Corruption is the Price we pay for Democracy

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Pankaj Kumar Vishwakarma said: (Dec 5, 2021)  
Hello friends,

I'm Pankaj.

And today I am so glad that I want a platform where I put my points on corruption.

If I take then corruption is obviously like a pandemic which is not spreading in India 🇮🇳 but all over the world.

But I also would like to tell, we found a vaccine of pandemics so why not we can find this pandemic vaccine together.

I think all people know about what is corruption, and if any don't know my friend, I would like to tell you when we take bribes and giving bribes is corruption.

Nowadays even children can simply identify this.

We have always a mindset that corruption is only increasing and spreading by rich people and in democracy. You all are right but I have a question than poor and middle-class people are not spreading the corruption? Because if we see our population then the majority of poor and middle-class people. So who is more spreading?

Definitely in this part, they have also contributed themselves.

I also would like to tell you, nothing's is good or bad if we use corruption in a good way then!?

I think the formation of its name will be changed. If you see the present scenario then it can never be finished. But at least we can reduce it.

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Vikas Singh said: (Sep 11, 2021)  
Friends as we know that doing illegal activities leads to corruption.

Corruption not only hampers the development of the country but also it degraded the life of youth.

Due to this many youths not getting the proper opportunities to prove their worth.

In order to curb it, the parents and teachers should teach the children the moral and ethical values of society.

The government has also taken the initiative by demonetising and important schemes like the Jan Dhan Yojana.

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Neil said: (Jan 17, 2021)  
Hello friends,

In my opinion, corruption is not the price we pay for democracy as it totally depends on the people and administration of any country.

Let's take the example of European countries where democracy is present and still the corruption level there is very low and they all are at top of the happiness index as well. In a similar way if we talk about India the people are here thinks for their sake only not for all the people and country and similar is our administration. From recent data, India was among the top countries in taking bribes.

So, at last, I want to say that if people of a country are responsible and honest we don't face corruption at all.

Thank you.

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Shyam Ji said: (Dec 28, 2020)  
Hello friends.

I'm Shyam Ji Mishra.

In my point of view,

Corruption is like a pandemic which is not only in India but spread all about world.

If tell about corruption then it's main cause is taking or giving bribe being wicked and greedy to others.

Not only upper classes people are corrupt but also middle and poor class people also corrupt.

And if I see in the present scenario then I can say it never be finished. It becomes less only to improve people mentality and giving to them moral education and it starts from myself.

If everyone is educated and not be greedy then it may be restricted.

If I see in any sectors then I found corruption as like politics, education, etc.

So, if we improve our mentality about corruption then it may be reduced.

Thank you.

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Ssk said: (Dec 20, 2020)  
When some people take or give bribe to make their work is called corruption.

According to data, India is among the topmost country where 62%people are giving bribe to officers &76%officers taking bribe from citizens.

The reason behind the correlation:

1. Illiteracy & casteism.

2. Reservation. In India, reserved people prefer to deserved.

3. Lack of resources& low salaries are provided for our people so they are taking bribe for fulfilling their need.

4. The biggest reason behind it is the population.

At last in my opinion, conception is routed in India so it is very difficult to abolish it completely from our country but with the effort of everyone, we can reduce it.


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Airman KD said: (Dec 10, 2020)  
Corruption is dishonest behaviour by those in positions of power such as managers government officials.

There are many causes of corruption-.

1. Low salaries are paid in many govt and private sectors.
2. Lack of jobs opportunity.
3. Lack of coordination and control in government Offices.

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Firoj Khan said: (Nov 26, 2020)  
People make their work by bribe it is called Corruption it means poverty that's rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer.

The main cause of corruption is unemployment low salaries and lack of education. Some people are not able to the post but they get the jobs by money that's they did not work properly. By the corruption, poor Indian citizens do not get the advantage of government schemes. Due to corruption, India did not become a developed country.

Govt. Took many steps to control over the corruption like as Demonetization GST and Jan Dhan yojana etc.

Indian government should make strong anti-corruption laws and Moral education is given by the parents and teachers to the children.

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Biren said: (Nov 4, 2020)  
We are living in an era where illegal is legal, corruption is democracy and you have to agree with it that power and money is the only truth rest all are just a lie.

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Harsheet Jain said: (Jun 13, 2020)  
Corruption is a word that means dishonest and wicked. Almost every citizen of this country is corrupt.

The people who give some amount of money to someone else, so that their work can be done quickly. Those people are corrupt.

Only the people who do not work for the government are not corrupted. Even the people who work for the government are corrupt.

Even the politicians are corrupt.

In most cases, corruption is done by the people who have powers given by the government.

Corruption starts when uneducated people stand in elections and are given powers.

For India the huge population, high rate of taxation, etc. Are mainly caused by corruption.

To stop corruption, the government should make anti-corruption laws and take strict actions against these activities.

I would like to conclude by saying that corruption has to be eradicated completely. Then only we can attain economy growth of our nation.

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Abhishek Singh said: (Apr 20, 2020)  
I my opinion, corruption is not related to Democracy or non-democracy. Because in democracy at least we have the right to expose or report corrupt activities even if it is done by the government itself or by their employees. Supreme court, high courts are there to listen to us but the process is little time consuming so people choose not to report, it is a choice of an individual. We see that countries like China (where communism works behind the curtains of democracy) are no better than us, it is ranked equivalent to India in corruption perception index of Transparency international and people can't even raise there voice against the system. Whereas countries with successful democracy like US, Germany, Denmark etc. , have the lowest corruption rate. In democracy at least there are opposition parties to keep a check on the ruling party and their corrupt activities. So, democracy gives us a tool, it is up to us how we use it.

In India, majority of the corruption is spreading because of people with power in public services who demand money and lazy people who do not have patience & try to evade the due process for any of their work by the means of a bribe (eg. Driving license processes are so corrupt), but things are changing with the increasing digital services and corruption is decreasing. So individuals need to develop their mindset and that's how the country can progress.

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Nitin said: (Oct 25, 2019)  
Actually corruption is the word whose meaning is dishonest and wicked.

These types of activities can take place in both types of government democratic as well as the monarchy. Depends on our internal mentality.

It is not necessary that politicians and riches are only corrupted, it starts from our own.

Corruption can be seen in our daily activities also in the middle class and poor class.

From someone, taking a bribe to do work, think own above the law are certain activities which introduce the word corruption.

In most cases, these type of activities comes with power.

We can minimize and can also abolish these types of activities from the root by stopping our own corrupted activities.

Govt. Should also have to make anti-corruption laws and take a strict foot against these activities and have to think to improve our economy.

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Samyuktha said: (Jun 21, 2019)  
Hi this is Samyuktha.

So, friends in my point of view that corruption means to take the money from the other people through illegal activities.

Some people are corrupting through the goods and by selling the eating items in the market.

Some people having greedy in the money and they are losing the lives of the other people.

They are fixed mentally by performing these activites they can earn money.

Some countries like USA also a democratic country these type of activities are very less in that country.

Like that also we should develop our country by eradicating these type of activities. Firstly if the country develops then only we can develop.

To eradicate these type of activities and to develop the change in the people in the democratic country.

They have to think about the economy of our country property.

Its not right to blame all the times the government.

So I conclude that the every people has to change and lead our country into a developing country.

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Rakhi said: (Jan 19, 2019)  
Well. I think not. There are many other reasons for corruption as well. There are democratic countries in the world with very low level of corruption.

I think it depends totally on the mentality of people, economic condition of the nation, government policies and much more.

USA is also a democratic country but a minimum rate of corruption I guess.

For India the huge population, high rate of taxation these things mainly causes the corruption I think.

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Aman said: (Nov 24, 2018)  
Corruption is directly related to the economy because flowing of money increases than the price of products is increasing and finally, a number of families not survive easily in our life and farmer goes for suicide.

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Karishma said: (Jun 22, 2018)  
Hello Everyone.

In my opinion, Corruption is not the outcome of Democracy because it can arise anywhere whether we have a democracy or monarchy. Even if our country is not democratic still people find out a way how to take hush money from others. "GREASE THE PALM" corrupted people want their plam to be greased with money.

The main factor which is responsible for this corruption is us. We always blame others but we never see ourselves.

For example: In market, Sellar tells different price for same thing for one person price is something and for other price is different.

So, if we really want to extirpate Corruption from our country we have to work from our own home. We have to think about our country. If our country develop then definitely we will develop.

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Anita said: (May 12, 2018)  
In my point of view, corruption is not the price that we are paying for the democratic country. We all know it very well that democratic is having its advantages and disadvantages but corruption is the thing of which we are only one who all are responsible.

Reason? Why are we all responsible?

Because we all are running behind money. We do not have sufficient time for ourselves to make our passport, visa, driving licence. Etc. For all this thing we like to give preference to give bribe instead of waiting for long time to give our time instead, we like to take help of an agent and definitely agent ask for commision plus bribe. This is today world scenario.

How can we stop corruption?

We have to start from our own house. We have to try to do all our works ourselves and we have to teach the same thing to our children also. By this, we can give our contribution for the growth of the nation and in the long run, it will help to improve the mentality of people who are taking a bribe that it is not an option for anyone.

To conclude I would like to say that taking bribe and giving is a crime. We have to think about our country and laws. We should try to follow all laws because of all this laws and rules for our benefits only. We have to stop thinking about giving and taking bribes. We should think about developments of our country by paying tax on time and doing all our work with honesty. After all proverb is their "HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY".

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Somesh Kadam said: (Apr 25, 2018)  
If we see a global corruption perception index of 2013 India was ranked on a 94 position which means before coming Narendra Modi and after the demonetization fishing the news of 22nd February India ranked 81st on a global corruption perception index so definitely the national level are becoming strict laws and a non bailable punishments are needed to prevent the spread of the corruption.

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Lavanya said: (Jan 22, 2018)  
Nowadays, most of all the government's employees are corrupted because of the money.

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Rahul said: (Nov 4, 2017)  
Hello friends.

I am Rahul.
I agree all of you points.

Corruption is like a very weapon because now a day corruption is day day to life provide a harm for you life and it's create a lot of things and issues, thus my point of say that many people wants a job now a days and still money are very weakness provide.

So that without money we are not create a good in our life.

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Simran Zafar Baloch said: (Oct 28, 2017)  
Corruption is a huge curse, a dirty mindset, a blasphemy of society which is destroying our society. The poor and middle class are hardest hit by corruption. They are most reliant on the provision of public services and are least capable of paying extra costs associated with bribery, fraud and misappropriation of economic privileges.

"With corruption everyone pays.

Who pays?

Don't look far my dear. It's in the mirror in front of you!".

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Athar Ali Sheikh said: (Sep 28, 2017)  
I think when we pay the price for Democracy there we have our own means. We chose such people for leadership who can easily overcome whole Nation and department with money and other resources. And helps those who cannot reach their positions but the support them every possible way either that support right or wrong. Corrupt Politicians easily buy them with money or other tricks. We can destroy such people and Politicians with truth and perfect believe itself that they can do every think what they want to do. Only truth and honesty is the way of prosperity of the of the world.

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Athar Ali Sheikh said: (Sep 28, 2017)  
I Think the only way to destory the currption is truth and work for humanity. We must dilver the message those people who richest in the world to spread money in the welfare of the of the world.

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Amartya said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

I don't find Corruption to be the Price paid for democracy. Corruption is a humongous problem is several non-democratic countries, EG Russia, whereas, in Germany which is a democratic country, it is not a national issue.

Being corrupt is mostly the choice of an individual who is ready to succeed using unethical means. Such a person trades his honor for money. Most of the democratic countries that are suffering due to corruption are because of weak implementation of anti-corruption laws.

For an individual change in thinking is what is needed. But at national level strict laws and non-bailable punishments are needed to prevent the spread of corruption. Democracy is the best way of life and one should not have to pay any price for it.

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Aman Pandit said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
Hello guys.

As we all know corruption increasing in our society day by day. It is a massive hurdle in development of country. It is sure if it will not be control one day it corrupt the whole world.

A strong law, some honest officer can not stop it.

The only way to stop it is we. If we think that we will never give a bribe to any one than we can save our country.

Jai hind.

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Sudheer Nomula said: (Jul 11, 2017)  
This is Sudheer, in my view, corruption is just like cancer, Corruption is deep rooted in Indian society, Everyone knows that corruption is a major problem in India. Nowadays corruption spread through India like viral disease. Everyone is getting salaries for their work apart from that somebody wants more and more, But let me tell you the main reason behind corruption. The reason is our unawareness towards our rights, We people don't make full use of the rights that are given to us by our constitution, So if we want to remove corruption then we should start it with us.

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Pravallika said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
"Corruption" is a kind of creeper which is going on spreading its area more and more in the society. As we are habituated to complete our work in lesser time we pay the bribe. The mistake can be seen in both the people who are giving the bribe and taking the bribe. In my opinion, the change must start from oneself.


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Tinu Sivan said: (May 18, 2017)  
Good noon to all.

In my opinion, the corruption starts from ourself. We encourage the people to be corrupted. We are ready to give anything for the things we need and we are not ready to wait or do hard work for the thing we want. By being silent we encourage the corruption. Everyone have to raise their voice against the corruption.

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Abhay said: (Apr 6, 2017)  
Corruption is a big problem of every country but some country more effected of corruption but buy. We want to think on this point according to my view, government make the very hard low opposite of corruption person.

Jai hind.

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Saif said: (Feb 27, 2017)  
Corruption is not new phenomena in India. It has been prevalent our society since ancient times. History reveals that it was Present even Mauryan Period. Great scholar Kautilya mentions the pressure of forty types of corruption in his contemporary society. Corruption is not uniquely phenomenon in Indian. It is witnessed all over the world developing as well as developed countries.

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Shri Gopal said: (Feb 6, 2017)  
I have watched corruption being acceptable but not reported.

E.G The public sector insurance companies of India (GIPSA) are already in the competition of luring appropriate authority;.

It is perfectly legal when someone pays the luxurious hotel expenses of the parliamentary committee, it is also legal when gold coins are offered from public funds of the public sector insurance company to the parliamentary committee;.

There is no acceptable definition of a bribe in rules of discipline; it is euphemistically called a gift and an executive of the public sector insurance company is empowered to offer "gifts" more than he is legally competent to accept.

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Gaurav Singh said: (Jan 29, 2017)  
Corruption is the price we pay for democracy because we our not paying taxes then purchasing power is going very high day by day and many political leaders are using money and muscle power for win the election or slowly corruption are going very high and prices are also high.

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Krishnan said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
In the present scenario, we Indians are paying corruption as the price of democracy. Our country has a very well constructed administrative structure. Me being a south Indian I am pretty sure that none of us would have bought our birth and community certificates for free. We are forced to pay a minimum of Rs. 250/- or above as a bribe to tasildars and intermediates. So the corruption starts from the basic block of our nation. We are having the mentality to go around with corruption. Though there is an anti-corruption department the number of cases being filed and investigated is less than the number of corruptions taking place. The reason I consider this situation is because of the delay in judgment and weight of the punishments given to those who involve in corruption. So the victim of corruption gets discouraged and this makes the citizens go with corruption.

So corruption can be vanished only by hardening the law and giving a value based moral education to the students. Such that they become moral and brave citizens in the future.

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Anoms said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
Corruption is very dangerous one. It is a form of unethical conduct, corruption in India is an issue that effects the economy. Not only in India in many countries it is daily life and every where. In present it is more. For example, when the politics time is near by the politicians are very crural and using the public with corruption.

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Pankaj Kumawat said: (Jan 10, 2017)  
Corruption is a one of the biggest problems before a developed country. Corruption like that a computer virus. Virus hangs a computer system, as well as corruption, destroy a nation development. Jai Hind.

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Prajeesh said: (Dec 6, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

One of the main terror that the developing countries such as INDIA is facing is corruption. The actual fact is that we all are supporting it somehow directly or indirectly. Every office welcome us warmly that "Receiving, demanding, offering presents are crime". But what happening is just the reverse. So, in my opinion, we must seek the help of medias to solve and wipe out the terror from our nation and make INDIA a corruption free state.


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Aditya Kumar said: (Dec 5, 2016)  
Many people believe that corruption will be reduced if the punishment is given to those who are corruption but corruption is caused due to giver and taker. I think it is practiced in govt. Offices more than private offices. If we eliminate the corruption everybody should become motive for it.

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Mukesh Kuchaman said: (Dec 2, 2016)  
Corruption is the way to ruin the country, society and people those who want to be a super power man while taking bribe. It's not the fine of democracy which is paid my poor people. In reality, it's the good way to go to hell by any corrupt person.

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Ab Shetty said: (Nov 15, 2016)  
This is a funny an absurd prospect in my opinion.

Democracy is for the people, from the people, by the people, corruption doesn't just magically appear, if you live in a society filled with selfish, dishonest and greedy people you end up with selfish, dishonest, and greedy leaders, its a simple as that, and most of us have only experienced Democratic governance so we don't know how bad the corruption is in communism and monarchy, and let me tell you its way worse, at least in democracy corruption can be punished what are you gonna do in a dictatorship, with no free press, and no right to info, and no right to free speech.

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Gopika said: (Oct 11, 2016)  
Corruption means getting something through unjustified means. The ten rupee note that policemen own by illegal means to the huge scams of hundred crore rupees that the corporate businessmen own by illegal means is said to be a part of corruption. It's a kind of deterioration that leads to falsehood and deception.

India today faces a number of problems and corruption is the gravest among them. Being a Keralite, I would like to talk on the condition of Kerala. One of the completely literate state in our country, keralalites are considered to be literate. Even then the govt institutions prove to be a place where the honest and sincere people need to roam about for peace and happiness. This condition is not just confined to poor people who are in need of loans but it extends to the honest and sincere police officers of various investigation agencies. I think that's the reason why many cases are yet lying unproven and on having a glance at the cases that are to be proved like Abhaya case, Sampath custody murder case, and so on the power of the top investigative officers who are involved in it directly or indirectly trying to escape from these cases and making the subordinate officers to not disclose the truth is clearly evident. Just have a look at the economic condition of India. Even after the glorious completion of sixty years of independence, our country is considered to be a developing nation, but a completely sovereign socialist republic and democratic nation.

We can't misinterpret our democratic set up because compared to the autocratic setup in China our country is having a great outlook for the concerns of the common man. Developments can't be compared to autocracy or democracy alone. It is linked with the correct govt set up with corruption less people. Thus Singapore which is one of the most democratic and well-developed countries with no corruption proves to be a fine role model for our country. Since our country is a nation with so many cultures and many other diversities, if we could build a nation which is corruption less, then it's no time that our nation too will be one of the major superpowers in this world.

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Rishabh Sharma said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
Corruption is not in our politics, it is in our system. To remove corruption, we need to eradicate it from the roots. There are many scams like Commonwealth games scam, 2G scam and much more.

In a democracy, there is more corruption than kingship or dictatorship. In Dictatorship, the country faces a lot of problems but their development is more than democracy.

Every month we read or came to know about that some are caught when trying to be bribed. But there are many who are today also not caught by the police in the case of corruption.

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Rao Simi said: (Aug 14, 2016)  
Democracy is a government of the people, for the people, and by the people -Abraham Lincoln.

Democracy means rule by the people to ensure that every citizen takes part in the decision-making process either directly or indirectly through elected representatives. India is the largest democracy in the world. In the last more than 6 decades it has worked successfully well to some extent. But in modern India, it has to face many challenges that need to be tackled in order to ensure true democracy. These challenges should include social and economic inequalities, poverty and unemployment, Illiteracy and ignorance, casteism, communalism, population explosion, regionalism, corruption, and terrorism, taking drugs etc. I do agree with you all but what I feel is CORRUPTION is not only an issue but it is the drugs which every individual is consuming. As everyone is affected by CORRUPTION. So blaming each other is not the solution to it, we all should come forward and destroy its root.

Let those root may be anyone. We must report to police if we see anyone taking any thing as a bribe. If police are asking for the same approach to higher authority.

The main point is that it has to be eradicated completely. Then only we can attain economic growth of our Nation.

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Shubhankar said: (Jul 25, 2016)  
We are corrupted. How will we end the corruption? Rating voice, How? In social media, Candlelight walking. Does it matter? Voice will be crushed under the huge gigantic corruption. Then, We need to unite but humans can't be united until a bigger threat for humanity arises to destroy the human race. Till the threat announced. We the human being will be same like from the beginning.

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Sushma said: (Jul 18, 2016)  
Corruption is not the thing which we are seeing now. It has already gone deeper. Whatever laws they make it's not possible to eradicate corruption system, it should begin with each and every person in the country. Govt employees should pay bribe to politicians for almost everything. To manage this govt employee will in turn take the bribe from common people, we common people give bribe so that our work will be put forward soon. So it's all inter-linked. Definitely, it's possible to put an end to this dirty corruption but it must begin with common people like us.

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Saibaba said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
Corruption starts when the uneducated people in the country are been given the important right i.e. voting rights. The framers of the constitution in the initial stages if incorporated the rule that only educated people will be given the voting rights the country would not have been in despair. Sit and discuss the qualification for having voting rights in the country in the parliament. But no political party is interested in doing that because everybody wanted the votes of uneducated people by hook or crook i.e. by bribing and then becoming the leaders. Now let us talk about the leaders and their leaders are non-other than the discarded people of the society and fit for nothing citizens.

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Sumit said: (Jul 10, 2016)  
Hi, friends I'm Sumit.

Corruption makes our life hell because, if you are going to do any governmental work there is longer procedure & we will not stand for train come to the station, carry us and a light to the destination. So we offer bribe to government workers, this shows that corruption starts by our side if we want to stop it so try from today.

Thank you.

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Sathya Narayanan.N said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
Hello friends,

In my point of view, corruption just starts from a common people like us. Yes because the politicians are entered to politics just as a business and to earn money, where do they get money. From the government employees. And of course we are paying and giving to government employees and they themselves sharing as to get the invested money that they have put for a government job they are sitting in. So while is the government employees. Of course, we are, So the money people pay to get a good government job to the politicians and again the same government employee get from people like us to equalise to invested amount. So in my point of we are only responsible for corruption. So there is nothing will happen in blaming others or politicians. In order to reduce corruption each and every citizen in India plays a role. It just starts for birth certificate to death certificate.

We as a people and Indians should raise voice against corruption or bribe. That is the only ways we can reduce corruption or even eliminate corruption.

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Souhityo Gupta said: (Jun 16, 2016)  
In my opinion, in Social sphere, corruption discourages people from working together for the common good. Frustration and general apathy among the public result in a weak civil society. Demanding and paying bribes becomes the tradition. It also results in social inequality and widened the gap between the rich and poor, civil strive, increased poverty and lack of basic needs like food, water and drugs, jealousy and hatred and insecurity.

So it's we the denizens of India who can develop it .

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Koduri Vinaykumar said: (Jun 12, 2016)  
Corruption is like a virus. It spread not only in our country. It spreads all over the world. We should think ourselves blaming is not a solution to the corruption. Who ever giving the money is the corruption. Whoever asking the money is also the corruption. Corruption was begun from politics. Today's every people are suffering from corruption. My opinion of about corruption if anyone ask bribe for any certificate etc then we should complain to ACB this is my idea of corruption free environment. Today's situation is different government employers more involved in bribe than private employers. The government was given everything to government employers again they want to take the bribe. The government should take action severely who have been taking the bribe. My last point to say Government should punish severely who are being involved on bribe and also people's mind also should be changed automatically India become free corruption country.

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Dristi said: (Jun 1, 2016)  
A democracy that defined for people long back is not what people had nowadays nor wanted it. It's everyday survival for citizens. 70% of Indian people are trying to hard to meet ends even if they have 1 lakh per month salary. I say stop dreaming or speaking about an ideal world, false hope, let's face the reality. People in India are not in need of ideal world but trying to fit in the real world. Everyone speaks of what an ideal place we need to live by removing major things like corruption, poverty like want to have lord Ram rule society with up-to-date technology like apple.

We can't prevent corruption, it's a never ending cycle, Just how people started educating girls for change in society, corruption became a change in society just like that which can never be removed. Now we should not worry about corruption because people who talks are people who can't live with society reformed. People are habituated with laziness, power, comforts. They can't live without their lifestyle that was the cause of giving bribe/taking bride.

If a person who rightfully lives according to law can't afford an own house, the best education for his children, fixed asset to enjoy the social life with his family then why shouldn't he take a bribe or receive the bribe to make his life more comfort. Its common people so they don't have sentiment for corruption because they earn money through their business which they earn and try to save but it's not necessary for keeping blame on corruption because society development is not based on entire corruption money, the government can reduce the education cost of private schools so middle class and poor people can afford their children education. It's just reducing the cost of living by govt that people can fit in. The government should show the accounts of how taxes are utilised because its people's money.

Corruption is not the problem but the laws and power of people who uses according to their benefit are the problems for a society which makes rich people richer and poor even poorer. Today I saw in the newspaper that our GDP is 7.9 which is highest in last 5 years. But who knows what is GDP when the poor and middle-class people are struggling for food that fills them for the day. The present society making people crave for money which makes them do anything for their livelihood. In back years corruption is for people who dreams more than what they need but now corruption is for every citizen who wants to fill their basic needs with quality.

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Param said: (May 17, 2016)  
I agree with many of you but I think there is no role of democracy in this its the government that has two faces one of disguise in front of us and the other that's the real one. Most of the people involved in politics are corrupt. They do not join politics for the development of the country but for money also many of them in the face of politicians do illegal works and because they have power no one can say them or ask them for what they do.

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Zabihullah said: (May 12, 2016)  
Hi Friends,

Nothing alone in itself is bad and no one alone is responsible for the corruption that it today in our society?

Do you think that Democracy is playing a role in the corruption or you don't think so?

But let me tell you something "if there is a piece of Diamond on the road and you find it, it must belong to someone but would you try to find the real owner and will hand over it to him? despite the fact, this diamond has life changing value for you?

Now you need to answer me that, and in today's life how many your friends will praise you if you return the piece of Diamond?

From the time we born to the day we die, we have surrounded by rules that we follow, some are natural some are from God and some others are the one that we make it run the society in a better way.

I do agree that to all that we are the part, as we are part of the democracy, and we are part of the system, so finally it means that when we say that corruption is the price we pay for the democracy, then there is a problem in the system. That system today that we see is a democracy but you could give it to it any name. We have a problem in it because we see people are escaping from the rule of law. They are sure that you can't do anything even if the steal your money, they can kill you, rape you, humiliate you. There is a gap in the system and we are not taking measures to fill that gap.

So end of my conversation, that the biggest problem is that we are losing ethics, we don't have in place proper laws, and to implement those laws we have poor mechanisms in place and for that, we need people who accept that the problem is in us and find ways to fix it.

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Pk said: (Apr 27, 2016)  
Hi, everyone.

I think corruption has very little to do with democracy rather it arises because we have been failed till now to implement the laws and provisions made in our constitution for the people. Democracy provides power to the people what kind of rule they want it solely depends on people it can be understood by an example as a powerful man I will cheat you only when I know you can't do anything against me or you don't know how to take action against me. So we need to create more awareness among people and we should try to teach some ethics, feeling of nationhood in our curriculum and moreover that very strong institution to implement laws. And young generation should come forward to eradicate corruption within their scope. And also, we can use technology to stop corruption.

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Ashwini said: (Apr 24, 2016)  
As the saying goes as is the king so is his subjects. When the king is honest his people couldn't be dishonest with him. So everyone tries to vote and choose the right leader for better India. Thank you.

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Naseem Hasan said: (Apr 15, 2016)  
Corruption is the biggest problem of any country. And it directly hit the development of the country, In short it act as a paralyzed disease and affect the whole people. It would not be right to blame on politicians or government employees. Because it is a well-known fact clap is not made by a single hand, let me clear it by setting an example of passport. Suppose we want to make our passport on priority while it is well-known fact that it will take a lot of time because it has to go through many investigating process or policy instead of patience we try to get it at any cost that time we pay bribe So it has come to notice that we are the main root and parts of it. So if we wish to live in corruption free country then we must improve our way of thinking because charity begins at home first.

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Faruk said: (Apr 15, 2016)  
Hi, I am Faruk.

Today we have got a very important topic "Is corruption the price we pay for democracy?".

A country, like India where anyone can become a politician without having any knowledge just because of family legacy or by some fame. Even celebrities are becoming a politician and we are appreciating it. Why?

There is no filtration process. We give a vote because we have a lot of expectations, a lot of blank areas that need to be fulfilled. But the output is nothing.

Then we realize oh no! we have chosen the wrong leader. Corruption repeats again and again.

We have been keeping suffering the consequences of corruption unless and until we chose the right one.


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Devesh said: (Apr 14, 2016)  
Hi, I am Devesh.

Now corruption is the most problem in our country. Because every person, who wants to get a job ready to give bribe. Politicians are corrupted because we give bribe and so we are also a corrupted person. Because clap is not made by one hand we responsible for corruption.

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XYZ said: (Mar 21, 2016)  
Democracy doesn't lead to corruption. Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. It offers a policy of universal adult franchise which permits every person above the age of 18 years to cast their vote irrespective of caste, creed and color. It leads to transparency in the process of formation of a government.

Corruption arises because of an attitude of people. It can be there in any form of government whether it is a dictatorship or democratic.

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Shiya said: (Mar 18, 2016)  
Today everyone is discussing about the word corruption and they try to blame politicians, people in higher authorities, powerful persons, etc. Everyday we hear people used to say that government is corrupt, politicians are corrupt, those who are at higher authorities are corrupt. This is situation.

Now the same people after his/her work is done after paying bribe or by any unfair means again say the same thing. Let's observe the situation, the same people who are against corruption blaming others uses the same corruption method to get his work done. Now who are actually corrupt? The politicians? people who are saying this? or the people at higher authority? I think citizens have tried to change their minds and then corruption can be eliminated. If citizens are not corrupt than politicians have to leave a method of corruption. This is the only way to solve corruption problem. Try to change your minds automatically corruption will be eliminated.

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Sunil said: (Mar 7, 2016)  

Corruption belong to people, people who elect government. There is a simple saying. [pointing someone or something is very simple instead of doing that work itself. ].

We elect government. We are part of it. We are responsible of corruption.

We should take the blame. To end this. The first step should be apt by us.

Thank you.

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Tauks said: (Feb 27, 2016)  
Hi everyone.

My name is Taukir.

I do agree with you all but what I feel is CORRUPTION is not only an issue but it is the drugs which every individual is consuming. As everyone is affected by CORRUPTION. So blaming each other is not the solution to it, we all should come forward and destroy its root.

Let those root may be anyone. We must report to police if we see anyone taking any thing as a bribe. If police is asking for the same approach to higher authority.

The main point is that it has to be eradicated completely. Then only we can attain economic growth of our Nation.

Thank you.

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Nandu said: (Feb 12, 2016)  
Conclusion:- Corruption is one of the biggest hindrance for the development of a country. As discussed above all are saying that politicians are corrupting the country. But no individual is taking any preventive measures to reduce the corruption. If government employees do their work without bribe 80% of the corruption will be reduced.

Thank you.

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Nivetha said: (Feb 11, 2016)  

Corruption is begin from ourself. Everyone wants to satisfies their emergency need quickly like select a person for job. So they give bribe. Blaming government itself is not correct. Charity begins at home. Likewise anti corruption also wants to begin in our home. We put our hands for anti corruption. THINK about it.

Thank you.

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Kalash Dutt said: (Feb 10, 2016)  
Hai my name is Kalash.

In my opinion I just want to add that corruption is the thing created by our minds. If think if we fill the income tax on time then no officer will ask for money to fill our income tax. Then no corruption took place.

So it's we who can stop corruption!

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Karuna said: (Feb 2, 2016)  
Hello all, this is Karuna.

According to me, not only government we are also involved in corruption.

For e.g: Suppose a person is trying its hard to pass a exam or for getting a job but he/she fail to entry in particular one, so he/she will start thinking about what is wrong with his/her and their family also want to know, is that system in taking money to another people for selection, if they find yes then what they will do, they also want the job or pass the exam.

So what people are doing not even thinking about how to stop that type of system even the mentality is that, if there is possibility then we will also give money for our children and for such things they even don't realize that they are doing wrong thing. They feel like that this system is corrupted not we. So this is the mentality of our citizen.

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Aravind said: (Jan 20, 2016)  
This is Aravind. Corruption means giving bribe for the people for "illegal work's". It is started from politics and spread to every citizen of our country. It is not only about money but also activities by people. We bribe for our desires.

Human cannot live without desires to fulfill his desires he need to bribe. Government should take action on the people who are corrupting not only money but also our values and mindset.

Thanking you.

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Sunil said: (Jan 19, 2016)  
It's in basic nature, as long as the money or any asset got value, it will be like a sugar for ants. Though ants can't eat all the sugar in a day they will try their best to empty the sugar bag to only store for their future needs, in humans its for future future future family needs.

Especially in a country like India where still the marriage is a compulsion having kids is a compulsion and having them for entire life is a compulsion, its so natural that an employee or politician or some other will try to earn and save for entire life, ethically or unethically is a second concern or no concern as it.

Becomes so, once started. One more thing is human can't stop inventing comforts which doesn't come easy which cost a lot, so anyone who aspires to have that will try his legal ways and illegal ways as well to get those newly invented comforts though he can't buy legally he will try illegally like corruption, also because of compulsory marriage and compulsory kids population will boom.

As population booms overwhelmingly. The difference between rich and poor increases this in-turn increases the money fear factor in all employees and politicians to lead and get best life compared to the ones who can't afford, whatever the way legally or illegally, as pollution and human population on the planet earth keeps on increasing, natural calamities, scarcity of food and wealth all will have huge demand and to compete in that demand again money needed so earn it legally or illegally.

In fact in a overpopulated country like India. There is always someone to pay the bribe and always someone to grab it. In fact corruption is prevalent all across the world but significantly worse in over populated countries. Its a vicious cycle.

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Namit said: (Jan 14, 2016)  
Most people think that what he wants to do from government can easily be done by bribing the other person.

Corruption is the thing that can't be erase easily, when all people come together and fight against it. No even will dare to take bribe.

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Febin said: (Jan 12, 2016)  
Why can't corruption be stopped? Have you ever thought of this? It is all because of us voters who encourage corruption by voting again and again for a person who is involved in corruption and thus giving him a chance to be in power once more and to continue the corruption in which once he was involved.

So we as voters should make our decisions wisely and vote for the right person. So the voters' right to vote is merely not a right but also a duty of all the citizens.

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Sai Kishore said: (Jan 11, 2016)  
Hi guys.

Corruption is a not only the money which are transforming in rupee value. E-corruption is a word that symbolizes an "illegal actives" in any work field or government department is nothing but a "corruption".

Beginning of our independence. Corruption is started from politics to the end common citizens of our country. Government should take a strict rules& policies in the face of corruption. And it should be not tolerated in any circumstances. As long as everyone is sincere we cannot stop corruption.

Thanking you.

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Mathi said: (Jan 9, 2016)  
Majority the government incite us to bribe even for a small things. They never let us to move without bribe. Everybody knows but we won't ask them to stop.

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Srishti Sen said: (Dec 28, 2015)  
We all are familiar with the term corruption which basically means giving bribe to people for doing things which is illegal. I think the main problem of corruption is the mindset of people. In India there are no strict laws against corruption. I think the first thing should be to make strict laws by government against corruption.

We should change our mindset that bribing saves your time instead takes more time. I would like to conclude by saying before blaming others we should improve our minds and together make India a corruption free country.

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Raghuveer said: (Dec 2, 2015)  
As my point of view corruption spreads like virus. Every sector will corrupted. Its starts from our self only. We pay lacks of rupees to colleges for allotting a seat. By that process they earn lot of money. In government sector we are pay some extra money to take a certificate very fast.

We are searching the easy way to work fast, in that way we are corrupted. Because of that fist we have to change the way. So there should be democracy without corruption.

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Kaustubh said: (Dec 1, 2015)  

See democracy has its own advantages and disadvantages. Corruption is the side effect of democracy. In a way we should feel happy that We select the candidate whom we think is better which doesn't happen in country like china wherein you can't have child also without a permission of government.

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Soujanya said: (Dec 1, 2015)  
Now a days corruption is the biggest problem. Blaming others is not a solution to corruption free country. Everyone should responsible for corruption but we are not ready to accept it if we want to complete our work quickly we give bribe because time is precious due to these small mistakes arise corruption. If taking bribe consider as a mistake then giving bribe is also a mistake.

So I have to say that a simple line is charity begins at home. Rather blaming others we must change into ourselves and try to create corruption free country.

Thank you.

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Chinmoy Mech said: (Nov 17, 2015)  
Hello every one's so, about the topic, I would like to say, that the corruption is a think which have no end's, it's never be stop. Because it's a humane think. All humans want to take first position.

So human can do all the activity to take that (first). Whatever its good or bad, or its corruption. If we need stop the corruption then we have to changed our thinking our mind first. Which is little difficult. But I wise for stop.

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Chinmoy said: (Nov 12, 2015)  
Hello every one, I am Chinmoy.

So, corruption is a think which is never be stop. Because it is a think of human mind, we want our self in first position in any moment or in any activity whatever its any Government office, hospital, school, college, road any where, that's why we don't think for corruption or what we do, is this corruption.

We can't change our mind for our needs. So we do corruption, not as corruption, we do as our help. We first have change our mind. Which is so difficult. That's why I told that 'corruption never be stop'.

If it's stop then good. I wish for stop.

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Raja said: (Nov 12, 2015)  
We Indians are very good in many things like caring, loving, working hard, savings, etc by which we are proud to say on the other hand because of our good qualities we just think only about our own family, house, society, etc.

So no one dare to raise correct question to correct person to get reasonable results, instead we give bribe to get our work completed then we speak about corruption, by this statement what I am trying to say is every man and women either direct or indirect responsible for corruption it is not fare to simply put blame on politician or government officer of our democracy system we have to change, we can overtake the corruption.

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RupinderSingh said: (Nov 9, 2015)  
Well! we and government, both are responsible for corruption. To get our work done quickly, we pay bribes to official workers. But there is a reason behind it. It is red tapism.

People sometime get frustrated and waste a lot of time for their completion of work, to skip this they give bribe, so instead of being hunted by red tapism, we have to take some steps strictly. Strict laws should be framed to stop the corruption.

The worker who show red tape and take bribe, should be punished. We have to protest these type of workers. We can give advice to government for that. All people have to raise their hands with equal voice; Thank you!!

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Siva said: (Nov 2, 2015)  
Hi this is Siva.

I am saying first change the our fully education system. Presently we are following Lord Macaulay education system.

First we have to change this system. We have to enter our Bharath education system "Gurukulam". Yes it is exactly and perfect solution for corruption and extra bad things of the human.

You know friends before our country good and world rich country. Our human relation ships been's good, and no corruption. When lord Macaulay remove our education system then enter the they education system from that time we are being poor.

Rate this: +12 -11

Anshuman Arun said: (Oct 20, 2015)  
I'm Anshuman I study only in 5th grade but it is we who are encouraging this to happen as we are paying bribes.

To get work done faster. In my school we had directed a play on bribing as we included other states of corruption. There are many problems like red tapism, 2G telecom scams, Colgate scams, right to information has also brought down corruption and etc.

Through my point of view I would like to say that we all can make a change and people would not stop because of our saying so I decided we all can put our hands together and make INDIA non-democratic and a proud nation.

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Yogesh Patil said: (Oct 19, 2015)  
In my view, corruption in not the price we pay for democracy. Actually it is the people who encourage corruption. In government sectors, workers are not taking their work seriously and we people pay bribe to get our jobs done well before time. They normally accept in greed of money. So this all depends on us, who are accepting and giving bribes.

Secondly it is the responsibility of each and every citizen (of a democratic country like INDIA) to choose politicians who have good moral character. We have to cast our votes to right people for right job. Transparency should be there at each stage so that people can identify between bad and good. Now a day's no one can have social responsibility.

Even some republic and communist country have corruption. So we can not say corruption the result of democracy had we been democratic in the true sense, we would not have been living with evil as the case is. Corruption is live because we gave birth to it, nurtured it and are now encouraging it to spread its roots everywhere.

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Raunak Prakash said: (Oct 17, 2015)  
According to me people cannot stop corruption in a democracy as the contestants who stand for the election have a stereotypical nature. If I were to select between a murderer, a rapist and a pick-pocketed would definitely choose the pick-pocketed. But later this person would be a corrupt minister and would do corruption.

It is possible to stop corruption if 98% citizens are against it but to get such an awareness and participation is an ordeal therefore we citizens have to wait until a good, noble and correct person comes to the seat of authority till then enjoy corruption.

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Vishab Partap Singh Jasrotia said: (Oct 12, 2015)  
Hello friends,

I would like to say two points on this. First and Foremost, we need to make sure that we will not pay bribe to anyone no matter what happens. Secondly, government should frame a committee comprising of most honest personnel either from defence services or from paramilitary forces which should be active in each state.

They should be given powers to take strict actions against the persons involved whether if they are Govt employees or general public. In a nutshell, when things goes out of control, fear is the key for controlling the situation.

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Mantej said: (Oct 6, 2015)  
According to my point of view corruption takes place in India because all people have habit of corrupted so during elections people demands to politicians for money and reference to do any particular work sometimes the people have reference to do any work easily which people have not any reference they give the money for that work easily and short time I think if the government and private sectors works without any reference and gives the chance every people equally so I think corruption is decreases.

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Kunal Kushwaha said: (Oct 5, 2015)  
According to my point of view yes. We are actually paying corruption for democracy.

Because today in India corruption is growing like a hulk in the society. Yes from the time of a birth of a child till the death or a person corruption is there. Let's take an example of a traffic police. We don't follow the rules. If we were caught by him we are trying to solve the problem by giving him bribe which is wrong actually corruption is a just like a cancer cell in our body which is spreading its viruses in all over the society.

So being not a corrupt Indian. Its our responsibility to fight against this problem.

Thank you.

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Yogesh said: (Sep 21, 2015)  
During elections, politicians distribute money. Consider for a single vote Rs. 500 are distributed per head and people accept it and vote the candidate accordingly for 5 years. That means not even 10 paise per day in 5 years.

Today even beggars don't accept a one rupee and they give people less than that. Our society is itself responsible for corruption, if they don't accept the demands then corruption will never take place. But people just doesn't care and then say our system is bad & corrupted. Instead they can use Democracy to eradicate corruption.

Corruption no doubt cannot be removed without initiative of people themselves. So we cannot blame democracy for corruption, it can rather help to finally root out corruption.

Rate this: +64 -7

S.RAMESH ABYANKAR said: (Sep 16, 2015)  
In my point of view corruption is like air pollution which spoils the whole country with in a short period corruption is a thing which can come with from our birth to death for example for getting the birth certificate to death certificate the main root cause of the corruption is reservation according to caste. Instead of reserve according to caste give the job according to their knowledge.

In the private sector like colleges students who are score marks get a seat in the management quota with paying more amount of money to the college how we think he should be a good citizen or uncomfortable persons. My conclusion is if the laws for corruption should be strict and also responsibility people should be remove corruption and also this in the hands of feature pillars of India.

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Harsh said: (Sep 10, 2015)  
Democracy has nothing to do with corruption. Corruption is existing everywhere right from the birth of a child to a person's death everywhere. In public and private sectors so democracy is not to be blamed. Then the question arises is who is responsible for it? The answer according to my opinion is us or to be precise the one who gives bribes. A common life example is a traffic police.

Rate this: +16 -7

Shanu Singh said: (Sep 6, 2015)  
Corruption we think this word is the subset of government offices. We have some perception that only government body is corrupted. Current situation that even private sector is corrupted. I can prove my point taking a real life example now a days we are using net (data pack) of some telecom company, we face problem during accessing some web. On the other than other web site is working in its normal speed.

This is due the e-commerce company like Amazon, Flip-kart or eBay (these name are just hypothetical) are paying more to telecom companies to give more bandwidth to there web sites and slow down other competing e-commerce sites. Which is in a web is corruption because telecom companies are forcing or dominating us to access that web which they want.

Rate this: +69 -6

ER Balakrishna said: (Sep 6, 2015)  
In my point of view corruption is the major way to decrease our country economy status. Because we are giving money to do our work easily in government sectors as well as private sectors, so they were not paying tax that's why the total corruption amount became "black money" please don't encourage to give corruption, my humble request to all to share corruption activities vie social media example Facebook, Whats app, Twitter etc. Contribute yourself and save INDIA from corruption.

Rate this: +14 -4

Aswin said: (Sep 1, 2015)  
Now days corruption presents in all the field such as education, defense, sports, medicine, police departments and it not avoided fully but it can be control by the hands of people, youngster.

Rate this: +19 -12

Shivam Rai said: (Aug 25, 2015)  
Admiring you all people for your perspective standpoint for the corruption that it takes place by ourselves and we are key reason for its egregious existence in India. This is our answer ability that why corruption is taking place, why are we letting it for its invasiveness, we are being only un-hearing spectators of this catastrophic malversation but also inveterate or agile complicit participant.

Rate this: +9 -5

Sateswari said: (Aug 22, 2015)  
Corruption as by name it means spoiled, it simply defines the spoliation of a country, the reason behind why the corruption has widely spread and affected most of the countries especially our country is because of non transparency in government, my question is people like Anna Hazare who fight for corruption and lakhs of people got involved to fought against it but at last what was the result no Lokpal bill was passed?

So my question is we are living in democracy. But in reality we are living under dictatorship rule. Those few people who are governing us are so powerful that we being million in population cannot rule them out.

Rate this: +31 -6

ABHIGYAN said: (Aug 19, 2015)  
Hello friends.

From my point of view corruption is the biggest problem in our country which is faced by the peoples of our country. In our country all the youth generation wants to get relaxation in every field so they come across or taking help of corruption.

So to remove the corruption from our country every persons especially youth generation should have in there mind to remove corruption from the country by seeing the corruption from grass root level to the major level just to finish corruption is the main aim. By decreasing this the other problems are also getting laid down.

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Praveen said: (Aug 17, 2015)  
Do we need to think about that first of all when our parent looking for a better school for us, to educate our child we need to pay the bribe in the initial stage then how can you expect that it can we cure.

Then we start thinking when our parents pay that huge amount to get admitted in school, then in college and after that we are looking for someone reference to get a job or for a interview.

Corruption already rooted now you can't remove but somehow we can initiate the first step to think about that, looking for a change but you need to you first.

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Alakesh said: (Aug 13, 2015)  
Corruption unlike other social evils cannot be uprooted just by a few revelations by media, protests now and then etc. It has laid out its roots so deep that we now view any personnel with authority to be under its influence.

Eradication of corruption completely will be an upheaval task and the whole nation will have to rise against it. It will be only when we instill fear amongst those who practice it, that we'll be up for it and have a chance of making it succumb off existence. This will require mass movements very similar to those in the pre-independence era, the only difference being we'll be fighting our own this time.

Rate this: +11 -4

Ayushi Tomar said: (Aug 13, 2015)  
Democracy and corruption has one same thing for the people by the people and to the people. The difference is that democracy is also for poor rendering them right to express whereas corruption has only grappled rich section to pay money and buy dreams.

Rate this: +12 -3

Sri Mathi said: (Jul 29, 2015)  
Hi everyone,

In all over world corruption is the biggest key to achieve our thinking or aim to go to higher position, or go to in sports or go to in politics and also its comes in education system also, now a days lot of school are buying the fees for UKG students or 1st standard students Rs. 2,00,000. Who gave the amount or fulfill our thoughts they said I will do it for you?

This is a biggest disease in the world to bring a changes for less corruption. Sometimes, through the corruption done a good things also, so to reduce the corruption to save our people.

Rate this: +13 -15

Santunu said: (Jul 29, 2015)  
From my point of view corruption is nothing but giving of breves to make our work easy. Now days people are becoming more and more comfortable and like to live in a high status for that they are using respective position to earn more and more, where nobody is there to ask. For our easy work we are paying money in all the sector, mainly in government sectors and finding the way to free our country from corruption. How it can be possible when we only participate to corrupt our self? Its need own step to free the country from corruption.

Rate this: +18 -3

Chayan said: (Jul 27, 2015)  
Corruption in a broad sense has become an integral part of the society and system. Not only India but several countries are being affected by this problem. Due to our basic nature we blame everybody but ourselves for this problem. We lack the courage to protest. We try to get our jobs done with minimum effort and in this process we do not mind to bribe the corrupts. From choosing politicians to getting things done in Govt offices we indulge our selfish interests to take the upper hand over our morality. Due to erosion of moral values we are suffering.

So if we want change then we must change ourselves first. Honesty and Integrity are needed in every person. Law enforcement agencies and the Judicial system must have the power to enforce laws and take necessary steps to curb the corrupts irrespective of the stature of the corrupt. If the officials as well as powerful politicians also start fearing the law, they will not dare to bend it and therefore transparency will prevail.

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Corruption is the Price we pay for Democracy

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