Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

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Suprabhat said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
In my view, success is NOT only related to education. But apart from that, some aspect are there i.e. what really important for success or to become successful is HARD WORK, WILLPOWER, and DEDICATION with the help of this powerful tools a person can ONLY become successful. Am not denying that education is not important. But the meaning of success is vary for every person.

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Hemanth said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
I say no because we can say the utmost important example of Sachin where education is not the key but the passion towards the field makes successful.

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Evander Celestian said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
It depends on what you are aiming for -- if it's a biologist, then you need to study a lot in order to achieve higher the other biologists and make big discoveries -- if it's a business, then it's simply having the knowledge of how all the factors work and best decisions, and maybe common math for when making deals and stuff.

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A. J. Oloche said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
An educated man has an edge over his fellow who is not educated. Education is a raised platform and the educated man stands on it, therefore he sees further and further. He also stands on the necks of other people's ideas. He is exposed to.

More tools and many roads that lead to success; while the uneducated man probably has one hammer, which is hard work.

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Vaishnavi said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
Education is something which gives a person an idea what he is going to do to take a lead as his/her career. But only education can't make a person successful, he/she needs to have a passion regarding that field too.

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Rey said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
These days, Education isn't that important, although it teaches us how to do stuff, it didn't teach us when to do it. My point is that people often get confused with self-application and education. You don't need the education to have success. You just need to work hard and a lot of knowledge. For instance: Linsay Lohan, she dropped out of school when she's just 16 but still has success because she tried hard for her acting career.

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Nikita Kumawat said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
Yes, we need education to be successful. Knowledge is the key to success. In each and every field it is beneficial for success. If we are educated then we can put more ideas for development and for bringing new ways and techniques for various works. Education is good in every field, let's take an Eg. of laborers, if laborers would be educated they will be able to understand the instructions given to them easily and will make better ideas for fast working. Education opens the mind of one person and helps them think furthermore in that field. So, one needs to be educated for being successful.

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Manisha said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
In my view, we do need some sort of education to be it in college or in a business. It acts as a learning for us which can be applied to our real life situations. But having said this I don't feel that getting a degree from a college will give you a mere success. It is the experience and learning which makes us success. Taking an example of steve jobs, he was a college dropout but still he had some education learnings and we have seen his success touching heights.

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Somya Dixit said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
I think, education is never lost but money is lost.

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Monther Alshaibany said: (Sep 30, 2016)  
In my opinion, Education is the key to avoid mistakes that can lead to failure. For example, education teaches us how to avoid those mistake that already happened to people before us and it may make them fail. Furthermore, education is very important to make you follow what is happening in the world and without education will be moving slowly.

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User 0 said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
Education comes in the various thing, for example, cooking. Hard work is really the thing even if they are educated or not. In this 20th century, people, in some way can be successful with or without education. Education gave the advantage of various successful jobs, but non-educated people have an advantage of making things work in their own way.

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Dami Muliya said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
In my opinion, education plays a vital role in the society as it is an effective tool to get the job. Yes, there are so many successful people who are not most educated. But, it doesn't mean that they are successful because they didn't study. It is because they work hard towards their goals. They are very few in numbers, who achieve everything without education. But most people are able to find the job if they have some educational qualification in the 20th century. We know the successful people who didn't have degrees but we didn't know statistical figures of unsuccessful people who are not having any degrees.

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Aastha Rajpoot said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
No, we really don't the education to be successful because education teaches us how to do but not what to do. Take an example of Abraham Lincoln he had a minimal amount of education, however, he became the president of USA. So education comes into a place it is not a key to success.

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Bash said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
In my view, I think education is still paramount to success but what is needed to understand is that we tend to level everything about education to going to school, acquiring degrees. The term education is beyond that, for instance, Henry Ford had no higher learning education, but he was able to build a large corporation named Ford Motor, the question, was he uneducated? no, he was an educated man in his field. Education is not about knowing everything topic but knowing the basic things that count. And while I think school and getting degree is also important is it is a natural phenomenal for human being to stay in a comfort zone. I think, if there had not been the school idea, I think most men and women will still be as primitive as the apes. So in conclusion, education is needed, it is the base of intellectualism but school is just one of the means through which a concrete education could be acquired, Education defines success but school and high learning institution does not.

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Chessy Tom said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
Not exactly. My sister dropped out of high school at a sophomore and is now the manager of a Mcdonald's. Yes, it's a McDonald's, but stills, she's doing pretty good, and she's actually somewhat successful.

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Ramani Hitesh(Rk University said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
HI, Friends.

So, Today Most important current Point is Education.

My point of view is that education is one type of technology solves your skill power already hide in your mind. My opinion is basic education is really needed to be the successful life. Education is not at all necessary for being a successful person.

Success does not always depend on education but nowadays most important part successful life style. Education only for find and open many ways. Which one is best or not?

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Tisha T said: (Sep 16, 2016)  
I think it is completely crazy to say education is not a key to success I mean look at the celebrities who went back to school because they felt in complete without education take Michael Jackson, for example, he made so much money at a very fragile age but felt incomplete you know because he knew by then that education is a key to various doors. I mean you cannot just wake up one day and say you want to be a scientist when you, on the other hand, don't even know how to mix chemicals together [my point is that education is the foundation to life and success].

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Tisha said: (Sep 16, 2016)  
Yes, we do need education in order to get where we want life to take us as such education is a mind opener, it is the foundation of a bright future I mean you cannot become a chef as per say if you don't know how to mix ingredients.

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Mashka The Great said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
Education teaches us how to do it but not what to do. You need the strive, passion, determination, encouragement and persistence to achieve something. Take Abraham Lincoln, he had a minuscule amount of education however he became the president of the USA! It is the idea that matters. That's why many companies hire people to make their items while you think of ideas. So while education does come into place it is not the KEY to success.

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Theodosia said: (Sep 6, 2016)  
Hi guys,

I think education is important. But sometimes it is not necessary. I have seen a lot of successful people in the world who have succeeded even without that college degree. Sometimes I think that's just luck. But then again maybe they use their gifts well brilliantly.

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Jayesh Dengada said: (Sep 5, 2016)  
Success is about personal skills not educating. A simple example that you can see on daily basis, is people with degrees and with no success, however, on the other hand, people with no education and successful.

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Angelu said: (Sep 3, 2016)  
Hi, people for me I think education doesn't matter why would you need degree when you can do research or me I think education isn't important because education is only slowing us down we need to figure out it on ourselves education doesn't matter we don't need the education to be successful in life we only need our knowledge our brain well how do you think why some people didn't finish studying and got a business and had a successful life? This is just my opinion.

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Ankit Kumar Rajpoot said: (Sep 2, 2016)  
Hi friends,

I think that depends upon a field to field because all examples are only for businessmen, not any scientists.

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Prem said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

I think education is not important to become a successful person. But we can't neglect that education gives learning. By education we learn creativity, improve our thinking, but when education is used as a method of learning to make a person skilled and valuable then the education may lead to success.

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Parvati Dagade said: (Aug 31, 2016)  
Hii everyone.

I think that any person can achieve his or her goal if he has sufficient knowledge. There are so many examples in front of us who had achieved a great success with their hard work. So many people's are there who are not well educated but they are successful in their life.

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Shruti Gaikwad said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Education is an important part of life but the most important thing is the knowledge. If we have knowledge about something then we can do anything without education also. If we have will power to do something we can do anything.

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Wisani said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
No because education is not for living. But it just give idea or guidelines to us. So we should not depend on education. We didnot need education to be success because you can be educated but if you don't have vision and knowladge you can't be success. Example, The most people in India got sucess without education, even the president Ji got sucess but he don't know the gate of grade 12.

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Sanjeev Yadav said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
We should be educated in the field of which we want to make our future, as Sachin Tendulkar is God of Cricket and he is well efficient or we can say in another way he learns techniques about the cricket shots, education does not mean bookish knowledge, it is all about your work knowledge.

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Abdulsalam said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
My opinion is that, Education is only the step to raise and move ahead. Because at present the uneducated persons are the more richest man in the world.

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Karan said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
I think you start doing what you like to do just right now and it will give you all the knowledge after some time. And don't forget to be happy always because the even most educated person has to die one day.

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Daljeet Surey said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
We really not be much educated for starting up a business.

Big business comes from great ideas, not from great education. Similarly, we need to be educated that much so that we can check our business is going in loss or profit.

If you are a well-educated person then you are the person who will run after only a great job, not for business.

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Arjun Kumar said: (Aug 17, 2016)  
It is very important for the person to be an educated in today's world. It is compulsory for every individual person to be an educated because in this time in each sector there are a lot of competition. So that's why it is very important for every person to be an educated.

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Vatsaltanna said: (Aug 17, 2016)  
No education is not the thing which makes us successful, success can be achieved by the thing which is going in your mind and which you think will make you rich and which became popular by your effort that is the thing which is needed for success.

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Deepak Taneja said: (Aug 14, 2016)  
I am agree that education is needed for success, education is not only limited to books and school but also related to sports, cooking, music etc. Education is any act of learning and applying your knowledge in your field to learn more advance. So education helps to convert our effort to success.

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David Dawson said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
I personally believe that in order for someone to be successful at what they do, they need to be educated. Whether it's formally or informally. Education is perceived differently, but the fact of the matter is that all need the education to survive in life. We all learn by example. Education is extremely important. And educators should be applauded.

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Prashant said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
Hii everyone.

My point of view is that without education persons also can do many things like if you have a talent, you should do work hard.
I agree that some ways we have to educational but if anybody say that education is everything for being successful I don't Agree because we have much more examples. Like Sachin, he was the 10th failure but he became THE GOD OF CRICKET so how can anybody say that education is everything for being successful? It's all depend on our hard work/Talent.

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Senjuti Sardar said: (Jul 25, 2016)  

Yes, we need the education to be successful. If there is no education there will be no success. If we don't know English there will be a problem in an interview. If we don't know maths then we can't count. If we get the job outside there will be a problem in communication. So, this way it can be told that we really need education for success.

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Deepika Silla said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
According to me, If education is the only way for getting success, there would be no Sachin Tendulkar, M S Dhoni, Rajinikanth in India who doesn't choose their path as education. So I mention that education leads to success but only the education doesn't.

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Palak said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
Today, Education is the basic need of life. To achieve something one need to be educated. It is the key to success as it opens doors to various kind of streams and offers a great opportunity. Success and education go hand in hand. If one need to be successful he/she must be educated. Education does not mean bookish knowledge only but also practical knowledge. It also requires creativity and imagination.

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Tejas said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
Yes, education means your general knowledge we have to understand what it is and then we have to write or tell like in exams, debate, etc. The most important is education we have to achieve in your life or our. Life all is well. Good luck. All the best wishes.

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Sabthiga Jency said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
Hello, everyone!

Success is not only knowledge-based Gift to be achieved. It's something beyond that. We often use to say a famous proverb "Try hard until you get success". Success is decided by education. But it's not, the only criteria that one should possess to achieve success. Hard work and perseverance make one's work successful. Even a common man without basic formal education can do something amazing with their wonderful talents which can't be even possible for an educated person. So there is no sense in deciding success by the factor of EDUCATION.

I conclude that,

Every Successful Person may be educated.

But, ALL EDUCATED PERSONS ARE NOT SUCCESSFUL. "So education is not making any sense regarding SUCCESS".

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Prajwal C R said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
No, because education is not for living it just gives idea or guidelines to us so we should not depend on education.

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Ravi said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
Hi no we didn't need education to sucess why because of most of the people in India got sucess with out education like sachin, edison etc. If we want to sucess we do hard work about our goals if our goals related to education we did it.

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Susmitha said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
Success does not always depend on education. People with talent can be successful too. But education always leads to success. If one wants to become a chef, engineer or else an advocate, education is the must. How can he/she knows what the given ingredients actually mean to cook? As well to become a politician one must have leadership quality as well as education. How can he/she act without knowing sections of the constitution?

In every stream of work, one must need education to act properly. But that doesn't mean person without education cannot be succeeded. Success defines no.of ways. But the pair of talent, education definitely leads to success.

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Deepa said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
Hai to everyone!

In my point of view, success means accomplishing a desired aim and education means is not getting a lot of degrees it is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, habits, moral values.

Well, education is not necessary to become successful but basic education is essential.

To become successful we need strong determination, will power, communication skills, positive towards the goal, hard work, luck.

We have to work hard to reach our goals. There are so many successful persons in our country with out degrees but they are having basic education.

To get success in any field we should have basic education.

Education shows the path to reach our goals.

"A man without basic education is a building without foundation".

So, my opinion is basic education is really needed to be successful.

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G. Shivanmitha. said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
Education is not compulsory for ones. Education is not the way for success. There are number of ways to reach success. One must be literate compulsory for basic needs. There is a lot of difference between literacy and education. Education is not compulsory. One who is interested in education can achieve his/her goal easily but one who is not interested can find another route for success.

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Hari said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
Education is the combination of intelligence and character, where success depends on upon our goals. So, if education is necessary for our goals then we really need education. If someone has a goal to kill a person or to win a race, then he doesn't need any education but body strength.

Success is the desire to achieve something.

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Hema Malini said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
Education is not at all necessary for being a successful person. As education not only teaches knowledge but also teaches how to create a personality, self-confident and another combo for being happy. It is up to you how you make things successful and fill your life with joy.

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Vashu said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
No education is the only way to be develope our knowledge but for surviving education can't help.

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Prasanna said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
I think yes but also along with the education, it is important to do any work with full of confidence & courage. Education is not only learning something and leave as the past it should be in our minds what we are learning until the person gets expired & share our knowledge with others to improve their education skills. It would be helpful to memorize.

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Juveria Ilyas said: (Jun 17, 2016)  
In today's life education is not compulsory to gain success but to be a successful person education is must in a particular field for which one has to study but nowadays students are taking education as do or die which results in personal hesitation and suicides so this thinking should be stopped because education is not about getting worried for marks it's about learning and becoming a confident and positive person to achieve success.

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Rajesh Chouhan said: (Jun 17, 2016)  
Hello, everyone. In my opinion, education and skills are keys to success. And essentially Education is key to be ethical and it teaches us moral values, which is required at each and every step of our life. By our skills, hard work, dedication and consistency, we can succeed in our life. Success doesn't only mean to earn lot's of money, but it also means how much you care about your loved one's and your the people around you.

And education teaches you the ethics and moral values. Therefore, it is required to be successful.

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Ashish Shah said: (Jun 13, 2016)  

How would a SUCCESSFUL PERSON calculate ROI while investing in stocks, mutual funds, gold, real estate, security savings, insurances, mediclaims - if one had not developed abilities to forecast?

Put it simple, if you were the OWNER of your company, would you invest to SUCCEED by hiring educated or uneducated people?

The FOUNDERS of great companies succeeded uneducated but they EMPLOY large work-forces of qualified people !!!

The future SUCCESS lies in our young curious minds who can take up inventions ahead. The past scientists and great men of their times could start-off uneducated, but, they have already CREATED those gadgets which today's generation should (learn) get educated, to take up EXPLORATIONS forward.

The future holds travel to MARS, FLYING CARS, CARBON CONTROLS, ROBOTICS, VIRTUAL which the EDUCATED shall be the front-runners, with rarest exceptions of the uneducated.

If you may be one of those rarest among the 7 billion +, take your call.

Else, EDUCATION is the beginning to start your journey towards SUCCESS.

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Zachary Frazier said: (Jun 6, 2016)  
Why do so many people care about this fantasy called "success". Just live life. Whatever happens happens. You can't change a thing that happens to you or anyone else. Education isn't in any way important in reality, but this world of dumb people want to make life harder than it should be by saying you need the education to make it in life. As long as you're alive and saved from your annoying sins, it doesn't matter. We all die anyway, so just live.

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Sandeep Dhakarey said: (Jun 4, 2016)  
Education is must to be a successful person, it is not necessary that you should be very high educated to be a successful person (at least post-matric), I will take the example of Ambani brothers, Richard Branson, Dave Thomas.

People says that cricketers and politicians are not educated, I agree but very few cricketers are without education and politicians are required to be educated because this is the basic need to file her name for any election and politician is the person who runs our country, use people's money for the development of our country. If politicians are not educated how they will come to know about GDP of the country which is in their hand, how they will come to know about any rule which is to be implemented.

There are some people who are not educated but they are very rich and successful but we have to see the percentage of these type of people which is very very less.

The country can not run if the people of the country are not educated because education is the basic demand to understand anything which happen.

So I am in the favor of the requirement of education to be a successful person.

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Talent Manyonga said: (Jun 4, 2016)  
You do not need to be educated to be successful. Success is all about how greatly you want to live your life. Success is how you socialise in your everyday life. SO THINK BIG.

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Jai said: (Jun 2, 2016)  
The first thing we have to remember is that without education we are nothing in today's world because this world wants a person who knows basics of education.

And as for success is a concern, success does not totally depend on education only, success depends on more than this factors like self-confidence, dedication, the level of trying etc. So we can't relate both success and education.

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Dev Mishra said: (Jun 1, 2016)  
If you say that education is really important for success then what can you say about the politicians and our great cricketers the can earn crores.

Some politicians can earn through bad means like corruptions but cricketers, they are given a huge amount of money by brands, sponsors, etc.

I don't know why educated people can't understand this problem. Where is the money coming from?

Friends this money is coming from our pocket like when we watch their ads, their live matches on TVs, or when we go directly to the stadium for watching their matches.

Have you ever seen any cricketers thanking the crowd by saying that when the crowd cheered so we got the confidence to score more?

Instead, they tell about the pitch conditions, team coordinations, training, efforts given toward the match, etc.

We really should think about this seriously.

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Somesh said: (May 16, 2016)  
Education is necessary and much needed for Human Beings in today's world for getting success. That was the main difference between humans and animals.

Initially, Humans started to write things what they learned in different forms for their descendants, where education starts. But For animals, there are no previous writings.

Nowadays even educated peoples also struggling to get jobs. Because In India education system not up to the standards. Even Degree passed student unable to solve basic questions (mathematical/any) due to the blind education (graded) system in India.

Observing and Analyzing in positive & the creative way is the key to success where education starts which leads to success.

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Devarsh Patel_The Philosopher said: (May 11, 2016)  
Hi everyone,

I read your opinions. About why education is not important in our life. But I would like to say that education may not be key of happiness but it definitely is key of other things which come together and make you more happier in your life. Apart from that look at the education background of successful once, I think that is not enough if we compare their success.

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Md Zahid Raza said: (Apr 30, 2016)  
Education is a very important all above this person which depend on upon your personality development about which discuss some body necesary all people your person.

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Jyoti Nagar said: (Apr 28, 2016)  
Education is most important in over life. Without education, not success in over life does not achieve over goal knowledge about every thing.

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Siddhesh said: (Apr 28, 2016)  
In today's world, there are very rare cases like in the ratio of 1:100 where you'd find someone who's getting himself or herself education just to quench his or her thirst for knowledge, the rest certainly teenagers like me are just feeding on books to score good grades so that they manage to get up to at least forty percent of what they dreamed of, let that be ending up with handsome wages then a beautiful girl then a house a car blah blah or something more artistic or creative. At the end of the day what everybody goals is to be successful. Education is not always Newton and Aristotle and Shakespeare it is learning anything that helps you ease your task.

But beyond education even if you end up being average at everything the thing that matters is your attitude and approach in order to be successful. "Life is full of ups and down" says mumma and here is where education comes in action, it will help you evolve in this growing world and make things easier in this complex world and provide you with number and number of opportunities to prove your worth. Your knowledge will help you be the fittest because nature's code of conduct reads "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST". Thus IF WANT TO SURVIVE THEN NEED TO EDUCATE.

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Mzwazwe said: (Apr 27, 2016)  
Hi, I would say education is not the key to success, but it is one of the keys to success. We seem to forget that God created every human being with the talent. If your talent fades in any way then education could support you. Where I live there are so many children who were talented, but due to that idea of education being the key success ended up not focusing on their God has given talent but on education. So let's grab all of it but mostly the talent must be number 1.

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Jivan said: (Apr 23, 2016)  
I think I need to give education because without input we don't get output. Money doesn't matter anyone can earn money in any way but we need to take talent or smart person so we required to take education in our life.

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Gauri said: (Apr 15, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

I am telling about education - the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university is called an education.

Thank you for read.

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Masi Lebuso said: (Apr 13, 2016)  
Education is not the only key to success because there are many people who have degrees but still they are still jobless.

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Ena Sharma said: (Apr 7, 2016)  
I think education is very important in our life because if we want to be a successful person in your life.

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Tshego said: (Apr 6, 2016)  
People Education is not Success, Education is not Dollar nor Pound but education can help get you to success Education itself is not a success. How many people have unbelievably good Grades yet Jobless sitting at home with their 'good Grades'. There are many other ways of achieving success abilities, sports, and talent. I mean who ever thought that Trava Noah through comedy would've achieved such tremendous Success. Through Education is a major shot at success.

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Umesh Kumar Maurya said: (Mar 15, 2016)  
Education isn't meant by the academic stuffs which we get after achieving a degree, it is really meant by only the knowledge which we get except academic and this part is the most important in order to succeed in life. This success is not possible without education.

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Asanda said: (Mar 14, 2016)  
Education is not the key to success. Its one of the part. Guys can't you see learning is boring!

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Tejinder Singh said: (Mar 1, 2016)  
Hello friends.

Education is an important for success without hardworking we don't achieve our goal. Education means we are getting something is used for growth and survive.

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Eunice Camat said: (Feb 19, 2016)  
In my opinion, education is a long process by which society transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to another.

Thank you.

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Sakshi said: (Feb 18, 2016)  
According to me education is necessary at present not for success only to survive education is also important, education help to live a respectful and happy life.

Education create ability of person if someone has low ability like communication, or some other can be develop by education. No one is perfect under the sky everyone learn and education make it easy.

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Vijay said: (Feb 18, 2016)  
It depends whether you utilise it or not, educated people if can support a terrorist (JNU) then it is better to be uneducated and respect the country and be head towards success.

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Manish Yadav said: (Feb 5, 2016)  
Good evening guys. I am Manish.

According to me, If we talk about the today's era then I will say that yes education becomes a very or a most important part of our life and it is very necessary to became a successful person.

Because today education is required everywhere whether you are going to do job in Government Sector or private as well.

And it is also important for that person who don't want to do any job, because education teaches him that how to communicate with people effectively and how to get success in whatever he/she do in life.

And education is not only important to get success in life, but it develops all good qualities in people.

For example:- If you will see two persons one is educated and another one uneducated then you will quickly get to know from the difference between their body language, personality, way of talking, style etc. That which one from them is educated or uneducated.

And if we will see the crime rates then we will find that most of the crimes are done by uneducated people because they are not able to earn money because they don't get good jobs due to the reason:- "They are uneducated".

And an educated person knows his responsibilities for his country that is why he/she always thinks about the progress of his/her country.

We found lots of competition everywhere, and if you want to do a good job then remember that most reputed companies gives preference to educated people. So according to me Education is very much needed to get success in life.

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Ashvy said: (Feb 4, 2016)  
Education opens the door of opportunity, success, luxury, respect and many more. It connects the world to move on the right path. Our life before education is definitely a tragedy, for instance back before fire was discovered.

All human did back then was hunt and eat and then sleep, not to forget they fight for their things in need but now everything is different. Human beings comes out with greater ideas for a better world and how is that possible?

Well, the answer to your question is ' Education'. Great warriors used education instead of violence to catch people's heart and they are always in our heart even though they aren't present anymore. Mahatma Gandhi did, so did Nelson Mandela and countless more. So in my opinion education can change anything, however teaching someone to do something that they aren't interested of is like asking a fish to climb a tree.

Of course I have my own reason why I say like so. It is because everybody is born with special talents, that they love and will love, most importantly they will succeed if its what they do when they grow up. Parents play an important role here of finding out their hiding talent and encouraging them to be themselves and face the world with all they have. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".

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Siddarth said: (Jan 30, 2016)  
Hi dudes, we really need education but theoretical education is not a good one we have most of our studies practical but no more education is like that please see what to study and how much interest scope we have in that studies make more practical than theory.

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Zoey said: (Jan 19, 2016)  
Hi! Zoey here and I'd like to say why I think you don't always need education to be successful. Let's take the X-factor for an example. To win 1 million pounds and work with famous music starts to create your own music you don't need education but talent in singing. Some of our famous celebs got kicked out of school but managed to become rich and rise to fame.

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Shakti said: (Jan 9, 2016)  
If I say my mind then success is admiration only because we are never satisfied with what we have at present, we always want to achieve something more any say that when I achieve that I will succeed but after achieving that people don't mention that as success.

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Imtiaz said: (Jan 7, 2016)  
Higher education is not always important for one's success because right aptitude choice determination, honest and passion could change life though person is not high qualified.

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Sarjerao said: (Jan 5, 2016)  
Education is very necessary because with out training no anything good in work. Success is a part of education. A knowledge, hardworking, talent etc are the part of education & these are the reasons of successful.

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Sanko Luke said: (Dec 23, 2015)  
Education is a very strong word and the meaning of education is also very powerful. But the term ''EDUCATION'' nowadays has become the path to earn money and the most important thing is, ''Education is an ingredient for living materialistic life''. Money acts as the measurement machine to measure education.

At first we all must question our-self that what is education? And why we require it. Education does not mean a bunch of books or colorful certificate. The system of formal education is nothing but an investment to earn more in return. ''Education should not be treated as capital but rather it should be treated as religion, for the shake of all being''. MAY ALL BEINGS BE HAPPY.

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Rajsingh said: (Dec 17, 2015)  
I think education is must for us without education we can not do anything I agree with these guys who have said about that education is not a important basic education that sit batter for us but my friend if some guy is very hard worker.

But he don't know how to count money so if some educated guy will do some work so he can plan or he will take it very mindly so in my opinion education is most important for everyone in his good future.

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Aman said: (Dec 16, 2015)  
Hello, Everyone,

In my point of view basic education is required to be successful. But there is no need to get higher education. There are only few things required to be successful:

Hard work.

We have best example :- Mr Sachin Tendulkar.

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Karabo said: (Nov 26, 2015)  
Education this education that Job this job that it seems people are dreaming of being employees rather than employers! Open your eyes and realize that everything is about you know your worth.

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Don Wizzy said: (Nov 17, 2015)  
I think Education is very essential for someone to be successful in life, but I must tell you that, is a 50:50 thing because there are many people who does not have the opportunity to at least finished their formal education because of financial problem, but with their determination and hard work they really reached the apex of their success and goals.

People like Bill Gate, Abraham Lincoln and many others who did not acquired or finished their formal education but they turned out to be celebrated great men with critical thinking. So education is good for success but the most import thing is hard work and determination to excel.

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Kakembo Ali said: (Nov 12, 2015)  
Education and Success are not directly proportional to each other as far as dependency is concerned. Success is defined in various forms by different individuals and there is no sacrosanct meaning/definition of it. Education in stills confidence, self respect and self realization of your inner strength.

By and large, before dabbling into corporate world, we all are evaluated basis our academic achievements. After that what matters are our passion, interest, focus and goal. So we really need education to a given extent.

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Renuka said: (Nov 5, 2015)  
Education is necessary for success. But I will not say it must. Because it is necessary to get succeed in a proper way.

Education doesn't mean we should study for 16 hrs, 12 hrs in a day. It doesn't mean we should become a book worm. Education means our practical knowledge about what we are studying & about surrounding, also our skills, & hobbies that make us different than others.

It makes person to decide what is right & wrong. It motivates person's thinking. But without hard working & strong will power person can't be successful. There is no definition for education as well as success.

For some peoples, success may be just a money, for others that may be fame & which is possible by money. For other one success may be to become better person than yesterday.

I just want to say education is necessary to become better person, it is the one way which gives proper direction towards our goal.

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Lebogang said: (Nov 1, 2015)  
Education the key to the door of a better life with way better technology to make the world better for all adults, teenagers, toddlers and babies.

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Nwankwo Covenant said: (Oct 29, 2015)  
From my own point of view. Education is necessary but not important. It is very possible for one to be educated and but successful and vice versa. Success only comes if you are determined, focus, and from your mindset.

Formal education restricts us from thinking out of the box sometimes" beyond our scope of study". In our world today, its a pity that quality education is for the elites alone from my research, most popular successful people are not really educated.

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Priyadarshini said: (Oct 29, 2015)  
Yes we do need education to be successful because education is the base of everything it gives us immense knowledge by which we can create or gain ideas. Education is utmost important to everyone in this world to become successful. Proper education makes a person skill full.

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Barnabas said: (Oct 27, 2015)  
From my point of view, its quite obvious that Success can only be achieved through determination towards a particular goal, education just serve as a way to have success, fortify it and be respected in this modern world.

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Shubham Srivastava said: (Oct 23, 2015)  
Yes but Success is not about all of Education only because for every person success is not all As one can get success if He does the right thing for which to him it seems to be right. That's why it is not necessary that he must need education to get success in his life.

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Anoop said: (Oct 19, 2015)  
Education and Success are not directly proportional to each other as far as dependency is concerned. Success is defined in various forms by different individuals and there is no sacrosanct meaning/definition of it. Education instills confidence, self respect and self realization of your inner strength. By and large, before dabbling into corporate world, we all are evaluated basis our academic achievements. After that what matters are our passion, interest, focus and goal.

There is no written rule that an illiterate cannot be successful. Success comes from perseverance, determination, brevity and commitment. Education fortifies your mental capability and certifies you for general acceptance in conscious educated society. Even a dud in schools days can be successful you can easily recall lots of real life examples.

Success is not being a billionaire or owing luxe products, its true meaning lies in inner peace, tranquil and completion of one's goal in life you should delve within yourself for its answer, one day you will get it what is destined.

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Raju said: (Oct 3, 2015)  
Education is not important in this days because we are doing jobs for earning money only so we earn money by doing business also don't think education so important.

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Prajakta Kadam said: (Oct 2, 2015)  
Yes we know education is much necessary but the thing that success only depends upon our skill, talent, confidence and goal. If we have a positive attitude to achieve it and never give up the definitely will become successful.

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Prajakta Kadam said: (Oct 2, 2015)  
Yes we know education is much necessary but the thing that success only depends upon our skill, talent, confidence and goal. If we have a positive attitude to achieve it and never give up the definitely will become successful.

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Prajakta Kadam said: (Oct 2, 2015)  
Education is very essential for success. Education means knowledge and it is the base of our mind. Every action is absorbed by education. Education doesn't means only study but the skills, activities by which our mental power increases.

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Waheed said: (Oct 1, 2015)  
Education is the most, people without knowledge can not apply good ideas on their work, with education we get ideas of innovation!

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Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

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