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"Actions speak louder than words."
- (Proverb)

What is the result of taking more samples during the quantization process?

A. More errors in the analog-to-digital conversion
B. More bit requirements
C. More accurate signal representation
D. More bit requirements and more accurate signal representation


Which A/D conversion method has a fixed conversion time?

A. Single-slope analog-to-digital converter
B. Dual-slope analog-to-digital converter
C. Digital-ramp analog-to-digital converter
D. Successive-approximation analog-to-digital converter


Which is a typical application of digital signal processing?

A. Noise elimination
B. Music signal processing
C. Image processing
D. All of the above


If a DAC has a full-scale, or maximum, output of 12 V and accuracy of 0.1%, then the maximum error for any output voltage is ________.

A. 12 V
B. 120 mV
C. 12 mV
D. 0 V


What do we call the manipulation of an analog signal in a digital domain?

A. Analog-to-digital conversion
B. Digital-to-analog conversion
C. Digital signal processing
D. Signal filtering

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