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The oldest oil field in India is the ____ field, in ____

[A]. Anleshwar, Gujarat
[B]. Bombay High, Maharashtra
[C]. Nawagam, Gujarat
[D]. Digboi, Assam

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ponsingh said: (Sep 22, 2012)  
Digboi is the first oilfield explored in India and where the first refinery is setup by IOCL

Sonam A said: (Mar 1, 2013)  
The oldest Oil field in India was set up in the year 1901 by Assam Oil corporation, Digboi is also known as the oil city of Assam.

Gohil Suresh said: (Jun 30, 2014)  
The oldest oil field in India is the digboi field, in assam and the biggest oil refinery in India is the ankleshwar, in gujarat.

Aniket Arya said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
Biggest oil refinery is in Jamnagar.

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