Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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Yashika said: (Jun 21, 2018)  
I think we should buy Indian good than Chinese good because buying chines goods will improve the economy of China not Indian if the economy of. China will be strong then their army will also be strong and our army will be a week if you want our country to be safe the buy Indian product.

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Lala said: (Jun 20, 2018)  
I think Chinese goods is better than Indian good because China has advanced technology but India don't have that kind of advanced machine.

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Samit Bhattacharya said: (Jun 17, 2018)  
Hello in my opinion, Chinese goods are better than Indian goods. Because people can attract easily and they have two choices of Indian and Chinese product. All were know India and chna were fastest major economy in the world. Chinese product has low and good quality but India product is high-quality that's why people can always buy low-quality product. China was India largest trading partner.

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Samit Bhattacharya said: (Jun 15, 2018)  
Chinese good better than Indian goods. But we always accept both.

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Sandeep Bhattacharya said: (Jun 15, 2018)  
Hello, in my opinion, Chinese product better than India because Chinese product attracts public easily. We always care about that agar India bans china product then China ban India product. Never ban any country product. Thank you.

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Daksha said: (Jun 14, 2018)  
Slogans are used by internet campaigns that advocate a boycott of Chinese-made products. Commonly cited a reason for the boycott includes the perceived low quality of products, territorial conflicts involving China, and support for separatist movements within China.

Some group of people recently tried to start a nationwide movement of banning Chinese product in social media. They portrayed this movement as a symbol of nationalism and patriotism. Some of our leaders and so-called political person also supported them. According to them, by not purchasing daily-use Chinese products, we can hamper their economy. They believe that china is using our money to support Pakistan and trying to indulge India in proxy war.

No Indian government can ban the import of Chinese goods as this will be flouting the norms of world trade organisation. The govt at best can impose anti-dumping duty on specific Chinese goods, which churns significant amount of revenue for it. In the age of globalization and cut-throat competition, the basic yardstick to get quality product. Besides, we must accept the facts that China is not the only county that support Pakistan. Moreover, china is our major partner not only in trade but also in international relations. We are working together on various platforms like BRICS, ADB, UN.

As for the trade relations existing between these two counties, every year China exports more than $60 bn of goods and services while India exports $11bn.

Today China imports only 0. 8 percent of its total imports from India while India imports 12.4 per cent of its total imports from China. Similarly, China exports only 2.3% of its total exports to India while India exports 4. 3% of its total exports to china. These figures can easily explain who is dominating side so by banning them or not using their product, we will hamper our economy more than their economy. Extremism is never good, be it of any side.

However, the campaign does have some positive aspects. Like in case of decorative items for festivals Diwali, Holi, we can buy locally produced items along with these Chinese LEDS. By this, we can give little sum of money to native people and appreciate their skills. It will definitely boost their morale and they will tend to produce more quality products in near future. The motto of this campaign should be"A step towards economic sovereignty" rather than being"anti-China":.

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Samit Bhattacharya said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
Chinese product better than Indian product because Chinese products used for long term.

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Rupali said: (Jun 12, 2018)  

According to me, Chinese good are in large variety, many attractive products and also cheap, that wise Indian people prefer Chinese goods. People don't want long-term things, they want to change their things according to status, so they invest in a small amount of product.

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Deshmukh Suraj said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
Hi friends.

I'm glad to participate in such important topic like which is best. Indian people's are not aware of the"quality comes with price"term because our 60-70% population belongs to the poor or middle-class family and they can't afford the expensive one. Indian products have the quality because of this products become expensive and that's why we afford them.

By point of view of the Chinese product, they have the large variety of products and they are very cheaper than the Indian one because of this people go through them. Because of this Chinese goods are better than the Indian one.

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Pragati said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
Modi has already banned Chinese goods in India. But as we all know that Chinese goods are cheaper than the Indian goods. There are many people who are illiterate and some people belong to lower family or from middle-class family so they can go toward Chinese goods only because that products are cheaper and they can't afford the high-quality product. China has already captured our Indian market. Many people in our India using Chinese product. But it affects our country tremendously because China has its own power. They are improving their economic condition by producing goods in their country and export their product in our economy. It increases their national income.

So, Chinese goods are good for those people who can't Afford India products.

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Heena Vasdani said: (Jun 6, 2018)  
Hi friends, I am Heena, I am glad about participating in this discussion on such important topic which is Chinese goods v/s Indian goods. According to my opinion, Chinese goods are better than Indian goods because it has a variety of products with different features and it is cheaper than Indian goods. If we talk about India, there are 60-70% people are belong to lower or middle-class family. So during this time of inflation, most of the people in India give importance to the value of the product than the quality of the product. So these kinds of people can complete their needs at the lower value which is available on Chinese goods. So if we want to increase the importance of Indian goods then we have to make sure that Indian goods should also available in cheaper price so that it would be comfortable to most of the people for buying Indian goods in India. And it will also help in developing our country'products.

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Chandan Singh said: (Jun 4, 2018)  
Hi, I am Chandan Singh, and it's nice to be part of this discussion.

From my point of view, the country like India most of the people belongs to lower middle class, these Chinese products making them avail that kind of facility.

We are in the era in which people like change, and get bored with things very quickly, so Chinese goods are better for this prospect.

The most important fact is good are getting outdated quickly in this advanced technological era. So lower middle class can't afford Indian goods.

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Chandan Singh said: (Jun 3, 2018)  
Hi, I am Chandan Singh, and it's nice to be part of this discussion.

From my point of view, the country like India most of the people belongs to lower middle class, these Chinese products making them avail that kind of facility.

We are in the era in which people like change, and get bored with things very quickly, so Chinese goods are better for this prospect.

The most important fact is good are getting outdated quickly in this advanced technological era. So lower middle class can't afford Indian goods.

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Sunil Kumar said: (Jun 3, 2018)  
Friends as per my point of view, Chinese goods are better than Indian goods here I am not criticising Indian goods or we can't say Chinese goods does not have quality. Of course they give us product in cheaper price with good quality and also I would like to say in our India 65%-70% are middle and low-class family so for them it not feasible to buy quality product as we not that for them quality does not matter value of product matter, as in Chinese products you will get a lot of verity for the same product with different price and features like Chinese company mobiles MI, oppo, vivo here quality and quantity both are good. And also China plays a vital role here china export there good quality of products to the middle east and Europe where they can good money and can boost their economy easily.

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Avinash Sharma said: (May 30, 2018)  
Hi, I myself Avinash, I have much glad that I am participating in this discussion on the most important topic Chinese goods vs Indian goods,

Firstly I'm going to the point of money, so.

If we buy any type of Chinese goods their cost is something less than the Indian goods.

But according to the quality of goods Indian goods is more preferable to the Chinese due to the constable.

But we always think to buy cheap goods so there is much importance of Chinese goods in the Indian market.

If we reject a little number of Chinese goods from our houses/villages/cities/country and to decrease the costs of our Indian goods in comparison to the Chinese goods then our country take rest from Chinese goods.

Thank you, that's all.

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Dev said: (May 20, 2018)  
I'm Dev I would like to share my points on this topic.

Chinese goods are better than Indian goods, as in Chinese products you will get a lot of verity for the same product with different price and features. But for Indian products you have to pay more in comparison of Chinese products also you will not get more options. Yes, we can say that quality does matter here, however when you need a product which is a mandate for you daily needs we always prefer a product which we can buy on a cheaper price. According to a middle or lower class families, money saving is more important than quality and just because of that they always prefer Chinese products instead of Indian products. Even Indian products which are available in the market in these days manufacturer of those products also use Chinese parts to make their final product and they just place a stamp on those products of Make in India. But we all know here that they are using Chinese parts to complete their products and selling that product in Indian market with staying that these products are purely make in India. Then why we should pay a higher price for the same product. Apart from this most selling Chinese products are in the electronic segment and we all know that Indian electronic products are not better than Chinese products.

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Betu said: (May 20, 2018)  
Chinese good is cheaper than Indian goods that's why the poor people are more attractive toward Chinese goods but at the same time, they know that these are not long lasting products. So if India wants to provide our products at some affordable cost then it will be better because Chinese goods use more plastic in his products which produces pollution. To make our India free from pollution we should have at least try to our government that the cost of a product should be affordable for Indian citizens.

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Dimpivijay said: (May 20, 2018)  
Chinese good is local and fakes.

Available in the Indian market.

It has no guarantee and warranty.

Chinese aim to throw their garbage like cheap items in India and strengthen its economy.

Indian people's are in largest gathering for purchasing Chinese items in the world.

So, I request people of India not to purchase such types of items which converts into the garbage after few days.

Promote Indian goods. Also, request to multinational company's and Indian government use better technology by which we can make cheap and better items for our country's poor and middle-class people and also export these items to other poor countries to strengthen our growing Indian economy.

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Santosh Kumar said: (May 13, 2018)  
Hi, I am Santosh.

In my point of view, China products are cheaper than Indian products but durability and reliability of products is not good. Poor people and middle-class people are not afforded the price of Indian products. Moreover, China products are using plastic in their products it leads increasing Garbage in India. If India is able to provide low cost without compromising quality we will not see any China product in India.

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Manoj said: (May 12, 2018)  
At pace, China has set up its foothold in Indian market, I don't think any other country could be able to do it.

China's dominating position in Indian market should not be seen as "good days" in any form. China's marketing value in India is something 2000 billion which is a very high reason behind it may be India's massive population -second highest population of the world after China itself and perhaps the second highest user of Chinese product after China.

Although awareness is steadily spreading up among us to use Indian products and contributing our hand for enhancing country's economy.

For robust our economy, we need to have a strict stance against every foreign product not only just Chinese product and create prospects in India for Indian product only.

But it has positive as well millions of Indian have employed in the Chinese company in India and has become a means of living for them, Chinese products always be comparatively less cost than other country's product as a reason poor people fulfil their dream using things as per their status.

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Himanshu Mistry said: (May 9, 2018)  
As per the Indian Philosophy, all Indian think that Chinese goods are not too good then Indian goods, but the main thing is that Chinese products are too cheaper than any other products. So Indian topology is that cheaper is better. Also, Indian people know that it's a rumoured joke in India Chinese product are not long last tonight. So as per my opinion, Indian product are best but India should improve their production techniques that can maintain cheaper production which competes for Chinese products.

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Kalpande said: (May 4, 2018)  
I will support Indian goods as its quality is better than Chinese goods. Chinese goods use maximum plastic in there products like toys and kitchen gadgets. As the quality is not good as it should be, the product becomes useless in short period of time. Hence the garbage remains in India only. Then people buy the same product again and the cycle repeats.

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Tisha said: (May 3, 2018)  
In my opinion, Chinese goods are good and cheaper but at the same time quality is not good. In China, there are a variety of goods and there are many choices also the choices are so different that the people attract towards them. Not only in China but in India also people are buying Chinese goods in a great amount.

Whereas Indian goods are of higher prices then compare to Chinese goods but are also of better quality. In India people judge the goods by there prices not by there quality i.e.the reason that the demand of Chinese goods is more in India.

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Trupti said: (May 3, 2018)  
As my point of view, Chinese goods buying rate is more than Indian good. It has so many reasons are there. In that most important reason is Chinese goods attract people from their new features and cheapest rate that's why Indian goods have less sale.

In Indian goods that feature is available but its cost is more.

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Himanshu Vyas said: (May 1, 2018)  
Chinese goods are good but the important thing is that which is more important quality and quantity then the I think the typical Indian thinking is that they want to buy more product or use more services as possible but in lowest price they always don't care about quality instead of they care about quantity, so that's what other countries make profit of that exactly China do in India at time they take profit of that thing. That's what all other companies is doing in India they always concentrate on product pricing they don't consider quality.

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Md. Abdul Mazid said: (Apr 30, 2018)  
Indian Goods are very best quality than Chinese Goods. Chinese goods price less than Indian goods but quality not good than Indian goods. Warranty issue best than Chinese goods.

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Vishal said: (Apr 30, 2018)  
Hi friends,

Chinese goods are good products because they are low price and the Indian goods are good products but they are very expencive and they are very quality. And our Indian products will give very long life. The Chinese products should need for only poor people in our India there are so many poor people in India. In our India, every item was selling cell phones, tv's, pc, etc.

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Ratnam said: (Apr 28, 2018)  
Hi everyone,

Chinese goods vs Indian goods, so we must know the difference between Chinese goods vs Indian goods. Chinese goods are available in lower price but they don't have a guarantee, quality is also less but why many people attracted towards Chinese goods because many people think about price, product model. But sometimes they don't think about quality. They think about price only.

In Indian goods have good quality, good features, good model, also affordable price. But we want to spread all features and quality of our Indian products, this responsibility have who dealing with Indian goods, they must spread our Indian products features automatically people will know the difference between Chinese goods and Indian goods, they know Indian goods are best.

So, I conclude compared to Chinese goods vs Indian goods, compared to Chinese goods Indian goods are best these products have good features, quality and guarantee. Price also affordable, when we know how many features are we are getting in that price so that Time we will realize that is the affordable price. So compared to Chinese goods, Indian goods are best.

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Ajay said: (Apr 27, 2018)  
Hello friends.

From my Point of view, Indian goods are better than Chinese goods. Because chinese goods are not warranty. But in our country mostly people are using Chinese products. Those are poor and middle class people. Chinese goods are making in low price. China is getting Mostly income from India. Indian goods are little costly but products are a stay longer time, so better to use Indian goods.

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Inderjeet said: (Apr 27, 2018)  
The quality of Chinese goods are not comparable to Indian goods but Chinese goods easily purchased by poor financial people Chinese goods are not banned Indian but we encourage people to buy Indian goods Chinese goods are easily available in each shop but we have to ban Chinese crackers in Diwali because they pollute our environment.

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Shital said: (Apr 26, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

As we know that our Indian market is full of Chinese good. Most of the people of our country are using Chinese goods because it is available at very low price but their goods are not durable for a long time. But Indian goods are very good quality and useful for a long time period. So according to me only Indian goods are better tham Chinese good.

Thank you.

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Manjeeta said: (Apr 26, 2018)  
Chinese is a rumoured joke in India as referring to every product that fails to work after some time. This is because of our preconceived hatred against Chinese good but when actually detected we find that we are surrounded by Chinese good and even can't think of surviving. Indian goods are also pretty good but Chinese good takes away the show because of poverty in India who prefer to buy these cheaper goods and discard that Indian good with the high price tag. In reality, Indian goods are actually discarded by we Indians where's Chinese goods are becoming more attractive.

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Nicholas said: (Apr 24, 2018)  
The usual norm exposed by most of us is whatever stuff that is made in China is rubbish, which is true, because Chinese stuff usually have high compromise on quality, which in turn make them less expensive. But there's another fact which we do not realize. There's always a middleman that calls the shot. It is him who gives his contract to the Chinese, since Chinese Labor is generally cheap. So the entity to be blamed is this so-called middleman, who gets his product manufactured with compromise on quality using cheap labor and sell it to us at an exorbitant price, in order to create profit. Infact, there are some Chinese products that have really good quality, due to the middleman's sincerity. So please keep this in mind.

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Nikhil said: (Apr 22, 2018)  
In these days, many people use Chinese goods because it is available at a very low price. But these goods are not durable. We can't use it for a longer time. I suggest to all Indian to use only Indian products because it provides high quality and these can be used for the long time period.

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Sweety said: (Apr 21, 2018)  
Hello friends, we all know that Indian markets are full of Chinese goods. We see Chinese goods in every single shop but the Indian goods are available on specific shop. Shopkeepers keep Chinese products because Chinese products are cheaper so customer prefer to purchase them. And we all know there many people in India who are so poor that they can't purchase the costly Indian products so for them Chinese products are good and they get ready to compromise on quality. There are also some people in India who has good financial position and can purchase Indian products but still purchase the foreign product with more excitement. It is also true fact that we can't ban the Chinese products in our markets because then the prices of Indian products will rise but we can encourage the Indian citizens to buy Indian products and also promote the Indian manufactures to make all kinds of product in India it will also reduce the prices of Indian products and we don't have to compromise on quality. Then as a Indian every one would prefer the Indian products first.

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Sominath Ahewad said: (Apr 20, 2018)  
Chinese good is very less price as compared to Indian good. Chinese good are reliable but they are not durable. They made from plastic and harmful chemicals. If we purchased more product from ban it reduces our country gdp. We cannot oppose the Chinese product so other countries will not supported to us country. It also reduce the nation growth if we purchased Chinese product. It reduced the shared market of India. If we think other side poor people are not able to purchased the high rate product so they always prefer Chinese products they available in low cost. Indian product made high quality and high quality material but they are not affordable pooor class family.

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Hitesh Ahuja said: (Apr 19, 2018)  
Hi everyone.

In my view, Indian goods outraged the low-quality Chinese goods. Then also Chinese goods occupy a larger portion of Indian markets because consumers are unaware of the low quality and dangerous chemicals which are used to build the low standard plastics used by them. Indian goods are nowadays have started giving tough competition to these items because of their superior quality and will soon be outraged some the Chinese items in the market.

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Sunil Kumar said: (Apr 16, 2018)  
Hi, This is Sunil, As per my knowledge, most of us using electronics devices are Chinese goods by knowingly or unknowingly.

A) China captured Indian market by providing the chinese goods for cheaper price by producing the goods in large quantity.

B) Cheaper chinese goods are not durable and reliable. There are good quality chinese goods exporting to other countries.

C) if we opt for the Chinese goods then Indian economy will not grow.

D) Even India cannot ban chinese market in India in order to have a good relationship between India and china. If we ban then we will become weaker against pakistan and other countries.

Indian goods are good because of the following:-.

1) quality (guarantee which is ot given in chinese goods).
2) good material lifespan.
3) Indian economic growth.
4) employment in our country.

Our gov. Introduced "make in India" which created a positive vibration among people. But we need to wait and see the end result. We can support make in India and buy the product but middle class and poor people cannot afford it due to the higher cost. Maybe rich people can contribute to the growth of Indian economy by only purchasing Indian product.

But if we see in the Indian goods, their spare parts are 'made in China'. We need a complete product made in India at cheaper cost. The Indian government has to start a large quantity of goods manufacturing which leads to a good sale among Indian people.

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Aakriti said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
Chinese goods are cheap in cost and quality, less durable which turns into waste in a very short time. They may appear to be attractive but are ultimately a waste of money. Indian goods lasts long and are good for the nation's wealth. It motivates Indian producers and buying them is a step towards development of India.

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Ashish said: (Apr 10, 2018)  
I will support Indian goods because;

1. It will motivate Indian producers to produce more
2. It will increase national income
3. It will also increase employment in secondary sector as goods are been produced in India and not been exported that's why shares of the secondary sector will increase in NI.

And the reason why I do not prefer china goods are;
1. Low-quality products.
2. It will boost our GDP but harm our national income.
3. Nationals producers morale will be down.

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Ashwini said: (Apr 9, 2018)  
In my point of view, when Chinese goods and Indian goods are compared, Chinese goods are preferred when it comes of cheap, more variety and attractive products. But Indian products are preferred when comparison criteria are quality, uniqueness and perfection.

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Mohd.Imran said: (Apr 9, 2018)  
Hello guys.

My name is Imran. I think Indian goods is better than the Chinese product because Chinese product has to give the quality but don't better than the Indian products. In India, the product has to guarantee, warranty & provided good services.

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Bharat said: (Apr 4, 2018)  
As per my view, we have to purchase Indian make product rather than Chinese product, the reason behind that is.

1) Beneficial for Indian economy (it will boost Indian economy).
2) Quality & Durability is better than Chinese product.
3) Encourage Make in India Campaign.
4) Create employment.

However, Government should promote our make by reducing the tax on Indian make Product & Upgrading manufacturing facilities as well technology.

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Shanmuga said: (Apr 4, 2018)  
According to me, we should buy Indian goods. Indain goods are developed by Indians. It increases our ecnomy. Chinese goods are very cheap it has more features so many people tends to buy Chinese goods. Now a days people think only price the don't think about quality. But it reduces the Indian selfworkers.

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Sagar said: (Apr 2, 2018)  
This statement has two phases.

First one, we should use Indian goods as it is beneficial for our economy and it can boost our economy and at the same time Indian goods are costlier than that of chinese goods. So, sometimes people prefer chinese goods over Indian because it is attractive and it offers more facilities as compared to India. So, people use Chinese goods regardless of thinking about the quality and durability. MAKE IN INDIA leads to the deterioration of Chinese goods to some extent because it is producing goods at a lesser rate as compared to Chinese goods.

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Priya Patil said: (Apr 2, 2018)  
Indian goods are good enough than Chinese goods &also they are longlasting, but as compared to Chinese products, Indian goods are cheaper. So common man will always think that instead of taking 1 lighter (for eg) of INDIAN product for 50Rs, I shall purchase 5 lighters of 10Rs.

So in this way, instead of marketing Indian products, India is marketing Chinese products which may affect the production value of Indian market products.

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Mohit said: (Mar 31, 2018)  
According to me, if we purchase Indian goods than Indian business increases and if we purchase Chinese goods than government Make more money from Chinese goods due to various taxes on Chinese goods that's why government Does not ban Chinese goods in India.

Secondly, Chinese labour cost is much lower than Indian labour that's why their goods are cheaper.

So now the government Took a step of MAKE IN INDIA program under which MI (mobile company) which is a Chinese company started manufacturing in India. APPLE is going to open a manufacturing plant in India.

And due to this employment and job opportunities in India will be increased.

Now the thing is, It all depends upon "what is the place of manufacturing".

If the manufacturing is in India one can go for cheaper Chinese product and other can go for reliable Indian products.

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Priyanshi Arora said: (Mar 29, 2018)  
As far as quality is considered Indian goods are much better than chinese goods but on tha other hand chinese goods are much more attractive as they meet all the demands at low cost. And many people prefer goods of low cost neglecting quality of the product. Plus chinese market is so vast indians need to work very hard to promote Indian goods. Also, as a consumer its our responsibility to promote Indian goods.

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Barkha said: (Mar 29, 2018)  
Hello friends.

Indian goods Vs chinese goods, this topic is actually a double face topic if we say use Indian goods to save Indian culture and to make India more powerful by improving our Trading units, manufacturing units which will going to result in improve in GDP but if take another side we know that we don't have that technology to create goods cheap and also to satisfy all Indians need. But from my point of view, we Should prefer Indian goods as they have long sustainability then Chinese products and also to promote Indian goods. For this, Indians need to focus on more on improving their manufacturing techniques and reducing the cost of their product and also produce that much quantity that will satisfy Domestic Demand.

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Ramya said: (Mar 26, 2018)  
Indian goods are costly than Chinese goods. So that's what the reason people are buying Chinese products especially technology-based products. Its the people of our country who need to realise that we need to start buying Indian products and which increases promotion of our own products which would, in turn, increase the economy of our country.

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Zacky Rana said: (Mar 26, 2018)  
Chinese goods are less durable than Indian goods but they look attractive and cheaper. Most of the people in India say to abandon Chinese goods, but it is not possible. Chinese goods are too cheaper. Indian good can't b provided with same price or less price. Production of Chinese goods is so high and they make new things,Eg; we can't make firecracker or toys like them. If we will make than it will be more costly. If we want competition with Chinese goods than we need too much hard work and new ideas.

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Aaqib Khan said: (Mar 25, 2018)  
Hello friends,

This is Aaqib Khan, so we are discussing about Indian goods vs china goods, I would like to say Indian goods is better than China goods in case of quality but the price of Indian goods is too much, so we are avoiding to buy Indian goods because the price of China good is very less compare to Indian goods and I would like to add one point which is that, in India the almost population belongs to the middle family or poor family so we do not afford to buy a high-cost product so everyone move towards the China product. At last I like to say please buy the Indian product as much as possible, if we bought Indian product then our economic growth is increased.

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Aaditya said: (Mar 25, 2018)  

As we all know that Chinese products are cheaper and easily available but they are not durable like Indian product but everyone in the market wants cheap products and saving their money.

It's just a common thing that we all need to understand, buy Indian goods and boycott Chinese goods for a period.

Our country will improve the quality and quantity of the goods so that our Indians goods will be compatible to the Chinese goods and after this, we don't need them anymore.

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Vini said: (Mar 23, 2018)  
Hello all,

Today, I think everyone in our country is using China products in daily use because it's too cheaper but its durable life is not more than Indian product as compare to Indian product so here awareness is very important to increase the demand of Indian product but also try to reduce the price of Indian product.

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Gayatri said: (Mar 22, 2018)  
Hello all. Today's topic was good Chinese vs India. Either we have discussed all points as my friend concern everyone said that Chinese is better than Indian but why all are Indians then why you should go for Chinese product buy. When everyone said on our school time Indian pledge in that pledge India is my country all Indians are my brother and sister etc. And all. Therefore why should prefer Chinese product because of lesser price is that make sense no sorry I should prefer only Indian product because I am Indian and to be proud of Indian.

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Subham Choudhary said: (Mar 21, 2018)  
In my opinion, both the good have there owned value like if you want a product for long-term use and performance wise if you are looking then go for Indian goods but on the other hand, if you want a product for short time then by cheaper products that's Chinese product.

I personally think that we should buy our own country product so that we will help our government to make our country developed by purchasing a foreign product we are not allowing our country to make its own product. Yeah, I know we can not directly stop buying the foreign product but we should slowly and avoiding it. And start buying our own country product.

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Surabhi said: (Mar 21, 2018)  
Today's topic is about two different types of goods, Chinese goods and Indian goods.

In Quality, India's goods much better than Chinese goods, but due to it's high-cost many peoples not buy Indian goods and they prefer Chinese goods. As in present days, Chinese mobile market in India increases day by day. China takes more benefits of that and spreads their market in India, which is become dangerous in future. For India, it's necessary to develop goods which include good quality with low cost. India's government take a step and try to ban Chinese goods but it's not get worked.

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Tarun said: (Mar 20, 2018)  
If we speak really India has a capability to stand on own feet economically with out any world bank support because we people know the value of money and having our family relationships strong compare to other countries why IAM saying all these because China is poor country once now it crossed us because only one difference that is unity. India will never become developed country unless our corrupt political leaders change their minds and drive the nation towards make in India and develop all parts of country equally and industrial policies will be revised.

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Ousepachen Jose said: (Mar 16, 2018)  
I think Chinese goods is more helpfull. That means it has low price comparing with Indian product and also china products profit will get in India. Some of are said China product has low life, some low quality produt is ''made in india'' and they printed made in china. In other countries china product is very good quality that is original china product there is no problem. We are using smart phone, all touch screen are producing in china. Indian product have more price but some techonologies are same compare with China and price is very more in India. So more Indians are buying in China.

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Kavin said: (Mar 16, 2018)  
In my point of view, not all the Chinese products are fully made in China some of the raw materials for the products are imported from various countries including India and are put together and are assembled in China. So economically India too have a vital role to play in made in China goods. For example, if we take made in China laptops the intel chips are imported from USA and the motherboard is imported from countries like India, US, Japan and the raw materials for plastics are imported from the African countries. And they are put together into a laptop and are called as made in China. In each and every Chinese goods there is a part of Indian raw materials and products which we fail to recognize.

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Pankaj S B said: (Mar 14, 2018)  
Chinese started using their mass in industrial, that lead them ahead in production and manufacture race, we receive most of the goods at very cheap rates that's why we are attracted towards it,

Whereas our products are good and still needed to be improved, we are towards progress and someday we will beat Chinese too.

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Shubhreet said: (Mar 13, 2018)  
Chinese products are cheap and of low quality. According to a research, the Chinese have been dumping the low-quality goods in the Indian market while They keep the high-value goods for other countries. Most of the Indian population is either poor or middle class so they find these cheap products quite economical.

The Indian products are of better quality but they also are costlier and are generally not preferred. So I think that the government should increase the production of Indian products which would help lower the cost price per piece. Also, there would be more employment opportunities which would help in the development of the country.

So I would like to conclude by saying that we support our PM 's 'Make in India' campaign and support Indian goods instead of Chinese.

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Imran said: (Mar 12, 2018)  
In my point of view, Chinese products cheaper than Indian products it is true. When we allowing chines product we lose our own country products that our country becomes poor so we do not allow those products in our country.

Government fails to stop that seagulls to enter our country.

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Shravani said: (Mar 12, 2018)  
I like Indian goods, as it is of good quality and best Guaranteed.

But due to its Cost, many of us prefer Chinese goods. As they are cheaper with different varieties than Indian goods. We are unaware of its disadvantages.

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Arvind said: (Mar 9, 2018)  
Hi friends,

This is Arvind. As our discussion is on the comparison between Chinese Goods and Indian Goods. So, First I would like to say that Chinese goods are cheaper than Indian Goods. But the quality of Chinese Goods is less than Indian Goods. And we know that in India, there are 60% population belong to middle class family and 20% population belong to poor family. So, these people can not afford Indian good. So they go for buying Chinese Goods. So Chinese Goods have a very big market in India than Indian Goods. If Indian companies would be able to produce cheap Goods as Chinese Goods then it is possible to remove Chinese Goods from Indian market. But nowadays it is difficult because India does not have a better technology to produce Goods cheaper than Chinese Goods. There is some other issues like taxes etc. Which increase the cost price of Indian Goods.

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Saitej said: (Mar 7, 2018)  
In my point of view, in India lot of people are passionate about the foreign goods. If anyone gets a chocolate from foreign countries, he/she will show them to all of us and tell this is a foreign chocolate. That much mad in India about foreign goods. Coming to China, it utilizes each and every opportunity and release products with same features with minimum cost. Recently some fruits like dragon fruit and kiwi come in India market. People are getting attracted to those fruits. Why because even doctors also suggesting to eat those fruits. In India fruits, guava is having a lot of vitamins as much as apple. But lack of publicity it is not getting up to it's Mark. If we encourage India goods it will increase our economy.

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Kavya said: (Mar 5, 2018)  
Indian Goods are better than Chinese Goods. But People are in more practice of buying Chinese goods, People only seeing the External features like cost, model etc. , Indian Products are Efficient, Reliable, better quality than Chinese goods. If we buy Indian goods, economical value of our country also Increases. Due to that, more number of companies also arise and it will give solution to the Unemployment problem.

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Ganesh Morye said: (Mar 5, 2018)  
Indian good is better than Chinese good, Indian wants to know the quality of Indian Product. Please suggest every Indian to by Indian goods. It has better quality as compared Chinese good, Be Indian Buy Indian. It will be progressing our country as well as yourself also.

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Himanshu Singh said: (Mar 3, 2018)  
Be it anything from needle to toys, electronic gadgets, hot water bottles, Diwali crackers you will find the Chinese version of the same in India at much cheaper price. The price of Chinese goods is 10-70% lower than that of Indian goods. Low price, bulk availability, and variety are some of the favorable features of the Chinese goods in India. Chinese products in huge quantity are put into Indian market and adversely affecting the Indian units. Chinese goods are not only affecting the domestic business and Indian market but also affecting the export market of our country. Indian goods are being replaced by 'Made in China' label both in India as well as abroad. Made in China label is slowly capturing the every segment of Indian market such as electronic goods, textile and garment industry, toys, medicines, car components etc.

Chinese products are mostly low on quality. Such as last year, on Diwali, Indian market had been flooded with Chinese crackers containing Sulphur. Sulphur is dangerous than Nitrate used by Indian cracker makers. Their low price attracted lots of buyers which really affected the revenue of the Indian cracker industry.

Another industry that has been affected so badly by the Chinese version is the toy industry in India. As per the reports of the ASSOCHAM there are so many Chinese toys in the market that Indian toy industry is finding very hard to survive. In the last 5 years near about 40% of the Indian toy companies have been shut down. Rest 20% are on the verge of closing down. In the last 4-5 years near about 2000 SMEs have been closed down. The ASSOCHAM has also revealed that China has the largest toy market in the world and enjoys 45% of the total share whereas India has a very little part in this and enjoys just 0. 51% share. Indian manufacturers serve 20% of the market and the rest is served by China and Italy. In the period between 2001-2012, the total import of the Indian toy industry has increased by 25. 21%. It is expected that toy industry will grow further. Chinese products have also led to the shutdown of 60% of industrial units in Thane and Bhivandi. Hence there are many industries and manufacturers who are facing the heat of Chinese competition.

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Roopsmc said: (Mar 1, 2018)  
Indian goods are best goods while compared to Chinese goods because Chinese people made their goods with cheap materials it's not a quality product. But our Indian goods made with quality materials. So our goods are best by comparing with Chinese goods. But our people buy Chinese goods because it is available in low price but they don't know product. Finally, my suggestion is to buy our products it helps you and our country.

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Prahlada said: (Feb 28, 2018)  
In my point of view, Indian goods are better than Chinese goods because Indian companies use quality raw materials and Indian goods are strong when compared to Chinese goods. Chinese goods are broken in real time use.

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Ashwini Shivakumar said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

As I'm an Indian, my support is always to Indian Goods. It doesnt mean that I don't like chinese goods. I even like chinese goods. Its very cheaper. And it fulfills many people. But it has no guarantee. And it can used only once. When we come to Indian Goods. It is made with best raw materials. And it lasts for a lifetime. Indian Goods are bit costiler compared to Chinese Goods but Indian Goods guranatees but at the same time we cannot give guarantee to Chinese goods. But according to me both Goods are good. If the people standard is good they go for costly products. But if the people in the middle range they go to save money and they prefer low cost goods. But in my view Indian products are best. Because when we pay high cost also. It lasts for our life time.

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Mukesh said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
According to my view, Indian goods are better to compare to Chinese product because Indian goods are having initiative and long life compare to Chinese goods. Indian goods are having guaranty and warranty both provide but chines goods are not having any guaranty or warranty or in which time Chinese goods are the break we don't know and one of the thing is Chinese product are cheaper compared to Indian goods but they are not having any good quantity compare this. So my opinion is Indian goods are better to compare to Chinese good.

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Himanshu Rawat said: (Feb 25, 2018)  
In my opinion, Chinese goods should ban in our country. As our country should use Indian goods which makes our country strong in business, the economy of our country. I know its difficult to totally ban all Chinese goods but by slowly refusing to buy the Chinese product make our country strong enough. As we listening to the news about china's product are not good for health and safety. Due to the China door, many people got harmed due to this. As this product, there is other China product which does harm people. I think Indians should use Indian products more as possible.

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Parmod Mighani said: (Feb 24, 2018)  
I think that Indian goods are better than Chinese goods because if we use Chinese goods then it will increase the import from China. Due to this GDP (Gross Domestic Product) will decrease and it badly affects the Indian economy. GDP=Exports-Imports.

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Shubhangi said: (Feb 24, 2018)  
We all know that Chinese goods is so famous among the market. Mostly peoples are attracted towards the Chinese products. Some of the reasons for buying the Chinese good are these are less expensive. These look so attractive. But we have ever thought about the fact that. China doesn't celebrate Rakshabandhan but sells Rakhis. China doesn't celebrate Diwali but uses to sell lamps and crackers. China doesn't worship our god but use to sell our god's pictures and statues. So as an Indians we must encourage our country product. If we encourage our country product. We start buying our country products it will help our country's economy to grow up and it will provide people more and more employment. The economic level of our country will also grow up.

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Durga said: (Feb 23, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

I think the Indian products has to be given more importance as being a citizen of India we have to encourage the policies and the schemes that introduced by the government Our PM Narendra Modi has come with the 'Make In India initiative' to build best in the class manufacturing infrastructure in the country Modi wanted to reduce imports and to be self-reliant. So we have to opt for the Indian goods.

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Vikas Kasaudhan Prince said: (Feb 23, 2018)  
Indian goods really best ever in comparison of the Chinese goods. Because Indian goods have long ability & repairing too much better.

Thank you.

Rate this: +11 -2

Aniket Chakraborty said: (Feb 22, 2018)  
Indian goods are better than chinese products. Indian products can be repaired and also be reused but the chinese products have to be disposed off if any fault occurs in them. This is especially in the case of electronic goods. Indian goods have a greater longsibility than the chinese goods. Although chinese goods are much cheaper than Indian goods but still I think that Indian goods are better than other.

Rate this: +8 -3

Varsha said: (Feb 22, 2018)  
I think Indian goods are better than Chinese goods because the quality of Indian goods is better than Chinese goods.

Rate this: +21 -7

Sudhir Kumar Panda said: (Feb 21, 2018)  
Personally, I prefer Indian products over Chinese products.

The main points that attract human mind are Decorative, Innovative, Simple and Low Cost and the Chinese goods mainly cover all of these points. That's why they spread and grow easily in the world not only in India.

Beside of these Indian goods mainly focused on durability not only on attractive points.

That's why the price of Indian goods are higher.

And the most Laging point is that people prefer goods of low cost over, considering all the good points of goods.

Both goods have it own speciality but in different trades like Chinese are good in Technical goods while India is mainly good in the Traditional item.

Conclusion:- we have understood the people requirement and to make it available in optimum price so that our GDP increase.

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Hari Krishna said: (Feb 20, 2018)  
At my point,

Chinese gets more than 60% income from India because it's very cheap rate & at a time compared to our goods more features.

It's not about Christian about our good/products. Our company need to produce more valuable & low-cost goods to the nation.

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Hassic said: (Feb 20, 2018)  
In my point of view,

Mostly in our country we are giving more importance to Chinese goods only. So our Indian goods are getting down in usage. But foreign countries took many ideas from our Indian goods and they developing the speciality of their goods.

But I hope, In future in our country we mostly use our country goods by neglecting Chinese goods.

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Alok said: (Feb 19, 2018)  
Indian goods are relatively better due to 2 main reasons:

* Product quality & long life.
* To grow Indian economy.

Rate this: +7 -2

Manju said: (Feb 16, 2018)  
Hi all,

I studied my engineering in the city where lot many small-scale industries were there and just below my building I use to watch entire process of sewing and coloring of a saree, I know the pain of merchants selling good products at lowest prices so the point is those people who are saying ban Chinese products is not going to happen because of both countries government financial and marketing agreements, we bargain on roadside vendors in India but pay double in malls, this vision should change.

Where freshly grown vegetables directly from the farmers are negotiable and unhygienic on the road but slippers and shoes were going to showrooms, this should change. Support local merchants and skill India policy by Modiji use Indian made products as much as possible.

Personally, I support Indian Goods because we are developing, digitalizing and growing in all directions.

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Ravindra said: (Feb 15, 2018)  
In olden days, Indians are habituated to use of Chinese products because the cost of the product was low compared to the other products. Compared to the other products, durability and reliability of India products will be last long in present days. Chinese products attracts the people like who want the lower price of product in better way.

Use India products to increase our country wealth and improve our nation.

Rate this: +19 -2

Devang said: (Feb 15, 2018)  
No doubt Chinese goods are cheaper than the Indians goods. But if we talk about the durability of the product then Chinese good are somewhat lacking in that. They don't have the life. And moreover, it should be banned to protect our domestic producers and industries. If we talk about the automobile industry approx 65% of auto parts are imported from China just because they are cheaper and due to this our small or medium-size firms are not able to survive in that competition. Secondly, we don't have the good relations with the china. If we boycott trade relations with Pakistan the why shouldn't with China also. They are attacking our army.

Rate this: +18 -3

Prakash said: (Feb 14, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

In my opinion, on this topic is goods have improved the country. This is common to all countries. Indian country country give lot of opportunities for the people. The most of the people use this opportunity. In my point of view Chinese country goods are mobile phones and some electrical components. This are the main goods of the Chinese country. Indian country good is the cultrs and agricultural this are the important goods of the Indian country.

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Dev said: (Feb 13, 2018)  
As we know India is a developing country. Diversity factor is more here most of the people live in rural areas so investment in the company is still going and rapidly increases with the slogan of MAKE IN INDIA campaign by Narendra Modi. Indian goods are reliable effective and carry good lifespan with the guarantee period which is not provided in the Chinese goods but one major problem is the cost of the goods is more of Indian product rather than Chinese goods so the people focus on Chinese product. Chinese goods make in bulk amount also raw material cost and electronics are a chip in cost the overall cost reduced of Chinese goods. IN India now some leading company makes their own quality product with chip rates like as Patanjali.

Rate this: +17 -3

Karan said: (Feb 12, 2018)  
I do agree that most of the Indians look for cheaper options for products available in the market, thus the Chinese products get the opportunity to enter the Indian market on the larger scale.

The Chinese products are manufactured on a larger scale thus the production cost is lower down. Whereas if you consider Indian products they are not manufactured on a larger scale as much as Chinese products and so the prices go higher than the Chinese products. The reason behind not producing the Indian products on a larger scale is that there is less demand for Indian products in the market as they are costlier than Chinese products. Though the Chinese goods have very less durability they are available at a reasonable rate and people often tend to go for that option. I know the market price is going way too higher but we need to understand the urgency of it and start opting for Indian products. Slowly and gradually it's going to be on track and eventually when there is demand for Indian products the manufacturing cost will reduce and so will the cost of the product. Then we can start exporting more than importing which will help India grow in a better way.

Rate this: +10 -3

Sripal Reddy said: (Feb 9, 2018)  
According to my point of view, China has good command on the international market because of more than 60% aged and experienced present in population additional to that govt of leveeing less taxes on auction comparingly other countries and low electricity charges, more resource availability, up to date with the technology are advantages over the other countries. See china not only producing cheap quality goods but also exporting quality goods to developed countries like usa, england etc but comming to Indian conditions mostof Indian popuilation is poor to middle class they don't have the power to spend more money for Indian good instead getting china googs with cheaper price so it is not a fault of our citizen but its our system to check this problem now a days govt pushing make in India proggrammes to attract Indian youth as wellas foriegn companies to encourage themto establish in Indian taxes also becoming simple it enables easy doing of bussiness and encouraging the Indian companies like patanjali etc my cnclussion is govt can't stop the in flux of chineis goods but increasing taxes on foreign goods and redducing taxes on Indian companies so some what it will be hel[p in ballancing the prices and as an Indian citizen if we can spend 1 or 2 rupees more for same good our prime impotance should for Indian good this is our indirect participation in war with china beyond our soldiers thank you jai hind jai bharath.

Rate this: +36 -5

Anand said: (Feb 6, 2018)  
Hello friend.

In my point of view, Chinese product are low cost because of manufacturing and labour cost are low and electricity is also low price compare to India that the reason Chinese product are low price.

I am also say that Indian government care to Indian company, low price in electricity and some give benefit in Income tax than Indian product are low price.

Rate this: +23 -12

Abhay said: (Feb 6, 2018)  
I think the reason behind existing of Chinese company product in India is our fault because the Indian companies are not trying to make such products which fulfil the requirements of poor and middle-class people of the country. Indian companies make a high-cost product which can not afford by any poor people of the country, so they attract among the cheap cost product of Chinese company. If companies of our country start manufacturing such type of product which can fulfil the requirements of country people, then I'm sure there will be no more existence of any Chinese company.

Rate this: +35 -7

Thahir Hussain said: (Feb 6, 2018)  
I agree with you all.

Everyone wants to develop of our India, but the people think whatever happens I'll use the product which is available in there cost. That is the main reason to develop the chines goods. If Indians can avoid one year using of chines products China's economy will decrease.

If the people want to develop of India, please follow the GANDHIJI'S words use the Indian goods, avoid foreign goods.

Thank you.

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Pathan Shahebaz said: (Feb 4, 2018)  
I think Chinese goods are comparatively low cost but mostly they have minimum life span.

Whereas Indian goods are expensive but comparatively provide better service.

Chinese goods have latest technology implemented in them and provide better quality.

Indian goods sometimes lack quality in them.

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Sasikumar said: (Feb 4, 2018)  
Hello friends, this is Sasikumar, today we are here to discuss the comparison of Chinese and Indian goods, we all already know about the Chinese product, they are mostly concentrated in the human comfort and reduction of cost but not concentrated about the durability of the product. They are having more knowledge about world marketing situations, how they make it?

In my point of view, the country China has the most of peoples aged more than 60 years, so this country is known as the eldest nation in the world, so they're having so much of experiences in the field of marketing, that also one of the reasons behind their success.

I would like to explain a simple example for that,

The Chinese product like a paper cup for drinking a tea, it is a cheapest and easily available one and also one-time use, In other words, less durability.

The Indian product like a ceramic cups, it is costly one and more durable when compared to Chinese product.

The other things that the China export products more than the import.

Most of the Chinese products like a Diwali crackers, electrical and electronic products, torch lights, mobile phones, lock, watches, cosmetic things, make up thinks, domestic used products.

So, I conclude that, I am an Indian I swear that only use Indian products for improving our Indian economy, if we continuously use Indian products then most of the Indians are ready to manufacture that product in a bulk production then there are many industries and as well as employment availability, please try to implement friends. Change is a must one for India.

Rate this: +64 -3

Dattaraj said: (Feb 3, 2018)  
No, I think we must realize the reality that there must be some reason why most Chinese products run the market and not Indian. Now take an eg of mobile phones. How many of you are having mobile phones belonging to Chinese brand. Mi Lenovo. Why not Indian mobile phones. Is it only the price that's lacking no? The quality also lacks. Why Samsung buyers are huge even though it's prices are high. Because of the quality. So my saying it is required to improve the quality of our products in order to overcome Chinese products.

Rate this: +16 -9

Singh said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
I think Indian goods are far better than Chinese goods because the quality of Indian goods are good and long lasting but the prices are too high so people can't afford and on the other side, quality of the Chinese goods are not good but the rate of products are cheaper so everyone can afford this that's why Chinese products are surviving. Chinese goods are cheaper because their labour cost and raw materials are cheaper from any other country.

In China, they have one rule 'think big, think global'. They follow the concept of dumping to sustain the market.

Rate this: +51 -5

Jenny Mittal said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
I agree to boycott Chinese products in India. Because there are many reasons for that. The first is bad quality, there is no guarantee of Chinese products they are not the qualitative but Indian product is. Indian products are more qualitative than Chinese. Second is environmental pollution, according to to the study of the of the researcher DAVIS Chinese industries reliance on coal and because of this produced more Carbon die oxide which is harmful for our enamourment. And they found that steel mills, petrochemical plants in Yunnan, Shanxi are among China's dirtiest industries. By knowing that all things how can we used Chinese products. Indian products are very qualitative. India has more and more engineers and most of them are bilingual. India is the fastest growing country and according to recent data in past 4 -years India`s exports increased by 44%. And they contribute to our gross economy growth. So we have to contribute to our country`s GDP growth by using Indian products not Chinese. By this our exports will increase and imports will decrease which is good for our economy.

Rate this: +7 -6

Manisha said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
Both Indian goods and Chinese goods have their own pros and cons. When we compare them in quality obviously Indian goods are far better than Chinese but in case of cost Chinese are cheaper than Indian goods. So depending on the budget and financial status one posses people are choosing b/w Indian goods and Chinese. As in Indian, the percentage of middle class and poor exists the most they are preferring Chinese products the most. But we being Indians should choose and promote our goods in order to increase our Indian economic conditions and consequently employment opportunities also get increased.

Thank you.

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Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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