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Which of the following are true with respect to the Indian Peninsular Plateau?

  1. The southern plateau block is formed mainly of granite and gneiss
  2. The Deccan lava plateau is an elevated tableland consisting of horizontally arranged lava sheets
  3. The Malwa plateau dominates the Vindhyam scraps, forming the northern flank of the plateau
  4. The trough of the Narmada and Tapti are interposed between the Vindhyan and the Satpura ranges

[A]. I, II and III
[B]. I and II
[C]. I, II, III and IV
[D]. I, III and IV

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Gautam Pancholi said: (Sep 10, 2013)  
The Western Ghats form its western boundary, and the Eastern Ghats its eastern boundary. Each rises from their respective nearby coastal plains and nearly meet at the southern tip of India. It is separated from the Gangetic plain to the north by the Satpura and Vindhya Ranges, which form its northern boundary.

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