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India has largest deposits of ____ in the world.

[A]. gold
[B]. copper
[C]. mica
[D]. None of the above

Answer: Option C


The British Geological Survey reports that as of 2005, Kodarma district in Jharkhand state in India had the largest deposits of mica in the world.

Manisha said: (Nov 25, 2010)  
What is mica ?

Loki said: (Dec 28, 2010)  
Do tell what is mica?

Sarita said: (Jan 3, 2011)  
The mica group of sheet silicate (phyllosilicate) minerals includes several closely related materials having highly perfect basal cleavage. Latin world-mica, means-a crumb probably influenced by micare, "to glitter".

Gnana said: (Jan 27, 2011)  
Mica is our india's largest ore.

Niraj Raj said: (Feb 12, 2011)  
Natural earth mineral used to give glitter and shimmer to colour cosmetics.

Ramesh Nayak said: (Feb 15, 2011)  
Mica is several closely related materials having highly perfect basal cleavage, Mica is our india's largest ore.

Soundarya said: (Apr 30, 2011)  
Thanks for your information.

Reshma Sahu said: (Jun 4, 2011)  
Mica is a largest matrial doesn't finish in the world.

Amita said: (Jul 22, 2011)  
Please tell me ore means.

Yogesh said: (Jul 30, 2011)  
Explain in brief the "mica"?

SIDDHANT SHUKLA said: (Feb 26, 2012)  
The mica group of sheet silicate [phyllosilicate] minerals includes severals closely related material having highly perfect basal cleavage. All are monoclinic with a tendency towards pseudohexagonal crystal and are similar in chemical.

Compsition. The highly perfect cleavage, which is the most prominent characteristic of mica is explain by the hexagonal sheet like arrangement of its atoms. The words "mica"is drived from the Latin word mica meaning "a Crumb"and probably influenced by micare, "to glitter.

Sujitha said: (May 18, 2012)  
Is they mica is correct ans? In India most of the people are invest in gold only how is mica?
Please clear my doubts.

Rajib said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
@Sujitha, The question is not about depositing money. It's about availability in India.

Priya said: (Oct 29, 2013)  
In which country is the largest deposits copper, silver, platinum ?

Rohan said: (Oct 31, 2013)  
Ore :The compound of metals which is directly obtain from the nature with other impurities is called ore.

John said: (Dec 13, 2013)  
Mica is a thing which is in a large amount in India.

NIDHI said: (Dec 16, 2013)  
I want to know about countries having largest deposits of cu, Ag, and Pt.

Manvi said: (Apr 17, 2014)  
India ranks second in mica production in the world. It contributes 26%in the world production.

Chetan Kumar Yadav said: (May 16, 2014)  
Mica is a shiny silicate mineral with a layered structure, found as minute scales in granite and other rocks, or as crystals. It is used as a thermal or electrical insulator.

Sri Lakshmi said: (Jul 28, 2014)  
Which country have the 1st rank in the world, by producing this mica?

Abhi.M said: (Jul 7, 2015)  
The mica a silver sheet (phyllosilicate) includes several closely related materials.

Yadav Rai said: (Jul 13, 2015)  
Which country has largest deposit of copper & gold?

Malinimadhavan said: (Jul 25, 2015)  
China was the top producer of Mica with almost a third of the global share, closely followed by the US, South Korea and Canada.

Pramod Kumar Sah said: (Nov 19, 2015)  
Mica is the silicate matter that India produce 26% of the world.

Pavani said: (Dec 16, 2015)  
Please tell me about the copper and gold & which has the largest production of copper and gold.

Vikrant said: (Mar 31, 2016)  
What is mica? Can you explain in Hindi or Marathi?

Vinod said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
How the answer is mica?

Nagendra said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
I think china has produce highest mica.

Kohwsalya Gandhi said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
But I think INDIA has produce highest mica.

Akhil said: (Aug 19, 2016)  
I can't understand, What is mica? Please tell me about that.

Addy. said: (Dec 22, 2016)  
Mica is a good conductor of heat, but a bad conductor of electricity. So it is used in Irons (the device used to press clothes).

Durjoi said: (Feb 10, 2017)  
What is mica?

Describe it more.

Amar said: (Mar 23, 2017)  
Gold is largely produced by South Africa while copper produced largely in chile and second country is China.

Prakher said: (Jun 30, 2017)  
Which country has the largest produce of silver.

Shubha said: (Aug 12, 2017)  
Presently, which state is produced highest mica?

Suhail Ali said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
Which country has the largest production of silver?

Suresh said: (Oct 14, 2017)  
Which country has highest deposit of gold?

Soham said: (Jan 10, 2018)  
Yes, mica is the right answer.

Yamini said: (Apr 15, 2018)  
Which material is made up of mica? Please give an example.

Vijay said: (Sep 5, 2018)  
Mica means? Give details.

YUGAPOOJA said: (May 26, 2019)  
Which material is made up of mica?

Gowthami said: (Mar 17, 2022)  
Mostly mica is present in Andra Pradesh not in Jarkhand.

Araddhya Dutta said: (Oct 15, 2022)  
What is Mica?

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