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ICICI is the name of a

[A]. chemical industry
[B]. bureau
[C]. corporation
[D]. financial institution

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ash said: (Sep 15, 2010)  
ICICI is the name of bank as per my knowledge.

Can we called it as financial institution?

Then what's difference between financial institution and bank?

Akash Singh said: (Oct 29, 2010)  
It is a corporation.

Jash said: (Dec 20, 2010)  
Anyone can tell me why is it a financial institution?

Uday said: (Feb 20, 2011)  
Well the expansion of ICICI goes Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. It clearly states that it is a financial institution as well as banking corporation.

G,Sreekanth said: (Apr 4, 2011)  
Yes ICICI is the both financial institution as well as bank because of, the firm which is deals with the procurement of money in the form of saving and giving the loans to public is called the bank.

And financial institution deals with not only a procurement of money and giving loans and also other financial operations like.

Investing instead of public, discounting bills, issuing commercial papers, and other functions.

Siraj Bardhan said: (Apr 8, 2011)  
Indian Financial System consist of commercial banks and various other financial institutions. Financial institutions includ Development Banks like Icici, Idbi, Ifci etc. , Lending is the most important function of financial institutes. For such lending they don't create deposits. They are assisted by Central Government or RBI for the same. They provide long and midium term loans but however Commercial Banks provide short term loans max upto 7 years. DEVELOPMENT BANKS/FINANCIALINSTITUTIONS to a large extent participate in underwriting and direct investments in shares. Financial Institutions/Development Banks usally do not perticipate in the deposit market like com. Banks.

Pooja said: (Jun 23, 2011)  
Its provide the loan and helpful in economy development.

Aditya said: (Aug 27, 2011)  
It is a private sector bank, which has 2533 branches and6601 atms at present. It is indias second largest bank in terms of assets value.

Bal Krishna Verma said: (Dec 17, 2011)  
Chanda Kochhar (born November 17, 1961) is currently the Managing Director (MD) of ICICI Bank and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as of now 17th Dec 2011.

Priya said: (Jan 25, 2012)  
What is the full form of ICICI ?

Industrial Credit Investment Corporation of India.

Rehana said: (Dec 9, 2012)  
The definition of "financial institution" is an institution (public or private) that collects funds (from the public or other institutions) and invests them in financial assets.

Mahesh said: (Dec 21, 2012)  
ICICI is a financial institution & it is largest bank in privet sector previously it is used give finance to the other companies & institution.

Pupu said: (Jan 10, 2013)  
Its a bank as well as insurance sector.

Manjur said: (Mar 7, 2013)  
ICICI Bank Limited (NSE: ICICIBANK, BSE: 532174, NYSE: IBN) is an Id financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the second largest bank in India by assets and third largest by market capitalization. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. The Bank has a network of 2,883 branches and 10021 ATM's in India, and has a presence in 19 countries, including India.

The bank has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Russia, and Canada; branches in United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Dubai International Finance Centre; and representative offices in United Arab Emirates, China, South Africa, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The company's UK subsidiary has established branches in Belgium and Germany.

Nilesh Tambe said: (Aug 13, 2013)  
It is private bank therefore call is financial institution.

Surya Das said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI bank)is a financial institution as well as a bank Private banking sector Ms. Chanda Kochhar is the present CMD of ICICI bank.

She is the highest paid lady of INDIA.

Vicky said: (Oct 7, 2013)  
It is private finance institution. Because that it provide loan to corporate sector.

Rahul Jain said: (May 17, 2014)  
How could it be a financial institution it is a insurance company and bank both further it is a corporation, so cannot be financial institution alone.

Rahul Soni said: (Jun 3, 2014)  
It is private bank therefore call is Financial Institution.

Manogna said: (Oct 29, 2014)  
ICICI is the financial institution but people call this as bank in normal language.

Sourabh Pandey said: (Dec 6, 2014)  
Industrial credit and investment corporation of India is not a Indian Bank then why there is a need to allow foreign bank to do business in India.

Mallu said: (Apr 11, 2015)  
Not only for ICICI bank, all banking sectors will be financial activities so we will agree for this is a financial institution.

Bhuwan C. Tiwari said: (Apr 27, 2015)  
I say that it's mean financial institution but it's full name-industrial credit and investment corporation.

Girraj Sharma said: (Jun 17, 2015)  
I believe its corporation or bank not financial institute.

Mukesh Solanki said: (Oct 25, 2015)  
Bank:- A financial establishment that uses money deposited by customers for investment, pays it out when required, makes loans at interest, and exchanges currency.

Financial institutions is the synonyms of bank.

Prasad said: (Dec 24, 2015)  
ICICI is bank. It's not a financial institution.

Pankaj said: (Jan 31, 2016)  
ICICI is a Bank name and Financial institution means where we work related on money. So, that its under Financial Institution.

Bipin Bihari Jagat said: (Mar 2, 2016)  
ICICI is a financial institution as well as bank also. Because main work of financial institution is that he provide long term as well as short term loans (debt) to any types of company or any organisation and it is also called lender of capital market.

Lavkush Rajput said: (Aug 29, 2016)  
It is a private bank, therefore it is called as a Financial Institution.

Satasiya Jitendra said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
As per my knowledge, It is a financial institution.

Anurag Gupta said: (Feb 27, 2017)  
It's only a financial bank or a corporation.

Swati Shreya said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
It's only financial institution.

Anju said: (Jan 10, 2018)  
I also agree it's financial bank.

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