Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Navyasriram said: (Jul 14, 2018)  
Yeah, we can dream of hosting the Olympics which increases the pride of India. But to make it happen it requries lots of investments. India being a developing country instead of spending money in hosting Olympics can provide special training centers for individuals and can represent them in terms of INDIA.

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Afseerul said: (Jul 11, 2018)  
As far as i am concerned, we could dream of hosting Olympic without thick about poverty issue because we are sixth richest country in the world. Hosting Olympics will benefits in many aspects to Indian economy.

* First of all, it will give more opportunities to our players and they will get more motivation.
* More tourists will come to our country which results in will make our economy stronger.
* In a political point of view the relationship with other countries will also get stronger which will good for us.
* And our children will also get inspire with sports and also take interest in sports.

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Rambo said: (Jul 11, 2018)  
Yes, we all should dream big and if it's about hosting Olympics then I would say we should not only dream but we should move ahead of achieving it. Like if we'll not start preparing now then what is the benefit of only dreaming. Dreams are the initial stage for emphasizing on to your goal. While there is nothing like a developing country cannot organize or host Olympics. Further it'll get more tourist to our nation, which will sufficiently help us to become more stronger financially and economically.

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Manu Sharma said: (Jul 10, 2018)  
Hellow everyone.

Our country is a developing country. From last few years, our country took various measure steps like demonetization, digitalization and so on. These things improve our country condition but still, we need some more time to host the Olympics. Of course, we can dream of hosting the Olympics, a dream with open eyes that will surely come true. We have also organized CWG. Organizing such international level programs increases our value globally, attracts tourists towards our country and of course, the Indians who take participate in such games will feel more motivated when we host the program. Presently we are developing and we need at least 6-7 years to host such a big event. We need a proper management corruption less team for hosting any event successfully and our govt is taking major steps to overcome the problems like corruption and making our country fit for hosting the Olympics.

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Ankit Kasaudhan said: (Jul 10, 2018)  
As you know very well, India is a developing country. But if you say India cannot host the Olympic match so it's wrong India can host many types of tournament and Olympic matches, but now this India needs those person who can develop the India. As you know now this time India has a lot of best player in cricket, football, hockey etc. But it's our responsibility we get up and change the India.

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Ankit Srivastava said: (Jul 7, 2018)  
Yes, Of Course, India can host Olympics but we need a good quality of playgrounds and facility for the sportsperson so that we can encourage players other than India to come here not as in commonwealth games 2010 or Asia games where many players refuse to come because of the pollution and not sufficient facility available. So, First increase availability and improve the facility, After that we can think of hosting.

India has people and quality to work on this and we can do it.

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Deepak Mehta said: (Jul 3, 2018)  
Yes, of course, we can host Olympics we have the infrastructure and all the facilities required plus a bunch of good people who can manage this huge event. We know Indians are not that good in Olympics but in some era, we are good like badminton, hockey etc if India would host Olympics in near future Indians will do much better.

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Sumit Kumar said: (Jul 3, 2018)  
Yes, we can dream of hosting the Olympics. Many countries who are small compared with India have hosted this event. But first, we have to end corruption from India which is seen in Commonwealth Game in 2010. Also, pollution is a big problem which can also be seen in Commonwealth game 2010. After hosting this event our country also raised profit and interest with other games are increases which only depends on cricket today.

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Gourav Banerjee said: (Jul 2, 2018)  
Yes, obviously we can. But first and foremost thing is that we need to create such an environment where we can handle these kinds of global event. As we are one of the most populated countries in the world surely that will be our positive aspect where there will be sufficient enthusiasm from the mass. As Olympic is the most prestigious sports event we need to train own personal to that extent now we are ahead of the time. Yes, we need some revolutionary infrastructural inclusive growth in the field of sports for this event. But I believe if we have that much positive vibe then surely we may host Olympic in future.

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Sanskrit said: (Jul 1, 2018)  
India should organize the Olympic these are the word which can allow any Indian to proud on his country, but my friend be practical in our country except for the badminton, hockey, weightlifting are the few Olympic games in which India won medal there is a large number of the games in which India does not qualified and no medal won yet. So, before hosting the Olympic, India should train their Olympic army so that it can increase its medal.

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Shashank said: (Jun 30, 2018)  
In my view as INDIA is a developing country and we learn a lot from commonwealth gam3s when we are hosting it and as India has so many resources we have good infrastructure we achieve this dream very soon as it encourage sportsman and youths to do their best in Olympics although there are problems of poverty besides this we have many sources.

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Tina said: (Jun 30, 2018)  
According to me, India being the third largest country and one of the richest countries in the world, capable of hosting the Olympics. Because this reflect increasing countries economy. India has already successfully hosted common wealth games. So on adding some more efforts we can for sure host the Olympics. It results in the obtaining confidence and a kind a encouragement for our sportspersons too. 'Thousands of miles of journey begins with a single step'. So with a positive initiative and determination India can successfully host the Olympics.

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Akshara. said: (Jun 29, 2018)  
Yes, according to me, we can host Olympics in India. As, we all know India is the third largest country in population and also the one of the richest country.

Many of you be might be thinking about the poverty issues in India and hosting Olympics is not a good idea and all. But remember one thing India is a developing country and we need to make it a developed country.

There are enough resources in India for hosting Olympics but on the other hand people think about the poverty but do remember one thing that is unless and until you are thinking about all these you can never make India a developed country. So, by taking a step forward and hosting Olympics in our country is a good idea.

"The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step".

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Richa said: (Jun 28, 2018)  
We all know that India is a developing country and it needs to be more developed. So at this time hosting Olympics in India will affect people's economy and their life. As we know that India is a third populated country in the world. If the Olympics happened here which requires huge infrastructure, playground etc due to which government will have to break the houses of villagers and their life will be like a hell. So our first priority is to think about the people who live in India and their needs rather than to organise such a big event but there is nothing bad in dreaming and here the question is asked about dreaming so we can dream of hosting this type of event after next 6-7 years when India will be a developed country.

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Tanya said: (Jun 26, 2018)  
Yes we can Dream.

1. We have learnt lessons from commonwealth games, Asia games.
2. We have the land, resources, people to Get the task done.
3. It will brighten future aspect of sports and tourism.
4. We will gain the attention of other countries.
5. It gives us a chance to prove our metal.
6. We have made in India, skill in India. This is the beat time to put it in use.

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Shivam Singh said: (Jun 24, 2018)  
Yes, of course, India can host olympic games in coming time and it is also becoming necessary for India to host olympic because no other games in India are flourishing except cricket due to absence of proper ground facilities for various indoor and out door games, there are not world class trainers and stadiums present to compete with. So hosting Olympic will necessiate infrastructure for it which will be helpful gor aspiring sportspersons. And it is not a big deal for India to finance such game with such a large huge economy and inreasing GDP.

Instead India has a bad record of having a blot of corruption in commonwealth games. So to attract FDI in ames India has to first insure them a corruption free planning and execution for coming days. So India can definitely do it.

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Mahesh said: (Jun 24, 2018)  
India has enough land, enough human resource, enough technology and enough money. And India has already successfully hosted commonwealth games. So of course, India is able to host big events even Olympics. Security might be a concern. But I think India can provide enough security also. So the question is not "Can India" its "Should India host Olympics".

The thing is hosting events like Olympics requires large money. It requires too much land and infrastructure, simply it requires large money. I had told India has enough money, what I meant is India has a big economy and Indian governments has big budget. So it can host it using this money, which could be used for the benefits of the people.

You may think Olympics provides employment opportunities to many people and hence the GDP may increase. But I do't think so. Olympics does provide employment. Even narega yojan provides employmet - digging holes and filling them up, and government pays the employees for doing nothing anything useful.

Olympics provides employments in constructing and all, but all those becomes useless after Olympics end.

So the government has to simply spend money which could be used for people's benefits.

There are many people in our country who are struggling just for food. And the children are not having the nutritious food. They are losing their basic right - education. There are many things on which money has to be spent. So I'm pretty clear about this, It would be a bad idea if government decides to host Olympics in our country.

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Sidh V said: (Jun 23, 2018)  
Yea, We can dream of hosting Olympics in future. Economically, India is 6th position in the world. We have a large population most of them support sports, We were hosted other events like Asian games commonwealth games but the problem is we lack basic infrastructure, proper co-ordination. Also, we need to eradicate corruption.

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Sindhu Priya said: (Jun 22, 2018)  
I don't think we can host Olympics in future. To host such a large event, our country must be proficient enough in resources. In our country, the main focus is on Cricket only which is not even a part of Olympics. We do not have facilities for other games to host so many countries. India was successful in hosting Commonwealth games in which only 53 countries participate but it does not have the capacity to host Olympics & which 117 countries participate. If we start planning now, we may be able to host Olympics after at least 10-15 years.

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Viraj said: (Jun 21, 2018)  
There is no doubt that India can't able to host Olympics right now. As we can see India have required resources to organize a Big event like Olympic. India has also succeeded in the organising of different sports events. And the participation of the Indians is also increased nowadays.

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Ravi said: (Jun 8, 2018)  
Of course, We can manage to hosting the olympics, even we can organise events higher then olympics. India is the top 10 richest country in the world. We Indians need honesty, honest employee from lower to upper post. Use the benefits & money from olympics to improve the poorest area, village of India.

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Heena Vasdani said: (Jun 5, 2018)  
According to me, yeah, definitely we can dream of hosting the olympics. Olympics is the greatest sporting event in which participants are from different kind of countries, nations. So we can't only think of dreaming of hosting the Olympics, we should organise this. By organising this type of large event, we can develope our country as much as possible. Through organising this type of event in the village area, not only we increase the employment rate for villagers but also no of students or children will get the chance to participate in it and also It will attract foreigners for come in India which also help in developing our country. But we have to much pretty sure that all the things which are required for organising the Olympics are completely fullfilled by country just like proper planning, proper management team or finance. So it should be organise in India also.

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Prabhakar Sarvepalli said: (May 21, 2018)  
I don't think the title make any sense at all " Can we dream of hosting the Olympics". Yes, we do host the Olympics. Basically, it's not a rocket science to handle. We are one of the top nations today with outstanding GDP rate with promising consistency. Still don't try to raise doubts like can we dream or something. We did many impossible things possible.

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Dev said: (May 21, 2018)  
I'm Dev.

Yes, we can dream for hosting olympic our country enough strong to host these type of big events in India. However it may not a good time to host these type of big events here in India, because we are still a developing country and instead of spent millions or billions on these type of event we should use that money to make our country more developed and more strong. I am sure that we would be able to manage these type of event after next 6-7 years and that day we will called India a developed country not a developing country.

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Suraj Kumar said: (May 20, 2018)  
Definitely sure. As it makes a perspective positive view in the world, make confidence to our country people, make a change to the connectivity of our country to another country's people, it makes an etc.

So, thus it will be very useful for our country.

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Anu said: (May 18, 2018)  
Yes, We can dream of hosting the Olympics. As we know that it requires planning, finance and proper management but we can make it a reality, if we are self, determine to do that. India is having a big ratio of the youth population and it can help in hosting Olympics. We know it will have huge long-term benefits as we can understand the importance of hosting the Olympics. We will get recognized by all the countries and it will help to boost our economy and we can think of improving our GDP by the investment of other countries in our country. We can understand the importance of it.

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Harvey said: (May 18, 2018)  
YES, India can host Olympics and in my opinion it should do organize it because it will not only attract foreigners but it will increase the employment rate in our country. India can organize it very well because it is one of the most powerful and richest country in the world. We should organize it in places somewhere near village not in metro cities because it will help the poor people of villages to get employment and it will also develop the village as in develop the infrastructure like roads, hospital etc. So in my opinion, India should do dream about hosting and make all the efforts to make that dream come true.

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Daya said: (May 17, 2018)  
At a time it is necessary to host Olympics in our country. Because of our new generation will be participating on it. It will be better for mainly these people which were affected to bed things (i. E Addicted to Alcohol, eating of poisonous things, etc. ). Nowadays we have seen that basically youth are facing many health problems like BP, Heart, Nerve, Mantel etc. We all know that our YOUTH will develop our country. They are Source of our country.

They will make in India Better than now.

This is only my point of view. Thank You.

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Rakesh said: (May 14, 2018)  
India definitely can organise but it is not the question of whether India is able or not able to organise such big event but the thing is India should organise or not.

Points that favour that India should.

1) the very first thing is Olympic is the event in which almost every big country takes parts and uncountable people present there for watching games that's the thing which increases foreigners in our country which helps in GDP and economy.

2) outsider companies get the chance to know about our country and the probability that they invest in our country is an increase.

3)if we succeed in attracting the outsider companies that it increases employment in India. Unemployment decrease and India lead to a path towards the developed country.

Now points that stop India form takes this responsibility.

1) corruption is a big barrier in doing this. We can never eliminate this completely but now our gov took steps forward to reduce this problem like cashless paying system and demonetisation this steps taken by gov will reduce this problem at a great extent.

2) some people are saying that India is developing the country and there are many other issues about India should concern. Ok, it's right but as I mentioned earlier that organise such event can be a solution for all those problems.

3) this is right that it takes a huge amount for organising but if we concentrate on results then this can be a good investment.

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Vikrant said: (May 13, 2018)  
YES. WE CAN DREAM BUT CAN ONLY DREAM can't make it practical. India should dream of hosting olympics. In 2010, during commonwealth games, international media has put up many questions on games and security arrangements. They don't even complete their arrangements under ultimatum. In 26/11, only 10 militants have blazed and shaken the Mumbai. Which shows the negligence of the government toward the security system. So forget to provide security for such international event. And by the way.

There are lots of work for our leaders to do in our country related to development instead of hosting Olympic. So they shouldn't waste money. First, India should Also make themselves a challenger type country in sports. China 150 medals won the match by two goals in 20 years and 20 minutes respectively. Media make them a big hero. So Olympics in India is just like the opposite to each other. In India, only two things run first is politics and second is cricket. So India is a good place for hosting election campaign and a tournament like silly IPL.

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Prabhu Mantappa Madari said: (May 11, 2018)  
Why can't when we have dreamt about supercomputers, satellites and succeeded the citizens of other nations not even believed their own eyes and minds. India has such power, zeal in their minds and hearts. So Olympics is not a great achievement when compared to these, only thing is we and our so-called govt should be transparent in all way. We have seen the scams during Commonwealth in Delhi that should not happen. We need a very big area or platform to conduct games. People have to support and appreciate the ideas for well being of the nation. Hosting the Olympics will be the dream of every nation if we get a chance we have to carry out successfully.

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Farhan Rasool said: (May 7, 2018)  
Actually, the question which is asked is about dreaming so it's obvious we can dream of anything, even we can dream of organising FIFA. In my point of view, there is nothing bad in dreaming. I know it sounds little childish but the question should be more specific.

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Manoj said: (May 5, 2018)  
At this point of time, it would not be fair with our nation to push it toward financial distress by spending billions of dollar by organising Olympics. In the midst of peasants' growing financial crisis within country, dissenting among youths' over unemployment and persistently reducing education quality, it would be gross injustice to our own people by hoisting Olympics.

But yes as like everything it has positive aspects as well from which we can't turn our head away - athleticism and sportsmanship will be encouraged as they compete with person around the globe, definitely stature of the nation will be recognised at the world level and we will have an unprecedented opportunity to witness such a huge sports event.

Hence, according to my point of view, hosting Olympics should be a dream for now.

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Sachin Pathak said: (Apr 30, 2018)  
India needs to be more developed and by hosting big events like olympic put great impact on the people around the world so India is capable for hosting any big event around the world. India comprises of talent, intellectual, space bla bla. Indians has the hunger for any oppourtunity and hosting the olympics is the big oppourtunity and we indians are ready for it.

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The Marine said: (Apr 29, 2018)  
As my point of view, yes, we can, but it's not all about the capabilities of a country like India. It's about how our leader takes these responsibilities in a specific manner to give high quality of service and environment to each and every athlete. We have seen what happened in commonwealth games. Before organising an event like this, we have to develop the highest level of infrastructure as well as good governance policies, scrutinize administration, more capable athletes.

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Sweety said: (Apr 21, 2018)  
According to my views, of course, India can dream hosting the Olympics, India is a progressing very fast now and Government is trying to make India good and efficient in every aspect. So hosting Olympics will be good opportunity for us to show the people around the world the development of our country and introduce them our diverse culture. Recently India hosted U-19 FIFA world cup which was great success for India as host country. So hosting the Olympics is about proving the world our efficiency in hosting the big events. It will also create great patriotic feeling in our citizens in welcoming the guest and audience around the world. And also it will encourage the Indian players to play for country. So in my views, we can definitely dream of hosting Olympics.

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Dj Avk said: (Apr 20, 2018)  
In my view, every Indian citizen want to see its country progressing. Olympics. The modern Olympic Games or Olympics are leading international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions. The Indian Olympic Association says it will bid for three major sporting events " the 2026 Youth Olympics, the 2030 Asian Games and the 2032 Summer Olympics. This will give lots of exposure to local talent. The things we need to to keep in mind we should not do same scam as was done in commenwealth games by suresh kadmadi lacks of carore of money being taken for self benifit and lack of facility for sports person who came from diffrent countries. Govt should supervise the games and its event.

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Vooka Ravi Teja said: (Apr 19, 2018)  
Olympics is an event which would bring fame to the country. Instead of attaining that fame and showing progress. Better to focus on various issues in our country at this point of time for growth and development of our country. Take the example of China were on children are encouraging in sports right from the school but whereas in India we are not at all concentrating on extracurricular activities. So in my view, first individuals should be enlightened the importance of sports and right we are not in the situation of hosting the Olympics which should be better to procrastinate for a few years.

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Krunal Bhutada said: (Apr 15, 2018)  
According to the current scenario, instead of focusing on hosting the Olympics in India, firstly we have to focus on things which are currently going, because in spending money on those things, in India itself there is some good sport, so contributing players by giving them an appreciation for what they have achieved. If we are able to fulfil these demand, then thinking about hosting the Olympics does make sense.

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Rahul said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
Not only dream, we can host the Olympics. We have the resources, capabilities and all the necessary things that can make the grand games like Olympics to be organised in our country but except one i.e. corruption free management. Our management actually has a different mindset, most of them will think to host the Olympics as an opportunity to make money. Due to which they can do some actions which may lead to some problems in future for our country's reputation in Olympic games. So in the end, I would say that we can host the Olympics but all we need is the corruption free system.

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Shashikant Singh said: (Apr 7, 2018)  
Yes, India has an ability to manage these types of events. In 2010, India has already organised commonwealth games which is also considered a big event. We organise every year IPL which is the richest cricket tournament in the world.

India is an economy of 2.5 trillion dollars which makes it the 5th largest economy so it is clear that India does not have lack of money. The only thing what India needs is the good govt, well manager, corruption free tournament.

There will be many positive outcomes if India organises this game.

It will boost the tourist sector.

It will give some earnings to many people during the tournament.

Many new things will come to India.

In India, there are millions of person who hardly know about its games so by this tournament, they will learn something new.

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Fabian said: (Apr 7, 2018)  
Yes, we can dream of hosting Olympics one day, why I am saying this is, already we have hosted commonwealth game in our country, so if we do a work that we did for commonwealth it could happen, and also we have to give proper arrangement to the players and mainly we should give the food what they will eat in their country and one important thing is we should give protection.

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Sabarish said: (Apr 4, 2018)  
Yes, the country with 2.5 trillion dollar economy can dream of hosting the Olympics. But a lot of efforts to put on and meticulous work has to be done to complete it successfully. You know hosting Olympics can give you a good name among the other countries. In the same way, it is more challenging. For a developing country like India hosting Olympics can favour but at the same time it might loosen our stable economy since hosting requires a large amount of money which we may afford but it is not necessary for us at present. Also, internal affairs do matter a lot, for instance, we saw unhealthy internal affairs troubles athletes in Rio Olympics and it defames their country.

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Sagar said: (Apr 2, 2018)  
Yes, we can dream one day but not right now. Dreaming and making it a reality is two different thing. Last time in Rio Olympics we had seen that Brazil was in no position to host an Olympic due to its internal politics which becomes a problem for athletes, which ultimately hampers Brazil 's name.

So, In order to organise Olympics, first, we have to focus on infrastructure for games like boat racing, golf etc. , we had to make sure our political system is stable, the opposition is supporting the rural parties and coordinated efforts from every will make it possible and India is capable of organising such events. In past India had organised commonwealth, ICC world cup, FIFA u17 world cup, so it can also organise Olympics, All we have to do is a coordinated effort from everyone and keep it free from corruption. And we can surely achieve this.

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Barkha said: (Mar 27, 2018)  
Hello everyone, from my point of view, Anyone can do anything if he or she wants to and also if they have the capability to do that. That's why India can host olympics as according to international reports India is growing with highest speed. India has Infrastructure, Indians are motivated enough to organise something and make that possible. So, yes, India can host Olympics.

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Deepak said: (Mar 27, 2018)  
Well, being considering the current scenario in our country, I think hosting Olympics is like a tough stuff for us as we are lacking behind in our basic requirements of employment, education, illiteracy, providing the necessary and building block of life such as food, electricity to villages. And hosting of Olympics requires a lot of part of investment for that we are not in position. Secondly, people here are crazy for Cricket, they don't even know about the other sports and their rules and regulation hence hosting Olympics is worthless. So first we have to encourage the other sports and sportsman in that field.

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Ramya said: (Mar 26, 2018)  
Yes, we can dream of hosting the Olympics. India is a developing country and it is capable of hosting. It will also help us create our own identity worldwide and national wide. Every sport have its own kind of flavour. We have to dream first to become it a reality.

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Subham Choudhary said: (Mar 23, 2018)  
Yes we can.

Now, India has sufficient infrastructure, manpower, developed technogy, security and each and every thing which is required to organize this event India has that's thnigs. Now only we want a good govt who can execute this task property without any corruption. In India every year IPL is organized it's also a big event and its continued almost 45-50 day, if this type of event can organized successfully then I can say indai can also organized and managed Olympic easily.

By organizing Olympic in India we will give our player a great chance to show there talent to our country and also they will feel good while performing in front of home croud. And one more thing will happen by this is that many of the youngster who don't no about the diw sports they can also get attreted to it by seeing it's advertisement and publicity.

It will help our country to showcase his power at international level and every body from around the world can see that INDIA is capable of every thing.

By organizing this event we will promote tourism also many ppl will come from diff country to see the games so they will travel also in there spare time it would be also a good desicion as a business prospective.

Many thing can be changed after this event for India.


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Tarun Pramod said: (Mar 21, 2018)  
As per the topic, it's was a nice dream to drempt because it will come true one day surely. It is a great platform to showcase our country capabilities and security measures. Ultimately country tourism should be improved so that it generates a lot of opportunities for the people who live here. This event made foreign industries to look at our country and make business happen.

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Soumyadeep Ray said: (Mar 19, 2018)  
Of course, we can. Problems like corruption and poverty will always persist and people will always try to find fault with each and everything but that shouldn't deter a rapidly developing country to take such a wonderful initiative. They say that even god can't find fault with those who remain idle. Unless we can gather enough courage to host such a wonderful event, we won't be aware of our state in world economy. Also we very recently successfully hosted the FIFA U-17 world cup, so there's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't venture to take such a bright initiative. This would also provide our athletes a golden opportunity to brush shoulders with the very best and someday we might be bettering China or US' medal tally. And the stage would also be set to introduce cricket as one of the chief events.

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Sohaanjum said: (Mar 16, 2018)  
Yes, definitely as India is a developing country and even growing technologically day by day India can be a place for hosting the Olympics. Being the 7th largest country and 6th richest country in the world, our India has many smart cities also. Even most of the cities and also villages in India following the Swatch Bharat campaign are making our India clean and green. India is also a secured place to conduct International events. People from different nationalities throughout the world live here. However the pollution is more in India so if government takes right and strict steps to reduce the pollution definitely our country will also be a platform for conducting the Olympics.

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Sachin Garg said: (Mar 15, 2018)  
As per my knowledge, the world knows about India in terms of its huge population only. They think India is a developing country and need to improve themselves to compete with the other developed country.

Every nation wants to earn reputation, respect, honour from the world. It not only encourages the citizens but also attract the people all around the world Which may result in more tourists tour to their nation which ultimately increases the economy.

I don't think India would get better chance to show the world what they are capable of through hosting the Olympics than any other event. It is because top athletes from all around the world take part in Olympics. Bigger the event more will b the challenge to smoothly conduct it and also big opportunity to show what we are capable of.

Hosting the Olympics is just like put the nation on the hot seat where spectators from all around the world have an eye on you and then the ball is in your court. Do some brilliant work and the world will remember you but at the same time, any faulty act or any undisciplined activities or like scams put the nation further back.

I think India should accept this opportunity with both its hands. It not only allowed our brilliant athletes to get encouraged when they see their heroes performing in front of them but also a test for the government and officials to see whether they are capable to take responsibility and smoothly conduct the Olympics.

I am sure after hosting Olympics performance of nation will be improved.

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Shubhreet said: (Mar 12, 2018)  
Yes, we can dream of hosting the Olympics but not anytime soon. As we know India is a developing country and hosting Olympics would require a lot of money, time, manpower, infrastructure etc. Right now this money could be used for more pressing economic concerns such as poverty. Right now the government should be using this money for the better development of this country. The government should use its sources to address certain other major issues such as corruption, illiteracy, poverty, providing basic hygienic conditions to its people etc. In the end I would to like to conclude by saying that YES we can dream of hosting the olympics but dreams don't work unless we do. So first the government should work to eradicate corruption, poverty and illiteracy from this country and then we might be able to host the Olympics in the distant future.

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Aishwarya said: (Mar 12, 2018)  
Yes, we can dream of hosting the Olympics but only in 1-2 years, I think hosting Olympics require lots of money and hard work but the state India is in it should concentrate on more crucial topics and problems to be prepared for Olympics, for example :- black money, should worry about long-term reputation of our country and to do so officials and people who will be given responsibility of handling Olympics must be clean because we can't afford to be mistaken as an unresponsible country.

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Abhilash Panda said: (Mar 8, 2018)  
Yes, we can, But for that, our government should take important steps for the development of sport other than cricket in our country. Right now it is happenning. But it is in log rate. To dream of hosting olympic the rate of development of sports event should be exponential rate. If much money is spend in organising and developing world standard arenas and fitness centre. So that our athelete remain fit through out and keep doing training. Our chances of getting medals will increase also imlortance of India in olympic will increase.

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Saitej said: (Mar 7, 2018)  
Yes, in future India will going to host the Olympics. India is still developing the country.

If it is developed India has the ability to host the Olympics. But the main problem is doing politics. Our politicians easily do corruption in Olympics also. They have that much intelligence. If it happens India will get a bad name. So it's better not to dream of hosting Olympics in India now only.

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Ayush Singh said: (Mar 4, 2018)  
I ask why not? This may be seen as an opportunity to show the world that we are good enough though there is one big problem- corruption. At such a stage if the world knows about a big scam, it will really put a stain on our reputation. Discipline must be exercised in conducting such an event and for this, trustworthy and honest people must be put into practice. If we are given a chance we should make the most of it.

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Surya said: (Feb 27, 2018)  
I think it is not so much good to host as there is so much corruption at the back and it brings our country a bad name. And the arrangements should be in the favour of other countries. As a developing country, we can't do such a risk now. We can think of it when all the problems were solved. Hosting is a great opportunity for our country but the mind set of politicians is to make so much money and get corrupted.

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Sudhanshu said: (Feb 25, 2018)  
Yes. India is capable of hosting Olympics. We have already hosted many global events successfully like CWG in 2010, latest FIFA U-19 world cup, ICC Cricket world cup, etc. Government is also paying attention towards the development of sports infrastructure and sports culture by initiating events like PKL, khelo-India, ICL, etc.

We still need to separate/remove politics, scams and corruption from sports before bidding for Olympics. It will help boost India's image as sports loving country.

Thank you!

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Shubhangi said: (Feb 24, 2018)  
As we all know, that Olympics game require a huge amount of money to be conducted by any country. As our India is a developing country. According to me In-spite of wasting money in conducting Olympic game we should use that money in the development of our country. We should use that money to teach the children belonging to rural areas. There are so many peoples who don't get the food and had to sleep without taking the meal. There is a major problem of unemployment in our country. The problem of corrupt. The illiteracy level. We should focus on these things first. Firstly we should focus to make our country a developed country. After that, we should dream to host the Olympic games. And in future, we will do it.

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Subha said: (Feb 23, 2018)  
Yes, but not now, because India is not a developed country, it is developing contry and economically we are poor, so at this time we need to concentrate on increasing our economical status, and conducting Olympics is not a simple issue it requires millions of money, so we can dream of hosting the Olympics only after India become developed.

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Raja Shaw said: (Feb 22, 2018)  
Hello Everyone.

Yes, of course, we can be dreaming of hosting the Olympics and will organise that in the future also.

As we all know that India is a developing country, and now govt are focusing more on the sports as compared to earlier year. Because many sportsperson achieve success in the recent past who don't have any support from anyone and so govt come to step ups on the sports event and improve the infrastructure of the country. Many companies are interested to sponsor the event on particular event like PKL, IPL, BPL etc.

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Ajeet Kumar said: (Feb 21, 2018)  
YES, of course but in India, most people are a fan of Cricket and BCCI, ICCCI kind of companies are earning too much money that they will not support anymore. And after all the Politics of India oh my God don't ask about it ! If someone wants do make something good other side apposition are already prepared to make it fail.

But we can hope in future if the things will go right then maybe we could Host Olympic.

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Udhaya Kumar said: (Feb 21, 2018)  
In my point of view, we have to find out the person's talent right from the childhood and give them proper training to them, And government should give them training at low cost and appoint the proper sports in charge to guide them. There must be proper rules and regulation avoiding the corruption in selecting the candidate. If this has happened, we can achieve success in Olympics.

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Janmejaya Sahoo said: (Feb 21, 2018)  
In my point of view, there should be given more priority to our athletic board of our country and we should make more stadium to develop athletic sports in our country because to host a Olympic there should be a large stadium required. Yes, we can host Olympic but for hosting Olympic the investing of money will be more if you compare to our another sport yes in future we can host because our country is developing gradually.

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Hassic said: (Feb 20, 2018)  
Of course, we can dream about hosting Olympics but. Due to useless politics, we can't. But in future, if there is pure politics. We can host Olympics.

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Arun said: (Feb 18, 2018)  
Olympics are prestigious, we must honour of that, due to our politics its not good for present first of all we should encourage every sport equally in olden days India is no1 in hockey now what the position. When we are give host for olympics we should also upto that level in sports. I have belief it will happen future.

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Neeraj said: (Feb 16, 2018)  
We should, but currently, we can't.

What I think is that we are actually not in that position of obtaining such huge responsibility in aspects of providing respective atmosphere.

Firstly, we have to became or prepare strong from inside, such as technical point of view and corruption fewer moves to be taken.

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Devang said: (Feb 15, 2018)  
No, if we invite the other countries we must have better arrangements for them and as our political conditions are not stable, it is not possible to conduct olympics. If we talk about commonwealth games 2010 there was a huge corruption of about 900 million, and many were arrested. This totally brings down our country's image. We have other major problems also on which we have to look for.

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Gina said: (Feb 14, 2018)  
Yes, we can.

Because the Olympic games will create a sports atmosphere in India. FIFA world cup was the latest example of this positive initiative. This step regarding the enhancement of sports condition in India will give a positive effect on sports lover and sport persons.

So in my opinion, this will encourage our players for doing better.

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T.S.Biradar said: (Feb 14, 2018)  
It's best idea. We can, and it's good thinking hosting Olympics in India, and it requires a lot of money to maintain Olympics, we are in developing country after we developed at that we can host Olympics.

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Rishi said: (Feb 14, 2018)  
I would like to add more point, according to my point of view Yes we can dream hosting of Olympic in our country it's a good idea but now Our Indian Economy is not in good condition many people are in below poverty line, there is a lack of Technology, infrastructure, in rural areas. As sports literacy point of view, we are so much behind from China USA. Sports literally create many sportsmen to obtain more medals. If we hosting Olympic in our country It's insulating for our country if our medal achievement is less as compared to other.

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Manisha said: (Feb 11, 2018)  
Yes, we can dream of hosting Olympics but now it's not the right time because our economic condition is not that much good. Conducting Olympics in our country require a lot of money. First, we should focus on giving proper education to children's living in rural areas. Second, we need to remove corruption from our country then only our country can benefit.

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Shubhanshu said: (Feb 6, 2018)  
I think we can definitely dream of hosting Olympics. It has nothing to do with what is going on in this country as the country is generally benefited from the profit which is generated after hosting an Olympic event because these events are funded by the respected authorities and that too ample of money. Our economy will also rise because players and guest from all over the world will be here boosting the hotel industry and buying all sought of local stuff which we shop when we go out at a new place.

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Pathan Shahebaz said: (Feb 3, 2018)  
I think it's a great idea that we can dream Olympics in our country but now it is not possible. Because now the economical condition of our country is not that much well. So I think the fulfillment of demands of people over the country should be the first priority.

When the country looks healthy so I think that would be the best time to conduct such events.

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Sam said: (Feb 2, 2018)  
Yes, we can surely dream of hosting the olympics but as of now, I would say it will not be feasible for our country to handle such a great expense. If we think of hosting of olympics now, it would really affect our financial condition. And also, we don't have such a great infrastructure to organise all the Olympic games. So, we should wait for our financial condition and infrastructure to get better to host the olympics.

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Jyoti Jain said: (Jan 30, 2018)  
Yes, we can see the dream of hosting Olympics. But not now, because our country has no sufficient infrastructure development to host the Olympics. It need more fund and our country are not in condition to take more burden of this because our first need is to educate India. In India there is many rural areas where is lack of education and technology. Technology is one more aspect that is stop India to host Olympics. I am not saying that India has no technology development it has but not on those stage that situation want. So India need to grow their tchnology area. Which is far possible from education. Education and technology linked to each other. If all people of Indian will be educated then they will give the new technical idea to our country. In modern era youth is a strength of a country. Youth can make the country and can diminish the country. And the another point is lack of awareness among our country`s people. Many people in our country they don`t no about the sports. So how can they participate and became part of this event. So firstly we should spread awareness among people. And we havr to make our sports man as capable as they win more medal in Olympics otherwise it is as a insult of our country and diminish our pride.

In conclusion, we can surely have a dream of hosting Olympics but after that developments (technology, infrastructure and education).

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Raj Khanna said: (Jan 26, 2018)  
Hi, think to see the current scenario of our country it is not possible to host Olympics. India is a developing country it first needs to settle the basic problems that many citizens is facing like farmers, improvement in railway, low GDP If we can get rid of these things then automatically we can host Olympics one day.

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Priya said: (Jan 22, 2018)  
I think we can host the Olympics games in coming years. But as we see hosting FIFA u-19 world cup we can understand what our capabilities are. I m not saying that we can't do but organising Olympic games is not the easiest thing at all. It required a lot of money and human power. Countries hosting Olympics games invest a big part of their GDP for these games. If we see the required circumstances we can observe that we are not prepared yet. We are emerging economy at all and we are definitely going to host Olympics in coming years.

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Pavan said: (Jan 21, 2018)  
India is such a country we can host any kind of events if we have entire support of state as well as national governments.

Hosting Olympics events in a country where only cricket is considered as a main game helps everyone to know about other games and other athletes of other sports will get some support for practicing.

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Sayan said: (Jan 19, 2018)  
I am in the favour of India hosting the Olympic games. Some people will argue about the infrastructure and the money involved but we have already hosted the hockey world cup and u-17 football world cup. Its high time that we bid for Olympic as well. It will be a good thing for an Asian nation to host the Olympics. It will put a global footprint of India in the political as well as economic scenario. In a country where people follow cricket as a religion, it will be very beneficial to encourage other sports and events and athletes involved in them. Surely India doesn't have the infrastructure but we can try. QATAR has already started preparing for 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP. So why can't India? asian countries will move one step closer in removing the disparity between their American and European counterparts.

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Lavesh said: (Jan 17, 2018)  
Yes, why not we dream of hosting the Olympics. It is possible if the corruption is totally removed from our country. Corruption is the only reason due to which we cannot grave such big opportunity. India is the capable country to host such events.

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Ritesh said: (Jan 17, 2018)  
Hi everyone.

It is substantially true because we have not the good infrastructure to conducting Olympics. And most of the citizen of our country only shows their interest only in cricket. Even our national games are hockey but most of the people do not know the rule of the hockey. So in my opinion, if we want to host Olympics we need to show our interest all the sports.

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Rohit Sahu said: (Jan 17, 2018)  
I think this is literally right because India have not such a potential to host the olympics. They have not good infrastructure. As well as Indian are not aware about the other game except cricket. In our society people are thinking to get something in future. You must have read or playing cricket. So how can we think about to host the olympic in our country. Recently our government is focusing toward other sport they are investing money for awareness about other sports like football. Our football team do well in the recent games. But we donot know any one of the player name. Because we are not intrested toward this. And the major problem is our government if we host the olympic then 80% of our fund engulf by our leader. Due to this all circustances we cannot thing about to host such a big game like olympics. That's all;.

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Jitender said: (Jan 14, 2018)  
Hey everyone, Good Mourning to all of you.

As the technology growing faster day by day, so we can dream of hosting olympics but not now. As the technology growing, economy also increases but our country does not have well infrastructure, good coaches to host olympics, our country doesn't provide security, service and hospitality to all those foreigners and sportsman. The main reason for all this is corruption and scam which is done by many peoples or frauds, first of all our country has to eradicate corruption or uproot from the bottom of level and also make sure that every citizen can fead food before sleep, No one can sleep without food. It also ensure to provide employement to every citizen or reeduce unemployment in country Due to all this our economy become strong. Govt also encourage Indian citizen about their interest of olympics games because only 5-10% peoples show their insterest and most of the people wants their children to show their talent or chose carrier in science stream because they realize that in sports their children can spoil their future, and no carrier in sportss.

These are the some points that our govt should improve to host olymics in future,

1. Make economy stronger.
2. Make peoples interest in olymics.
3. Provide better coaches and funds so that new youth can chose their carrier in sports.
4. Encourage Sportsman and maintain leadership amoung all.

At last, I would like to say that,

Dream is not what we see during sleep, but dream is something which do not let us sleep,

Everything is possible if we can dream, we can do it.

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Trisha said: (Jan 13, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

Yes, of course, we can dream of hosting Olympics. It's a great honor of any country to host such a big level event.

By hosting Olympics we will grab the attention of other countries and increase tourist in our country.

We should focus on others sports other than cricket. This will give great exposure to others sports and athletics. This will create awareness among Indian to focus on sports and participate in such events. It will motivate people to participate in sports events.

By hosting Olympics different people will get to know our country's culture.

But right know Indian government need to focus on infrastructure and provide all facilities. The Government need to create awareness so that more people participate in sports. Also, eradicate the unemployment and give all the facilities to everyone.

Also by hosting Olympics, Indian media will cover all events and show it internationally.

India needs some more year to overcome all the problems. Then we can surely host Olympics.

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Prasanna Mahadagde said: (Jan 12, 2018)  
Yeah why not, we can certainly dream of Olympics and we must. This is not the country where we want only cricketers to get fame. There are many talents are desperately waiting for such an opportunity where they can show their talents. Apart from that having Olympics kind of level of our country benefits the country itself in many other different aspects, like hosting such a big event will certainly attract people around the globe. Which helps people from different parts of the to know more about our country's culture and all. The more the people attract towards our country the more it will benefit us in the economical background. But it's true that we are not ready for it at present time. We are dealing with many major problems 1st one is poverty, 2nd lack of employment, 3rd we are not having proper infrastructure to represent such a huge event. Firstly, we need to focus on all these things then only we can move towards the dream of having Olympics to be held at our beautiful motherland. Thanks.

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Srikar said: (Jan 12, 2018)  
Yes, there is no doubt.

India can host Olympics, however money matters. Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, conducting Olympics may slow the growth and may boost it also, conducting global events is a thing that turns the worlds focus towards us we cannot deny such an opportunity. When we talk about expenditure, a systematic, transparent, and dedicated work can not only reduce it but also opens routes for foreign investments also. Hope in coming decades our dream come true.

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Vishnu Deepika said: (Jan 6, 2018)  
Yes, we can dream of hosting the Olympics. But in future, not now. Because in current scenario there is more unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, health issues etc. So first government should focus on these things after that government of India can dream about Olympics. So whatever the funds are there with the government first they have to use it for unemployment etc. But to conduct Olympics there should be a good infrastructure and all. In our country only for cricket and hockey, the good infrastructure is there. But for remaining games, there is no best infrastructure available. To accommodate the athletes and the international people there should be a best hotels etc. So India should construct infrastructures first.

The advantages of hosting Olympics is.

1) international recognition to our country.
2) if our country media will give broadcast to international media then we can get our money back.
3) India will become the best tourism place i.e 4.
We can showcase our country's different cultures and traditions tho foreigners.
4) more investments will come to India.

Thank you.

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Sid Singh said: (Jan 6, 2018)  
We can dream to host the biggest sports event i.e. Olympic but this is not the appropriate time for this as our country is not developed and not in such a condition to host this event. Instead of hosting Olympic we need to focus on to grow our economy, corruption free India, employment, education & poverty. If our government will focus on above mention point definitely we will host the Olympic.

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Parth Sharma said: (Jan 4, 2018)  
Hosting events like Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World cups are every country's dream. But to fulfill this dream one country needs to be prepared well enough as it can have its advantages and disadvantages at extreme levels.

Why should a country like India Host Olympics?

We all know that India is one of the fastest growing nations and changes are happening at a faster rate. Not just in the field of Education and Jobs, we are also growing fast in the field of sports. If we look a few years back there was just game popular game in our country and that was cricket. But with time so many domestic leagues in different sports took place which gave a stronger platform to young and dynamic athletes and gave recognition to other games as well. Country like India where sports create a huge impact on the lives of people and therefore such big events must take place. India has already hosted events like hockey world cups and you 17 football world cup which were a grand success. Hosting these events not only promoted the games in our country but also helped to build sports-related infrastructure which is a very important need to have progressive growth of a nation in sports. Having a competitive environment will only nurture the skills of players which are required at an international level. Hosting Olympics will also give birth to many games which as of now are not being played in India. India has one of the largest media sector in this world and this will also bring lot of money back by broadcasting event internationally. Hosting Olympics will also give lot of boost to infrastructure and real estate. A huge amount of investments will come in India which will help the Indian economy to grow at double rate. India is a diversified nation and is rich in its traditional values, different cultures and different religions which will also create attraction and this beauty of our country will also boost tourism multiple times. Being the superpower among the Asian countries, India will also help in strengthening bonds between Asian countries and Europe and America. Holding such event need billions of dollars in investment which as of now have only made by developed nations. India has all the assets to organize such events and this will only take India towards joining the league superpowers.

Rate this: +46 -1

Hemaraju N said: (Jan 4, 2018)  
Maybe India host in future. But our sports department maintain free of corruption and selecting committee will select candidates based on their performance not on recommendations. And in India we prefer only cricket, that is major minus point. We have to encourage other games also. If our country wins at least 10 medals in Olympic it will good, Olympics committee also show interest in for giving chance to host in India.

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Aniruddha Roy said: (Dec 31, 2017)  
To host an Olympic game is a matter of pride for every country and its citizens. But this requires a huge investment. India is a developing nation. Most of the works like development in infrastructure, technologies, etc are in budding stage and still huge investment is necessary in these fields. At this particular time, if India tries to host any Olympic games, it would be like cutting its own tree of development. At this point of time, India should focus on itself and its citizens' prosperity in terms of business, finance, employability, health, education, etc etc. Once it's poverty is gone then we are ready for hosting any events on our soil.

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Nimai Jana said: (Dec 30, 2017)  
This kind of big event we can dream just now nothing else because we know in our country most of the people are lower middle class. First, we think about them. We don't have that much money and facilities to host a Olympic.

Now. Yeah, our dream will be realistic one day.

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Rishabh Gupta said: (Dec 28, 2017)  
According to my viewpoint, as of now, we cannot just think of hosting a grand mega event like Olympics. Hosting such an event requires a huge expenditure in improving infrastructure facilities. We are already short of resources and if for a sec, we assume that we have surplus resources we should consider other problems first which needs utmost attention. A large proportion of the population is living below poverty line, millions are unemployed, and various other issues of great concern.

I understand that hosting such an event will encourage sports other than cricket, the economic growth rate will also increase but what about the funds.

If India wants to continue its dream of becoming a developed nation in the near future then it has to employ its financial resources in the best possible manner.

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Saloni said: (Dec 26, 2017)  
No. I personally don't think that we can dream of hosting the Olympics. First of all we don't have enough resources to host such a grand event. Let us assume that we have surplus resources, then we must first think of developing our country and solving problems like unemployment, etc rather than spending it to host the Olympics.

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Nikhil Doohaan said: (Dec 22, 2017)  
YES, we can dream of it.

But implementing it is a completely different scenario.

Considering the current situation of Indian Government and looking at its past actions like Commonwealth games, the transition of the broadband spectrum from 1g to 2g, and many more events, have shown the corrupt picture of the GOI.

Take the present scenario of the people's satisfaction towards government: very low, because GOI is not spending the plausible amount of taxes taken from their very own people, which in fact chose them in the first place.

When hosting Olympics massive amount of the taxes are spent in things related to Olympics, if that is done the GOI will get a decent reason to deceive people of India, and thereby creating more chaos in the country.

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Karan said: (Dec 21, 2017)  
Yes, India is ready for this grand event this will help in boosting the scope of Olympics people will get to know even more about the games that are part of the Olympics most of the Indian youth play cricket because of the promotion of this particular game is too much. Hosting the Olympics will let people to know more about the games and if we compare cricket with Olympics limited players get selected even those with the ample of talent even considered as the least, Olympics is the fair play due to lot's of games involved in this sport person has the more opportunity to develop his interest and no corruption involved in these game.

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Soumya said: (Dec 20, 2017)  
First of all, we need to know what is Olympics, It's a event began over 2700 years ago in Olympia, in the southwest Greece. The game was a part of the religious festival, it was staged in every 4 years Olympia, a valley near a city called Elis, People from all over the Greece world came to watch and take part.

India isn't ready to host any big event other than cricket and Hockey, as the infrastructure for this two games has been already there in the country, and if India needs to organize Olympic event then firstly it needs to improve the quality of infrastructure for the events. Secondly, India has to accommodate the international players who will come to participate in the event, so India needs many more hotels and infrastructures to serve them. Thirdly, as India would host the event, it will be shameful for India to get a very less number of participants in the Olympics, so the athletes need to be taken care of and inspired to get selected for the Olympics.

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Tarak said: (Dec 19, 2017)  
Yeah, we can, with the current situation India has that potential to conduct olympics. Through this, we can expect good tourism, increase in economy. Moreover, we can expert more medals, as we can have a longtime practice here.

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Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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