Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Saloni Sinha said: (Jul 9, 2020)  
Digital India is nothing new.

It's a way to switch the professional process (i.e banking, education, public interest or need, social welfare and many more) from pen & paper to online way. In terms of which the process became more reliable, faster, transparent and in travelling easier to carry all these stuff. As an initiative, it is started by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi ji in 2015. Yet still, it is treated as an irrelevant process by most of the public.

But the digital process also increases the scopes of cyber crimes and unemployment.

So it's all about as that we want to turn this initiative, By adoption of this process, a great global positive change is waiting for India.

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Nikhil Lekhra said: (Jul 9, 2020)  

Digital India is the adoption of various technologies like computers and ICT in public interest activities like Banking, Offices, education, etc. , intented to make the system more efficient and transparent.


As opposed to the traditional pen and paper work, digital working is more efficient, faster, transparent and user oriented. Also the scope of its impact is wider than the traditional methods as the travelling costs, setup costs, etc. , are cut in the first place, and in the state of art technologies no human intervention is needed as technologies are becoming smarter day by day.


This digital transformation is a great change and as people are always reluctant with change, so this will also take some time to gain trust of people. More importantly, it is basically aimed at the people living in remote areas and places which have very less accessibility because most of the people who are living in towns and cities were still fine with the traditional methods as they had access to the facilities.


Education Sector - Students are the one's who are getting benefited the most. Gone are the times when you needed to go to USA/UK to study cutting edge technologies. Everything can be accessed just from anywhere.

Banking sector : No need to go to bank for money transfer or EMI payment or even taking Loans.

Agricultural sector: Farmers can directly connect with e-commerce companies and their stocks can be sold at a much higher price than earlier.

Social Media: Connect anywhere in the world, learn something from them and make friends.

There are many other impacts of DIGITALISATION:

Challenges and some solutions:

1. Internet Facility is not available everywhere, only around 40 per cent of people in India use the Internet.

Solution: before DIGITALISATION, there should be a discussion on how can we make internet available throughout India at an affordable price plus how less costly mobile phones or dedicated devices can be made, because, without it, the process is just a fake concept.

2. Trust: Indians still don't trust online sources for many reasons such as Fraud, etc.

Solution: The main problem is Digital Intelligence, people don't know which sites to open so that their data is safe and secure. This is prevalent mostly in Teenagers and the old generation. Timely online or offline digital Intelligence programmes which make people aware of the internet, its potential threats and security issues should be there. Otherwise, a digital attack (cyber attack) is just as easy as it could be on a digitally illiterate population.

Thank you.

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Sridevi said: (Jul 8, 2020)  

Digital India.

Launched by the Government of India on July 1, 2015, the initiative aims to connect citizens through electronic means and improve online infrastructure, internet connectivity and empower people digitally in the field of technology.

According to country digital adoption index, India is the second-fastest digital adopter among 17 major digital economies.

Sectors benefited are:

First are core digital sectors, such as IT-BPM, digital communications, and electronics manufacturing. Second are newly digitizing sectors such as financial services, agriculture, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing, which are not traditionally considered part of India\'s digital economy but have the potential to rapidly adopt new technologies. Third are government services and labour markets, which can use digital technologies in new ways to make their work easier and accountable.

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Swarali Jagtap said: (Jul 8, 2020)  
Hello. I'm Swarali.

Considering all of the thoughts related to digital India. It really plays a crucial role to provide Indians a satisfactory as well as a desire lifestyle. All the citizens can have the benefits of it. By making life easier and smooth with AI, ML & DL. We humans must have to use technology efficiently and take care of not to surrender or succumb technology.

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K Nandini said: (Jul 6, 2020)  
Hai everyone.

Myself Nandini

Digital India benefits: Nowadays we are totally giving more importance that is digital. Digital India is helped us growth the India economically and technically etc. Digital India program was launched by Narendra Modi on July 1 2015. There is a great opportunity for us. We are facing lot of problems before digitalization like banking, corruption, internet services, agriculture, online services, National and international news, like that.

Main features:

* Most of the services are available.
* To provide all government services digitally.
* These fill the gap between rural and urban by creating opportunities.
* Easily transactions the money.
* We easily remove the corruption.
* Digital India makes people more intelligent.
* In these pandemic time we gain that lot of knowledge because of digital India.
* The government easily expel the black money.

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Ankitkumar Kar said: (Jul 2, 2020)  
I am happy to share my thought on Digital India.

First of all, in this modern India digital India is the key to the development of our country and will made India as a superpower in the world.

Due to digital INDIA, we can save our time, the human error should be minimized.

For example.

1. In the banking sector, we should not stay for an hour in the queue for cash withdrawal. We can transfer money from home.
2. In health care due to digitalization testing can be done easily.
3. We can order grocery, food online from a different partner.
4. Most important people got a different kind of jobs and more.

As a coin has 2 different sides digital India has some cons like the threat of data privacy, crime, social disconnect.

So we are dealing with digital India good side to make India a global power.


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Abhiprem said: (Jun 30, 2020)  
Digital India is not a new concept we are on a path of it naturally after adopting LPG era. Just transcending in a structured way with proper raw materials, and the platform is required. Digital India is something that is benefiting every aspect of today's modern society without any biases (of course there is an exception and no hypothetical situation can be presumed).

Things become very complicated with huge geography and demography like India with different ranging per-capita capacity and ultimately somewhere posing some hindrances in terms of new project installation for better connectivity, digital literacy, affordable reach to every single unit of the remotest area etc. It majorly benefits geography and demography with a secondary level of existence and development (cities and two-tier cities). India has great potential to outrun any statistics or data. So, planning, execution and intent for greater cause ought to be the vision for deep digital penetration.

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Deepika Singh said: (Jun 30, 2020)  
According to me, digital India is a good sign to grow our country among the world with exploring and using these applications and technologies get its benefits and use while sitting at home. We can order at home whatever we want, we can get it at home by using mobile or can make digital payment. So there is more transparency between payee and receiver. While paying tax there is more clarity on using or spending and earning money. So it's really very good thing to use it in our day to day life.


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Heman Pk said: (Jun 27, 2020)  
In my point of view, it is a good improvement in the implementation of technology. As we know that technology is rapidly increasing in the coming days. But in this digital India, there are some requirements and questions to start up our country in a digital manner. So that the Uneducated citizens should get to know from the younger generations as they were well known about the technology. And also there is an issue such as electricity, Network, Displays, Localities etc. , And I conclude this is a great forward step to make our country updated.

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K Hemanth Raju said: (Jun 26, 2020)  
In my point of view,Digital India is one of the most familiar word in these days.


1) The people who are financially poor can learn new things using digitalisation like learning from IIT lectures, learning from online platforms, learning through youtube etc.

2) We can connecting each other everyday.

3) We are getting to know about the current situations happening around us.

4) It makes the people to be more intelligent.

5) If some pandemic situations like corona we can gain knowledge from home using digitalisation.

6) It makes bank related operations easy.

I) Before Digital india, We have seen the situation in banks like when we want to draw money we have to stand in the line for so many hours to collect the money and each time we have to go to ATM or bank which sometimes so far and sometimes we have seen situations like some ATMs don't have money. If someone wants money urgently they struggled so much to reach the ATMs having money.

Ii) Before Digital India, We are not able to know where are the nearby hospitals. If some person is being illhealth they have to go so far to the hospitals as they don't know exactly where are the hospitals. After Digital india, we are seeing the nearby hospitals in our smartphones. We can even get the medicines through online which is so better than going to medical shops.

Iii) Before digital india, if one of the family person go to some different country or state. We are not able to connect them, to talk with them. But After Digitalisation, we can able to see, speak with the person who are in different state or country using Video chat like Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, Google Duo.

Iv) We can even arrange group meetings through online like ZOOM, Google MEET.

V) We can book a bus or train or plane or bike using online apps like Abhibus, Uber.

Vi) we can order food online using Digitalisation apps like zomato, swiggy, dunzo.

7) Entertainment plays a mojor role in todays world. If some person has good talent. They can showcase their talent through online.

8) Many people became famous through online.

9) Nowadays we can get everything online.

Digital India is one of the biggest boost for growing country like India. It is always a boon. I can say that " A person with electronic device like phone or laptop with good internet can rule the world from one place".

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Ashutosh Srivastava said: (Jun 26, 2020)  
As we all know that the world is truly becoming a global village. Given the closely connected world that we are living in where a person is just a call away, it is necessary to make sure that digital India reaches every Indian. Following are the benefits of Digital India:

1) Even if you are living in the remotest area of the country if internet services are operational then you can learn from the experts teaching in prestigious institutes like IIT.

2) If you are running short of cash, then the digital wallet becomes handy. Also during the pandemic time where minimal contact is needed bills can be paid without exchanging notes by means of a digital wallet.

3) It doesn't matter if a person is illiterate, all that is needed is a will to learn. It's not rocket science!

4) It ensures transparency in governance because everything becomes available in the public domain if it's online and citizens get greater access to information as to where the taxpayer's money is utilized etc.

5) During the pandemic, work from home became a new norm so digitalization is a must to cope with the changing times.

So given the list of pros it can be safely said that digital India is must.

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Karishma Harchandani said: (Jun 24, 2020)  
Hello friends!

My name is Karishma, So the digital India is the most important topic nowadays and every topis has it's pros and cons. My point of view is different that everyone is saying that illeteracy is more in India. But how to resolve this illerteracy. If we cannot have the online applications or online transaction application how we grow ourselves or how we grow India. If we can't use then how our new generation will using all these things soo, every application or every thing have its pros and cons but we can't stop to use it. And yes, if we (educated people) thinks to cons of digital India how we expect to use unejucated people such things. And offcourse it is beneficial to all of them especially in this pandemic situation.

Thank you.

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Aaqs said: (Jun 20, 2020)  
Hi, friends;

You know there are pros and cons to any subject.

Pros :
1) It takes less time.
(Eg. We can transact anytime and anywhere, etc. )
2) Will help prevent corruption.
3) Transparency will be created in all sectors.
4) Anyone can learn anytime and anywhere.
5) CASHLESS ( You can save paper.).
6) Connectivity.
7) Expand your business.
8) Handle your bank account easily.
9) Fill up any of your forms.
10) In this COVID-19 situation worker working from home.
11) Etc.

Cons :
1) Network Issues.
2) How uneducated people will use it.
3) Security of public data.
4) Rate of Mobile phones and data packs.
5) Etc.

Youth should play an important role in the development of this concept.
Thank you.

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Khushi said: (Jun 20, 2020)  
In my point of view, Digital India is a great platform for all the people. People can go cashless anywhere and during this pandemic, it's the best possible way to transfer cash or do any transaction. Not only payment transfer but also educationally and informally we could learn so much from our home.

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Saraban Tahura said: (Jun 20, 2020)  
Hello friends,

My name is Saraban Tahura and today is the topic is Digital India🇮🇳.

As we all know, digital India is very beneficial to us. Nowadays we can easily transfer money from anywhere to anyone, also we can pay electric bill & recharge phone and recharge this TV & pay another bill also with the help of mobile phone in less time. So that it saves our time. But everything has positive side as well as negative side also. Many times we can face network issue when doing all these things. And other things is there are lot of people who don't know how to use digital platforms even mobile phone in proper way and make a payment. So we have to teach them how to use. Then we all can use digital application easily. So that digital India is very beneficial for us'.

Thank you.

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Shobhit Saxena said: (Jun 19, 2020)  
It's a very good concept to make our country best out of others. As normally fewer people carry money in pockets rather it's good to only use a mobile phone to pay money and doing all other things in a very easy way. As this is less time consuming and anyone can transfer money from anywhere to anyone account he/she wants to. We all know that everything has it's a positive point as well as negative points. To make India Digital, It's very important for everyone to know how to use this and for this everyone has any mobile phone to use all these applications. It gives benefit for all. Most important it's less time consuming, easy to transfer money from anywhere and many more.

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Divya said: (Jun 17, 2020)  
Digital India is a good idea because so many youngsters can use this concept wherever we go it works but we have to carry money also. But so many uneducated persons don't know how to use a mobile. If there any transactions placed and that time we have some network issues. So don't always depend on digital India concept.

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Harsh Pandey said: (Jun 17, 2020)  
The Idea behind launching Digital India is successful most probably, As it is a very good initiative launched by India. It is almost helpful to all people who know digitalization and some of them are also learning to make cashless transactions.

Seriously, it was launched to curb the corruption and really it is going good!

People can go anywhere without cash but just with their single phone, they can do transactions digitally. They can do shopping just sitting at their homes. And They can order food online. Etc etc.

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Rakshit Sah said: (Jun 17, 2020)  
From my point of view, digitalization of the country provides an opportunity for the youngster to be a self-dependent and allow them to explore the possibility in terms of technology.

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Shashi Prabha said: (Jun 16, 2020)  
Digital India is beneficial to our country in many ways like it helps in transferring money online which took less time as well as less complications and has security factor also. We can easily observe that in this pandemic time how helpful it is. But it has limitation as well that uneducated people are not aware of it, even if they are aware they don't know how to use it. So, in that case we cannot use this idea in effective way.

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Bawa said: (Jun 15, 2020)  
In my opinion, digital India benefits only the small area of the society mostly young ones. As we all know many people in India are illiterate and don't know how to use these digital platforms which leads to the online scams in our country.

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Sushant Kumar said: (Jun 15, 2020)  
As we all know, everything that evolves around has its own pros and cons. In my opinion, digitalization has helped a lot in curbing the corruption and solicit to ease off the burden of carrying paper cash when we go outside. It saves time and convenient too. Let me give an example, in our canteen once the canteen manager asked us not to do any online payments citing some fraudulent activities by some students. Later it was posted that he was doing it so that he could flank the tax. So, I think corruption can be uprooted in the ground level too. But the rural people, have to be exposed to such facilities through some awareness camps.

Necessary steps must be taken to eradicate the online scams happening throughout. In my opinion, it's a stepping stone and a head starts towards a new and developed motherland with some corrective measures.

Thank you.

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Deeksha Sharma said: (Jun 14, 2020)  
Digital India is a great initiative taken up by government. As it helps in each and every sector of society.

- Digitalization helps people to interact easily.
- As we can see during this pandemic situation, Digitalization is helping the government and society equally through different apps launched during this period.
- Digital payment also helps people to have a proper record of the money.
- easy payment.
- transparency in all govt work.
- easy learning helps students to learn anything anywhere anytime.

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Abhijit Bhatu said: (Jun 14, 2020)  
Hello Everyone.

My opinion on Digital India might be different from the others. As Everything has its own pros and cons. We are the new generation and We know how to use the technology we use it without any hustle and fluently than anyone else, For financial sector online payment and transactions are the benefits. For Students there are online learning platforms, For Industry employee there is work from the home thing in this COVID - 19 pandemics. So Every sector has its own benefits. But no one talks about the cons.

1) Data Breaching: Our data is the most valuable thing, but there is no up to the mark data security many of the digital industrial companies

2) Digital illiteracy: It is hard for a particular person who has not the knowledge of the digital world and it's benefits. He/she might know the benefits but doesn't know how to use it. So there may be government can take a step to literate the Fellow citizens.

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Guddu said: (Jun 14, 2020)  
Everything has its pros and cons. Yes, our country is getting digitalized and now we are more connected with all. It is extremely good but we can't ignore this fact that nowadays children are really stuck to the phone. That's not really good.

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Sandeep said: (Jun 9, 2020)  
The initiative of digitalization of our nation is a major step towards becoming a leading country in the present scenario. Transparency is increasing, gradual reduction of corruption and people are aware of technologies and so on but here one thing should be noted that is it going to be same? Because when we talk about this then a major part of people left behind as. Illiterate, many farmers, and no of person who are not capable to do so they don't know the use of digital economy, marketing etc. Concept of digital India should be launched years ago, it will help our overall nation to grow in the world.

It will help in controlling black money, the corruption that will surely improve our economic conditions.

It will also help the government to provide basic amenities to poor people directly which will again lead to a nation's growth.

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Arun Rai said: (Jun 8, 2020)  
In my opinion, everything has its own pros and cons, it is up to us how we embrace it. I think, concept of digital India is good because it will help every layer of society and to some extent it will help in curbing corruptions. Government has to just make people aware of benefit of digitization.

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Neeraj said: (Jun 3, 2020)  
In today's scenario digital plays a very important role in our daily life routine. As from digital everyone gets the benefit in some way. If we take today's condition such as Arogya setu app which is approved by the government to check the spread of pandemic. Hence it benefits both citizens and government to fight this situation. Everything is easily done through digital mode from medicine to tour. Even online classes for students is done through digital.

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Ezra said: (Jun 2, 2020)  
Well, I would advise you to have a tour of CG. Here, the 'Raman Sarkar' just when the Elections were due in 2019, distributed Micromax phones across the state in the name of Digital India and Sanchar Kranti Yojna. You may argue that it was done for digitalising lives, but even after all this, their efforts went in vain because all the rural families had no 'real' use of phones, the hands which were once busy in helping in chores were now playing PUBG in phones provided. It does sound funny and is hard to accept but you, me and the Country will get digitalised in the correct sense if we are ready and prepared enough to understand the good and bad facets of it. The Thing is: you would profit if you know how to make a profit. You would progress if you have a heartfelt desire of progressing.

Thank You.

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Abi said: (Jun 1, 2020)  
Actually, India is a developing country. Nowadays people are addicted to a digitalized lifestyle. In olden days people use letters and everything for connecting each other. But now through smartphones and internet people can connect each other from one country to another. And even from each and everything, people are depended on the technology. Now the benefits of digital India are. Actually time is a valuable thing for each and every person. So by this digitalised technology human efforts are reduced.

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Shubham said: (May 30, 2020)  
Digital India is a very good step taken by our country. There are lots of benefit from digital India. Like for example, we are connecting anywhere from our country to another country. When we are talking about digital India, first of all, a thing comes in our mind which is cashless and I think, this is very good for everyone. How? The answer is, we are saving the paper at a very large scale. This will very good for our future generation. In the last but not the least I want to say digital India is adorable step and I think, this should follow by every individual.

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Rohit said: (May 28, 2020)  
Digital India is a great initiative taken by our government. Nowadays in this COVID -19 pandemic situation, digitalization takes place a vital role, the government using digital media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook for telling the current situation of this pandemic.

And also many organization uses digitalize tool for their employee to work from home. And also digitalization makes people happy as they don't need too much of cash with them because everywhere is the option of sending money online. So it is one great idea for growing our economy too.

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Kalu said: (May 28, 2020)  
Digital India is a very effect things just like grow is the part of our body thus digital India is the part of our country. Some time many people I cannot understand actually mean of degital India but social media, advertisment etc learned it. Digital India is a very usefull of all people because they start business and shopping.

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Shriti Rani said: (May 27, 2020)  
Digital India is a great step towards the growth of the country. It helps a lot of people to expand their business on a very large scale. It been so easy to settle our business through this. All the sectors has the benefit of digital India to do their business or works as the wanted to. It also helped consumers to shop easily and freely.

-It gives the producer a great opportunity to expand their business.

-Provides consumer with the best platform for shopping.

- Transactions are easily calculated.

-No more cash is needed.

-No need to walk to the bank for the cash and the transactions issues.

In simply words, work get easier and people were freelance.

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Ramita Ruhil said: (May 27, 2020)  
Digital India is a very stupendous step taken by our country and it is also a kind of initiative for the people. As we all know that digitalisation has spread in every field, so it has to be even more useful so that it can help fulfil people's needs. Digital India is beneficial for everyone to be it students, teachers, job seekers, government employees, etc. During this pandemic situation where we all are bound to fight a virus and digitalisation has been a great benefactor. Digital India has emerged as a well-wisher for the countrymen. However, digital devices being not so cheap are not available to everyone. Government has started supplying free tablets and laptops to poor children and it is another great step in the journey of development in India. We all have to join hands for helping the government in this initiative. Although the benefits of Digital India are endless some of them are:

* Rapid growth in economy.
* New employment opportunities for youth.
* Applications providing new ways of learning for students.
* It is an indirect way of saving paper also.
* It has connected different people all over the world and has made the world a smaller place to live in.
* Transactions can be easily made without physically accessing the bank.
* Online shopping has become a huge platform for sellers and buyers.

'Social platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are very useful, etc.

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Ayushi said: (May 27, 2020)  
Digital India is beneficial for all peoples in our country, digital India makes life is easy. In all sectors, we can use technology and do work faster and maintain time. So, if we make.

Digital India, we save trees and concentrate on.

Education and if we have talent then it in our own country. Then you are talented and you have capabilities to do work, then you must work on our country then make it digital. It make more benefits like you pay the bill, recharges your phone and transfers money one place to another and order food online and it comes on your home, digital India is made our work easy.

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Sunil said: (May 26, 2020)  
First of all, the idea of digital India is commendable. It will change the many things around us. The importance of digitalisation has been experienced by each and everyone in this pandemic. It made all money transactions very easy. Literally, at our fingertips, we can access most of the information in the world. This digitalisation has a great impact on the economy even in this pandemic.

Digitalisation made our efforts easy and saved our precious time. It almost made paperlessly. Most of the IT industries, universities, schools helping their people to gain knowledge and also contributing to the nation's economy.

But there many things that need to be focused. Since many villagers don't have proper internet services, lack of knowledge about technology. So they are chances that some frauds may occur. However, the initiative of digitalising India will definitely thrive in the coming years since the literacy rate is increasing and almost everyone is using smartphone. Even broadcasting servicers are also providing internet in some areas nowadays.

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Dharshini P said: (May 25, 2020)  
In my perspective, In today's world, we are trying to move forward in this hustle and bustle life, so, Digital India is very much needed for our society. Digital India is an initiative by the Government of India to ensure that Government services are made available to all citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and increasing internet connectivity. It was launched on July 1 2015.

It has three core components like the creation of digital infrastructure. Delivering digital services and the digital literacy.

It has major advantage like It reduces the corruption as IT officials can track records easily, moreover it is very convenient and easier, Digital empowerment of native Indian people, It also eliminates all electronic imports from other foreign countries by 2020 and make India as the electronics manufacturing super power. It decreases the crime as a whole.

I would like to conclude that Digital India is very much needed for us and We as a Indian we need to support the plan of our Government.

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Mounika said: (May 21, 2020)  
Digital India sounds good but implementation is not out of boundary of course there are many advantages like online shopping, transactions are made easy and also time saving, we can order any groceries, and also a lot of amenities, during this pandemic situation online class are helping a lot, corruption also reduce by digitalization, we can access any kind of information from applications it will help a lot. But the mention above are useful for educated people a lot. People who are not educated don't how to use all this things if they want money from bank they go to banks stands in a lines even digitalization is available they don't know how to use. This the responsibility of government to take care they should give awareness to even uneducated people also. Then will be in out of boundary in making digital India.

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Punit Garg said: (May 20, 2020)  
As we know that our Prime Minister Mr. Nrendre Modi Jii said we make a Digital India. And we see on the other side Digital India makes a Benefit in every field. The Benefit of Digital India is for Labour class Family to High-Class Family and also for Middle-class Family. The main benefit of Digital India is to make everything Digital. Digital India makes a people educated.

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Sammy said: (May 19, 2020)  
I think digital India is exactly suited to Indian.

Nowadays every old to old person want to learn about how to operate a phone and 50% of the Indian population knows how to use a smartphone.

In this pandemic, every one have to learn how to operate because everything is running only on the online platform.

So many online transaction apps are very reliable and secure.

E-commerce websites make our shopping very easy we only search and review and buy it. Even it also increase the employment like working people organization.

In this pandemic only the online portal help us for doing our study continue.

Work from home is possible only because of digitalization.

Grofers, Zomato, BigBasket many more companies are playing a very big role in this pandemic.

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Nikita Kumari said: (May 19, 2020)  
In my point of view, there are both pros and cons through digital India we get many facilities like workers who are working in daily basis or labours they can get their salary in online transfer mode and no one can cheat them by digitalisation we can transfer money from small gadgets in any time we can track to anyone's phone if he/she is in trouble. Children's who don't have enough money they can learn from online on YouTube. Nowadays we can see anything on online mode. It saves a lot of paper from that we are saving a lot of trees. There is one thing I would like to tell in rural areas most of the people don't know how to use a cellphone. Yeah, it is best for the educated person and on another hand Digital India, the people who are aware of technical knowledge must have to share our knowledge with the people who are lack of this skill for example illiterates, farmers, poor students.

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Yogi said: (May 19, 2020)  
It can benefit various sectors:.

Agriculture : Farmers can get the proper price of their produce by auctioning online instead of traders who collude and take their produce at throwaway prices.

Daily wage workers in construction and other sectors:If they receive direct transfers, they will get the minimum wage and no one can cheat them as there will be all records online.

Education:Reforms will be highly significant here. Better visualization of concepts and even the children who do not have chance to go to a good school or get good teachers can learn online.

Business:Companies like Walmart are already using Blockchain to have a secure and efficient supply chain. Digitization will improve efficiency.

Corruption will reduce significantly:Say you have to pay bribe at the toll gate for moving your goods in the truck. If you get a QR Code system on e-pass, govt gets more taxes as records online will help government to catch income tax frauds.

It will benefit almost all sectors.

Efficient digital network is needed even in rural areas and people must be helped in beginning to adapt the digital technology.

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Vishnu said: (May 17, 2020)  
Every social and economical problems are solved by taking a step towards it. This is what exactly government of India is doing now, empowering the people towards the technology we can do the things much faster, easier and secure. Countries like india, with a huge population it's impossible to intiate a scheme which satisfies 100% people in the society. Already some benfits are we are seen in last couple of years, I hope that it satisfy it's primary objective.

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Vishwash Khandal said: (May 16, 2020)  
I think that poverty and poor education system is the most and essential point to be noted. If we develop a great education system like in engineering, research and medical science with honesty with a great budget provided by government 100%we will achieve everything. Digital things needs deep knowledge with a right atmosphere that will come through a perfect and pure education system that is not available now in India. We are just copying things and all digital technology, we are not creating then just because of absence of deep knowledge, because in our schools and colleges things are not taught with honesty. So the government need to focus. It is not easy as we are thinking, we have to change the people mentality towards education. We only copy abroad things and technology and buy then we don't create and research on them, beautiful in reality research work is zero in India. That's bitter truth.

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Anbarasan said: (May 14, 2020)  
I am Anbarasan. In my point of view, digital India is not much suit for Indian peoples. And at the same time, I am not the opposite of that. First, we have to educate our peoples. Then talks about digital India. Because lots of peoples ard not knowing how to use a small mobile phone in rural areas.

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Diwakar said: (May 14, 2020)  
According to me, Without digitization, it is impossible to boost our economy.

As we know India is a developing country and digitalization is a the only way Which can save a lot of time of any work. There was a time when one has to stand in long lines for atm transaction, getting a ticket, buying the product, etc.

Now all these works can be done by just one click with the help of digitalization.

It helped every sector of people. Some of them are:

1. Education - now anyone who wants to improve his knowledge can learn from the online portal for free. In India, a no of the lecture are created daily on youtube daily which can be watched by any student just by his smartphone with zero cost. A lot of teachers and professors are now teaching online, providing notes in affordable prize. Also in this pandemic, the states of India are creating an educational app for their student to continue their study.

2. Banking sector - as we know banking helps a lot to boost any economy. Nowadays all types of transactions like sending money to someone, fee deposition, recharge of phone, buying a product online, etc can be done just two to five minutes with the help of online banking. We can also apply for a loan as well.

3. Agricultural - as we know India is an agricultural-based country. And now farmers can get a lot of information about a scheme launched by government which was not able before digitalization. They are also able to see weather forecasting, technology in agriculture and even can get a loan for farming like government provide loan for fish farming.

4. The service sector- now all type of service sector uses technology for providing better service like online ticket booking, online application for driving license, Aadhar card, PAN card, online tax submission, and many more.

People whos is physically challenged can not get benefit from online shopping sites, online food delivery apps, even in some cities few supermarkets provide the facility of home delivery of groceries, fruits, and vegetable which are a great relief for these people.

Digitalization also helps in reducing corruption. But there are several areas of India where internet literacy is too low as compared to well-developed areas so first, we should try to educate our people.

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Naman said: (May 13, 2020)  
From my point of view.

We all know, its benefits like online banking, trading, shopping, etc but it should be done with a reliable.

Website. The usage of reliable websites can make a person to enjoy the benefits of digitalization. Banking, trading shopping should be done from a reliable website. Only proper usage of the internet can make of digitalization a successful reform.

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Mani said: (May 11, 2020)  
In my point of view, I have 2 opinions about this issue they are-.

1) Coming to the benefits of this scheme, it is very beneficial for every sector and also for every person with proper usage. Nowadays we can pay the current bills, phone bills, debts by simply sitting in our house with the help of a small gadget i.e. cellphone and even if we go to bank there is no need to wait in the queue for our turn we can simply book the token in advance and then we can complete our work in a few minutes, even the government will credit the fees reimbursement to the students and pensions to the elder and physically challenged people to their own bank accounts-all these are due to the advancement in the technology which is digital India. So it is very beneficial for everyone one in society and for the government.

2) In my perception, every situation will definitely have pros and cons of an issue so if we wish to have more pros than the cons of issue then we have to improve the situation to be more beneficial with our support, for the sake of Digital India we the people who are aware of technical knowledge must have to share our knowledge with the people who are lack of this skill for example illiterates, farmers, poor students, etc. , we must make them aware of malpractices through the internet and cybercrimes. Because the government is not only the one who is responsible for the development of society. Every citizen is responsible for the progress of our economy then only every person will be benefitted with this scheme.

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Aishwarya Sahu said: (May 7, 2020)  
So first whom does Digital India benefits.

In my perception, the areas where it benefits people are:

1. Banking Sector- It benefits both people and employees in the banking sector by making most of the things online. Like money transactions, changing one's credentials, applying for loans, and many more.

2. Agricultural sector- India is an agricultural-based economy. And awareness farmers matters the most as these people are less educated but contributes the most. They are able to learn schemes meant for them, able to see the weather for casting, technologies in agriculture, and even debt for their crop before farming and money after selling crop gets deposited in a minute.

3. Service Sector - All kind of service sector now uses technology for providing better services like online ticket booking, online application for driving license, Aadhar card, PAN card, online tax submission, and many more.

4. Students - Now everyone owns a smartphone every student can learn from online portals for free. Even nowadays we have an option like distance learning. Professors and students all around the world are connected.

Through a small gadget in our pocket.

5. Physically Challenged - The online shopping sites, online food delivery apps, and even in some cities few supermarkets provide the facility of home delivery of groceries, fruits, and vegetables. These are a great relief for physically challenged people.

6. Every citizen - As in India, we know corruption is the biggest evil. Digitization is a great initiative to bring transparency. So now every transaction is counted making less black money. A number of applications and sites dedicated to great ideas like buying and selling preowned things, e-commerce sites, and many more bringing sellers and buyers in direct contact.

There is a concept of public fundraising in which a person urges the public to contribute money for some disaster management, pandemic, NGOs, orphanage and sometimes for themselves also. And we are being the more fortunate can donate them just by one click.

There are a lot of benefits Digital India is doing and to a lot of people but now the question is whom does it not benefit.

So the answer is all the people who do not know how to use technology properly and having inadequate resources like not having good internet connection are the ones who are not taking advantage of this property. The government distributed mobile phones to encourage digitization but is unable to provide them good internet connection and also people who are not many experts in this (basically villagers, illiterates, and mentally challenged) are not able to identify frauds. So this increases cyber crimes hence again discouraging people.

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Dhananjay said: (May 5, 2020)  
To be honest digital India benefits the one who knows it's uses for ones as well as others welfare. Digital India is a good initiative if implemented well. There are several things that needs to be considered while focusing on digital India. It involves use of technology and internet. In India, there are several areas where internet literacy is too low as compared to well developed areas so first uplifting the areas by providing good education about internet and urging the population to make it's good use will surely benefit the digital India initiative. Almost every sector in Indian economy will rise with use of technology through digital India. It will also help poor people as several things are free on internet for example education. So internet literacy will definitely play a minor role in digital India proving success in India's development.

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Aarya Gade said: (May 5, 2020)  
In my opinion, digital India is making beneficial to us whenever our India is digital it's saved our time like COVID 19 critical situation. A lot of employs do work from home students can learn our studies by laptop, Mobile, tablet etc. It gives much more information to the farmer to make her farm better. Avoid paperwork lots of information are available on our mobile. Digital India improves our knowledge. A handicapped person can take better benefits through digital India.

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Sweety said: (May 3, 2020)  
According to my perception, digitalization is a very good step taken by the Indian government on 1 july, 2015. As there are both advantages and disadvantages in every sector but what is important that if merits are more than these overcome the small demerits occurring.

Digitalization is helpful for all age groups and handicapped people too.

The agricultural sector, education sector, telecommunication, service sector, banking, etc. Are some examples which are being vast due to digitalization. As we can now save our money and data and time. Reduced corruption, decrease documentation, and increase public sector service are some more merits of digitization. The workload is reduced and accuracy is enhanced.

While the demerits are for the rural area and internet connectivity. So what the government has to do now is to provide a vast internet connection and for those who are illiterate and from rural background government has provided universal digital literacy which means that one member from each house will be taught the computer and mobile operations free of cost. And there are many other schemes too.

So, in my opinion, this initiative taken by the countries' governments is beneficial.

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Shriya said: (May 3, 2020)  
Digital India: Whom does it benefit?

Digital India is the initiative taken by the government of India in 2015. According to my perspective, making India a digitalized country is one of the best decision taken by the government. Digitalization helps us almost in every sector, such as banking, service sector, agriculture, e-learning, etc. Due to digitalization, we don't have to stand in a queue for a long time and save our time. In case, if there is some problem we need urgent money we can transfer it by just one click. It helps our farmers to get acquainted with the new technologies in the field of farming. Most of the people are giving excuse of the rural areas, how the people of this areas will use this facility of digitalization. For such people I would like to clear that the money transfer is just a simple process, if they try to practice they will get acquainted with that, and there is no problem of language because there are many option of language. And now a days our youth are becoming very smart and intelligent they can also help their family members to get benefit of digitalization. Digitalization also reduces the paperwork. The dream of digitalization can only be acquainted if there is good connectivity of internet. The major issue in the rural areas is about the connectivity of internet.

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Simmi Khan said: (May 3, 2020)  
First of all, thank you for selecting such an interesting topic.

The term digital India means a program launch by the government of India in order to make everything available online.

According to my opinion, Digital India is a huge and great platform initiated by Our Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi.

It has improved every sector of our country and also helped in improving the economy.

1. During the pandemic situation Of the COVID-19 crisis when the government is supporting less privileged people, daily wager workers it is possible through digital money transfer instead of handling them.

2. Agriculture is considered as one of the most important sectors of our economy, through digital India it is possible to educate our farmers, help them in cultivating more enriched crops.

3. Easy and simple: Gone are the days when one has to stand in long lines for ATM transactions, with digital India its one-click transaction.

4. Eliminating Corruption:

One of the evil act in our country is corruption, with the scenario of online money transfer, the false act of black marketing has been reduced hence eliminating corruption from our society.

5. Promotes Work from Home:

Many people find it difficult to travel or considering the situation of a present pandemic.

All the schools, colleges are conducting online lectures, taking quizzes, and also involving students in online fun activities along with that providing E-certificates, this all is possible only because of digital India.

Also, most of the private sectors are asking their workers to work from home. If we forgot the pandemic situation for a while then also most people who do blogging, or sharing something in any of social platforms and earning an income, made it possible because of digital India.

I would like to conclude the topic that Digital India is a major positive step taken by our government and I fully endorse with it.

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Divyansh Patni said: (May 2, 2020)  
Today, our topic is digital India.

Digital India is very beneficial for our country. Because with the help of digitalization our time will be saved. And it aware us of new technologies that is very beneficial for us and for our society. And paytm. Phonepay and google pay etc. These all are a part of digital India. And this digital India makes the level of India on top in the field of new technologies and digitalization. And it also helps in the field of agriculture and robotics. But it also increases unemployment in every field because in the past for a single work we need many employees but in today's generation we need a single person our many works. So, digital India or we can say digitalisation has both advantages and disadvantages.

Thank you.

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Raju said: (May 2, 2020)  
Hello all.

Digitalization all over the world is beneficial in many ways.

The number of people can pay their bills easily and can transfer money within a little span of time.

Agriculture is the backbone of India and even agriculture can also be able to get knowledge about his field and can earn better by having the number of information.

Coming to the education sector, each and every kid can be able to learn from mobile phones, tablets, etc through many platforms. Eg: BYJUS.

The number of corporate meetings, classroom sessions made simple because of digitalization and applications.

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Amar said: (Apr 29, 2020)  
The benefits for all Indian citizens if we make our country digitalize, there are a lot of benefits, we can do our work from home because of that we save our time to stand in a queue in anywhere, those who are handicapped and can't go anywhere without the help of someone that's the better idea. But every coin has two sides i.e positive and negative, the same are here. How much benefits we get it from this, there so many backdrops from it.

As human beings, we depend on each one.

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Anjali Singh said: (Apr 24, 2020)  
I totally agree with the concept of digital India.

It will help in controlling black money, the corruption that will surely improve our economic conditions.

According to me, digital India is a great initiative taken by the government of India because it will immensely save time people spend standing in ATM lines as instead they can use online banking services and other most imp thing is that it will make people digitally literate as if people know the benefits of using the digital system they will at least try to use it in that process they will become digitally literate. As everything has a good side and bad side also, I must mention that on the other side nearly 70% of India's total population live in remote and rural areas where proper internet connectivity is not available to them and it will take several years for schemes to reach them so digital India will barely benefit them in initial period but if proper campaigning is done by government and also if the quality of services is improved then definitely rural people will also start using and eventually getting benefited by digital services.

Digital India is the best concept to reach people from all corners of the country. Also, it helps the government to provide a good service to civilians about the different schemes.

Thank you!

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Amarjeet said: (Apr 24, 2020)  
According to my opinion, the digitalization of India is a very good initiative taken by the government to promote development. Digitalization must help our system to reduce workload and enhance the accuracy of work with a small-time period. It will also increase employment which aid our economy to boost up. It will also decrease corruption. So the digitalization of India is very good thought taken by the government. After the digitalization, most of the people can directly know their query related to government policy through the government digital query service.

So this is the benefit of the digitalization of India.

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Abhi said: (Apr 22, 2020)  
In my opinion, digital India is a great initiative taken by our government. The benefit of digitalization is unlimited as it saves time, cost, etc. But the point is that the lot of people of our country does not about the digitalization so the government should before going in to, they should create the awareness, what are there advantage, how this helps to us. Ones they know how this will impact their life than automatically uses will increases. Currently, most of the use of digitalization is taken by high or middle-level groups, so we should encourage the lower level & backward section to get the benefit of this digitalization. Ultimately this will help to grow our economy.

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Minakshi said: (Apr 21, 2020)  
Digital India is a great initiative that brings our country to a cashless economy. Digital India made our work very easier in various aspects like we can transfer money from one state to other. We can pay our bills digitally. The most important thing is it is a secured way.

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Birajalaxmi Bhoi said: (Apr 20, 2020)  
Digital India is the best initiative. It helps us each and every field in our life.

1) Banking sector (money transfer).
2) Service sector (save data, save time ect).
3) Education (study online courses).
4) Agriculture (to know about new technology by which we can improve our agriculture).
5) Farming.
6) Infrastructure.
7) Telecommunication (all information like news, schemes etc) are available.

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Pritam said: (Apr 19, 2020)  
Hallo friends,

This is Pritam,

So, my opinion started that I am from a very ordinary family. Here we had to solve many problems day by day. There is so many disputes in the economic part and that thing started when the gov. Digitalized every part of the lifestyle. An eg: - day by day the gov. Decreasing the GDP, so this is not a small thing, and you see nowadays the gov. Has to suffer and all the ordinary people's lifestyle is in danger and no one can effort this.

So my point is to digital India, not a bad thing, but when we talk about the economic part of our country, then you have to know the common people's lifestyle through all these situations. That is it.

Thank you.

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Shafina said: (Apr 17, 2020)  
Digital India is an initiative started by GOI in 2015. Globally digital platforms are being used to transform the way we communicate and transact. India also needs to equip itself with digital prowess.

With more than half of our population using mobile phones, with around 95 % of population having digital identity in the form of Adhaar, it is quite simple to make India a digitally rich country.

There are enormous benefits of making India digital in major sectors.

1. Banking.
2. Telecommunication.
3. Service sector.
4. Administration and Judiciary.
5. Agriculture.
Are sectors where digitization will benefit our population.


1. In the Banking sector going digitally will increase the efficiency of the bank. Transacting digitally will enormously decrease the operating cost of the banks.
2. Today the most important sector our economy is agriculture, it has always been important. But due to lack of information regarding current inventions in agriculture, our farmers are in distress. We can educate our farmers using digital platforms and doing this there would be an influx of young minds who will contribute to this sector. We can't imagine the plight of our farming sector, nowadays it has become a trend in rural India to send children to cities to get educated because they don't feel proud of being a farmer.
4. Judiciary and the administration must go digital. It will impede red-tapism which had been prevalent till now. Moreover, Paperwork will also reduce and a feeling of transparency would strengthen in the populace.

In conclusion, I agree that digital India will benefit everyone.

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Panchal Aditya said: (Apr 16, 2020)  
Digital India gives the opportunity to most of online business, online work, money transfer and so more.

It saves time, easily manages data and easy to analyze the data.

It is beneficial in more government work to store data in one place easily.

So the digital India concept is more beneficial nowadays.

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Aarti said: (Apr 14, 2020)  
Digital India was launched by the Government of India on 1st July 2015, the initiative aims to connect citizens through electronic means and improve online infrastructure, internet connection and empower people in the field of technology.

One of the successful outcomes of the Digital India initiative has been the runaway success of the JADHAN-AADHAAR Mobile (JAM) initiative which provided a digital identity to more than a billion Indian citizens as well as access to the banking system. It would be beneficial for rural and urban areas which would their life easier.

Digital India can be great step for the education sector as it can completely transform India into digitally empowered society. These initiatives are e-education, will provide education through the technology by using smartphones and mobile apps.

The effects of the Digital India are.

1) Reduce corruption.
2) Increase speed of public sector services rendered to citizens of the India.
3) Decrease documentation.
4) Provide an easy to manage online storage to store all documents.
5) Provide simple and easy to use cloud space on the internet.


Digital India is promoted By the Government to use maximum things in a digital way.

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Alphas said: (Apr 14, 2020)  
Now we are living in the Digitalisation era. All activities are starting through digital technology. It starts from morning to night.

Nowadays, in the educational sector, Hospitality, business firms, banks all are digitalized. It gives lots of advantages to people. It helps to improve our efficiency.

But there also disadvantages.

It makes lazier to us.

It reduces creativity because all work is done through digital technology where there is not using of the human brain.

Thank you.

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Akash Agarwal said: (Apr 14, 2020)  
Hello, This is Akash.

I am very happy to be a part of this GD.

Our Topic is DIgital INDIA.

Meaning of Digital is very vast, but digitalization provide a base for a country because it helps us to share our knowledge/Skills/Resources and no of many various things.

In INDIA after the Modi government come in central, there was a huge change in digitalization in the Indian economy.

For basic of digitalization, we need Handset/ laptop and Internet for excess digital content.

Jio provides handset and Internet at a very low cost that's why every person affords such services and knows about digitalization. Also in Banking /medical/defense use of digital.

A very huge change in INDIA recent in the education sector due to the digitalization because approximate all courses available on online and also e-books provide, every student exceeds such facility and contributes in Nation.



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Gurudatt Puranik said: (Apr 12, 2020)  
Digitalisation actually covers all most all the fields that include education, defence, medical services, businesses etc.

If need to be said with respect to age, then I don't think any one from any age group will get disappointed. Digitalisation majorly helps governments in providing transparency in transactions. Since technology has out of the box, there is no talk of worrying about the privacy and safety. Digitalisation helps people in exploring newer things that they usually think are out of their reach, hence breaking the traditional boundaries.

There are certain talks that say how digitalisation has made man lazier than ever. But this is not the case with the most. Its all about perspective. The broader section that digitalisation helps is students/ researchers. In fact people are getting up on their knees to discover something that helps the mankind.

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Anomie said: (Apr 10, 2020)  
Digital India program helps certainly almost all the sectors education, defence, business, hospitals, skill development program, service sectors and included all formal and informal sectors. From the Rickshawala to the prime minister. Everyone uses the reach of technology. With the help of digital India the rise of online payment save crucial time of people as well as it has been easy for government to track the record of transactions. This helps to robust the credibility, transparency and availability of the resources. Digital India give us a pace to improve and strengthen the GDP. The overall development has been seen through the digital India.

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Avadhesh Kumar said: (Apr 10, 2020)  
Hi this is Avadhesh.

Digitalization is most in India, the decision is taken our Government, there are made digital to every Indian people, the most important thing, every Indian people should learn about digitalization, we shall achieve the dream of India digital, this is a digital India.

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Vikas said: (Apr 9, 2020)  
Digitalization is beneficial for all sections, villagers are most beneficial, suppose in the crisis like COVID19 where people are not earning and the government is providing some financial help, it is due to digitalization that money is directly transferred to beneficiaries account rather going in the hands of mediator s where the chances of corruption is very high, but we also need to educate villagers regarding digitalization, we order online and pays online, even we study online through free classes, so it also benefits to those who can't access facilities due to lack of money.

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Prashant said: (Apr 9, 2020)  
Indian villages will be benefitted the most as with the phase of digitalization they would be provided with even more basic amenities (like electricity would be surely provided as it is a base for digitalization). Villagers will get an opportunity to discover new things through internet facilities.

With digital lockers, our documents would be safely stored. The possibility of loss would be minimized. Online service portals will reduce delays. All procedures would be transparent. Employment will increase as IT companies will employ more people so as to accomplish there's goals.

In short, Life would become easier to an extent.

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Vishwash Khandal said: (Apr 8, 2020)  
I think before starting the digital India Program India needs to think about educated India. We need to change our education system as well as curriculum. In the educated India Program all the courses and books are related to the particular job criteria so that a poor person after complete this course can serve his/her family. After this successful educate India program people will upgrade themselves to digital India.

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Mansi Tamrakar said: (Apr 8, 2020)  
Hi myself Mansi. And my point is digital India has great importance in daily life. If we go for a market with our frnd. And we like something that we willing want. Then digital India helps us to buy. In many sectors like railway, with the help of IRCTC we can easily do our ticket without any trouble Paying electricity bills, telephone bills, etc all are possible with digital India or cashless India.

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Balaji said: (Apr 7, 2020)  
Good morning everyone! Our topic today is whom gets benefitted by digital India, and my answer is everyone. Because the primary moto of digital India is to increase the transactions online and to reduce the circulation of cash. Its indeed really a good method to improve the safety of one's money. Also, we can save time since there is no need to visit our bank to deposit cash. Also, the negative part is that there are chances of fraud while handling money, hence we need to be more careful and should not share our personal bank details with anyone.

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Ronahi Mamo said: (Apr 6, 2020)  
Hi friends.

Online education makes us environmentally friendly, as it reduces paper waste that may be a burden to our environment.

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Sonia said: (Apr 5, 2020)  
"Digital India", a great revolutionary initiative taken by our government. It has lot to do with the development of our country. It has actually created a platform for people to share or gain knowledge from. Online transactions of money help us a lot in saving time, avoiding long queues in bank and carrying bulk of money with us. It creates transparency in money transactions and can help in reducing corruption. It helps in our inevitable paper works to be avoided by doing all the paperwork online, paperwork done online gives us more precise and fast results than offline paperwork. Also, we are able to connect to people through internet. But to get all this benefits, digital knowledge is a must. Perhaps, it will take some time but will be a great step for the development of our country.

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Abhirajput said: (Apr 4, 2020)  
Digital India is the initiative by Indian Government and this has helped a lot in bringing the business online making payment through online traction mode such as Paytm, Goggle Pay, Phone Pay etc. Nowadays dependency on cash as rapidly gone down just because of the digital India Initiative, and as far as the awareness of people to use digital platforms is concerned so it is not a big deal, it is not rocket science at all to use digital modes. After the outbreak of COVID 19 virus these digital modes of the transaction are the safer mode compared to carrying cash because notes can be contagious and may carry the virus. Digital India has also helped small businessmen to bring their business online. Paperwork has also been reduced as your all data is submitted online and that has also reduced the corruption rate.

Thank you.

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Vipin Kumar Yadav said: (Mar 29, 2020)  
In today's scenario, the entire world became so advanced as the time going they also boost their way of response. Now, Indian government also has taken a prominent step towards cashless facility to every sector in order to connect the demand of globalization's world. And also to ensure more secure and safe medium of exchange as now a day's carry to much cash is also case threat to theif Soo in order secure our money as well as transaction we must have to learn online medium of exchange. As our Indian government launches a BHIM app to our transaction. So must have learned and try to educate others how to deal with this problem and how much secure cashless transaction is. That is possible by literate more and more people's government should also be taken a step to spread awareness about the cashless economy.

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Vikas Laxkar said: (Mar 24, 2020)  
"Digital India" is one step to make India a superpower, Digital India initiative is taken to benefit each and every sector of our country and by this now everything is easily accessible to people of the country. Now by digital India most important thing we got is an online education platform for everyone which is free of cost and this hugely removes the gap between rich people and poor people because now everyone can get quality education at a very less price for the internet.

Digital India initiative also helps from small businessmen to rich organizations because now everyone can get detail information about there product. By this also Black money reduces and tax collection increases because now people don't pay through cash they direct send it to there bank account. By this now each and every information whether it related to govt or pvt is easily available.

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Rishabh said: (Mar 24, 2020)  
Let's see what it is all about.

Digital India is an initiative by the Indian government to get India digitalized. To make everybody rely on the internet and to do most of the work is possible, payment through the internet and sending some crucial data to others quickly, as well as getting their government ids and other papers digitally.

So the main focus of the government is on these three aspects :

i. Development of stable and secure digital infrastructure

To get digital what a country needs is an infrastructure to have fast speed internet in cheap. So infrastructure related to it must be developed. Also, it must have other facilities like money transfer so the internet must be secured.

These are aspects within it :

---- High-speed internet as a core utility
---- Cradle-to-grave digital identity
---- Participation in digital & financial space through mobiles & banking
---- Easy access to a Common Service Centre (CSC)
---- Shareable private space on a public cloud

ii. Universal digital literacy.

India cannot become digital until everybody knows how to operate the internet and computers. So a great initiative by the government took is UNIVERSAL DIGITAL LITERACY. Here the government aims to make at least one member from each home to get digital literacy. The program is free.

iii. Deliverance of government services digitally

Now, if we have internet, we are ready to dive into the digital world then why the government should remain behind; after all, it was what the government wanted and what today's societies need is. So the government is now ready to provide every essential document, announcement through the internet, via youtube ad or official news channel through Rajya sabha tv and otherways.

So all this is what the government wanted. Isn't it? Now what? What are our benefits? What do we lose by it? Let us discuss this.

Advantages :

1. Today, a large population has internet. So we can connect with whom we want.
2. We can find our lost ids on the internet in seconds.
3. We don't have to waste time in long queues in the railway station, banks, ATMs, etc. to book ticket, transfer cash and withdrawing money.
4. If we don't have money, no problem. UPI to the rescue. Every seller has UPI now.
5. It is true that everybody now has their mobile phone with them. Now you won't have to carry documents from one place to another because now you can have it on your phone, and if needed, you can get its hardcopy anywhere.
6. People are getting digital literacy for free through government schemes. Now, one will learn, and they will teach their family members.
7. This reduces paperwork as well, (sigh) trees will be saved.

Disadvantages :

Jobs cut will occur. Unemployment will increase.
Personal data is with the government. We don't know when they can sell our data.

So is it good for us? It seems to be good until unless our data is not purely safe. It must be out of reach from everybody. it must be private such that even the government or even our parents can't have it. If it is not that safe, no matter how digitalized the world gets, the insecurity will always prevail in public. You must study about Edward Snowden. You will find something to ponder upon.

Thank you.

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Roshan Bonde said: (Mar 22, 2020)  
Yes, friend, I agree with your opinion. But as per my opinion our India doing best because as we know that technologically we are best but as per the development we are so lagging. We know that as compare to other countries like. Take an example of Japan what they developed their military with advance technology as well as digital school and so on.

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Mangesh said: (Mar 20, 2020)  
Hello, it's Mangesh.

In my opinion, digital India is a great initiative taken by our government. The benefit of digitalization is unlimited as it saves time, cost, etc. But the point is that the lot of people of our country does not about the digitalization so the government should before going in to, they should create the awareness, what are there advantage, how this helpful to us. Ones they know how this will impact their life than automatically uses will increases. Currently, most of the use of digitalization are taken by high or middle-level groups, so we should encourage the lower level & backward section to get the benefit of this digitalization. Ultimately this will help to grow our economy.

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B.Rahul said: (Mar 19, 2020)  
Hello everyone self Rahul let's discuss about digital India.

The merits of digital India are we can able to pay all types of bills from home itself. We can able to apply all exams from the system and we can able to get the hall tickets from the system. We can able to pay the chalan of the vehicles without visiting the police station. With the use of digital India, we can able to order fruits, vegetables, food, accesories, etc. In future, we can able to order the medicine's also. There is no fear of thief's in Digital payments.

Let us discuss about the demerits of digital India. In India, there are many people who are uneducated and they didn't know about digital India. According to the payment mode there are alot of fake apps for the payments due to that the money reviver may loss. The money may be in the pending issues. Due to the digital India the illiterate people can not develop their business due to all prefer to use the online shopping.

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Murari said: (Mar 16, 2020)  
It has both pros and cons it benefits most of the country but the people who have cash would loose by listening that don't have the change so this way Around per average a person leaves around 5 rs it becomes a loss of 700cr per month.

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Cm Punk said: (Mar 13, 2020)  
Our prime minister Modi brought a good concept to make India digital. With the help of digitalization, people can easily transfer their money on a person to another person with the help of internet along with this people can easily download government forms or any other forms through online as well as they can pay government bills like electric bill water bill tax, etc, Disadvantage is in India most are uneducated especially from a rural area they don't know how to transfer money online.

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Mehul said: (Mar 11, 2020)  
Some basic steps taken under the Digital India initiative are digital transactions, digital identification, E-governance, digital and electronic infrastructures, etc. These platforms for digitalization greatly impacted our society especially the middle class. The digital transaction benefited the middle-class businessmen who earlier used to accept only cash, nowadays accepts transaction through various transaction platforms such as paytm, googlepay, phonepay and so on, in a mush easier and faster way.

The problem of low on cash, is now almost vanished as now you can any amount at any time without any delay. The digital India initiative also focuses on providing a single unique identification to every citizen, linked to every account you have, for easy identification using a singe id. The E-Governance plays an imp. Role in making a transparent and strong interface b/w gov. And citizens, thus it is easy to provide all gov. Facilities and schemes to all in an easier and faster way.

Developing all digital and electronic gadgets and software in own country rather than importing from others would only benefits our citizens and country's economy, by creating jobs for middleclass and advancement in digital products. Therefore Gov. Is supporting entrepreneur for creating and developing own software and digital products that would help India towards being a largest digital economy.

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Abhishek said: (Mar 10, 2020)  
The concept of digital India brings very important benefits to the people itself. Ranging from online ticket booking to online money transactions. It has made a lot of stuff easier for people. Now people don't have to wait in a queue to pay their electricity bills, phone bills, bills at the grocery and the list go on. No doubt it is ultimately benefiting people.

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Vishal said: (Mar 8, 2020)  
Digital India is a great initiative by the Indian government. It gave so many benefits like cash-free transactions, low broker fee, fast transactions, national and international news and information on our hand, the government can easily spread there policy.

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Rohittum said: (Mar 8, 2020)  
Digital India stands for degitalizing the services which we are using on the daily basis to make us more efficient and more productive and for convenience too. It is clear that degitalizing anything involves application of artificial machinery like computers, etc.

If the question is about benefits, yes somewhere everybody is getting benefit of digitalization because it doesn't have any discrimination of its use. For example, because of digitalization, it's very simple to transfer money from one bank to another bank in a fraction of second that was not possible earlier. So it's not bad to say that everyone on this planet can get the benefits of digitalization.

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Ajay said: (Mar 2, 2020)  
According to me digital India is a great initiative taken by government of India because it will immensely save time people spend standing in ATM lines as instead they can use online banking services and other most imp thing is that it will make people digitally literate as if people know the benefits of using digital system they will at least try to use it in that process they will become digitally literate. As everything has good side and bad side also, I must mention that on the other side nearly 70% of India's total population live in remote and rural areas where proper internet connectivity is not available to them and it will take several years for schemes to reach them so digital India will barely benefit them in initial period but if proper campaigning is done by government and also if quality of services is improved then definitely rural people will also start using and eventually getting benefited by digital services.

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Chaitanya Gavhane said: (Feb 29, 2020)  
Digital India is the best concept to reach people from all corner of the country. Also it helps the government to provide a good service to civilians about the different scheme.

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Nishant Chaudhary said: (Feb 24, 2020)  
In 2015, the Government of India launched a massive campaign named "Digital India". This was done to make the government services accessible in various parts of the country. The main aim was to improve access to technology to the people of the country. The government worked on improving internet connectivity and made sure that it was easily accessible to the remote and rural parts of the country. One of the initiatives included a plan to connect the rural parts of the country with high-speed internet.

Digital India was launched on 1 July 2015, by the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. The campaign drastically boosted the use of electronic services and products. The project is run by a Government entity called Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL).

Objectives of Digital India:

The massive campaign is divided into three parts which hope to achieve the following objectives:

A stable, secure digital infrastructure connecting every part of the country.

Easy access to online government services (e-Governance).

Digital literacy of the masses:

The government of India wanted the rural public to make use of the internet and offer them access to various services online.

Digital Infrastructure:

With a population of over 130 crores, India is the second-largest populated country after China. The actual meaning of digital infrastructure is in reference to platforms where the citizens of the country will have a digital identity which will allow them to access government services easily. Under this initiative, almost all services are made available online such as managing a bank account, long-distance learning, signing up for various government portals, storing documents digitally, etc.

The project is also working on providing high-speed internet access to all the rural parts of the country. This will help them reap the benefits of the hundreds of project the government runs.


Digital India has introduced a large number of government services. Some of them are:.

A platform where people share inputs and ideas on the administration's policy and the overall governance. This is introduced so that citizens can actively participate in the process.

Digital Attendance:

In an effort to keep records of government employee's attendance, the initiative was launched in Delhi and made use of a Biometric System to mark the employee's attendance.

UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance):

It is an application developed for all mobile platforms and even works on feature phones. Available in multiple Indian languages, the application allows people to access services such as tax payment, railway ticket booking, education portals, a digital locker and a biometric identification system called AADHAR.


This is an application that provides access to various hospital services such as online lab reports, payment gateway, book an appointment etc.


It is a service which allows the registered citizens to digitally sign a document using their AADHAR cards as a means of authentication.


A digital locker which helps citizens store all their government documents digitally. It is a cross-platform application developed to work across various branches of the administration. Since the documents are authenticated by the government itself, there is no need for citizens to carry a physical copy.

Digital Literacy:

This is a huge step undertaken by the Government of India to let rural people make use of the internet in order to improve the overall quality of life. A majority of the rural population did not have internet access until 2015.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi also undertook an initiative to make rural households digitally literate. The massive 2, 351. 38 crore project is an effort to cover approximately 6 crore households under its umbrella. The project, executed by a body known as PMGDisha (Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan) , is hoping to achieve its target by the end of March 2019.

The impact of the Digital India project:

Digital India has a profound impact on people from every aspect of society. The campaign has had a positive impact on the life of the individual as a whole and has contributed to the progress of the society as a whole.

There are hundreds of programs under Digital India. One of the plans is aimed at creating 28, 000 BPO jobs throughout the country and set up a "Common Service Center" in every gram panchayat.

This will also enable the government to generate thousands of IT jobs since Digital India will require individuals to help establish the platform as well as introduce a new wave of the young population to the digital revolution.

Till now, Digital India has connected more than 250, 000 villages throughout the country. Every village covered, now has access to high-speed internet provided by a government-owned telecom called the BBNL.

The Indian Government also undertook 11 technological initiatives including boosting the volume of digital payments by encouraging several payment platforms such as PhonePe. It also encouraged the RuPay platform, an Indian company competing with the likes of MasterCard and Visa.

The Prime Minister said that if people start using RuPay, it will directly benefit the country. Since the infrastructure was not present at the moment, IT companies started hiring more people in order to develop one.

The campaign also led to an enormous decrease in the amount of black money people had. Since everything will be done digitally, many people came under the tax radar and as a result, a significant portion of the black money in the market was traceable. This led to a sudden increase in the revenue collected by the government in the following year.

People from all over India can now directly engage with a large number of government agencies from the comfort of their homes. For example, in the past, people used to travel for hours on end just to get to a hospital to realize that their doctor wasn't available.

The rural part of India, which constitutes a majority of the population suddenly found themselves interconnected, directly benefiting millions of lives. Farmers can now intercommunicate and get help from the experts on a range of variety of subjects.

Digital India- Success or failure?

Digital India is a work in progress in the truest sense. Though the project has surely made an impact on the common people of India, much of the work done is either inadequate or unsatisfactory at some level or the other.

However, the number of internet users in India has increased to a whopping 500 million users in the year 2017. Suddenly, the country has the highest rate of newly added monthly users, contributing almost 10 million people every day.

Surely, the government initiative has done much work in laying out the groundwork to a technologically advanced country, but the lack of awareness, literacy and infrastructure is getting in the way. The government hoped to cover more people under the umbrella of the scheme, but some parts of India are still unable to use the technology due to various reasons such as lack of resources or understanding.

The project can be considered to be successful in general terms but still remains a failure in the broader sense. Of course, campaigns like these take years if not decades and Digital India is still in its early stages.

The government is actively pushing the project and announced in the 2019 Union Budget that they will be working towards a $5 trillion digital economy in the near future.

Thank you.

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Rahul Malviya said: (Feb 24, 2020)  
Good morning guys or friends, Today we are discussing "Digital India whom its benefits and losses".

Nowadays the world is going on with Digital. So my point of view is digital India is really benefiting us. Not only through online payments, but it is also a combo of online banking, online shopping, online Education to lead to Digital India.

Updating our country and updating ourselves are always benefits to us. It will also help in controlling black money, the corruption that will surely improve our economics condition.

According to me the demerits of digital India is, Nowadays in India 60-70% of people from rural areas. So these people are facing different problems to do digital payments etc. Difficult old generation people, Security problem online fraud.

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Anonymous said: (Feb 23, 2020)  
Digital India is a good concept. It benefits a lot as it makes our country a positive attitude towards technology. It protects from cause of stealing rather than keeping in pocket. It also make people of India to make a changes.

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Vasanth Kumar K M said: (Feb 23, 2020)  
Digital India a boom to the people, who are in need of the transactions in their daily business. Not only managing time it reduces the risk level of carrying cash in hand thereby it also indirectly paves way for the social discipline i.e., prevents the robbery. As well known, from the remoted village to accessible cities everyone owns their android in hand.

But the situation is, the people of urban is alone driving faster with Digital India rather the rural people doesn't. So, this acts as a platform to inculcate knowledge about the usage of digital platform and it will lay a strong foundation for the farmers who then go for the digital marketing of their commodities such that they will get what they actually deserve and the act of middlemen in the marketing will also reach an end.

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Ashwin said: (Feb 21, 2020)  
Hello Friends, According to me Digital India is a great initiative for our country to be a developed country. We are developing our transaction system, making them easier with the help of digital system. It's so irritating to stand in the queue of ATM or bank which consumes much time and human efforts. Nowadays the Government comes up with a proper solution for utilizing our time efficiently rather than wasting it by standing in the queue.

In India more than 70 percent area is rural and they do not know about the latest technology. Generally, they do not have smartphones to pay online. And if they have then they lags at knowledge about Online payment or digital marketing. So government should start campaign to spread awareness about digital marketing because without that much people we can't say ourselves as developed country. So I can say it as a partial success Until Rural people aware of the technology.

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Varadam Vikas said: (Feb 21, 2020)  
1. Digital India has really helped people.
2. Digital India is like a part of a boon to Indian people.
3. It aims to provide high-speed internet connectivity to rural people.
4. All important works like applying voter ID, Aadhaar I'd become easy rather than going to the government office.
5. Digital India program was launched by our prime minister Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015.

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Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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