Corruption is the Price we pay for Democracy

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Kshitiz said: (Wed, Apr 1, 2015 01:31:39 PM)    
Corruption is happening just for two reasons, either it is for saving the time or it is for making illegal work done. Someone has rightly said that Time = Money, but to same time we are not just spending money but also giving an equal contribution for a deadly disease called Corruption.

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Akhila said: (Sun, Mar 22, 2015 10:29:35 PM)    
Hello! its very easy to point out someone. But its our mistake by giving bribes for making our faster and easy. And it just a simple start for corruptors, It shows that we are giving a way to corrupt us. The change should come from us only. Corruption will be no more until and unless we respond to people of the nation.

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Amit Patil said: (Sat, Mar 21, 2015 11:12:42 AM)    
I agree with you & it's all are right.

- Corruption has been spreading all over India like cancer.
- Corruption is the biggest weapon for reducing the country growth.

Please stop this and start from our self.

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Gokul said: (Wed, Mar 18, 2015 11:18:17 AM)    
Hi friends.

Corruption is like a salt content which is present along with sea water. It is very tough to remove but it takes more time to remove it. Like wise corruption is very difficult and takes time to remove it. I don't say that salt content in ocean does not occurs naturally. We are the one's who are responsible.

Similarly we are the ones who introduced corruption. When a fresh water living organism is introduced in ocean it is very difficult for it to adopt the new surroundings either it would die or try to adopt itself. Like wise when a fresh candidate is selected, he tries to remove or he changes according to it.

Mostly humans has a mentality to adopt themselves. I do not blame not only the politician's for the corruption we are also involve in corruption. As you or your relatives had been involved in it in any forms of corruption. This is a practical example. We are the source for corruption.

Corruption can be removed from us by changing ourself. Changing means if we go to an government office for a job means we have to wait till our job gets over. We are waiting in the ticket counter for more than one hour then why can't we wait in government office till our job gets finished?

This is an example for changing ourself. There are many things to change in ourself. I am not the person to tell.

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Imran said: (Tue, Mar 17, 2015 12:38:27 PM)    
Yes I am agree with that. Corruption exists everywhere in our country. It has appeared as a chronic disease which is letting down India's image in front of the whole world. According to me actually we are quite habituated with that from the clerk to the officer everyone is involved in this dirty game.

And how can we forget the politicians. There are the live examples such as 2g scam, coal block scandal, commonwealth games. These increasing day by day. As the culprits is yet to be punished.

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Shashank said: (Sat, Mar 14, 2015 11:13:55 PM)    
Hi friends I'm Shashank. Today we are going to discuss about this topic.

In my point of view peoples are the initiators of corruption. If we band this no one can accept the money. Its starting from a clerk to a government officer like a collector. So whenever people stops to give the corruption then only we can eradicate the corruption.

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Madhvi said: (Thu, Mar 12, 2015 10:49:04 PM)    
During elections, politicians distribute money. Consider for a single vote Rs. 500 are distributed per head and people accept it and vote the candidate accordingly for 5 years. That means not even 10 paise per day in 5 years.

Today even beggars don't accept a one rupee and they give people less than that. Our society is itself responsible for corruption, if they don't accept the demands then corruption will never take place. But people just doesn't care and then say our system is bad & corrupted. Instead they can use Democracy to eradicate corruption.

Corruption no doubt cannot be removed without initiative of people themselves. So we cannot blame democracy for corruption, it can rather help to finally root out corruption.

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Subeesh K Subash said: (Thu, Mar 12, 2015 03:57:40 PM)    
Hello friends,

Democracy means For the people, by the people and to the people. If people got corrupted then it will effect our democracy directly. So corruption should be started from an individual person. We are always blaming others about corruption but when we look at the mirror (the mirror never hides anything) we can see a corrupted person. So corruption should start from us.

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Bhaskar said: (Mon, Mar 9, 2015 09:14:32 PM)    
Hi friends.

According to me the main reason for corruption is neediness and condition.

Sometimes peoples itself offer others to get their work done and some time people ask for. If we understand the condition and try to satisfy us with time we can stop corruption.

If we stop at the correct time rather than getting indulge in offering money that means we have said no to corruption.

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Rohan Gupta said: (Sat, Feb 28, 2015 11:50:02 PM)    
My say on this is corruption is just like termite making our system hollow from inside. It has moulded into a great obstacle in the path of development as the whole system is engulfed in this social problem.

The money which is supposed to feature in the development of potential projects has been used as a thing to warm the pockets of government servants. So it is taking a toll on the daily life of a common man living in this democratic country.

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Ramya said: (Thu, Feb 26, 2015 08:55:48 PM)    
To eliminate this corruption first we have change our attitude and government also should put strict rules so that others also will follow this.

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Ankur said: (Sun, Feb 22, 2015 05:23:56 PM)    
Corruption is seeded from ignorance of people who are mostly occupied by just blaming the system, atleast democracy have given us right to speech and right to ask we could use it against the corruption but we choose to rather blame democracy now the time has come and we should act.

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Nitin Bhatia said: (Sat, Feb 21, 2015 09:36:17 PM)    
Hello friends !

As I observed, I would like to say Yes, Corruption is the price we pay for democracy. Because democracy is, for the people, by the people and to the people. That means everything is done by the people. And for the people we misuse our Rights of democracy. Because we are free in democracy.

So democracy is the origin of corruption. Also it arises from our bad habits. People used to give money to their children for even small work. And this procedure we also continue in office work at last. Yes, corruption is the price we pay for democracy. Because we are free to misuse our rights.

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Preet said: (Tue, Feb 17, 2015 11:19:58 PM)    
Hi friends,

I would like to say that corruption is totally greediness and virus which is set permanently in people minds. I don't think democracy have any role in this. Democracy means for the people, by the people and of the people. Ultimately people are including in this not the government.

It starts from our childhood habits. Our family members used to given money to do some small work. These same type of habits people apply in offices to save the time they usually give the money to that person who are going to that work.

Finally, I would like to say change yourself and your thinking stop blame others.

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Ricky said: (Sat, Feb 14, 2015 08:52:06 PM)    
Hi friends.

As per my point of view corruption is the biggest concern today in India. The main reason behind corruption is the people who offer money to save time. The biggest problem is no one like to stand in queue for long time. Here is the point from where corruption started. To stop corruption I thing every government work should be given to pvt company. Take an example of the passport.

Till the time password work was under government it take more then 2-3 month to complete the whole process. If you want to make your passport in short time you have to pay (corruption). After passport work comes under TCS your passport work complete within one month without corruption.

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Suraj Thapliyal said: (Thu, Feb 12, 2015 07:43:26 PM)    
I don't agree with this thought as we have many examples of democratic countries where the ratio of corruption is not high as in India. What we are lacking is the implementation of the laws. Most of us are not the law abiding people.

We must respect laws and should follow it properly. There should be harsh punishments for the people found guilty. There should be harsh laws and strict punishments if these rules are followed properly corruption would automatically come down.

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Divyakar said: (Sat, Feb 7, 2015 10:08:54 PM)    
Yes. I do agree with the statement that corruption is the price we pay for democracy.

This is because misuse of freedom given by our constitution. Misuse of our rights our freedom is the main reason for corruption. As we can not afford to live in an autocratic system. Where everything is censored. Then we are ready to pay this price.

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Ranjan said: (Thu, Feb 5, 2015 04:50:59 PM)    
Corruption is certainly the ultimate price that we, the people pay but is it for the rule of "Democracy" or due to the mentality of the citizens?

Certainly it is the mentality of the citizens that are to be blamed. Democracy allow the citizens to enjoy many rights, but those power hungry, greedy ones have always exploited the rights and deprived the really eligible and needy persons from their ones. We as a citizens and proud residents of this country should come to the fore and raise our voice to uproot all such elements off our society.

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B Zaffer said: (Wed, Feb 4, 2015 06:13:30 PM)    

Every one was discussing about corruption and all about politicians only. Corruption is spread all over the world, actually where we are standing in the queue is a matter. Everyone is corrupted, starting from our childhood we must look deeply, that if we look into our family scenario we can get one corrupted easily, e.g. , if son want to do some sort of simple work he will demand some price, as he will take 2 Rs or chocolate or etc. Corruption starts from here, so we must look everything deeply which is very need at the time.

Ok now if coming to the point at this stage about corruption and democracy. Our nation is democratic so we are free to ask question to any one but with proper witness documents. But how many have guts to question our politicians, government higher officers and even some conductors in bus who acts like forget to give balance or some passengers who acts like forget to take his own ticket.

We the people of India must be trustworthy to our-self. We should start thinking about our day to day routines and were we are knowingly or unknowingly indulging ourselves in corruption. We should start teaching our youngsters and also some elders not to do the corruption business either them or with others.

Now come to punishments, if the punishments are so easy then who will fear the law.


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M.Shanmukharao said: (Tue, Feb 3, 2015 04:48:09 PM)    
Hi friend.

May I don't have much knowledge as like you but according to me today it is the major problem that we know just question to yourself what your are done for to stop this dangerous virus did you do any thing?

Every one can send messages like this about corruption but no one can do any thing to stop this corruption. So first think yourself what we are done for to stop corruption then you will get one idea what you should do first.

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Deepak Kumar said: (Fri, Jan 30, 2015 04:57:58 PM)    

In my opinion corruption is a kind of virus that is killing the development of India, and its we who are responsible for it. We are the people who are indulge in bribery by somehow daily to daily activities.

And I don't think it has any connection with democracy because democracy is type of government which is by the people and for the people. Corruption exists there where we have weak democracy. Its eradication can only be possible by forming strong democracy i.e. by forming strong rules like Janlokpal.

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Abhishek M D said: (Thu, Jan 29, 2015 05:55:54 PM)    

Yes the present at present situation "CORRUPTION IS THE PRICE WE PAY FOR DEMOCRACY" stands right because:

What is corruption? According to me anything or any work that we do illegally is corruption. Do anybody think that it came from America, Japan, or from Alkaida no?! Definitely not, it is like cancer cell in every body thought, the corruption has become big cancer tumor because of our negligence and carelessness.

We talk that "That Government didn't do anything, this Government didn't do any thing", but before commenting on others being responsible citizen of this country let us look at ourselves are we correct and doing right.

Last year in Bangalore the problem of GARBAGE/WASTE DISPOSE has arised and all the public started chanting and shouting that the BBMP didn't do anything and huge amount of corruption was done by officials.

Why did this occur? Was this resolvable easily just by public?

**1. Tissue papers are made for emergency or to use in work condition where providing a cloth for each individual becomes very difficult. In Bangalore alone people use "tissue paper" while staying at home, but in Bangalore alone people use "tissue paper" while staying at home, for the sake of easy availability, but this created approx of 1 ton of waste, recycling of which required special treating chemicals and equipment which in-turn demands lots of investment form government which is a waste.

**2. We Indians are so lazy that we carry heavy cosmetics / Makeup kits along with us for longer distances but we never carry a bag to a shop few meters away from our house and demand a plastic bag / cover, the used waste garbage recycling releases very toxic smoke to environment and demands hell lot of financial requirement which is again a waste, and hence forcing the authorities to involve in illegal activities.

So friends just by shouting "ELIMINATE CORRUPTION" "CLEAN INDIA" doesn't work unless we youths being educated as Doctors, engineers, CA, and many other Professions, lets stand role model for the country and join hands to eliminate corruption and hence prevent nonsense political parties not to swallow our public money.

And hence let us permanently erase the statement "CORRUPTION IS THE PRICE WE PAY FOR DEMOCRACY".

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Pallikondan.P said: (Tue, Jan 27, 2015 05:52:30 PM)    
In my point of view, politicians and other government officials didn't ask money first. We only give our money to speedup our work because we didn't like patience, then how we eradicate this dangerous virus (CORRUPTION). We only change our attitude and then only we are eligible to think about eradication of corruption.

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Jithin said: (Tue, Jan 27, 2015 04:33:57 PM)    

Corruption is one of the ugliest factor in our society. People will do nothing for money. But it doesn't mean that it will affect the democracy. It affect upto some extent as some of the politicians are corrupted. People will give money to politicians for their wants.

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Pramod said: (Sat, Jan 24, 2015 01:23:53 AM)    
Hello friends.

In my opinion, corruption is that nothing if we are not corrupt. Because corruption is started our mind and family. In recent time every people more earn money in lesser time, every person is not decide what is right what is wrong, but want to that more earn money. I think our government and our country and leader is also corrupt. Because they don't know, one day this corruption is destroy our country.

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Kunal said: (Mon, Jan 19, 2015 04:20:40 PM)    
In my opinion Corruption is dishonest actions that destroys people's trust in the person or group, like the news of corruption in how your bank is run, that makes you close your account and invest your money somewhere else.

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Vaibhav said: (Fri, Jan 16, 2015 01:03:03 PM)    
Hi Friends,

I think corruption arises from the mind who look to earn more money in lesser time. I agree that corruption is most dominant issue in recent time, but democracy is not a only reason for it. We peoples are more responsible for corruption who gives money to done our work. Complete in less time. So, to overcome this problem we have to change our mindset.

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Chandan Kumar said: (Wed, Jan 14, 2015 03:15:20 PM)    
From my point of view, corruption is nothing but disaster for our present and future because if today will be good then we can think better tomorrow. At any cost we must not pay the money for any fast work by doing corruption. Wait for a while/days and and do the work.

It starts from our family and it ends to the politicians, lastly I want to say that avoid the corruption, not for self, for our coming future.


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Piyush Mittal said: (Tue, Jan 13, 2015 11:10:44 PM)    
Democracy does not have any link with corruption. As, also in democratic country like India corruption is not tolerable and person involving in it will seriously punished if found in doing so. In my view Corruption is because of people living in the country, there existing situation like poverty. Also government official of India are not satisfied with their income and also corruption is also depend upon the leader that controlling the country, state.

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Srinivas said: (Thu, Jan 8, 2015 08:05:19 PM)    
Hello friends. Its a very hot topic and In my view, I do agree that corruption is the price we pay for democracy. It is we the citizens of Indian who choose the politicians or in broad manner we can say as government, which means that we are the government. So be honest to atleast yourself and choose the right and deserving to serve you. Vote is your right, don't sell it.

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Preeti Maurya said: (Thu, Jan 8, 2015 02:21:28 PM)    
You all are right that every individual is responsible for the corruption in the country. Obviously clap is not made from one hand. We the citizens of these country and the politicians of the same country are responsible for the corruption in our country.

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Santhosh Kumar said: (Sun, Jan 4, 2015 11:59:10 PM)    
Hi friends,

I agree with corruption is price we pay for democracy. Why we gave money to politician, government servant. Our document should be correct. We won't give money. Our document is wrong or not with correct records. We give the money to government servants for finish the work. So we should be in correct manner. Country is not a corrupted. We are corrupted. We change ourself automatically country will be change.

So please avoid the corruption.

Jai hind.

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Amv said: (Mon, Dec 22, 2014 10:14:44 PM)    
Right now whatever be the Senior, I think we can remove corruption. For this, first corruption must be removed from root, that is, the top level politicians must stop taking bribe. Also as there can not be a clap with one hand, we citizens are equally responsible. We must stop giving bribe. Media must also help in creating awareness in people. Corruption can never be the price for democracy.

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Biren said: (Tue, Dec 16, 2014 07:42:12 PM)    
Hello friends,

Today topic is nice topic, we have to made, how to decreasing polluted the India from corruption, corruption have done due to various cause like dowry system, politics, GDP decrease, job less and devil mind. We have to do that how we decrease the job scarcity, or one one make our hand together than we success one day.

Thank you.

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Anupam Verma said: (Thu, Nov 27, 2014 01:15:31 AM)    
Hello everyone.

I think corruption is the function of all type of illegal works which originates from our mind. When the mindset of people changed and it moves to techniques of earning lot of money in lesser time, because of some situation creates like pay scale criteria for particular type of task.

Due to lack of job opportunities in India people do these jobs which are differ from their qualification levels and skills due to these reason people goes wrong direction or wrong path to earn more money and fulfill their basic desires corruption occurs.

When pay scale criteria for a particular type of work is good and people satisfied this corruption reduced from India and its also change the mindset of the people.

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Arvind Kr Yadav said: (Wed, Nov 26, 2014 11:52:13 AM)    
First of all I am very glad to say something on this burning topic.

Its an evil which is killing our society silently. Not only the politicians are but also each and every individual is responsible for this. Who is here who can say that I am very strongly honest, I have some moral values inside me, I have a high attitude of ideology, I think we have less strength at the place of reply.

In other words the voting dependent politics has always carry corruption along with with system while it starts from illegal and improper ways to get them by politicians. I think both politicians and voters are responsible in democracy but it is better than other political systems like dictatorship.

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Rk7 said: (Sun, Nov 23, 2014 11:29:53 AM)    
The democratic set up of our country is not free from corruption, the system as a whole is corrupt. The choice we have is only to choose from corrupt political leaders, clearly democracy does not offers a real choice but the situation would be worse if there is no democracy.

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Kalyan Bagchi said: (Tue, Nov 18, 2014 09:19:43 PM)    
Hello friends, I am Kalyan.

Now I don't think that the price we pay for democracy is corruption. There are many countries in the world who are democratic, but the level of corruption is much lower than India. Infact they are superior to India economically and politically. The problem of corruption is irrelevant here, it has nothing to do with democracy. The problem of corruption thrives from the attitude of the people. It is the lack of awareness and social responsibility that brings about corruption.

So corruption because of democracy is out of the question here.

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Manoj Mondal said: (Thu, Nov 13, 2014 11:38:51 AM)    
Now-a-days corruption is a very thoughtful matter and it is like a silent killer which is killing our society and our country. I am surprised to seeing corruption in medical sector. There are some agent in the hospital who take money from patient's guardian for admit the patient and also for better treatment from a particular doctor and they fall in their trap.

So I think we are encouraging those agent to take money and immediately it should be stopped.

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Ashutos Mohanty said: (Mon, Nov 10, 2014 10:42:30 PM)    
Hi friends,

First of all I want to ask why we are choosing our leaders who are doing corruptions?

Because they make us corrupt during election by buying their votes from us.

Then why we are giving them opportunities to make corruption for which we all suffers?

Because we don't think for others who are in Below Poverty Line. We just think for us & how to improve our bank balance instead of improvement of our country.

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Anand said: (Wed, Nov 5, 2014 10:20:26 AM)    
I agree Corruption is the Price we pay for Democracy. Everyone might have faced this problem because it starts from less than single rupee. Somehow if we look minutely everyone would be reason depend on their status. For example mostly we not get our one rupee balance from buses, shops etc.

Why are we supporting corruption which looks small?Because most us not having awareness. We don't ask balance because of status. Everyone need to thing about others who has less than us and who can not afford such kind of small money.

Some people pay 100 rupees tips who don't think about others. Some others don't get respect because of them. These people are not having awareness but they think that they are helping poor. And also education system.

Educated people only not knowing rule of the government then what about uneducated. If want to stop corruption we need to make big changes in education system because giving bribe is the tool to get admission in schools.

Therefore everyone is learning how to make corruption instead of how to stop corruption through our education system.

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Shivangi Rathore said: (Sat, Nov 1, 2014 05:46:03 AM)    
Hi everyone.

You all have given nice views on corruption and democracy but there are very less suggestions. Any group discussion is incomplete without suggestions and conclusions.

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Julish Singh said: (Mon, Oct 20, 2014 11:13:07 PM)    
Guys, I've seen Your different views regarding the current issue:corruption. Yes I agree with all of you about the definition of corruption. It is increasing day by day in India. No one takes serious about it, why?from my point of view, corruption is the only weapon for politicians. They give the money to innocent people to get their maximum votes which in turn won the election and will learn a lesson from that if he spends the money in next election also he will get the same he got in the previous year.

So such type of politicians have corruption in their mindset. Without corruption, no politicians will have their another option to win the people's heart, I think. Having said all these, however we can do something and search another way to prevent from corruption even though the government is the main leading corrupt in our society is that one day we can show our courage to accomplish our mission "total eradication of corruption from India by the people not by the government".

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Pawan said: (Thu, Oct 16, 2014 05:34:21 PM)    
Hello friends its Pawan.

In my opinion corruption is like a virus which is going to destroy our democracy. People starts corruption himself and blame to government. If we see an example when we go any restaurant we give tips to waiter.

Because we want some extra good service from that. When we go next time he expect again you will give tip. This way we created another corrupted people because one we are.

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Konsam Julish Singh said: (Sat, Oct 11, 2014 11:16:42 PM)    
Well, you guys have put your different opinions in this discussion regarding the current issue " corruption". Yes, I do agree with your all views because corruption is everywhere. As you know that the people are full of greediness, selfishness and dishonest. These are the factors that lead the people corrupted. Instead of blaming us each other, we should Correct our mindset first n consequently, we will see no more corruption in the world.

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Rahul Sharma said: (Thu, Oct 9, 2014 11:07:18 PM)    
Hello friends.

According to my view corruption is a greediness which starts from our home and our childhood,

When a mother said his small baby to do some work in return a greed of one or two rupees,

And it effected baby and mindset towards greediness and as he become older his desire being fix to do any work in return of bribe.

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Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma said: (Thu, Oct 2, 2014 07:26:13 PM)    
Hi friends, its Deepak.

I agree with all of your opinions, but here I want to say that we all of are corrupted. We don't want to wait any time. Every person want that first of all my work will done and for this every person took support of corruption. First of all we want change himself. There is no matter that only leaders are corrupted. Suppose that you want take ticket but that time there is very big line to buy ticket then we take black ticket. Why because we don't to wait. As like this many areas we can't wait.

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Naveen said: (Sat, Sep 27, 2014 10:27:54 AM)    
Corruption is being increases day by day because of us. For example if we caught in drunk and or without driving license. We gave Rs.100 without bill and we far away. Its not correct. We will take licenses legally but not illegally. And also corrupted the people gave money in office for fast work don't gave money because corrupted.

Hello Friend if any grammar mistake comment. I will improve.

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Prem Kumar said: (Tue, Sep 23, 2014 01:45:18 PM)    
Hi friends,

In my view, both the public and political leaders are responsible for spread of corruption in India. Because in election time even the educated youth are also taking money from Parties because we are least bothered.

Mindset of people is like what will happen if we take money as they are offering. Unknowingly they are also indulging in corruption. Most of the people are very much used to it and trying to make handsome money without any truthful effort. Corruption starts from home and we all are unable to find the dead end. Corruption is the only thing which destroys the development of our country. How can we expect a corrupt free India?

Our responsibility: We have to be more responsible to elect a right candidate and should give a chance to fresh youth blood because they can bring the change instead of the older ones.

Responsibility of Government: Govt should take a strict policies in the face of corruption and it should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

As long as everyone is sincere to their own hearts we cannot drain away corruption from this country.

Thank you.

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Vaishali said: (Sat, Sep 20, 2014 08:35:00 AM)    
Corruption is not at all the price we pay for democracy. Democracy means every person is free to express in a way which is within the legal ambit, but corruption is outside the legal ambit. It is a illegal thing. Hence it should be like that. Corruption is a price we pay for all illegal things.

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Ashita said: (Wed, Sep 17, 2014 11:16:17 PM)    
Hello friends,

I completely do agree with my friends. We only blames political leaders for the corruption but factually we are responsible for it. During elections we discuss about leaders a lot but at the time of casting votes we get selfish, we cast vote to those who are known to our family, who can come in our use in future, who can do recommendations for us. So here who is corrupt? "we".

Even if we go to any offices, instead of waiting for our turn we give bribe to peons or to the person who can make out things for us smoothly and speedily. And by doing all this we are motivating them to take bribes, we are increasing corruption.

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Harshvardhan said: (Tue, Sep 16, 2014 01:51:16 PM)    
Democracy is not the reason for the corruption, rather we should use this power against the corruption. Why should we blame to our system, its upon.

You, that to whom you are voting, we should vote to the good politician.

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Nishi Gupta said: (Sun, Sep 14, 2014 05:41:20 PM)    
Democracy means that everybody has right to do their work own. But it does not mean that everybody has to do any work any while, it may be either wrong or right. There should be a democracy but not meanwhile. Corruption starts from the minds of people. They even think that it will not be harmful if they take some bribe but they did not get the effects that this is the beginning and road for corruption.

It is his own responsibility that we should have pure mindset that we should be true in front of our country as it has given rights to ourselves to take decision. So we have a responsibility to do the work according to that facet which brings development without corruption and give right to do right things.

So there should be democracy without corruption. It should be responsibility of humankind to save his democracy.

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Umakanta Das said: (Fri, Sep 12, 2014 06:12:29 AM)    
In my point of view our society is very fast to corrupted so many politician say that one and they are creative one one thing only vote and our society it have accepted we are not to think '' is am I right ? So not to right think our society.

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Kumari Yaminee said: (Mon, Sep 8, 2014 08:59:18 PM)    
Hello friends.

We all want to live in a corruption free country. But just posting here our ideas I don't think that will bring any better change in our society. It is "WE" who can bring the change not just by saying like our politicians but by putting our words in action. As there is a well known old thought that "charity begins from home" similarly we should all start working for the welfare of our society so that others see and learn from us. We see everywhere corruption but we Indians have a very bad habit of ignoring such situations rather instead of ignoring we must look after its root cause and find the solution to remove it from our society. So once again its "we" who can bring the change in our society.

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Rudrasen Pal said: (Sat, Sep 6, 2014 12:17:14 AM)    
In my point of view there are two type of corruption one is need based and other is greed based. The corruption is like a cancer in our society.

Today every one is corrupted. If we take a example of sim card every one want to buy that without id card and which they pay some extra money.

So all people are corrupted nowadays.

If there is a common effort then we will be able to make a fresh environment from corruption and this is our moral duty.


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Kuleshwar Chandrakar said: (Mon, Sep 1, 2014 07:04:28 PM)    
I think so people are corrupt not our Indian democracy corrupt, if you go for any work related to a office work, people give a money for fast work and also a wrong work, if our people are loyal so I think corruption are automatically stop.

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Aditya S. Yadav said: (Fri, Aug 22, 2014 01:58:00 PM)    
Alternatively, we can say that, Yes we are. We often put blame on politicians rather than judging our souls. We bluntly indirectly encourage the corruption such as breaking the traffic rules, non-army personnel buying the branded things from the Army canteen etc. We should to genuinely follow each and every rules.

Now-a-days, all are flowing in the wave of fashion. We should to considered it as a fashion and be feel good to accomplished your duties. Celebrities should to set-up good examples so that crowds will also follow rules on behalf of them because we frequently copy our celebrities. If each and every law should be implemented effectively then there is no need to form new rules and no any issues of regarding corruption, crimes etc.

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Sangeetha said: (Fri, Aug 22, 2014 11:34:40 AM)    
Corruption is one of the illegal thing which is done by all the people now a days. All people now a days makes corruption to innocent people in terms of money, wherever we go, there we should pay the money. In all the fields, there is money, without money, we can't get anything now a days. One thing I will explain that, corruption is done whenever we go for searching a job. It is common to all, but poor people can't give the money. So at last kindly requesting that, don't make corruption, especially to all officers.

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Avinash Prakash said: (Wed, Aug 20, 2014 10:33:49 PM)    
I personally think that democracy is not the main reason of corruption. It is only we people who are supporting it from both end by giving and and taking bribe, so it think it would be better to stop blaming our system because we are the system, actually I want to say is that we all people are equal participant of corruption.

So, please I request to all of you don't blame our system and do your work sincerely whether you are a student, a politician or any government staff. I'm sure that corruption would automatically be disappeared one day. I actually want to mention one more thing "Rome was not built in a day". But you must start saying no to "BRIBE".

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Navneet said: (Thu, Aug 14, 2014 12:36:51 AM)    
Our system is corrupted and we are the system. I personally considered us to be the only reason of our corrupted nation. It is widely spread in politics. The leaders we choose are public servants, so serving people is their duty and we the fools are giving bribes to do their duty.

So, to stop the corruption, we have to become intelligent and should stop giving and taking bribes.

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Satya Sai Kumar Sv said: (Mon, Aug 11, 2014 11:25:05 AM)    
Corruption is the one who brought through around the world. The people only increasing the corruption because of giving bribe to government officials for their requirements like birth certificates, and caste certificates etc. They are encouraging and the ruling politicians also increasing the corruption they has to take some severe actions. To stop the corruption and our country will be number one in the world.

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Priyanka Kumari said: (Sat, Aug 9, 2014 10:29:12 AM)    
HI, Friends.

Corruption is a personal choice of same perform or the government. We would not have any say in choosing our leaders. I really fell that corruption is the money what we pay for democracy. If we go for making birth certificate, residence certificate, caste certificate etc. Because if we really want this corruption is ended in our country totally from the root, then effort is require from the both side only. Then it can be possible.

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Swaranim said: (Wed, Aug 6, 2014 06:26:40 PM)    
It wouldn't be appropriate to think democracy lets corruption prevail easily. Indeed it has nothing to do with it. Corruption is a personal choice of some person or the government. It can exist even at the root level or among the underlings. The best thing people can do is be careful with the choice of leaders they make. They should run a check on the background of the leaders and see if they had any history under corrupt practices. We cannot be extremely sure all the time.

We can just be wise in the choice of the government we vote for. Had we been living under dictatorship or some other form of government, it would have been way more difficult for us to change it since we would not have any say in choosing our leaders. In my opinion, if a little corruption exists (sure it does everywhere) and it does not interfere with the proper functioning of the country, it can be overlooked but serious actions should be taken if it starts growing. As long as the government if for people, by people and of people, it is easy to curb and tone down corruption.

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Ajay Singhaniya said: (Wed, Aug 6, 2014 04:57:31 PM)    
Not necessarily corruption can be in dictatorship also why there is any need for democracy to be corrupted. In democracy the corruption is hidden and less chances are there of being exposed and in dictatorship that will be direct. In both situation nothing can be done because both are being in power.

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Shankey Kumar said: (Wed, Aug 6, 2014 11:45:52 AM)    
Hello friends, according to my point of view, today corruption in India is increases as much level sometime I really feel that corruption is the money which we pay for democracy. Today in every field, there is a corruption. If we go for making birth certificate, residence certificate, caste certificate etc, then without giving money no certificate make. If we go for making passport, then again without giving money it will not make. Even if we need a help of government for small work, then it can't be possible without giving money. And if a person not able to give money or not give money, then what happen? That person come again & again, but his/her work is not done.

Now the time is come to change this environment so that we feel proud that we live in Democratic country where every person has right to take benefit of their rights. I think to change this environment, there is a need to take step from both the government side as well as from our side. The government should make a strict law against corruption so that no one even think to take corrupt money and give them strict instruction. Also with the same there is also need to change our mindset that we can't give money to anyone for doing our work and if someone ask for money, then complaint it to police. Because if we really want this corruption is ended in our country totally from the root, then effort is require from the both sides and only then it can be possible.

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Maduri said: (Sat, Aug 2, 2014 02:14:45 AM)    

In my opinion, nowadays corruption is the major problem in India. This corruption is done mainly by bribe. If we want to get a date of birth certificate from the collector office we need to bribe them then only the work gets done. This is very sad because if the people cannot afford the money to bribe suffer. Therefore necessary steps should be taken by the government to reduce the corruption in India. Every citizen in India should be responsible for this problem.

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G.Ramasamy said: (Tue, Jul 29, 2014 10:58:17 PM)    
Hi Friends,

We are all living in a democracy country. Corruptions is a illegal activities done by a person for his personal gain. We would have to see when the corruption is make by the people. In our country they get something from government there are few official formalities and steps. That department related officers and politicians are used this in illegal activity like bribe. But we also involved in this, because we only paying bribe to them.

Everyone should think one thing, why we pay bribe to they do their duties. Even when the crowded in temples we can see this. Everyone should change themselves first to prevent corruption in our nation. We should work together to save our INDIA from corruption.

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Chandan Singh said: (Tue, Jul 29, 2014 10:42:33 PM)    
We can not simply say that democracy increases corruption. But it still affects our society upto certain extent. When a leader becomes corrupt and earns money by illegal means. People get influence by that and start doing the same thing.

Our elections gets most affected by corruption. Politicians spend money like water to manipulate people and turn their vote in favor of them. When people see this they also think that there's nothing wrong with it and it starts becoming a habit.

But we cannot completely blame democracy for corruption. There are also some honest politician who never take bribe and remain faithful to their job. We need to learn from these politician instead of the corrupt ones. Because at last we are responsible for what our society becomes.

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Sumeet Pareek said: (Wed, Jul 23, 2014 03:46:15 PM)    
Hello everyone,

This is Sumeet Pareek.

It is quite difficult to decide who is responsible for corruption. No country in this world is perfect, corruption is everywhere. According to me corruption has two forms, corruption at top level and corruption at lower level. But in India corruption at low level spoils the country economy.

Let me take an example of ration shop, it is true fact. We all know that people below poverty line gets ration from ration shops at lower cost but this is the point where corruption starts from. At these shops the shopkeeper sold the ration at cost usually more than the actual cost and these poor people do not aware about this. The first root cause of corruption is unawareness among-st poor people.

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Nirupama said: (Sun, Jul 13, 2014 07:28:29 PM)    
Hi friends,

Corruption is illegal activities done by a person for his/her personal gain. But democracy is not the cause for corruption. Democracy is the best form of governance. Its not just the government and officials who are responsible for corruption. We are equally responsible. When people are ready to do anything to get their things done at ease then how can we put the whole blame on government. Most people start blaming corruption and bribing when someone gets something done through bribing and we don't have that much money to pay. The fact is that if we had the money 90% people would have done the same. We really don't have to look high up to see corruption. Even in crowded temples we can see this. People paying more money so that they can avoid standing in the queue.

The alternative for democracy, dictatorship doesn't prevent corruption. Their the government is not in our control. A dictator can do anything he wish. In democracy we have the right to protest against this. Still we are not responding. We cannot blame democracy for that. It is true that in our country to get something done there are so many official formalities and steps. But that doesn't mean that we should bribe each and every official. Be the change that you want to see. Sitting idle thinking one person alone can't change the system won't help. We all are equally important for the state of our nation. We can work together to save our INDIA!

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Asif said: (Thu, Jul 10, 2014 04:44:40 PM)    
According to me government only is not responsible for corruption, I have seen many of my friends giving extra money for making birth certificate, passport, license etc. If we are so worried about corruption then we should be patience first and then teach others. I ask everybody who are commenting here whether they followed the correct procedure in making those things or not?

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Kulveer said: (Tue, Jul 8, 2014 08:47:04 AM)    
Corruption is one of major problem is being faced by our country. We always say government is responsible, neglecting the fact that it is started from our house, when we give extra money to children to complete our task. They become used to this manner and we have to paid for it in the form of corruption. So children must provide proper learning. Government also provide appropriate amenities to government people so that they also not accept compensation from people in the form of bribe.

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Swati said: (Sun, Jul 6, 2014 05:46:53 PM)    

Its Swati. Today we will discuss about the topic "corruption is the price we pay for democracy".

In my point of view corruption is the price we pay for democracy as because corruption has been spreading over India like cancer. Most of the people are very much used to it and trying to make handsome money without any truthful effort. Corruption starts from home and we all are unable to find the dead end. For example if your 2 years old son crying then you think of the solution how to make him cheerful. In simple words your son is threatening you for bribe to stop crying which is the first step of corruption. As we all know DEMOCRACY stands for" by the people, of the people and for the people.

But now the meaning of DEMOCRACY has been totally changed and it is CORRUPTION is by the people, of the people and for the people. This is actually due to us but we are blaming the government.

As taking BRIBE is a crime like wise giving bribe is also a crime and both culprits are equally involved. Now corruption is spreading in each and every corner of our country like a dreadful disease. For instance in the field of EDUCATION Donation is a compulsion in every educational institutes. Is not it one type of bribe?when the child is entering in to his/her educational career at first he is being taught to bribe by giving donation. So how can he/she be a non corrupted citizen?And the another cause of corruption is considering I; ME and myself as whole world and forgetting our responsibility towards our country.

By this corruption most of the people in INDIA are under poverty and are not getting the basic needs like proper food, hygiene and shelter to live. It is one of the major factors that our country is not being included in the list of developed country.

So now it is the time to wake up to stop this offensive deeds. We the people of this generation should try to eradicate the corruption which is spreading like communicable disease. So That corruption can be completely rooted out.


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Kanu said: (Sun, Jun 29, 2014 11:09:02 PM)    
Corruption has now became a parasite that is sucking benefits or nutrients from hosts from poor to the rich. Its been practiced along the length and breadth of our country. Major cause of corruption is because our constitution, our law is inclined towards in support the corruption. I mean how can one formulate laws if the law constructors in the house of parliament are themselves corrupted. So, more transparency in the system can help in avoiding it. Our country needs good leaders that can help reforms the country's structure.

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Nishant said: (Sun, Jun 29, 2014 09:08:27 PM)    
In a democracy, loss to national income is never viewed as a personal loss. But these losses effect many policies which eventually affect our personal lives.

In democracy a corrupt person can become a representative by the appeasement of the majority of the voters just before voting, or we can say he/she can buy their votes.

Democracy represents the people, but people cannot always be right just because they are more in no., they do commit mistakes.

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Rajneesh Bhargav said: (Fri, Jun 27, 2014 12:51:43 PM)    
I think corruption is not came anywhere, we all spared corruption like we go any office and pay extra money and complete their work so officers collect money this is the reason of corruption. Every place corruption spared. This is the big problem in our country.

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Kishore Kvss said: (Wed, Jun 18, 2014 04:02:20 PM)    
Actually corruption is arising in Govt employees because the pay scales paid to them are not sufficient to reach their amenities its not that if they are unable to reach it they need to be corrupted but Government have to take special care due to non-justification of pay-scale scope for corruption is being habituated by employees well developed nations like Singapore Malaysia Thailand which are smaller than our states in India are not being corrupted where Govt is giving enough subsidies on most common important utilities like coal gas & fuel which is required. Here don't know when the inflation bites the people.

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Anwar Ahmad said: (Thu, Jun 12, 2014 03:01:07 PM)    
One can say that corruption is the key for all politicians and gov. Employees to fill their bank account. Corruption is really eating away the labour of each indian, which they try to produce for not only themselves but for all other indians too. Where these efforts go? In the pocket of politicians, gov. Employees, corporate businessmen etc.

* To prevent corruption, awareness should be spread among all Indian through media advertisement, newspaper. Lack of awareness is the key reason behind corruption.

* Strict law and punishment may also prevent corruption.

* Transparency in governance may play a key role to eradicate corruption to a large extent.

* At last, one vote can change India in resolving the problem of corruption.

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Amit said: (Mon, Jun 9, 2014 07:37:59 PM)    
Hi guys,

I think Now a days Corruption becomes a very big disease for a youth and even all over the country. We can say that corruption is a Disease just like a body fever. If we have no any guts to remove corruption from our country than we have no any right to say anything about the corruption. 1st of all we Should to know the causes of Corruption mean from which types of causes corruption increasing day by day in our Country then take an action against them and we Should to aware for our vote importance.


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Tapas said: (Tue, Jun 3, 2014 11:26:43 PM)    
Hi everyone,

Like many of my friends said Democracy means of the people, for the people and by the people. But can we achieve the real meaning of democracy. The answer is no and one of the main reason behind it is corruption. According to me yes corruption is a price of democracy because we the people helps it passively or actively. So to curb this disease a big national effort is needed which is again I a slow process in a vast secular democratic country. Some steps:

1. Our responsibility : we have to be more responsible to elect a candidate and should give a chance to fresh youth blood because they can bring the change instead of the older ones.

2. Responsibility of Government : Govt should take a strict policies in the face of corruption and it should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

3. Responsibility of our teachers : Teachers should teach the essence of nationalism from grass root level because only nationalism can create a big national effort which can confront any kind of national diseases like corruption.

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Ramya said: (Tue, May 27, 2014 10:12:05 AM)    
Corruption is one of the big problems in our country. I won't say government is the only reason for corruption. But govt is the source for corruption. If the govt gives punishment strictly means there is a chance to destroy corruption. We are also going to take charges for that and the journalist's support is must.

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Deepak Patil said: (Tue, May 20, 2014 07:46:32 AM)    
Corruption is the biggest predicament Indian people are suffering mostly in the world. But the question arises over here is who is really responsible for all these, isn't it we guys. We are the openers of the doors of corruption and the whole process starts from our childhood itself. Whenever our parents want us to do something for them like prestigious work they encourage us by promising to give something in return.

But they never realize that what it would resulted into. When that child grow up it's greediness increases as it gets whatever it wants through all means. So when he becomes a responsible person he tries to pay to get the work done. Changes come from within. We are the guys who are badly needed to our country. Look at the price trend of each and every product in india, everything seems costliest.

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Pranav Praveen said: (Sun, May 18, 2014 11:13:07 PM)    
According to me,

Corruption is the major cause for every problems. Bribe begins in getting money for voting to a particular party. Everyone should know that voting is our duty. In a democratic country like India everyone should take a right decision to choose their leaders.

In Order to reduce corruption, punishment should be more severe. Our law should be modified that no corrupted people will escape from it. We all know the person, who was the main victim for 2g spectrum. He contested in the lok sabha elections 2014. How could it happen. We all know that he was the main aquiste. But our law and other things cannot able to give punishments quickly and he simply escapes from our law. So law should be modified and punishments should be more severe.

Corruption is the only thing which destroys the development of our country.

Let us join hands to make our country without corruption. Jaihind.

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Ashish Prajapati said: (Fri, May 16, 2014 11:24:01 PM)    
In my word - corruption is nothing but a anything harmful, wrong our country or society. Every man want to make a money in very less time and they want their work done very quickly then they select a wrong way. They give a bribes a officer and included corruption. So you want a corruption free country change yourself then think about our nation. Now I am coming a our political system our political system like a rotten apple if you kept a good apple in among its also spoil. That its.

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Pari said: (Thu, May 15, 2014 07:12:10 PM)    
Yes sadly it is the truth. Corruption is the price we are paying for democracy. The bad news is that we can't completely eradicate corruption now. It has entered into the deepest roots of our organization. We can definitely curb it to some extent. Vote wisely. Your one vote can bring a change. If we don't strive to curb down corruption now it will grow and grow and eventually eat up our country. Its high time we put our belief in democracy and vote for the right candidates.

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Raj said: (Fri, May 2, 2014 12:02:17 AM)    
Corruption is any unfair means to get your work done. Corruption exists in almost in every sector. In small terms corruption exists in colleges where students pay to get marks. In big terms it exists in politics!

As we know, democracy means of the people, for the people and by the people. It is to help people leave the way they want. This liberty however can be misused. Hence a question here is "Is democracy resulting in corruption"?


Democracy makes everyone a free bird. Some people especially the politicians make use of this in the wrong way.

Though it is unfair to say that because of Democracy, corruption is existent, however, the fact remains that democracy provides equality to everyone that results in people to have their own aims.

These aims may not always necessarily be for the country.

Democracy allows people to choose their leader. The leaders can thus easily buy votes!


Corruption is not a direct result of democracy. It can exist anyway. At the end of the day, it is an individual's decision to spread corruption or not.

When people are given a choice to their leader, they must think twice before doing so. If they accept bribe it is not democracy that can be blamed.

To summarizes, corruption in whole should be stopped. Whether it is a direct outcome of anything or not, it does not matter.

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Sidharam Aherwadi said: (Tue, Apr 29, 2014 05:35:18 PM)    
CORRUPTION : According to me, corruption is a disease which is start from each and every Indian people home. If it is once not stop India will be no develop. I think corruption start from outside we had paid money to complete our pending work to this person and for this purpose he done all work and finish the matter. Now a days what happen if all document are correct but reason of money they stop all files and etc.

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Mandeep Singh said: (Mon, Apr 28, 2014 11:52:32 AM)    
In my point of view, first of all the common people of India has to understand the power of democracy. Its the foremost power that every individual has. And nobody will going to stop you to use it for a right cause. Corruption cannot be removed in a day it will take years I suppose but there should a strong initiative for every individual.

But in todays scenario Indian people are considered as crabs if one tries to get out of the basket corruption the other crabs pull him back. Rather the pushing him out and following his path.

So I believe it not democracy for what we are paying corruption, it is our laziness, lust for more and more money, materialistics which all are degrading the power of democracy.

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Shaga said: (Fri, Apr 25, 2014 04:47:58 PM)    
According to me, Corruption starts from the core level, when we want to make a child eat, we would make him agree by saying I will buy a chocolate, ice cream if you eat your food likewise. Hence, a child grows by having a thought that "If we want to achieve our goal we need to give away some benefits". Until a word Selfishness get erased from a people's mind we cannot end corruption.

Rate this:   +19   -3

N.V.Sindhura said: (Thu, Apr 17, 2014 11:15:16 AM)    
In my point of view besides politics corruption is increasing day by day because the person who are ready to give the bribe as well as the person who are wish to take the bribe are adding up daily. So first we the common people have to refuse the taking of bribe and youth are the main role to reduce the bribe by motivating others and by creating awareness in uneducated person.

Rate this:   +17   -1

Swapna Julakanti said: (Sun, Apr 13, 2014 03:48:35 PM)    
Hello friends,

In my view both the public and political leaders are responsible for spread of corruption in India. Because in this election time even the educated youth are also taking money from Parties because we are least bothered.

Mindset of people is like what will happen if we take money as they are offering. Unknowingly they are also indulging in corruption. How can we expect a corrupt free india?

Now a days the small government employees who are also not taking bribe previously are taking now. The reason is their mindset is like so many are taking crores of bribes, political leaders are doing so many scams, what will happen if we also take. This attitude should be changed.

As long as everyone is sincere to their own hearts we cannot drain away corruption from this country.

Rate this:   +53   -4

Shashank said: (Sat, Apr 5, 2014 05:59:40 PM)    
When we talk about "corruption", we generally look only at the political corruption. Instead of this, the corruption faced by the people in their day today life is mainly in public offices and on roads, where the lower level government employees interact with them.

This shows that corruption has spread in our society drastically.

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Thulasiram said: (Fri, Apr 4, 2014 03:58:02 PM)    
Corruption is the biggest weapon for reducing the country growth. The democracy also influences to make corruption in the country. We people elect the wrong person. Its our mistake. We must make a mistake to select the wrong one. So mistake is ours.

Rate this:   +8   -8

Shushant said: (Wed, Apr 2, 2014 06:07:29 PM)    
Corruption means just a cheating, or earning more money by doing something in a wrong way. Corruption is now every where in the world. Every one wants to become rich in short period of time, that is not possible. Hence they do in a wrong way, and here the corruption arises.

Rate this:   +14   -4

Jagadeeshwar Reddy said: (Wed, Mar 26, 2014 11:17:22 AM)    
Hi friends!

I would like to share some information what I have in my mind regarding corruption.

Corruption plays a vital role to decline the economy of the nation as well as value of the nation. If the more people corrupted in the country then the problems also increases along with corruption. People in our country giving the bribes to do their works in quicker manner. They always try to manage the with bribe, but manage the things will not give the permanent solution, so we should in manner to solve the problem of corruption like 1) we should abide the rules & regulations of nation.

2) we should stop to giving the bribe, although the things may be delayed.

3) we should aware of the consequences of the corruption then it is easy to abolish the corruption from the society, at the same the we should conduct the awareness programs on corruption in rural areas then we remove the corruption problem at root level.

Rate this:   +7   -6

G.Vinoothna Rao said: (Tue, Mar 25, 2014 10:01:33 PM)    
As we already know that corruption is spreading like a dreadful virus in india, there is a need among the people in changing themselves. The most important thing that people should do is that electing a proper politician, in solving the problems. Government should take initiative in this regard in providing good facilities, so that people will live freely, mainly basic needs should be provided. By properly implementing such features people mind set may change, so they refuse to give bribe. The bribe acceptors should be punished severely.

Rate this:   +10   -4

Krishna said: (Mon, Mar 24, 2014 11:46:06 AM)    
CORRUPTION: Its now spreading more than swine flu. Its more dangerous virus to spread all the people in the entire nation. The only MEDICINE for to reduce the corruption drug is to change the mindset of the people for their selfishness. Many of we think that corruption is main caused by the politicians and govern departments officers. But first corruption starts from our home only with a small child in our home/neighbours. The only method to reduce at least half of corruption is first to clean our home to avoid giving bribe to people for common utilises also. If we follow it in every home in the entire nation then there will be no corruption at least in future generation.

Rate this:   +28   -8

George said: (Tue, Mar 4, 2014 11:58:34 AM)    
Corruption is the most problematic thing in our democracy. Its time for India to take drastic measures in order to curb corruption. Every citizen in India is caught under the web of corruption. The grievance address by common man are not properly taken under consideration. The rich people are violating the laws and escape punishment by bribing. The current system must be reformed and reorganized rather than changing the entire system.

Jan lokpall bill is an instrument to fight against corruption, when the bill is passed to main aspect will come into consideration.

1. It is an independent body which will work with the help of CBI and there will be no influence from people who are under the power.

2. There will be fast track system where the problems of the common man and the system will be resolved immediately.

So this is one of the measure to curb corruption and also India have to educate many people so that corruption can be avoided.

Rate this:   +38   -6

Ravi Kiran said: (Mon, Feb 3, 2014 02:50:37 PM)    
Corruption is a resistance the way of development of our country, because the people only encourage the corruption. First the people mind set should be changed because they are fixed to give the money to the corrupted persons and doing their work quickly. Some of the corrupted officers also encourage corruption for earning money quickly. So the public should give the ZERO NOTES to the corrupted officers to reduce the corruption. ZERO NOTES are symbol for the anti corruption.

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