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What is part of a database that holds only one type of information?

[A]. Report
[B]. Field
[C]. Record
[D]. File

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Tania said: (Aug 7, 2010)  
A record is a row in a database whereas a field is a column. So a column holds only one type of info like name.

Ajit Bangera said: (Aug 12, 2010)  
Fields are the specific columns of a tables that contain only one type of data .

Eg: Table of Employee

EmpNo Name
1 sujit
2 ajit
3 nitin

Here 1,2,3 are the employee numbers they will be only numbers.
sujit, ajit, nitin are names they will always be characters.

Sanju Sharma said: (Sep 14, 2010)  
As a field is a column and a single column contain only one type of data hence field contains only one type of information like name or a group of characters.

Neimish said: (Oct 6, 2010)  
A field can be easily explained by a simple example i.e when we enter a name in the log in form, in that box we can enter only a name i.e nothing but a field.

Ramya Satya Sai said: (Jan 13, 2011)  
Report cant be of single datatype, record is collection of different fields. Mostly, file comprising of heterogeneous data fields. So field is the only one which points to single data type.

Priya Ahuja said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
Field is a column which contain one type of information.

Srinu said: (Mar 3, 2011)  
Report contains so many records. Record contains so many fields. i.e it contians diff data types. File is nothing but a group of stmts. So field only holds one type of data.

Dhaivat Zala said: (Aug 2, 2011)  
Basically any FIELD is generally defines only a single peace of information that's why its called field or in other words its called ATTRIBUTES.

Navnath And Nayana said: (Oct 23, 2011)  
Collection of fild is called database * diffrent type fild in data base
table stud
sr name rno
1 navnath 13
2 nayan 106

Gova said: (Oct 30, 2011)  
Field is a column in a table. It has a specific activity/task. So it holds similar type of data.

Varsha said: (Nov 16, 2011)  
It is a attribute.

Arifa said: (Nov 30, 2011)  
Fields are the specific columns of a tables that contain only one type of data.

Sanjeev Kumar said: (Jan 28, 2012)  
Field is a column in any record (RECORD-that contain information about any subject like record of employees,students etc having various rows for one person ,various columns for various categories like , name ,salary ,fees etc.) ,having only one type of data like name or address or fees.and also a row is for full information of a perticular person and contain different data like name, address, fee, years, etc only for one person.

Amrita Priyadarshini said: (Apr 5, 2012)  
Field is a DS for single piece of data and it is a part of databse. it contains data of single data type like integer or char etc

Bimal said: (Jul 3, 2012)  
A field is specific place in file/database where a specific data is to save.

Swathi Sandela said: (Sep 19, 2012)  
A field is nothing but an attribute, which describes about the entity. An entity may consist more than one field (Attribute). Each field explains about single characteristic of that entity, So it holds the same type of information.

Milly said: (Oct 3, 2012)  
Need a Specific Description about
1. Report
2. File
3. Record
4. Field

(please mention the differences each option)

Thank you..!

Saleem M said: (Jan 4, 2013)  
Fields are specific place in a file (r) database to save. Then each fields explains about single characteristic of that entity, same types of information holds.

Rajesh said: (Jun 10, 2013)  
Field is a column or tupple which consist information about one type.

Amit said: (Jul 7, 2013)  
In a database, it consists of a number of fields as rows and columns and each field contains it's related data or information only.

Pooja Shakthi said: (Aug 6, 2013)  
Ya its a single column so it having the capacity of includes similar data type only but others are not.

Prabhat Mishra said: (Oct 8, 2013)  
Field is basically related to the single column. So it contains a single error.

Ahmed said: (Nov 25, 2013)  
Field contains single column & describes about only one thing while the other options have wide implication.

Manoj said: (Dec 21, 2013)  
Field contain only same type (data type) information.

Sreeja said: (Jan 22, 2014)  
Field is a column which contain one type of information, like names, numbers.

Dhruvil said: (Jul 31, 2014)  
Report contains only one type of information that one is willing to know about a particular thing or event occurred. So correct answer is option A.

Nibas Barui said: (Aug 23, 2014)  
Actually 'field' mean a place where can complete yours work and others. Like ms-access, ms-excel which software you can realise about field.

Sameeha Khanum said: (Oct 25, 2014)  
Field is a database which contains one type of information but the others contain more than one information.

Anni said: (Mar 25, 2015)  
A table contains rows (tuple or record) and columns (fields). Now let us assume that we have a salary table that contains the names of the employees and their salary. So in that table (assume 2*2 matrix) we can give the headings as names and salary.

In the 1st row the 1st data heading is name and beside that 1st data of the 1st row we put salary as the 2nd data of the 1st row. So from here we can say that a row contains 2 different types of fields- the characters (name) and the numeric (salary).

So rows can be said as the collection of various info's, or in one word row is a record. Again in the 2nd row 1st data we put a X (i.e name is X below the name heading) and we put rs 2000 as a 2nd data of the 2nd row (i.e below the salary heading).

So from the point of column we can say that name heading is containing only characters (names can not be in 1000 or 2k format) and salary heading is contain only numeric (salary can not be in X or Y format). So the conclusion is that columns (field) contain only same type of data.

Vruschitha J S said: (Sep 2, 2015)  
Field is just part of record (tuple) , which contain single type of data. Record is collection different fields.

Sarjeet Kumar said: (Oct 16, 2015)  
Yes field is related to database that's right.

Santosh Singh said: (Oct 20, 2015)  
Please can you explain how is correct answer "Field"?

Varudhini said: (Aug 8, 2016)  
Field is acolumn in database that contain only one type of infomation.

Jagadish Behera said: (Aug 5, 2018)  
Field describe only information which is fixed type.

Rajlaxmi said: (Nov 29, 2019)  
FIELD is only describe only single information.

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