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The World Environment Day is celebrated on

[A]. April 7
[B]. June 5
[C]. August 6
[D]. June 16

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Nitin said: (Aug 16, 2011)  
Government establised environment act was passed in june 5.

Kk Albert said: (Mar 7, 2013)  
World Environment Day ('WED') is celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. It is run by the United Nations Environment Progamme (UNEP).

Senthil Kumar said: (Jan 11, 2016)  
National pollution prevention day when?

Akanksha Reddy said: (Nov 21, 2016)  
The national pollution day is celebrated every year on 2nd DEC.

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