Electronics - Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)


"No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen."
- (Proverb)

In a C-E configuration, an emitter resistor is used for:

A. stabilization
B. ac signal bypass
C. collector bias
D. higher gain


Voltage-divider bias provides:

A. an unstable Q point
B. a stable Q point
C. a Q point that easily varies with changes in the transistor's current gain
D. a Q point that is stable and easily varies with changes in the transistor’s current gain


To operate properly, a transistor's base-emitter junction must be forward biased with reverse bias applied to which junction?

A. collector-emitterB. base-collector
C. base-emitterD. collector-base


The ends of a load line drawn on a family of curves determine:

A. saturation and cutoff
B. the operating point
C. the power curve
D. the amplification factor


If VCC = +18 V, voltage-divider resistor R1 is 4.7 komega.gif, and R2 is 1500omega.gif, what is the base bias voltage?

A. 8.70 V
B. 4.35 V
C. 2.90 V
D. 0.7 V

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