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In India, rural incomes are generally lower than the urban incomes, which of the following reasons account for this?

  1. A large number of farmers are illiterate and know little about scientific agriculture
  2. Prices of primary products are lower than those of manufactured products
  3. Investment in agriculture has been low when compared to investment in industry

[A]. I, II, III
[B]. I, II
[C]. I, III
[D]. II, III

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Snigdha Mukherjee said: (May 12, 2011)  
Huge proportion of the farmers are illiterate. Dn the price elasticity for industrial goods are far more than the price elasticity of the. Agricultural goods. This is why the terms of trade between agricultural and industrial countries are unfavourable. And due to profit motives the investment in industrial sector is more so. The rural incomes are so low.

Kavitha said: (Nov 17, 2011)  
In India so many formers are illiterates. They are now knowing about current market position and demand. Simply they are croping the eatable things and sell them to low cost what ever it may be. And they are not investing more money to improve the agricultural land then level of gaining automatically decreasing.

D.Thirumalai Kumar said: (Mar 20, 2015)  
Urban people occupies prominent places in government decision making positions, they are looting hardworking rural people agriculture products with the help of political power.

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