Digital Electronics - Logic Families and Their Characteristics


"Loneliness is the most terrible poverty."
- Mother Teresa

Totem-pole outputs ________ be connected ________ because ________.

A. can, in parallel, sometimes higher current is required
B. cannot, together, if the outputs are in opposite states excessively high currents can damage one or both devices
C. should, in series, certain applications may require higher output voltage
D. can, together, together they can handle larger load currents and higher output voltages


The high input impedance of MOSFETs:

A. allows faster switching
B. reduces input current and power dissipation
C. prevents dense packing
D. creates low-noise reactions


The output current capability of a single 7400 NAND gate when HIGH is called ________.

A. source current
B. sink current
D. source current of IOH


The time needed for an output to change from the result of an input change is known as:

A. noise immunity
B. fan-out
C. propagation delay
D. rise time


The problem of interfacing IC logic families that have different supply voltages (VCC's) can be solved by using a:

A. level-shifter
B. tristate shifter
C. decoupling capacitor
D. pull-down resistor

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