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The headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are situated at

[A]. Vienna
[B]. Geneva
[C]. Rome
[D]. Paris

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Surjeet said: (Dec 14, 2013)  
What is an International atomic energy agency?

Mitali said: (May 12, 2014)  
What is an International atomic energy agency?

Padma Varma said: (Mar 2, 2015)  
Where is Vienna?

Muhammed Imran Ali said: (Aug 21, 2015)  
Vienna situated in Austria?

Ibrahim said: (Feb 5, 2016)  
Yup in Austria. It's capital is Vienna.

Elma said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
As far as I remember its in Geneva.

M.Thathsarani said: (May 8, 2017)  
Where is Vienna?

S.Jani said: (Jul 27, 2017)  
If Geneva is the capital of Austria than where is Vienna?

Sarvagya said: (Jan 8, 2018)  
What's the correct answer?

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