education is key to success because it opens doors for people of all backgrounds and it expands the human mind with knowledge.

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Zi Jian said: (Wed, Apr 15, 2015 09:45:41 PM)    
In my opinion, without education one can still be successful. Success isn't something you can measure. Different people have different goal and vision. But I do think that education helps us in our way towards our goal. With education, one can apply for better jobs and earn more money. Education isn't the only way to be successful, but compared to others, it is easier to do so.

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Fawkes said: (Wed, Apr 15, 2015 10:40:48 AM)    
Education is necessary for success but you are the only one who can define what education is for you. I believe in self education, like someone said formal education makes you a living, self education makes you a fortune.

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Matthewalvinechimutunga said: (Tue, Apr 14, 2015 11:55:52 PM)    
Although education is needed in our lives, it does not mean that one has to be educated for him to be successful. There are many people who are not educated but are successful in life.

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Ezhar said: (Tue, Apr 14, 2015 10:33:47 PM)    
As per my view, Education means learn something that already you didn't know them. Education is awareness about all part of human life, what happened? What is happening? And what is going to happen, in addition education means finding key for solving life terrible and finally education means how to live and how to serve ourselves, family, society, country and humanity.

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Sabriel Juniper said: (Mon, Apr 13, 2015 02:11:02 PM)    
Success comes from the heart and the mind. Success comes the observations of others. How we measure success is a two-way relationship from the person trying to achieve it, and the people who observe that individual. Education cannot be compared to success because we all obtain education.

We learn from others without paying we choose to pay to get education. An individual can be educated but may choose not to show it. In our own way, we are all educated we all know something. Does not education come from experience, from having lived?

The meaning of education seems to have many definitions. It is how we use it and perceive it. You must decide for yourself what education means to you. You must decide for yourself if education will determine your success.

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Daya Singh said: (Sat, Apr 11, 2015 04:49:59 AM)    
How foolish it is to relate education to so called "Success", isn't it? It seems to me that education makes someone enough sane that he won't think about things like Success. Today what we call success, is just a matter of propaganda nothing else. We are fed up by teachers, our parents and all the people around us what one ought to be. This is what is exactly happening in the world.

An individual is not the individual at all. He/she is just the result of propaganda. To be an individual one has to have his own opinions and thinking. That is what we all are lacking these days. From the day a child is born, we don't treat him actually as human being but as candidate for Humanity.

Even their interests and passions are the result of their conditioning that is caused by their culture and traditions in which they are brought up. Today what we call education has just become passing examinations and learning a technique to earn money. It has completely deviated from the root meaning of that word.

I would call it Indoctrination not Education, this is actually what it is doing. People who are highly educated and qualified are caught in peculiar idiosyncrasies and in their prejudices. In my view, living in prejudices and traditional conditioning, is highly immoral. So living today in so called morality is highly immoral itself.

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Noluthando said: (Fri, Apr 3, 2015 05:46:36 PM)    
Education is the interpretation for your future in oder to clarify it either going to be bright or dark but all depends on your hands, it also an opportunity to know basics of life. So without education you can't achieve anything.

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Ankit Phagna said: (Sat, Mar 28, 2015 10:30:40 PM)    
Hi I want to ask one question from you all.

Most of you said that education is important for success. I want to ask you that those who are not good in studies they don't like studies at all the don't want to study, they can't do anything in their life? Is education is everything not education but the grades you gets in the school. People judges the person by his grade if he got 90 he is a good a person if don't people start saying he cannot do anything in his life. I don't think it is important from my point of view education is not everything but knowledge is important.

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Sadhana.Ch said: (Thu, Mar 19, 2015 08:48:13 PM)    
Hi, Friends.

According to my opinion on this topic is, Education most important for every human being. Because it gives how to mingle, behave, treat with others and how to give value to others. Especially knowledge of correct social behavior comes from education. Knowledge acquired by learning.

We can Communicate with others by education. Most of the people become perfect through the education. Because the person who perfect is always perfect but the one who didn't know about anything they will know every thing by education.

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Manju said: (Sun, Mar 15, 2015 06:37:03 PM)    
Education is important to every person by the education we can minimize the unemployment but in the rural areas still they are more number of people who are uneducated still in the some of places children's go for work and get daily wages they don't the value of the education.

The quality of education is not good in government schools government also take some adorable steps on this the society has different opinion on educated and uneducated person they give respect to only educated person so education is important for everybody by the education we are well manner and discipline and we can create new things by the innovative ideas.

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Anu said: (Tue, Mar 10, 2015 09:50:42 PM)    

I'm a student to, but in my opinion I think education is important. Education is a tool that will stay with you forever. Like Confucius said "Choose a job you like and you'll never have to work a day in your life. " How can you choose job you like if you don't have any education. So what I'm telling you is that please take education seriously. I know that you won't regret it in the future.

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Anon101 said: (Mon, Mar 9, 2015 08:55:39 PM)    
If you say that you do not need education to be successful well perhaps you could like sit in a corner and think about your life. You could achieve success based on how you define success. According to Oxford Concise Dictionary, success means the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So we could classify education in to two parts which is formal education and informal education. As we all know, formal educations are like when you learn things at school, university, college and lots more are called formal education meanwhile informal education is when you observe what's happening in surroundings. But generally, informal education means education outside of a standard school setting. So you couldn't say that you don't need education to be successful. But this is just an opinion of mine :).

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Ronny said: (Thu, Mar 5, 2015 06:25:49 PM)    
Education is important but cannot be directly attached to success, most educated people work for successful people, depends on what we call education though, if one can master the art of making money and create a system of keeping it that is financial wisdom, but frankly way back there was no much formal education and yet many successful people. I believe success can be attached to our levels of mastering fear.

Most educated people read more books, have more accolades to keep their jobs and earn extra money, but most successful people have grabbed their fears by the throat and have the afraid worship them rest my case.

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Anil Kumar Baghel said: (Thu, Mar 5, 2015 01:00:57 PM)    

Straight to the point Education is very important to one and all, there are thousands of example of successful person who were well educated, and if there are some became successful in their life without education then we can not conclude that education is not important.

Because exceptions are always there. It is same as one of my friends does not feel electric current by touching the current, does it mean that we should also touch the current. NO never.

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Kris said: (Wed, Feb 11, 2015 08:19:12 PM)    
Friends I'm asking you one question. There are some people here who support education. But I want to tell you that men like Abraham Lincoln, George Bernard Shaw Playwright, . Had became successful without education. You may know Sachin Tendulkar. He is known by this world now. And of course a tea maker in Indian streets, PM of India, NARENDRA MODI.

They all became successful. Education gives us respect. That's right. But remember Ab' Lincoln didn't get educated. Sachin didn't, Modi didn't.

Now they're in great positions. EDUCATION IS JUST WASTE OF MONEY! Follow your dreams and become a King of King (your decision gives this). NOT A MINISTER UNDER A KING (education gives this).

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Anshu Agrawal said: (Tue, Feb 10, 2015 10:09:48 PM)    
According to me education is needed for human being to understand the actual ability of himself because if we can take some examples like a former if he or she is very good in cropping but if he has a not well knowledge about growing up the capacity then he or she ca not achieve success so I think it is needed for human being.

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Finbar said: (Sun, Feb 1, 2015 08:11:51 AM)    
Education is to benefit big Companies and the Government. Education is about making people who will go on to work to benefit the countries economy and future needs, why do you think we learn about Nuclear Fission and Combustion etc? It's not so we can be creative and create our own future, the reason we learn these things is because it means we could potentially work on Oil Rigs, in Nuclear power plants and be educated on these things and be aware of these things.

Don't know if this is making sense, I am still in School at the moment and I don't value my education, I once read this quote "if you don't build your own dream, someone will employ you to build theirs" now I'm not sure how many people actually want to work for other people, but I know I definitely don't want to spend my life making someone else rich. Instead I'm going to prove all my teachers wrong and become successful and make a bucket full of money because as I believe that School is not for me.

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Phil said: (Sat, Jan 31, 2015 04:56:22 AM)    
Education is not the KEY.

There are very many brilliant and educated unsuccessful people. They are struggling, confused, irrelevant, poor and non-achievers, yet they are educated-well read. Education is extremely important, it is something one can't do without in this dispensation, it is the foundation upon which every unlimited life and success is established but, education is not the key to success; it's obvious. Formal education is no longer enough for anyone with determination and ambition to excel in life. Creativity is the key. Creativity is the ability to think up answers and solution to challenges and problems irrespective of time and season.

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Kumar H said: (Sun, Jan 25, 2015 11:35:11 PM)    
Obviously, as today education becomes vital part of our life. Without education we are not standing anywhere. And most important we need to improve our education system. There is lack of practical knowledge in school level. Education means we are acquiring something, which is used for survive.

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Nosherwan said: (Tue, Jan 20, 2015 03:19:06 PM)    
Hello dear,

Today I am going to explain the importance of education.

In my opinion Education plays an important role to change human behavior and change an social distinguishes of our society. An educated society creates equality and brotherhood in our life.

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Rohit Sharma said: (Mon, Jan 19, 2015 11:20:42 PM)    
As I thought that education is must if you have to be successful in your life but if the child is not good in studies the parents should not under pressure the child they should know the interest of their child what does he wants to do.

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Ashwati Dhabe said: (Sun, Jan 18, 2015 11:15:31 AM)    
In my point of view, I strongly believe that education is the most important need of a human life. Education is also considered as one of the basic needs along with food, water and shelter. And it is only education which reflects the personality of an individual.

Many of the people don't understand the true meaning of education. They feel that education is just reading textbooks and completing assignments. But the true meaning of education is having skills.

For example:- An artist has education of art while a cricketer has the education of cricket. Thus education is necessary in every field. And if you think that education is not necessary, then why do you attain schools?

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Lokesh Dandwani said: (Thu, Jan 8, 2015 12:57:37 PM)    
Hello guys,

In my opinion education is not so very important for getting success in the life. There are many example in the world where the simple person without education becomes the legends. The most common examples are Albert Einstein and Sachin Tendulkar. More over we are living in the age of technology where if we are determinant can research and find anything. However in my view the best thing that education do is it aware the people about their basic and constitutional rights.

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Ayaz Qureshi said: (Thu, Dec 25, 2014 06:31:49 PM)    
Today I am here to say something about.

How we get success in our life.

I think education is very important for make a good success education we teach how to behave other.

Education a part of our life. If we have education we can do anything like that if we don't have education we can't do anything and we will do the very struggle for spend for our life like that earn the money etc.

Now guys I wanna tell you about education how we get education. We should hard work for get education and every movement. And we should respect elder, teacher, younger. If we couldn't respect her we can't anything in our life.

That's success.

Thanks guys for listen me.

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Bharat Kumar said: (Wed, Dec 10, 2014 08:59:59 AM)    
Education connect us with world but it is not about to earn degree and became product of this market. A degree does not show your caliber but your attitude, behavior, conscience ultimately labeled you educated or uneducated.

Education spreads everywhere but we have to aware to observe it. It is both moral & immoral but we have to choose one from it. Thinking is a aircraft and education its petrol by which we can travel this whole world.

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Bibhu Bhusan Jena said: (Mon, Nov 10, 2014 04:52:53 PM)    
In my concept education is very much important for survival of live, with out education one cannot grow for ever. Now education play as an vital role for earn money. Now in India 80 percent students she secured 70 - 80 % mark but the have no knowledge regarding what is perfect education.

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Sumit Kumar said: (Sat, Nov 8, 2014 07:05:48 PM)    
Good Evening Everybody.

- Education is the ability to listen almost anything without losing your temper or self confidence.

- Education is what service when one has been learned has been forgotten.

- Education replace empty mind to an open mind.

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Sneha Gupta said: (Thu, Nov 6, 2014 11:43:33 AM)    
Education is like a tree which needs hard work, passion and a desire to learn. If it gets, it will definitely yield you with desired results. We go wrong to think education a part of a frantic race towards some distant goal.

Today, education is confined till getting a job and a well-settled life. Is this word means so? I don't think so.

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Sneha Gupta said: (Thu, Nov 6, 2014 09:30:43 AM)    
Education is like a tree which needs hard work, passion and a desire to learn. If it gets, it will definitely yield you with desired results. We go wrong to think education a part of a frantic race towards some distant goal. Today, education is confined till getting a job and a well-settled life. Is this word means so? I don't think so.

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Chetana said: (Thu, Nov 6, 2014 08:26:20 AM)    
As per my opinion Education makes us successful. Education, is useful in every aspect of life and necessary for everyone either a housewife or a working person. But the education doesn't mean only taking degrees education should be like that which gives us practical knowledge.

As we seen now a days after being engineers MBA, MCA people are not getting jobs. Why because of only bookish knowledge cannot makes a person successful but by practical education creative education can makes us successful.

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Nikhil Gautam said: (Sun, Nov 2, 2014 11:08:32 AM)    
Education is important for life to be success, because it plays an important role of our life, it should become a part of our life, it's making progress of our life because without education we can't know any things how we manage in the fields. It develops our personality. Deep study and thinking of any subject of knowledge it should become under the preview of self-study.

Education is not only what we get from book or learn, if we have a good thing or good knowledge you just show on your thought to other people's.

Thank you.

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Murugan said: (Sat, Nov 1, 2014 10:08:07 AM)    
Yes, education is like eye opening. But education wants only basic terminology, we want to education in practical that only we want in education system.

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Ravi Kumar Sahu said: (Tue, Oct 28, 2014 12:38:11 AM)    
According to me education is very important in life. We need education in every step because you can't go any step without education. It teach us the difference between good and bad thing. It teach us how to behave other, even it us how to stay alive in such a crude world. You can rule over this world through education. You can keep the whole world in your palm.

If you are educated then you can live alive in any corner of the world. Today the most important thing is money. And you are educated you can money from teaching, from job, from business and etc so I suggest stop learning stop winning. There is no age for getting education.

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Ramadevi said: (Thu, Oct 23, 2014 08:21:34 PM)    
Exams are required but it must be in the form of paper presentations, poster presentations which shows our capability, and it also makes us to update our knowledge by this we not only improve our time management but also we can improve our communication skills, and the way of talking towards opposite gender and we can also reduce the stage fear.

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Herica P Kilma said: (Tue, Oct 21, 2014 05:50:16 AM)    
Yes we really do need educations in order to get a job or a degree. I am one of those kids who long time ago didn't like school because we had homeworks and classworks. I didn't do any classwork or homework and I learned from my mistakes that we really need education because education is the key to your future. How on earth are you going to help support your family if you don't have any money because you don't have a job or maybe because you don't know anything because you never learned.

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Yeboah Solomon said: (Fri, Oct 17, 2014 11:47:27 PM)    
Education does not determine one success in life assuming it does the professor would have been the richest people in the world I was told by a teacher that an half senate earn more money than a professor to tell me how did education make you a success person.

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Katlyn said: (Thu, Oct 2, 2014 07:17:35 PM)    
I think we do need education, because how would we learn and get a good job get are sleds houses and pay bills help moms and dads we would who agrees with me.

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Neha said: (Mon, Sep 29, 2014 12:05:19 AM)    
Education gives us awareness of our surroundings. And at least the basic or secondary level education must be mandatory for every person. Maximum Percentage of the world population rely on education. The world cannot go ahead unless or until we will have the educated people who not only contribute in the research and science field but also in other fields like commerce, economics etc.

Without the successful education, we will not have doctors and engineers who fills the requirements of our basic life. Without them, it will be not possible for us to live peacefully. Their are very less percentage of people who are not educated but successful except the people in entertainment industry. So I contribute education is necessary to all.

And successful and by that, I don't mean that to get good marks by mugging up things, yet I mean to say by acquiring the right knowledge to help the world and our nation to make better use of it.

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Deepa said: (Fri, Sep 26, 2014 01:22:39 PM)    
Hi Friends.

In My pint of view Education is not important to successful in life But the education is only important for the way to get success In India 50% of people are uneducated but they are succeeded in there life. Now days the education system will be so wrong because of reservation etc. And the govt has implemented may schemes but the people are misusing that so education is not important.

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Sally said: (Sun, Sep 21, 2014 05:02:31 PM)    
Education brings us a step closer to success. Let's say we define success as perhaps having a proper career, or being able to contribute back to society or achieve your personal goals. Education provides us with new insight into the world and things around us. It encourages thinking, reflection, and most importantly, understanding of our country's history and milestones. Socrates once said, "Learning is the seeking of truth in matters, and it occurs when after questioning and interpreting the wisdom and knowledge of others, one comes to recognise their own ignorance. ".

Through education, our ignorance is erased and we gain a deeper understanding into humanity be it through our own failures or through reading about people's failures or comebacks (or, just looking at our country's history alone). Only with basic understanding of the world around us, of people, of society, of our environment, of life, would we be able to speak and spark changes, or work towards what we deem as 'success' in life.

However, the thing is that success is relative. In very remote villagers, the definition of 'success' in people's eyes can be simple, perhaps just to ensure the safety and happiness of the family? If that's the case, sincere effort, resilience and learning (it's a little different from 'education') is what people would need.

It's a very devastating fact of life, though, that women in many parts of our world are still deprived of the chance to read, or to learn. Many are still victim of patriarchal biasedness, abuse. It will take a long time for these women to rise.

(I am two years late into this discussion, I just realised).

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Shyam said: (Sat, Sep 20, 2014 08:53:34 AM)    
Good morning friends!

First and foremost I would like to say that "successful" is a much broader term. Riding bike on Indian road is also a kind of success! Tell some Britisher to ride on our road. He will definitely fail! I meant to say that a person can be successful in one scenario and a big failure in another. If we talk about education, I believe that its a kind of "tool". You will use it or not it depends on you. If you have education and you don't use it then you might achieve little less success! But you won't be just deprived of it. It will be your potential if you don't use it and it will be your wisdom if you apply it in your daily life!

Looking forward for your precious comments friends!

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Lilly Roopchand said: (Fri, Sep 19, 2014 06:23:30 AM)    
I would say education is education is not the only way to attain success in life because in this country there are people who have their businesses and jobs but don't have their education so education is not the only way to attain success.

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Sushant said: (Wed, Sep 17, 2014 01:37:29 PM)    
Hi My Friend, Education is just a subkey to success. I am not offending anyone here but a great man said education is key to success not certificate what is the point of gaining knowledge when you do not apply it in real life.

75 percent people in the world, study hard and got good certificate, but when it comes to job they have no good jobs at all. They are forced to take up jobs that they are overqualified such as teacher, clerk or sweepers, because in globalising world I have witness that they would see how great is your education level but they will see what have you done in life or working experience. Common man we are living in 21st century no one will provide high salary paying jobs just like that. If you want to be successful, this the key take risk in life, think big, feel big and do big.

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Priya said: (Sun, Sep 14, 2014 11:37:42 AM)    
Education play a vital role in the our life. It is not necessary that the an educated person will achieve success. An illiterate person can also achieve success. For ex sachin tendulkar has achieved bharat ratna award.

So, education is an advantage to an success it is not that much necessary. Although basic education is necessary.

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Kanishka said: (Thu, Sep 11, 2014 11:10:29 PM)    
Education is very essential for success.
Education means knowledge and ot is the base of our mind.
Every action is absorbed by education.

Education doesn't means only study but the skills, activities by which our mental power increases.

In my opinion we are able to set our goal only because of education.
Education should be our first and foremost preference. After that we can think about anything else.

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Rosy Luis said: (Thu, Sep 11, 2014 11:01:25 PM)    
Undoubtedly education is needed. Because education is the base of life.

Education not only includes bookish knowledge but also the physical knowledge, moral values and also other good manners.

A person set his/her goal in life only by the base of education because for going in any stream education is must.

Education is a term which is an essential part of our life.

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Pankaj Dhumal said: (Wed, Sep 3, 2014 12:35:47 PM)    
Good afternoon friends.

Education is important part of success. Its upon you that how you will your education to become successful. Education is not only learn in our school or college our skill and hardwork is also part of education.

Sachin tendulkar. Bill Gates are also educated and they gate direction about their field because of education only.

Their dedication, hard work is gone to a perfect way just because of their knowledge about their field.

So I thought that education is important part of our success because education boost your speed to achieve success.

And it is important factor which shows you way for you success.

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Gopaldhaker said: (Fri, Aug 29, 2014 11:03:24 PM)    
According to me the education is very essential part of life and it is very essential part of the success. Education doesn't mean what we got from school. But the education which gives you the power to judge what is wrong and what is right and skills to complete your work.

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Krishna Gole said: (Wed, Aug 27, 2014 10:18:27 AM)    
I my point of you education is not necessary to successful. Successful is achieve when people love their work and they do their work by heart and dedication in work is very important for success. Education help you to open door for success but hard work and dedication give you success in any field. We have many example around us like Ambani brothers, Bill gates they call are prove that education is not important for success.

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Amit Haridas Gurjelwar said: (Sat, Aug 23, 2014 12:43:16 PM)    
"Education is very important for human life, a person can get success without taking a value education ex Sachin, Ambani but their efforts to get success are different than educated person.

Only taking academic degree is not a true education. True education means what knowledge you get from your education and how you develop yourself by taking a true education and what is the use of your education to your country. That's called a true education.

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Debapratim Saikia said: (Mon, Aug 18, 2014 10:48:56 PM)    
Well it varies from person to person, the definition of success is not the same for everyone. Sometimes like for the players though they need dedication and practice for the game, the knowledge about the game is the education for them, while they need real education also to face the real world, but as we know success is a feeling of satisfaction that if comes its the success for us, so actually the hard work and dedication that will help to achieve the goals set by someone plays an important matter in our success.

For a student education is must for his success. For a teacher or for an engineer education actually learning is important. Structural education is needed for success, its must but varies its important depending upon the person.

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Arjama said: (Sat, Aug 16, 2014 07:16:20 PM)    
Well, according to me, basic education is always important in our lives. Basic education is the one which we get not only from schools but also which our guardians give or inculcate in us. It is true that ages and ages ago, people were illiterates. They did not have even the basic education. What helped them to survive is knowledge, their daily experiences. And from the stone-age, here, we are standing in the mid of 21st century. Is it always education which brought in such a drastic change? Well, no.

Ancient people did not have any institutions where they could be showered with education. But gradually, even they understood the necessity of education. For instance, they started their calculations in the form of drawings. Similarly, when a child is born, he represents the ancient people, knowing nothing. The basic education is imparted to them in schools. And, it is then that they can differentiate what is good and what is bad. And moreover, education is our birthright and we must attain it. And, shifting the emphasis from such grave situations and discussions to the literary world, we couldn't even enjoy the wonderful story books and novels of established writers nor could we ourselves produce anything.

So, I'm really fortunate to be a part of the rapt world of words. Enjoy reading and writing and being an important people in the society. Thank you.

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Furqan said: (Sat, Jul 26, 2014 11:40:15 AM)    
If any one talking about those people like bill gates or any other etc and are you said that they are not interested to get Education, so don't think like that they are educated that's why they found their key of success, if they were not interested in their chosen faculty it doesn't mean that they are not interested in education. And remember education is necessary for every human.

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Chinonso said: (Mon, Jul 21, 2014 11:18:08 PM)    
Education is key life. I am a living testimony. Education has helped me alot. Before I do not mingle with people who can read and write in order avoid embarrassment. But today by God's grace I am a teacher by profession. Nobody in is life, should be delay of education. Thank you.

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Vyju said: (Wed, Jul 2, 2014 05:26:43 PM)    
Education is necessary to be success in very small time. If you don't have any education you will also become success, but it will take more time.

But in some cases education is not necessary to get success like kalidas, Sachin, Bill Gates, etc.

So, education is not required for achieving every success but education is help us in every field.

"To success education is not all just it is a way".

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Wangngesur said: (Fri, May 30, 2014 02:06:04 AM)    
Hi friends,

As per my knowledge basic education is equally important in our living today.

Education requires as per your aspect and dreams. We can be a successful person with a minimum qualification too but to be a professional successful person higher education is vital.

Skills and passions are required for both.

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Ashok Kumar said: (Fri, May 23, 2014 04:47:12 PM)    
Hi Friends,

Education is most important among all of us. Education plays a very important role in your life. For living a luxurious life or for living a better life, you should be educated. Education is that which transforms a person to live a better life and even in a social well being. Education is the one that doing something constructive in our near future. It helps a person to show their best by their mind and spirit. It gives you a lot of knowledge in whatever aspects. Education plays a vital role in your success in the personal growth. The more you have knowledge the more you grow.

Being educated and earning a professional degree prepares you to be a part in reputed organizations, companies or institutions. For determining what is good or what is bad for you, education will help you. A person who gets good education will become good citizen, more dependable worker. Without education a person is incomplete, so education makes man a right thinker and a correct decision maker.

Rate this:   +59   -7

Daud.Ur.Rehman said: (Sat, May 17, 2014 06:23:31 AM)    
In today competitive environment it is not enough to be best in our field, intellectually education is only half of what we need to climb the ladder of success. The other half should be the softer side of us because it is that part of us that will be liked, admired, remembered and trusted.

Rate this:   +14   -8

Pooja Thakur said: (Sun, May 4, 2014 07:59:29 PM)    
They both are correlated to some extent. Like if we want to be a doctor education help us to know about the body, medicines. Take example of the great Khali who is a local native of himachal. When he went abroad he didn't know a word of english but now he can speak it frequently because of education. But it tells about past which we don't need. If we want to be singer what we have to do with history, sanskrit etc. So I think both are the different ways but correlated to some extent.

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Kimbowa Michael Ssuubi said: (Mon, Apr 21, 2014 11:59:58 PM)    
Helo guys, for my case I have seen education being of quite good importance. I am a second year university drop out, because of an attack of brain disorder, but I don't lament, on the knowledge I got in high school, I am able to start a good business especially in Agriculture because it was my side of interest. Thank you.

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Vinay Shastri said: (Tue, Apr 8, 2014 08:04:05 PM)    
Basic education. Yes, it is a necessity in today's world.

But what makes the difference between a successful and an average person is the belief in his/her dreams.

The reason I say this is simple. Degree and colleges have originated in the last few decades. They haven't existed since always, and yet we have been living on the great inventions and findings of people who truly have tried to achieve their dreams. !

And mind it, not many of them had a college degree either. !

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Noori said: (Sun, Apr 6, 2014 12:37:44 PM)    
Hello friends in my point of view the every educated person is not educated. The person who employ his knowledge in her life he is educated. He is successful in both world. Now a days we think the educated person is that who have good job who have high percentage in his degree who have know the usage of modern technology.

OH my friends now a days terrorist is also have high percentage in his degree they know the usage of technology. Can we say they are educated ?no they aren't. They have knowledge but they don't know who they use their knowledge in good or right way. So the educated person is that who differentiation b/w right or wrong way.

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Nagaraj Hegde said: (Mon, Mar 24, 2014 07:47:35 PM)    
Good evening everyone.

I thought that education is very important to become a successful person in a very small time, if you don't have any education also you will become successful person. But it will take more time. Education will give you different idea, and creativity to do work. It will increase your talent. It will help you to get new inventions and it will help you to get good future. So according to my view education is needed to every person. I will not prefer examination but education is necessary for every person.

Thank you.

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Prateek said: (Wed, Mar 19, 2014 03:42:08 PM)    
Hi friends,

We know that education is need us, because it is help us in every achievement. So education is very impotent for us so that we can know any way quickly.

But, if we talk to success that what is success, success is a achievement for us and success is divided in many way so, if we want to success in our life than we gather some requirement according to success so that we can get success easily.

So education is not required for achieving every success.

But education is help us in every field so it is very impotent for us.

Thank's Guys.

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Joash said: (Thu, Mar 13, 2014 04:50:51 PM)    
Gone are those days when there was less competition and vast opportunity, people succeed even they did not go to school and earned huge money, now the situation change and there is vast competition at every step. So I think first try to get settled and assure your bread, but same time don't forget hard work and your honesty and work will take you to highest. Of-course education is important and try to increase as much you can.

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Prince said: (Sun, Mar 2, 2014 12:44:10 AM)    
Hi friends! Education is not only way to get success but it can simplify our way. Now, what is success? Success is not when we get a good job, salary or people talk about us that he/she is successful. It's beyond words but we can feel success.

Thank you!

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Prakash said: (Sat, Mar 1, 2014 03:13:03 PM)    
My opinion is the education is not necessary to successful life because without experience, education is nothing if you selected by any company means first the company give the training after they will give the job to you so experience is better than education.

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Derrick said: (Wed, Feb 26, 2014 03:59:54 AM)    
Education is very important in helping us determine and shape our future. It does give us an upper hand over those who haven't been much in school but without more effort we are no different.

I am very sure that even without education, each one of us would still find a way to survive and actually thrive. It's not all about the information you have which you have obtained from school, rather it's the knowledge and ability to implement and apply some of life's golden principles of success.

The word education itself needs to be changed and given a better meaning. Every time one speaks of education, what comes to mind is school. Is there no education without going to school? AND ACTUALLY WHAT IS A SCHOOL? WHAT IS IT'S PURPOSE? if the question and debate on education is to be answered, we need to find answers to the basic questions on what education really is.

Rate this:   +47   -2

Safeera Sappy said: (Sun, Feb 23, 2014 06:20:10 PM)    
The basic purpose of education is to acquire knowledge, the knowledge will liberates you. Education plays a vital role in the development process of the society and also it is concerned with modification of behaviour.

Rate this:   +15   -5

Akshay Kumar said: (Fri, Feb 14, 2014 12:14:15 AM)    
In my opinion, Education is best and key of success.

It learns us how to live. Without education nothing but as well as a good behavior is also considered. Education is reason of development of our mind. We have to educated as well as smart for our and country development.

Rate this:   +20   -9

Leif Rand said: (Thu, Feb 13, 2014 04:54:18 PM)    
Hi Friends, I believe some of us are here today because we do not see a strong correlation between education and success. The current educational system is a suppressor of creativity with it's strict grading systems and mandatory electives. For me to get a bachelor degree after getting my GED. I had sit through 40 classes and read about 32,000(40*400)*2 pages, toke over 300 tests and received a large amount of brain damage only to have enjoyed a few classes. I would say most of the 32, 000 pages that I have read were not related to what I wanted to specialize in.

One possible solution to making "success" a product of education is to allow students to specialize into their field at an early stage of their life, like after high school. I think by placing less emphasis on grading and more on real life experience students will be able to become more creative and successful individuals. No one should ever have to go through two years of irrelevant classes to get to take one or two relevant classes. I believe if Bill Gates had gone through a formal education he would have not been as successful, he would have gotten a severe amount of brain damage and he would have lost his focus and become a 9-5 zombie worker.

Rate this:   +23   -5

Ritu said: (Mon, Feb 10, 2014 01:21:35 AM)    
I think you people confusing literacy with education. You need not to be literate to be educated. A man who never went to school might be highly educated than one with doctorate degree. Its need to define education and then have a discussion.

Rate this:   +24   -9

Asha Reddy said: (Thu, Feb 6, 2014 07:10:52 PM)    
Does anyone give education to ants?But still they are disciplined. The best way to learn is from experiences. The values we follow in our life are not mentioned in any book. Education is something divine & it is linked to survival. It is different from being literate. Without education a person can still live a happy life.

Rate this:   +45   -14

Ekansh said: (Wed, Feb 5, 2014 04:49:55 PM)    
Education its a very good thing but we can't consider it's bad or good. In my opinion it's important because think we are a good cricketer and we went to play a match and we won the match than in interview ho we will tell the answers but my friend tells me other crickets help those cricketers would help them so we can't say it's bad or good.

Rate this:   +10   -17

Sharon Lin said: (Thu, Jan 30, 2014 08:35:14 PM)    
In my opinion, education is not important to be successful. This is actually because education allows us to know more about the world but it tells us nothing about life. For a person behaviour is more important than education.


Rate this:   +19   -21

Kingkon said: (Wed, Jan 22, 2014 12:35:11 PM)    
Good education= Good. You can be successful and happy with good education.

No good education = Also good. You can still be successful by using the skills and the talents you have. For example, if you have talent in art and craft or cooking, you can start your own business. If you think you can do better after attending training and classes, then do so. Take some classes, make yourself better and you will become more successful than before. Hopefully through word of mouth your business will grow and walla, a brighter future right before you.

*It's just what I think.*
Thank you.

Rate this:   +39   -8

Casper said: (Mon, Jan 20, 2014 09:30:21 AM)    
I don't think that education is really that Important to a lot of us. Personally, I'd like to be a musician. I'm in middle school, and I already own a band. But that's besides the point. Why should I CARE what the nucleus of a cell is and what it does to maintain my body status? Why can't I just let it be and move on with my life? Why do I CARE what happened in 1842? Why can't I believe in looking to the future instead of dwelling on the past? Of course, there are the exceptions of if you want to be a teacher, scientist, historian, etc. But is it really that important to the rest of us? I don't think so.

Rate this:   +27   -9

Joshua Rodriguez said: (Tue, Jan 7, 2014 04:20:10 AM)    
I believe that a regular school education is NOT needed to be remotely successful. That is if you want to be rich. Nowadays traditional education targets on how to find a "safe" and "secure" job. But you must ask yourself do you really want this for yourself? Today schools are grooming their students to work to make an individual or a corporation rather than doing that for themselves. Or in a simplified version, why work for a major company when you can OWN that company. These are the things school do not teach and probably never will. Traditional teaching teaches nothing about assets or investments. Only be a slave to your job and money in an everlasting cycle called the "rat race of life" as Robert Kiyosaki calls it. So yes if you measure success by being a slave to your "job" then an education at traditional school is PERFECT for you.

Now, if you want to be successful and control money rather than it controlling you then very useful classes will be investing, real estate, stock market, etc. Classes. These are skills used by many successful people. But then again it is the road less traveled by and harder but the reward is far greater than having a job. The choice is up to you and your profession to see if traditional education is needed for success.

Rate this:   +30   -11

Lucas M. Masia (Magabane) said: (Fri, Nov 29, 2013 08:09:24 AM)    

Let me raise my mind here: EDUCATION is not about going to school and participate in class activities ONLY; There are other means of EDUCATING. It is TRUE that Nobody has succeeded in Life without proper Education. For an example: what ever one is doing to improve his/her life needs knowledge and understanding. Question: How can one gets Knowledge and Understanding without being taught or self-taught? We have confined ourselves by telling us that education is found in certain places.

Someone can teach you to be a good fool or barbarian; there too one can reap the results of such education he received.

Our Culture as different as it is, has its education; it remains with us how positively or negatively do we use the education. Those who use it wisely are generally successful in life.

It is a matter of Choice in which one's success is Based on what kind of education one has received: Education from school, University, college, work, mentored, culture, self-taught, online etc.

Rate this:   +32   -13

Sammann said: (Fri, Nov 22, 2013 09:49:40 AM)    

Now, I want to add some idea which relate to education. In generally, the education is very important for society to developed human. There are many advantage of education such as using education to educate to the people to know with each other. Although, education is still so weak in some country in the world; especially, it has happened in developing country. But, education is allow to improve human resource who fill of knowledge in there. So I think we should improve the education in the world to get the best human resource.

Have a nice day together!

Good luck!

Rate this:   +20   -8

Rahul said: (Wed, Nov 20, 2013 08:56:06 PM)    
Hi Friends,

Education is necessary, but there many who succeed their lives without education. There are other areas like sports, music, dance and etc. In my view successful person is the one who is known to the world as good. The best example is Sachin Tendulkar. He received the prestigious award Bharata Ratna. This example tells us that not only education leads us to success but also there are some other areas, which have to be focused along with education.

Rate this:   +48   -8

David said: (Tue, Nov 19, 2013 12:23:51 AM)    
Education is important but they are some very successful people without education ex: footballers they work hard too and are committed.

Rate this:   +12   -12

Lance said: (Sat, Nov 16, 2013 12:12:23 PM)    
Education is inferior to real-life work experience and training. Education will not equip you with the practical, actual skills a job entails. A month of on-job training will teach you more about that job than all your college courses combined. 8 years of work experience in a field will always beat 8 years of schooling. These are the facts, people. The very institution of education should be banned altogether; and societies as a whole should start creating vocational institutions that teach realistic skills and trades--things that people actually need to get jobs and to survive, not a bag of theoretical knowledge and information from textbooks.

Rate this:   +36   -8

Teju said: (Tue, Nov 12, 2013 02:06:48 PM)    
Yes, we need education to be successful. Education includes moral values, ethics and many more. But nowadays meaning of education is misunderstood by us. Without education nothing is achieved. In my view education means which lead us to our destiny. We need true education. It is one's perception how he/she takes it. Education lead us to develop or destruct, when head and heart is added to education can surely be take us to be successful. For example, a weapon is given to you to protect ourselves but we can use that weapon to protect ourselves or can use for destruction.

Rate this:   +42   -8

Apoorv said: (Tue, Oct 29, 2013 11:12:24 PM)    
Well to all of the people above. Primarily to read and write founds the basic of someone's life. So primary education is much needed. It provides better exposure to a dynamic range of knowledge. But once the education "ignites the fire" why not let ppl do what they want rather than looking for academic accomplishments. Bill Gates (Willam Henry 3rd) is a great example. He got to Harvard but dropped out simply because he wanted to create software. Tho he was a brilliant kid (gr8 at maths). So, what I try to say that education as the sole measure of somebody's competitive nature is just no good. We should have more flexibility in acceptance.

Rate this:   +12   -4

Yash said: (Tue, Oct 29, 2013 02:48:01 PM)    
Success is the daily achievements, whereas education is the milestone. To reach our goal of success we must "STEP OUT" every milestone. Basic education is must required or else you will be known as illiterate. Ex- (farmers are educated by experience but they lack good methods of how to grow crops) that is the reason India is still illiterate by 72%. Most important is the implementing of education.

Rate this:   +17   -3

Bharath S Kulkarni said: (Sat, Oct 26, 2013 07:34:51 PM)    
An educated person is seen more respectfully compared to an illiterate person in society. An educated person can be identified easily at one glance. He or she has some etiquette. As here many person said that Diru bai ambani, Sachin Tendulakar are not highly educated and they get success in life but still they have a basic education and yes. Diru bai ambani don't give jobs and opportunity to uneducated and less educated person. His staff is highly educated. And luck works when you have something in you and that something is come through education.

So education is must. I agree with all persons. Education is very important in every human life. The education is to improve the our personal and maritual status. Some people are not to be educated but they intency is to reached the their goals. I am agree with those person who is sporting to education but I am disagree with those person who is not sporting to education. My opinion is that education is very important for every one without education we cannot do anything if we want to become success full person so we should do study.

Educated person have a different life style. They have knowledge about everything they know about our rights. If you want to make your place if you want to reach good place so you need to education. We should try to learn more and more. Everyone have right to get education and we cannot spoil the right. We should send to our daughter in school. We should not keep differ between boy and girl.

Rate this:   +31   -8

Harshavardhini said: (Sat, Oct 19, 2013 03:23:45 PM)    
Lots of great people who are in the limelight are no even literate. Akshay kumar is one big inspiration. Other people in fields like dance or music are actually more popular than MBAs and IITians. Though I am not claiming that studies are not important, maintaining a balance is necessary.

Thank you.

Rate this:   +22   -4

Karan said: (Thu, Sep 26, 2013 06:52:20 PM)    
Yes today for getting the successes the education are necessary. Because there is not any one field in which without education you can get success. And if you talking about the mr. Ambani, sachin tendulkar etc, then I told you that all the people are not lucky like this persons. And if by the chance you get success in your life without education, then also you are not success, as comparing to educated person.

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