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"No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen."
- (Proverb)

Intrinsic semiconductor material is characterized by a valence shell of how many electrons?

A. 1B. 2
C. 4D. 6


Ionization within a P-N junction causes a layer on each side of the barrier called the:

A. junction
B. depletion region
C. barrier voltage
D. forward voltage


What is the most significant development in electronics since World War II?

A. the development of color TV
B. the development of the diode
C. the development of the transistor
D. the development of the TRIAC


What causes the depletion region?

A. doping
B. diffusion
C. barrier potential
D. ions


What is an energy gap?

A. the space between two orbital shells
B. the energy equal to the energy acquired by an electron passing a 1 V electric field
C. the energy band in which electrons can move freely
D. an energy level at which an electron can exist

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