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An ammeter has an internal resistance of 50 . The meter movement itself can handle up to 1 mA. If 10 mA is applied to the meter, the shunt resistor, RSH1, is approximately

A. 55
B. 5.5
C. 50
D. 9


The total resistance of a parallel circuit is 50 . If the total current is 120 mA, the current through the 270 resistor that makes up part of the parallel circuit is approximately

A. 22 mA
B. 120 mA
C. 220 mA
D. 50 mA


The currents into a junction flow along two paths. One current is 4 A and the other is 3 A. The total current out of the junction is

A. 1 A
B. 7 A
C. unknown
D. the larger of the two


When an additional resistor is connected across an existing parallel circuit, the total resistance

A. remains the same
B. decreases by the value of the added resistor
C. increases by the value of the added resistor
D. decreases


When a 1.6 k resistor and a 120 resistor are connected in parallel, the total resistance is

A. greater than 1.6 k
B. greater than 120 but less than 1.6 k
C. less than 120 but greater than 100
D. less than 100

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