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On which one of the followings is the benefits received principle of taxation to achieve optimality bases?

[A]. Marginal benefit received
[B]. Total benefit received
[C]. Average benefit received
[D]. Ability to pay for the benefit

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ganesh Patare said: (Aug 27, 2012)  
Please tel me about Ability to pay for the benefit means what?

Shitalkumar Chougule said: (Sep 17, 2012)  
Economics concept that those who have more resources (wealth), or earn higher incomes, should pay more taxes. The ability to pay taxes (such as income tax or tax on luxury goods) are used as means of income redistribution. Also called ability to pay tax

Ankit Rana said: (Oct 22, 2015)  
What is optimality bases?

Uma said: (Dec 1, 2016)  
Please explain the remaining options also.

Ajay said: (Jan 27, 2017)  
Please explain it in detail.

Aibor said: (Oct 18, 2017)  
How to achieve optimality bases?

Rv Sidhu said: (May 5, 2018)  
Please explain all the options clearly.

Gouri said: (Sep 5, 2018)  
I am not getting, Explain it, please.

Salman said: (Feb 21, 2020)  
Explain the question.

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