Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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Sahil Singh said: (Oct 16, 2017)  
Though there is no comparison of Indian and Chinese goods there is no denying fact that Chinese products have brought a revolution in Indian market same as Jio brings in the telecom industry. Chinese goods, on one hand, are not durable and efficient but they are available at very cheap rates. If you compare Chinese goods with Indian goods then you will find that in the same price range Chinese goods are technologically more advanced and they have much more features than Indian goods. If we go back 10 years ago, then You will find that Indian goods are very costlier but Chinese goods gave a tough competition to Indian goods and as a result, the rates decrease which become affordable for middle-class people.

In a nutshell, I want to conclude that though Chinese goods are not durable for a short-term tenure you can enjoy many features at cheaper rates.

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Shan said: (Oct 15, 2017)  
Thanks to everyone for give me opportunity say something about this topic. Its a very intresting topic chinese goods or Indian goods firstly we have put some points why chinese product are more consume then Indian product. China have a more technology, raw material and the skilled labour thats why they are more success. Chinese blieve work for there own country that why they are sucess. They are sucess because there government help and appriciate to there citizen. They are sucess because they don't belive export more or import less. In present time when our honerable prime minister announced "make in india" concept there are many invester are intrested to invest in India that the big news for us and this is the huge step towards the sucess.

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Aman said: (Oct 14, 2017)  
Since reaching the 21st century the China has rapidly grown. The exports of china has increased up to 11.0% this July 17 while imports are only 7.2%. Now the fact is that china is earning much more as compare to what it is spending on its imports which is quite impressive. And why is this all happening because they are introducing more innovative and creative products at a reasonable price in the Indian market. And everyone knows how big the Indian market is. Now take an example of mobile brands. I know everyone knows Micromax which was one of the leading mobile company. But when the Xiaomi entered with MI series in the Indian market with new features at affordable price, it soon become one top leading company in India. Now, if we are talk about make in india, in case of xiaomi only the parts are assembled in India. So MAKE IN INDIA is just the same word for assembled in India. So, being patriotic and boycotting chinese products is not the only thing or solution. To beat chinese product we need to smart work not the hard work.

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Niladri Pramanik said: (Oct 13, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

We all know that the world has become very competitive. Every other country wants to dominate over the other, so is China. China has a huge market not only in India but across the globe in the field of electronics, toys, household appliances, etc. From small to big thing, from pair of scissors to a computer our homes are filled by Chinese goods. The main reason for their dominance is cheapness in their prices. As far as India is concerned we don't have any chip manufacturing company in India. Hence we are lacking in technology.

Because of several border conflicts made by China, many of us have decided to boycott Chinese goods.

But that isn't so easy. People of our country say that we should ban using phones made by Chinese companies and should buy phones made by Indian companies. But the fact is that these so-called Indian companies in the name of making in India, what they do is buy the entire body of the phone from China and give a label of their company on it. I have seen my friends on social media posting a screenshot of uninstalling uc browser, Chinese browsing app to show their anger against China. But the phones that they are using have a label of companies like Micromax, Intex and others which use rebranded phones brought from China. By saying all these it does not mean that I don't love India, I love my country like every Indian. What I feel is that only boycotting Chinese product can't help in promoting Indian goods, but we have to make our products so much technology advanced that we can give a head to head competition to China and also get appreciated from the whole world for our goods.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead of you.

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Shashikanta said: (Oct 13, 2017)  
Its definitely a topic to be discussed. My opinion is first we must aware what is going on. I need a good brand mobile thet will help me in every case eg. Apple, honor, mi.

But if there is an Indian product which have performance nearer to the above then I will buy it. Who are saying stop chinese product, you must get graduation and start a company with best products, why should we go for other countries if we have best in our country.

Another fact is that. In summer people went on social media to uninstalluc browser and dwnld other Indian broswer.

My brother done it and later we found that the browser named as 'indian browser' this app is published by other country people.

So first clean yourself then see others. You must think if we have a good browsing app, why should we go for other countrymanmde browser. And we need better quality than uc browser, we will definitely go for it.

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Abhay Pratap Singh said: (Oct 11, 2017)  
Hello friends,

We are living in a very competitive world. There is a cut-throat competition between the companies and as well as the countries. If a person wants to buy a product first he goes for the research and looks for the latest and economical product, so here in most of the cases the Chinese products fulfill their requirements that's why they buy Chinese products.

We can't totally boycott Chinese products. The world is round. When we are not good in something we need to import that and vise versa.

In the case of India and China, we can't fight them only by nationalism and some other emotional slogan and posts on social media. We can change it by improving our quality, our productivity, and our service. When our product is better and cheaper than Chinese product then people themselves buy Indian products. So we can work on it by increasing our skills, technologies and with some strategy. Because you can't forcefully make any customer to buy your product.

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Suman Aswal said: (Oct 10, 2017)  
People are saying that we should not buy Chinese products. But how do we know if the product is Chinese?

So you are saying Redmi phones are Chinese and we should not buy them, ok good then what should we buy, name an Indian company, FYI Micromax imports parts from China and assemble here so technically it is a Chinese company too.

You can say this mobile is Chinese that machine is Chinese but there are so many Chinese things in the market with "made in India" tag on them.

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Mohammed Rayaan said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
My self Mohammed Rayaan.

As we know our country majorly relies on the import from other countries. China is a major business partner of our country. China is a well developed country when compared with our country interms of many things. India was a golden country until british occupied us. If british would not have invaded, our country would have been the leading nation of the world, which we are on the way of becoming a leading nation.

Talking about chinese goods. Yes, china has excelled in the field of production. But its product are not guranteed like its relationship with us. It is one of the biggest import market of the world.

But development without any gurantee is waste. Chinese technology has played a key role in his era of technology.

Talking about our country.

First I would like to tell about an historic scheme of 'MAKE IN INDIA', started by our prime minister Narendra Modi.

MAKE IN INDIA has really promoted our workers to produce the desi goods. Even the investers are interested in our country. Our goods are of guarantee, not harmfull to health.

Yet our country still lags in terms of export. Our companies need to step up an create a belief in the minds of world that even we are pretty capable of every thing if chance provided.

So, MAKE IN INDIA is a good platform for our country to excell in production.

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Krishna Kant Singhal said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Hello friends,

Yes, I want to tell something related to this. In India 60 percent people who belongs to medium class and 20 percent people belongs to below poverty line and rest belongs to hire class. People who belongs to below poverty line they want cheap commodities because they can't buy expensive product. China made cheap product so they are used in India due its cost and India made product are expansive to china product so low class people can't buy those thing. Medium class people 60 percent use India made product and 40 percent china product and hire class people are able to buy expansive product. Take an example of smart phone some mobiles are in the market, low class people can't buy Apple I phone because they mobile has more cost arround 50000 and this cost is very much high so they buy local simple china mobile. And second example of china made decorating lights which are used in diwali decoration is a eample that every one use china made product. In my opinion if India make low cost and durable product it is the benefit for India economical strength and prosperity because every one can use these produt without and hesitation of money. If India made low cost product By which we can remove the china item in our market so govt. Gives many effort to remove the uses of china item. Our honorable PM Narendra modi has already bane on the uses of china item so that India can develop.

Be safe and live long with Indian product.

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Kotikala Jithendra Prasad said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
Hello guys.

I think we have to produce the goods in very large basis. We have to gradually decrease the import rate from the China. And we have to make products like China. If we make believe to Indian people that our products are also better than Chinese products then everyone will buy our Indian products. The main reason I think we are India's progress pull backward is the politicians in our country. They only play the politics for the voting bank and power of seats.

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Malatesh Daddikoppa said: (Oct 8, 2017)  
Hi everyone.

I am Malatesh Daddikoppa

Chinese goods vs Indian goods.

In my view, we need to concentrate on Indian products but 70 percent of the population prefer Chinese products who are those:

Indian population categories 3 types
1. Poor peoples
2.middle class peoples peoples
Out of 100 percent, 60 percent peoples are from middle-class family and 20 percent peoples from poor family remaining 20 percent peoples from a rich family.
Out of 80 percent in the middle class and poor class family, 65 percent peoples want to buy Chinese products because those products are cheap but more quantity. Only 15 percent from a middle class and 20 percent from rich peoples want to buy Indian products.

Disadvantages for buying Chinese products:

1) reduce employment rate.
Because when we buy Chinese products in production activities reduce in India automatically employment rate comes down.
2) reduce economic growth.
Economic growth reduce for buying Chinese products so we need buy Indian products only.

Advantages of buying Indian products.

1) long lasting
2) increase employment rate
3) increase economic growth

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Arpita said: (Oct 6, 2017)  
Just ban on products.

Chinese goods are cheaper as they are produced in large factories/establishments where per unit cost of an item is reduced due to benefits from economies of scale.

A large number of indirect and direct tax concessions to manufacturing from the government;.

Seamless integration with supply chain and foreign trade routes.

Also, China also lowers the value of many goods it sells to first capture a market and then strategically raises the price later. However, we must understand that market research done by China is such that it dumps cheaper, low-value goods into India while it also produces high-value goods or spare parts for other countries.

Indian goods is not produced on a large scale so they automatically become expensive. A better prospect for India could be using large industrial parks for integrated manufacturing to together produce affordable goods profitably.

Also, while one must avoid Chinese goods for bettering our economy, for the poor and lower middle-class Indians the Chinese products provide better value for money.

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V Seema said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
Hi friends today I like to talk about the topic Chinese goods vs Indian goods.

As we all know, that in this developing technology we all Indian's uses Chinese products only. In other word's we can say that we all are adicted to chinese products. By using their product we are helping them to improve their nation. But By doing this we all are lagging behind.

All I want to say is By reducing the use of Chinese product let us help our country to grow. We are not unable to do all those products which Chinese do. We are capable to do all those things what they do.

If we start producing our own Indian product it will be helpful for us in many ways like it will remove unemployment, it will improve country's economy and more scientists will arise and moreover, we are confident about ourselves that we are using our product.

Compare to Chinese goods Indian goods are the best. Nowadays government also encourages people to bye Indian products only. And I kindly welcome this.

So we all try our best to use our country product only and By doing this let take our country at a very high position so that nobody can beat us. Let love our country, love our culture and love our own products.

Thank you.

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Ramjit said: (Oct 4, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

First of all, it is not about why our government is not banning the Chinese goods in India. The problem is we are promoting to them to sell their products in our country. If we will stop buying this Chinese product then automatically there sales will go down after a shorter time of period they will suffer a huge loss by exporting their product to our country and they will take that step to stop doing business with India.

Our government is not going to stop a business dealing with Chinese government because it is giving a good platform towards a developing country like India. It will help to increase and the better economy of our country.

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Abhishek Dubey said: (Oct 3, 2017)  
Banning Chinese good is a good option. Many politicians and social worker appeal to ban using Chinese product. My question is why don't everyone appeal government to stop their business in India why Indian government is allowing them to spread their business in India why are they exporting their products to India. Government should stop them and even decrease prices of Indian products. Saying everyone to stop using their products doesn't make sense.

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Rkm said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
Good evening everyone.

As we all know the position of India in the field of development and employment. Every year a lot of people running here and there for the job. I think the ban of Chinese product not only give an opportunity to the unemployed employees of our country but also it will increase the economy of India.

As we well know the Chinese product is cheapest and easily available anywhere because they have suffered from a lot of problems. So now they have a better technology to increase the productivity at a low cost.

The ban of Chinese product definitely will create a lot of problems in the growth of our nation but after a few years, we will definitely get a strong economy.

Believe on that which is your own not on those which are others, because of your own thing always with you.

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Pandu said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
I think, Chinese goods comes the good features with poor quality with affordable cost. Many common people wants to get good features at low cost. That advantage of human mind gained by the chinese companies and the promote their products in those ways. If you want a good quality you will get at little more price in chinese goods.

Coming to Indian goods, they are good quality with the high price. This high price due to lack of technical development in Indian companies. Most of the Indian companies don't have any R&D sections and they import their knowledge of manufacture from other foreign companies.

Indian is the one of the largest exporter of many raw materials like cotton, Iron etc. These would be return to India by adding value by foreign companies. For example of cotton exported to china fro India then the good designed clothes imported to India with higher price.

So, before blaming not to use Chinese goods, encourages the Indian entrepreneurs to establish new companies using the schemes like make in india, Telangana's one window policy and collaboration of Indian industries and acdamic and reserach institutions. It helps in many ways like reduction in unemployment, growth of Indian agriculture and industry sector and overall growth of Indian economy. If we make and promote our goods with good features, quality and at cheaper price. Then reduction of imports of chinese good occurs itself.

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Sujit said: (Oct 2, 2017)  
Hi guys,

I am Sujit going to talk about Chinese goods and Indians goods.

First of all, I would like to mention that we are Indian, so we have to support it. But if we see the on other hands, Chinese goods are good than Indian only because of the price but if we give a look at quality India goos are much better than Chinese goods.

The reason of low price of Chinese goods is raw materials. China is having more sources to get raw material what India doesn't have. For manufacturing, India depends on China so China got to know the weakness of India. Now China and India are a competitor of each other.

If we look at the quality, the price of Chinese goods and Indian goods there are more different. All electronics goods of China is not good at all what Indian goods having. Indians are preferring Chinese goods because at a low price they are getting more facilities.

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Masum Sk said: (Oct 1, 2017)  
According to me, Indians goods is good than China. In case of electronic products China have more features but it has not long life than Indian products. On the other hand for eating purpose India is no one, no doubt it. Indian clothes, furniture, motor vehicle etc are also good but these all things very costly.

Thank you.

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Parag Mittal said: (Sep 29, 2017)  
Good morning.

I say Indian goods are better in case of toys and in case of mobile phones, Chinese goods are better. Toys manufactured by Indian goods are of good quality and are safe as the toys made in China are made of used contraceptives which is not at all good. The Indian mobile phones are not consisting the features and have the more hanging problems, therefore Chinese a are better.

Therefore, I say that Indian and Chinese goods both are good at something.

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Deepak said: (Sep 28, 2017)  
Chinese goods is not something that Indian ones can compare. China has goods both in good and bad quality, it depends on how much you pay. IPhones are made in china and no one will say it has a bad quality. About the hazardous material, if possible you should go to china, and comparing its food, drinking water, streets, rivers or anything with Indian ones. An straightforward comparison is that Indian life expectancy is 68, while china 76, and USA 78.

As for innovation, china has Huawei whose cellphone use its own chips. Huawei's Kirin 970 is a CPU with NPU. It's the first mobile AI computing platform. You call that "not spend money on innovations and research" there are many companies like huawei in china, such as Alibaba, Baidu, Sany, BYD, DJI and many others. If that's not enough, well, china also tops the world ranks of SCI papers and patents. Furthermore, In 2016 India has the expenditures of $273.3 billion, while china has them with $2.708 trillion. It's almost 10 times of india's. Do you really think these money has little to no business with innovation?

Pleasing youself will not change the fact that India is way behind China.

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Ms Rakshit said: (Sep 27, 2017)  
According to me, China can able to make products at very low cost. But if we look for the quality, this is not so good. Though sometimes, we only look the entire product and if it is cost effective then we will go for it. Most of the Indian products have good quality. But china produces different varieties of products. But India cannot produce as much due to lack of infrastructure. For example, if we are looking for a smartphone then we like to buy Chinese phones like Motorola, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo instead of Micromax, lava, carbon. The main reason is that Chinese smartphones give us more feathers at a low cost in comparison to the Indian smartphones.

Also, there are so many Engineers from India go to abroad for upgrading themselves. If they invent some products then this foreign country gets the brand value of that product.

So if we want to increase the popularity of Indian products then we should make proper infrastructure.

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Krishna Vivek said: (Sep 27, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

There is a huge competition between India and China from the ancient period. In those days both the countries have the well-known name and fame because of their respective reigns ruled by great kings, but in last two centuries, their name was underlaid. India was surprised by Britishers for nearly 2centuries and in the same way, Chinese people were made into backward because of some internal conflicts raised in their country. Finally both the countries start competing for each other in goods and services sector after a long time.

Comparing their products, India mainly concentrates on manufacturing agriculture, textile, milk, livelihood products whereas Chinese mostly concentrate on automobiles, telecom. They seldom made livelihood products. So comparing one another is not a good idea. But they even start manufacturing the products of other departments to develop their GDP. So it's been really a good move to make their nations into a great position. Rather than saying Chinese vs India, it's better to say Chinese and Indian products.

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Adarsh said: (Sep 26, 2017)  
Hello, everyone. We all know Chinese products are of very low cost but their reliability is very low. We can't use it for a long time whereas Indian products are quite costly but it can be used for long period of times. As a new government Policy makes in India can boycott the Chinese product and improve the economy of India. So we should use our Indian products instead of Chinese product and it increases the GDP rate of India.

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Feriha said: (Sep 26, 2017)  
Hi, everyone.

As we all know Chinese goods has captured a huge market of India because of its cheap price rate. So if we make a comparison of this two goods we get a enormous difference.

1. China uses cheap materials for their products which are health and environment hazard too. But where we check quality of Indian commodity then it goes far better than Chinese goods.

2. China does not spend money on innovations and research and just imitate the goods whenever a new goods are innovated in any other countries. On the other hand, India actually spend money on this and that's why Indian product price goes up.

3. In financial year 2015-16, Indian's import from China worth 61 billion dollars whereas Indian's import to China just 9 billion dollars.

As per first two point I think we can't compare Chinese products with Indian's one as obvious Indian goods are better. But as per point 3 I just want to say please opt to purchase more and more Indian goods and try to less consume Chinese product. Because India can't impose ban on Chinese commodity since India is part of World Trade Organisation as well as India earns substantial amount of money by imposing Anti-dumping duty on specific product of China.

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Deepa Bajaj said: (Sep 26, 2017)  
Good morning to all.

As we all know that Chinese products have better features and they are available at affordable rate so people of middle class are easily purchase it. Chinese products are available at low cost it doesn't mean they have poor quality they are at low cost because they achieve their economics of scale. Marketing strategies, advertising and promotional activities of Chinese products are very good as compared to Indian products. These are the main things that attract the Indian towards Chinese products. I think Chinese products make Indian market a competitive market and it is good for our country because competition is a key to success. At the end I want to say that we can't think about ban of Chinese products in our country and think about how Indian products will become a strong competitiors of Chinese products.

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Sonal said: (Sep 25, 2017)  
We almost find Chinese product in every corner of our India from small things like China lamp to big things like mobile phone and tv's. Chinese product are sold in our country on large basis, more than Indian products. Recently there was protest on the Chinese product, but this was just for small period of time because people love Chinese products more as they are cheap and attractive. Mobile phones like lenovo, oppo n etc are sold at large quantity and from this they are getting large profit.

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Honey Singh said: (Sep 25, 2017)  
Chinese goods are not very bad. Indian people love these products for eg:- Xiaomi, Lenovo some of these companies are from China and Indian people love them very much.

Indian people find the products on very cheap rates and China give them these products on very low prices.

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Amar said: (Sep 24, 2017)  

I totally agree with avoiding CHINESE GOODS because avoiding Chinese goods will not only help INDIA in economic growth but also cures our major problem of UNEMPLOYMENT. If Chinese goods are banned then there will be need of alternative goods which causes new Industry setups which ultimately leads to employment in INDIA.

SO, I think INDIAN goods should be preferred more.

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Iammanoj said: (Sep 24, 2017)  
Hi guys,

Indian goods, despite they lack the smartness (in terms of specifications and technology that was deployed to produce them) they cost more than they deserve (compared to Chinese). We the Indians are those kinds of people that we take a big basket in one hand and less money in other hands. We always try to fill that big basket as full as possible, spending as less money as possible. This is my thinking style when I go to any market (If it's a share market we try to get more profitable shares with less money). Guess what, nearly 70% of the Indians will think in the same way. So there is no mistake in buying and encouraging Chinese products. I can or I will encourage Indian products if they could meet my needs in terms of technology and price. India exports agricultural products and many other things which India is capable of producing efficiently and to our surprise, many countries import them without any issue. So my conclusion is that encourage someone if they are rich in something let's learn it or take it from them and if we are rich just give it or make them learn.

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Paresh said: (Sep 24, 2017)  
Hi all,

As per my opinion, this topic is very important because of today's health conditions. In India Chinese food has been spread faster than Indian food. Most of the people's are preferred Chinese food, but Chinese food is very bad for our health. As per research, most of the chemical are included in Chinese food. These chemicals are very bad for our health. Indian food is always good for health, with the help of Indian food we can get lots of protein. Our culture gives lots of knowledge about the our foods. When we have food to eat that time we don't give respect to this food. When Chinese food will take replace all the Indian food. On that time we will realise that Indian food was best than Chinese food.

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Minnu said: (Sep 24, 2017)  
All Indians must use our own product. Because of our product much better than a Chinese product. When all Indians realise our quality in that time our country is must grow up very fast.

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Pratiksha Oberoi said: (Sep 23, 2017)  
As since LPG (liberalization, privatization, globalization) i.e. after 1991 more options became available to people and surely people will choose the one which is comparatively cheaper and affordable. Keeping nationality apart Chinese goods are technically and practically better for average people of India to get in touch in trending and evoluating technology.

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Nirosha said: (Sep 22, 2017)  
As I'm Indian I all ways prefer to buy Indian Goods. But sometimes we need to buy the Chinese Goods by knowingly. So we people being Indians we are Stil developing in technology and growing fast as compared to past but China is growing very fast. It's over mistake every person in India should change their attitude about our country. To remind you as Indias we are forgetting our great ancient philosophies and saying that China is growing so fast. Why? Because we are not using our opportunities properly.

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Vinayak Parab said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
I think, the quality of the goods provided by the Indians is good as compared to that of Chinese one. But the cost of the product is very much high. And if we compare both the product one can easily go for buying Chinese one because they are chipper and also they are affordable from cost point of view.

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Bhagwan said: (Sep 20, 2017)  
In my point of view.

If we see the difference between Indian people and Chinese people what is the main difference is that the Chinese people have a nationalism. If the Indian product is launched in Chinese market they don't buy our products they buy the product that's why the China is growing fast.

My conclusion is that the Indian people have to change their mindset.

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Ratan Rau said: (Sep 19, 2017)  
The Indian goods give quality and it contains less chemical use butt the Chinese goods having less price but they are harmful to our body.

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Pranav said: (Sep 18, 2017)  
Hai friends.

We know all of you Chinese products is less expensive and well-designed products as compared to Indian products. In my point of view, the major reason is Chinese goods has very good advertising the products and attract the customers coming to Indian side the most of Indian's preferred for low-cost Indian products have high expensive but some quality and less advertising the products and also our Indian govt has not support to launch new products please supporting for new companies and to increase advertising the products to attract the customers.

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Bhruguram Barik said: (Sep 17, 2017)  
In my point of view, the basic reason behind the sale of more Chinese goods is less price, more attractive to see and could be affordable Indians easily because d India has more middle-class people they can't afford the luxurious products.

India's goods are mostly domestic products and less technological smart than China and that's the basic reason by which we are far below than there products.

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Subhradeep Basu said: (Sep 16, 2017)  
A country should export things in which it has specialization. Admiringly China is much sophisticated in terms of electronic goods than India, whereas India exports software solutions, copper, automobile and biochemicals to China.

It's like: you are good with quants and I'm good with verbal; We will teach each other to score well in apti exam. So, the same thing is happening in between the countries (India and China), thereby improving each others' economy.

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Santosh Kumar Achary said: (Sep 16, 2017)  
Use of Indian goods is much helpful to the country as it will increase the country GDP and will increase the manufacturing hub in the country but in other hand most of the people in India are middle class people and watch out their pockets to buy economically goods and china being a country having cheap labours, latest technology, mass production and better marketing strategy able to produce products at low cost specifically targeting its customers, so at present as India don't possess those technology and facilities it is better to use chinese products rather than dependent on other countries to buy the same product at elevated price.

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Hemasri said: (Sep 15, 2017)  
We all know that Chinese goods are very cheap. And also one time used products. There are not branded and guaranteed also. According to me it is very harmful to use also. But there have cheap cost. So people attracted that side. Coming to Indian products there are efficiency and long lasting goods but price is not affordable as compared to Chinese. If we want to brought a good product the cost should be considered as per their product. In my opinion the Indian product as the best forever.

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Raghava said: (Sep 15, 2017)  
Chinese goods are very cheap and they are best designed products, but they are very delicated. We don't have warranty on these products. But when we come to Indian goods they are somehow expensive than chinese goods but they are good products. Even we can get warranty in our Indian goods. And Indian goods are well secured products. So, use Indian products.

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Akku said: (Sep 14, 2017)  

Now we can see chinese products are gaining large market in India. It is not because of its quality it is bcause indians are always looking for cheaper advanced products But the danger behind these products are not considered. In my opinion, Indian products are always better and safer than Chinese products ie why recently even our govt is about to think of banning Chinese mobile phones due to the finding that Chinese mobile phones are prone to terrorist hacking. By using Indian goods we get a better product as well as we could impart in our countries growth. So while using every cheaper Chinese product keep in mind there are some unveiled dangerous.

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Divya said: (Sep 13, 2017)  

In my opinion, Indian products are the best one. The Chinese product's appearance only attract the customers. But the quality will be not worthy because they use cheapest raw materials that's why they sell at low cost also. But the Indian goods are made by best raw materials and live for long time. Finally I request you people, don't stay on Chinese products because of its low cost, it will cause high issues in future. Believe and bye Indian goods then Improve growthness of Indian Economy.

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Ayush Nautiyal said: (Sep 12, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

As we all know about the Chinese products selling is higher than the Indian goods in Indian market. Now question is why so? Because Chinese goods are cheaper and Indians LIG, MIG are those type of people who will gonna fight in, if unfortunately vegetables vendors would say rate one rs high of onion today. So, Indians are not bother about the quality. So first reason is because of Indians mindset regarding prices of product, Chinese goods are being sold more.

Next reason is there is no any barriers has been put in entry of Chinese goods. As we all know quality of Chinese products are not good, even then there is no barriers has been put for the entry of such a product. There should be a proper checking in process while coming in an Indian market of Chinese goods.

Third reason is Chinese goods are in so cheaper rate which can not be beaten by Indian manufacturers. So, Indian people should make the economies of scale and assess the full value of money.

Thank you all.

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Pankaj Sahoo said: (Sep 12, 2017)  
In my opinion India products good according to Chinese product China is used too cheap raw material for cheap product and then sell low cost in Indian market low cost product demand high ex-Chinese smartphone. India products used good raw material for better used and long time used product it costly but long lasting. Then My opinion all Indian should be used Indian Product for Indian Economy growth.

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Geetika said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
This situation is faced due to not healthy relation with India and China, I know Chinese products are cheap and easily available and it is difficult for people to shift to Indian products which is not easily attainable and costly as compare to Chinese but we have to prohibit these products in sake of our country as the money which we are giving in exchange to these products are used as a weapon to destroy us.

Our ancestors have done the same by boycotting British products result to massive loss of Britishers and it was one of the reasons why they back off.

Our present PM also started MAKE IN INDIA program so that other countries come in India and make their products so that our countries money should remain in our country.

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Kavya Cd said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
Hello everybody;.

Chines products are cheaper than Indian product, as we all know the fact that in India most of the people are middle cast. So everybody influences on chines product. Indian products are much expensive but had good quality over a period of time & our Indians are more intelligent have lot of knowledge they have to explore here only not in other countries.

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K.V.Prathyusha said: (Sep 10, 2017)  
Hello everyone:

Let us come to fact points about banning process of CHN pro in IND. This concept evolved due to conflicts between nations. In my point of view, it supports our nation into a direction of creating curiosity, research, work out for our self-development.

At any point of time IND citizens will be specialized in different domains, so we are good enough with our knowledge, skills, dedication. From then IND no needs to depend on foreign countries & also enough capacity to support others nations.

Now, if CHN goods ban process is supportive in our nation its a big advantage to our country growth, the final result of this project will show upper hand by INDIANS.

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Chaithra said: (Sep 9, 2017)  
Yes. I see discussing this topic is useful in many ways. As we are asked is Chinese or Indian product best. I would choose Indian product not for being an Indian w e buy some products, for example, starting electronic gadgets to the small plastic toy. Kids use a toy and even they use gadgets. As Chinese products are of lower cost, yes what makes them the cheaper price is low-quality raw material. This can cause any kind of dangers when kids eat them by chance. As well they are of lower quality and durability is less.

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Sanjeev Naik said: (Sep 9, 2017)  
Good evening to all of you,

According to me, I m totally against of Chinese goods because as we all know that china product is cheaper and poor quality and they only have good feature but low quality than Indian product. And in my country the all product has best quality so I request to all please be aware for the duplicate product of China.

And use Indian product especially I would like to say, literate people.

Jai hind Jai Bharat.

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Vishwajeet Parihar said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
I am going to ponder your attention towards Doklam strategy of China which is directly related to chinese goods because China don't want to cut down their growth rate because they had invested about 870 billion USD in India and after ban of chinese goods completely they almost lost their GDP hence it's better to be with Indian goods and in slow approch India should try to enhance their production capabilities and produce the product at cheaper rate no need of enormous engineering degree at all.

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Ramya said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

Indian goods are best quality they invest more money to produce goods thats why cost is more, and chinese goods are low quality their life time is very less becase this reason cost is low. In our India more families middile class so they preffer low cost things.

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Manikanta said: (Sep 8, 2017)  
Hello Friends,

I saw many people are saying that china products are of low quality and cheap, yeah they are cheap when compared to so many countries but there is myth that "China products are of low quality" but my dear friends all china products are not low quality products and Chinese people can produce premium quality as well as low quality products and they are cheap because they are achieving economies of scale.

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Mike said: (Sep 7, 2017)  
Hello friends,

According to me, banning of China products is not a good idea rather companies in India has to focus more on economies of scale, so that companies can produce and sell the goods at reasonable price and I differ with Mr.Pankaj Pandey, all the goods which are cheaper does not mean that they are weak or non-safety products, China sells products which are of very high quality and as well as low quality they sell it low because they achieve economies of scale.

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Sibasish said: (Sep 7, 2017)  
Chinese products low price and one customer is impressive this product buy now and this is the main reasion for India market and India product to not sale is a main reasion. Thank you. All of you.

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Subhajit said: (Sep 7, 2017)  
Hi friends.

Chinese goods are qualityless still the middle-class people of India prefer buying Chinese goods only because it is cheap. Suppose for example a smartphone, within the middle-class person's budget the feature he needs in his phone will be provided by a Chinese phone not an Indian phone. So it is obvious he will buy a China made phone. But when measured on quality the Chinese phone lacks behind, but it does not bother the Indian middle class.

China's economic growth is very high because the production is in bulk and the companies grill their human resource for 12 to 14 hrs daily. They import raw materials from all over the world and export them to the whole world.

As part India's economy is concerned it is on a growing stage. And in regards to the ban of Chinese goods we cannot ban it totally because it is an agreement according to WTO rules and regulations. But what we can do is we can reduce using Chinese goods because if we buy a Chinese product it benefits the Chinese government with which they built their defence system more stronger and can attack India (Doklam issue) any time.

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Shubham said: (Sep 6, 2017)  
As we all know, China is a powerful nation in case of advanced technology as compared to India. What basically China do? China always exports of their goods more to India because India is a wider market and money flow in Indian market is quite high so the China got attracted towards the Indian market in terms of Trading. What I believe? China exports more and imports less. They do not allow to other nations to deal in the Chinese market but still, they want to enter in each market in all the nations to capture the whole market with the strategy of a low price.

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Nidhi said: (Sep 6, 2017)  
The intent behind trading goods from one country to another is advantageous to both, the importer as well as an exporter. The exported get the price for their product whereas the importer gets a product for a price much less than what they'd pay if they manufactured it themselves. Trade happens when there's a competitive advantage so, both sides benefit.

Banning Chinese products has the following repercussions:.

1. It'll give a bad name to our country in a global community as a whole. China and India both are members of World Trade Organization and one of the main objectives of WTO is to not discriminate any country in the name of jingoism. This will outrightly hurt both the countries.

Also, India doesn't form allies and brand some countries as its enemies. India tries to maintain a healthy relationship with all in order to reap the economic benefits.

2. India is more dependent on China than China is on India. We export more proportion of our total exports to China than China does to India. We import more proportion of our overall imports from China than China does from India. Hence, if we ban Chinese goods, it'll hurt us more. And if in retaliation, China bans Indian goods, it'll again hurt us more than them.

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Sujit Upadhyay said: (Sep 5, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

According to me, Chinese product is easily available in at low cast than the Indian product. So those person who want advance technology in low cast they prefer china product for basic things like mobiles, toys etc.

Most of the people want to change their fone in few month so they choose Chinese one in which advanced technology is available in the low cast.

If I talk about the technology of China then it is good than India so they make toys and any other things in the low cast.

In India maximum family is medium level family so they have limited money for their needs so they want to spend limited money everywhere.

But China products have not better quality than India So those things which are for long time use they buy Indian product.

But we should try to not use China product because the quality is very rough and China use raw materials for many products for ex: toys are made up of very injurious things, with use of much raw material. And China creates toys with rough useless plastic.

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Rupal said: (Sep 4, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

China has achieved economy of scale which means it produces the goods in bulk so the cost per unit of goods comes very low & China exports this low priced goods worldwide. No doubt the goods are low priced & have less quality.

On the other hand, Swadeshi goods are having more price comparatively, this is due to the reason that Indian manufacturers doesn't have that much of market reach as Indian want goods at a cheaper price.

This is a fault of common man that they prefer low-quality Chinese good which in turn is giving cut throat competition to Indian market & this is the reason our country fails to achieve economies of scale as Compare to China.

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Upendra Kumar said: (Sep 4, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

Good evening and all I admit for who share this topic.

I also want to share my view on this topic.

Consumption of Chinese goods in India is high compared to Indian product because of the low cost of Chinese product and variety. There is no problem in buying Indian product if cost is comparable with Chinese product Question arises why the cost of Chinese product is low. Because producers of Chinese product use sophisticated technology and low-quality raw material they produce products in a bulk quantity. If Indian industry also uses used this strategy I sure there is no need of advertisement of Chinese product boycott.

Thank you.

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Aditya Yadav said: (Sep 3, 2017)  
China produced the products on a very large scale that's why China products are cheaper. It mostly produces the basic products as well as costly products. He sold these goods to India on a very large scale. The quality of these goods remain for a short time. But it's cost is less so people pay special attention to these goods. Whereas Indian products are costly but its quality is better than China. Indian people buy car, laptop and other costly item which are made by India. But if we talk about the basic products of people like mobile, chairs, crackers, lights, toys etc. Indian people liked the products of China because it's cost is less and they are very attractive then the Indian item. And India mostly people belonged to the Middle class. So, they mostly buy less costly or basic item for their livelihood in comparison of car, laptops, etc. So if we talk about the quality, Indian products are better in comparison of China but an ideal product should also posses the quality of affordable price and should be produced on basis of necessary of people.

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Ramakrishna said: (Sep 3, 2017)  
Hello, everyone. Chinese product is very less price compared to Indian product. Means they were manufactured in using cheap raw materials and it made less time to enhance to the market. It's in our India called smuggling. We still saying not using china product. Who is said to us that person came and perchange, if they requirement thing, if available in less price. How can we boycott? So see my dear friends first we have to start in our hands what we let to do. Start immediately then one day coming. India. In our brave India. Jaihind.

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Kavi said: (Aug 31, 2017)  
Good evening everybody!

When compared to Sivagasi crackers vs Chinese crackers creates more pollution to our environment and also various health problems of them. So tried to avoid such useless things in our country. Many of the Chinese products also cheap cost and duplicate it makes it unhealthy environment.

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Mohd Anas said: (Aug 31, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

As we all know, that Chinese good is cheaper than the Indian good the reason behind is that in China raw material is easily available, the efficiency of worker is more, the market strategy is better than India and demand is all over the world and good marketing also as we can see that oppo, vivo and mi these are the Chinese companies and ruling the Indian market the reason behind is that they first survey the Indian market scenario and India people then they make the products to their range and hence that's why the supply is very high and they make very less margin profit to the products. Whereas in Indian scenario our market strategy is not good we are not good at marketing as mostly Indian products is being sold in India only where as Chinese products are sold all over the world.

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Nishant said: (Aug 30, 2017)  
Chinese goods doesn't come with guarantee because of its cheaper value and they're manufactured in the bulk so manufacturing cost is reduced. That's the reason Chinese goods are so cheaper. In order to take over Chinese items in India we'll have to do the same i.e. increasing the production of Indian goods while maintaining the same quality. As we know Indian products are known for the quality, if we start to produce the goods in the large amount then it will be good to provide employments and also exportation will be increased from our country.

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Mohit Purbey said: (Aug 30, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

We all know that Chinese goods are cheaper cause it is produced on a large scale thus reducing the cost of an item per unit hence making it affordable. Whereas Indian goods are not produced at that large scale hence it is expensive making them not good value for money for the masses. Although Chinese goods provide good value for money and making it affordable to everyone still I agree with some people that we should start using Indian goods as it will help boost the economy not only that it will also give Indian manufacturing companies to look for, also our money will not go outside India will be reinvested.

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Lokesh said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
As, I think, Chinese goods are cheaper than Indian goods but Chinese goods are not for a long time. Chinese products are as useful and through products, because China doesn't generate technology the why always copy other's technology and implement the same with cheaper raw material that is why the cost of Chinese products are less.

And Indian products are costly as compared to Chinese products but they are well good as compared to Chinese products. The quality of India products is too good. So I prefer Indian goods.

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Brinda Hegde said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
In my view, Indian products should be a substitute for Chinese products.

Also, the substitute can be a non-plastic which is the most important issue of concern. Plastic disposal is a big issue, hence there is a need to go eco-friendly by making use of Indian resources.

India stands second to have the highest human resource. Usage of Indian products leads to increased production of products which in turn gets job opportunities to people. This leads to an overall economic growth of the country.

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Shivanya Vardhan said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
Hi everyone I think that Indian goods are as cheaper than the Chinese goods so they are better than the Chinese products.

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Yash Mudaliar said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
I think that even if the Chinese goods are cheap we should prefer the Indian goods over them because in an indirect way we are investing our money to get it returned to us in some other way as our money remains in our country only. But the Indian Government should also keep in mind that they should provide an option for the customers if they are ready to give up on the Chinese ones.

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Abhishek said: (Aug 28, 2017)  
Chinese goods are cheaper as they are produced in large factories/establishments where per unit cost of an item is reduced due to benefits from economies of scale.

The Large number of indirect and direct tax concessions to manufacturing from the government;.

Seamless integration with supply chain and foreign trade routes.

Also, China also lowers the value of many goods it sells to first capture a market and then strategically raises the price later. However, we must understand that market research done by China is such that it dumps cheaper, low-value goods into India while it also produces high-value goods or spare parts for other countries.

Indian good is not produced on a large scale so they automatically become expensive. A better prospect for India could be using large industrial parks for integrated manufacturing to together produce affordable goods profitably.

Also, while one must avoid Chinese goods for bettering our economy, for the poor and lower middle-class Indians the Chinese products provide better value for money.

The final choice should be personal, you decide- can you avoid all Chinese goods flooded today in Indian markets?

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Shiva said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
In my point of view, both of them is doing well in improving their exports. But as we know that China is a global hub for manufacturing economy and largest exporter of goods in the world and India lags behind China because of many reasons like-.

1. Cost efficient labor.
2. High competition pricing.
3. Cheap electricity.
4. Mass productivity and dumping.

But in some cases we prefer Indian goods because.

1. Guarantee which is not given in chinese goods.
2. Better life of material.
3. To support make in India.
4. Employement in our country.

So, I think we should boycott chinese products because it reduces poverty and starvation in our country.

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Akshay Waghe said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Indian goods undoubtedly. Chinese product doesn't have quality as we all know but due to cheaper rate Indian trapped into that and they don't even see the product details in that so they make a market in India. But Indian goods also competing nowadays as long as they. China goods are like "chale toh chand tak Nai toh sham tak bhi Nai". India a developing country needs the support of India people.

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Gunjan Gaur said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
As per my opinion, Indian product is better than Chinese products. In India Chinese good is popular for cheapest prices but it is just usually for temporarily. They have easily available raw material on their country thats why they are provide us to buying Chinese product on the cheapest price. As we know that Indian product have good quality and not always too high prices. If we are really wants to support MAKE IN INDIA so stop buying Chinese goods and we have to do some effort for developing our country and promoting Indian goods.

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Vineeth_K said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
I wish I could get Indian product at the cost of Chinese product, but that's too much to ask our industries, I'm not here to say that we can't make products at lower price, but it's all about the mindset of us (me as well) we have the feeling that Micromax phones are cheap in build and in performance, but we don't see that few of the models at least are far better than the Chinese products.

But now producing goods at the prices offered by China are way difficult due to the scarcity of man power and skilled labor alongside industries that need drastic improvements.

The real reason behind the undeveloped industrial sector was the British Invasion that has pushed our industrial revolution by at least 150 years!

But the best way to tackle the current scenario should be to make products that will penetrate into the markets of China rather than banning Chinese products.

The sole reason being, that we (Indians) constitute only 2% of the whole Chinese exports, on the other hand, we import 40% of our imports from China so refraining from their products and sending a negative vibe to China would only worsen the situation.

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Sunidhi said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
In my opinion, we should use Indian goods. As we know that Indian is a developing country and like China we are also coming with cheap and advanced goods. But the today's situation is that half of our Indian market is filled with Chinese goods and this is because we are using them they have become the part of our lives and in this way, the Chinese market has conquered our Indian market. The Chinese goods are so advanced that we have become so much dependant on that products although they are cheap too. But now we should take a step against these as the citizen of India we should not use Chinese goods and slowly this we make the end of Chinese market from our country. And it will make us so proud.

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Priya said: (Aug 25, 2017)  
I will prefer Indian goods, but at the same time, it is not easy for us to avoid the Chinese products in a moment. But we should try to buy things made in India as they are durable, little costlier but will ultimately improve the economic situation of India. Thus for the favor of our country, we should use Indian products.

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Bhavika Patil said: (Aug 25, 2017)  
If you think, by banning Chinese products, the Chinese economy will be affected then you are the dumbest person on this earth. Because in the era of globalization, all countries are interconnected with each other. All countries depend on China. There are electronic things are available at cheap rate. If you use Indian product, most of the things in that are made in China. For eg. Computer. Indian economy also depends on China, as a government takes GST on Chinese products as well as we get employment due to China. If we have to make India digital, it's very necessary to stay connected with China. It's happening due to politics between China and Pakistan. But if we banned Chinese products suddenly, China will become violent and they may attack us.

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Venu Gopal said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
Economy will progress only if every citizen is using his or her country produced finished good, in this case, China achieved that and in addition it also started injecting its goods into neighbouring countries among them India is one and they also understood Indian mindset and in the same way it is necessary for us to understand their market and inject our product then only we must feel proud so it is a lengthy process the best alternate way is to reduce or stop consuming or buying chines products and support skill India. So if Indian product available more than any other why would I go for cheap products.

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Pappu Kumar said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
Generally, Chinese goods are made up of recycled product and that's why it is cheap and not long lasting. They are making users fool. Where as Indian products are long lasting and strong too.

Chinese are attracting the attention of customer with low cost and different colors but later customer realizes it later. But now people are aware of it and they are boycotting the Chinese products.

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Pratiksha said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
I prefer Indian goods. I think Indian foods are better than Chinese goods. Chinese goods have low quality and cheap price. Indian goods are very much good for health as people in our country mostly use green vegetables rather than meat. Chinese products are very cheaper.

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Sreenivitha said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
I prefer chinese goods in one or another way. Because all the time we cannot use Indian goods. Am an Indian. Still I wish to support for Chinese goods. Most of the people say they use Indian goods but it is not applicable in practical life. We are using both at some cases. Even most durables and stationeries invented by Chinese. In my point of view only few uses Indian goods.

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Weapon said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
Hello, we should prefer Indian goods because most importantly it provides employment and thus boosts our economy. Even the durability of Indian goods is much better than Chinese ones. Chinese products are of low quality and cheap price but one should compromise with quality for few pennies as at last those extra pennies required for Indian goods will boost our economy itself.

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Atharva Jain said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
In my opinion, Indian goods are much better than Chinese goods as they have a very bad quality. People buy them because they are cheap but the material is very bad and broke very easily. Just think about it that we are giving millions of rupees to the Chinese if we buy their products. And if we buy Indian products the money will stay in our country only and we will not be poorer. I suggest and request you all to buy Indian goods. THANK YOU.

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Akshayg Koli said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
Hi. I'm Akshay. I think we have to produce the goods in very large basis. We have to grudully decrease the import rate from the China. And we have to make products like China. If we make believe to Indian people that our products are also better than Chinese products then everyone will buy our Indian products. The main reason I think we are India's progress pull backward is the politicians in our country. They only play the politics for the voting bank and power of seats. They don't have any interest in our lives. So this had to stop first. Thank you. Jai Hind.

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Lakshya Saraf said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
If we ban Chinese goods Indian goods prices can be done higher and customers will have no choice to buy at higher price poor people can not do anything in such conditions but if rich people don't like Chinese goods they can buy Indian goods but Chinese good is important for poor people and banning Chinese goods will also effect relationship between India and China and we can become weaker against Pakistan and our other enemies.

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Janish said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
Hi All. Today I want to make an appeal to all citizens of my country to please STOP buying Chinese products. Don't think about the products that you have already bought or used, from now onwards don't purchase Chinese goods. SAY NO TO CHINESE! Since the past few weeks, china has been bullying India " has been constantly threatening with a military conflict/attack. The Government of India cannot ban the Chinese products directly as we are part of WTO (Word Trade Organisation) and it will be a huge violation of the laws and regulations of this governing body. Hence, we as a citizen of this country can help ourselves and our soldiers at the border by saying NO to Chinese goods.

Chinese goods are cheap but think about it " they don't last long and are of cheap quality. Over a period of time, we are actually at loss. Hence, go for made in India products. Chinese manufacturers earn billions of dollars in revenues and this helps the Chinese economy indirectly. They are known to invest majorly in their defense infrastructure and development. So, inadvertently, we are helping Chinese army who are all setup for a confrontation with India.

Read the following article which will help you understand in detail how huge the current crisis is and how we as an individual can do our bit to save our country. Jai Hind!.

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Poojatiwari25 said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
Indian goods are better than Chinese goods. Let us take an example of electronic goods, no doubt they are good but they have short warranty period while Indian goods have a longer life than China goods. Yes Chinese products are good and they are sold in India much more and are available at lower cost and these are beneficial for poor or middle-class people. But using China product is not good it means we are not supporting our country and we depend on other countries for goods. If we boycott Chinese product than China economic status will go down. We should support India so that these goods are produced in our country with minimum rate and limited taxes. This will increase India's progress and make developing country. If we are purchasing China product then very soon one day no one buys India products and China will get the chance to tease India.

Second thing stop eating Chinese foods as they are not good for our health and sometimes we had to suffer a lot. We should support India because We are INDIANS not CHINESE. When everyone will support India then definitely it becomes a developed nation.

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Shubhajit Chakrabarty said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
Indian product is better. Chinese product has a huge market in India and it is cheaper than Indian product. But when we check the quality Indian product is better than a Chinese product. Many Chinese products do not give the warranty but India gives.

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Vineeta said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
Hi everyone,

We should ban the use of Chinese products as it grows the economy of China and it also impacts the products of our country, by banning goods we can contribute towards the Swadeshi products and also in growing our country's economy. China and Japan are using their own goods and other things as a search engine (not google) so that they are also contributing to growing their economy, also we can also do the same by contributing by using Swadeshi products.



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Subham said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, Chinese goods are more cheaper than Indian goods so many indians prefer chinese products such as Crackers, mobiles, laptop etc. Though it is fact that the lasting of chinese product depends on luck, some lasts years and some not even a single night. No hard feelings. In India most of the people, even me, belong to middle class family and we think before spending a single penny. Therefore proper measures should be taken to improve and expand Indian products in terms of quantity and quality so that no indians depends on chinese product and rely on there own Indian products. As a result, there will be no need of importing Chinese goods and services and also Indians revenue will increase making India developing faster. Some of the measures that can be taken are 1) Awareness among people about the day to day happening in trades 2) Promote startups, enterprenership, industries with proper environmental measures 3) Increasing employment by promoting overall development of students along with primary education. And many more.

Thank You.

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Samruddhi Nistane said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
Hi, am Samruddhi.

According to my view, China products demand is now increasing day by day and seriously its a big issue towards our India's success. India needs to increase their own market and do competition with china products. We indians also have capability to do anything and we also a good manpower so we can increase our market and made our own products. We can also made a products which is very cheap and also have some quality. Not only China can manufacture products which are at a low price. The economic growth are India is now in our hand. We have to established our own existance and proved that we can do a best. And we have to do something like that china is going to buy products of India. So ALL YOUTH have a capability. Do something for India economy. INDIA IS BEST>>> We can do anything.

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Shubham Sahu said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
China is no doubt a comparatively more developed country which has more human and other natural resources and better technologies to exploit them but a plant can never grow without being watered regularly which is the greatest demand of the hour. People of our nation need to start to reduce the cost of our own thing instead of searching for alternatives that may prove to be harmful in the long run.

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Anurag said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
China made goods imported in India:.

1- all branded phones and laptops like iPhones, Samsung, Sony, nokia, Panasonic, lg, asus, htc, Toshiba, Dell, hp, Micromax, lava, intex, celkon, xiaomi, Gionee, vivo, oppo, itel, Huawei, one plus, Lenovo. Etc (few are assembled in India by bringing raw material from China for saving tax).

2-all branded music systems, headphones, cameras and other electronic gadgets. Like pen drive, memory card, hard disc, printer's, scanner, mouse etc 3-chemical fertilizer 4-drugs for making medicines. 5-heavy machinery such as motors, photocopy machines etc 6- medical equipment 7-local products like 1-daily use products 2-toys etc 3- speaker, local headphones, electronic products, mobile cover, keyring, cigarettes lighters etc 8_ complex electronic raw materials etc. Right now China is world's largest factory every country imports materials from China, India needs to develop its manufacturing sector to counter China, China economy is 6 time that of India and they are very advanced than us.

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Ritesh Ranjan said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
Hi friends,

I would like to say that Indian goods are better than China's goods but the price of Indian products price is more than Chinese products. As compared to India, China has a huge amount of natural materials. Example our steel production China produce more than India because China has a good quality of coke. Due to this China sell their products at low cost.

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Rakesh said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
Ban of Chinese products should be the first step taken by Individual, not by the Government. So guys, please stop buying Chinese products and try to get adjusted with the products that are available in the home. Why I am saying this because just imagine India 80 to 90 years back. Do we have all these Chinese products at that time? But still, our ancestors survived. So let's all take these step by Individual first. I know it will be a difficulty. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Once we take our step properly, our India Government will also do the same. Modi ji will do this for sure, he is having that capability. Before that, we have to take this step. I am not saying go home and throw all the China items from home. The Loss is Loss. So even throwing them or keeping with you doesn't make any difference to their and our country just stops buying those Chinese products from now. Try to get adjust. Everything will be possible. Please do this.

Make India Proud.

Jai Hind.

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Anuja Jaiswal said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
Hello Friends,

I think China has a huge market of Electronics goods, they are better than us in the electronics industry.

Chinese goods are so much cheaper in cost so any middle-class family and any country afford it easily, because when there is the thing that available in low-cost and another at high cost so what we did actually?

And the answer is we choose the thing which is low in price. According to people mind, they only think about the low cost.

About Indian goods, have a longer life than China but manufacturing cost is more so the selling price of the product is more. We don't have as much good industry in Electronics/Technology as compared to China.

People have their good mindset they love quantity, not a Quality.

There is one popular phrase about Chinese product "chali to chand tak, nahi to raat tak bhi nahi". People know this thing but they don't have their attention at good quality.

India is a Developing country the main issue about India is lagging behind in industry/Technology is a political circle of India they didn't give one chance to the real development of India.

From now we thought about Boycott Chinese product and start new own industries, A new start to develop ourselves then there is a one-day Indian goods are so much better than Chinese goods.

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Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods

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