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The following pie charts exhibit the distribution of the overseas tourist traffic from India. The two charts shows the tourist distribution by country and the age profiles of the tourists respectively.

Distribution of Overseas Tourist Traffic from India.


The ratio of the number of Indian tourists that went to USA to the number of Indian tourists who were below 30 years of age is ?

[A]. 2:1
[B]. 8:3
[C]. 3:8
[D]. Cannot be determined

Answer: Option B


40:15 = 8:3

Ravi said: (Dec 11, 2011)  
Should we interpret with colors given in the charts or not.. In that case 40% USA shows only age above 50 yrs of 50%... I don't understand.. Please explain..

Prasant said: (Apr 27, 2012)  
Question asking for ratio of no. of indians not the proportion, hence, answer must be (D).

Alice said: (Dec 12, 2013)  
How do you work this out on a calculator?

Bhavhar said: (Mar 1, 2014)  
I think answer should be cannot be determined because they have asked number of Indian tourist but in pie chart they have just given the percentage and not the actual figure. Can somebody please explain?

Deepesh said: (Aug 4, 2014)  
40% of x = Number of Indian tourists that went to USA.
15% of x = The number of Indian tourists who were below 30 years of age.
x = Total no.of Indians.

40% of x/15% of x = 8:3.

Therefore B.

Tinku said: (Jan 17, 2015)  
Can any one explain how is 8:3 is correct answers.

Shweta said: (Jun 24, 2015)  
40%/15% = 8/3 (which is divided by 5).

Gagan said: (Jun 23, 2016)  
Can't determined (because it's in no and we know the only %).

Ssashrfh said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
How is it done? Describe it.

Shoba said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
Question does not mean that all people below 30 years went to USA, so the answer is cannot be determined.

Rinku said: (Dec 11, 2016)  

3*5=15 where we choose 5? May I know.

Danny said: (Mar 22, 2018)  
Please, explain the answer.

Raju said: (May 21, 2018)  
Please explain correctly to understand clearly.

Katara said: (Aug 4, 2018)  
If the total number is x.

Then a number of those who went to The USA is 40% of x.
This divided by the no of those who are below 30 years of age i.e. 15% of x.
40/15 = 8/5.

Tapan Behera said: (Sep 13, 2019)  
USA:below 30 years.

40:15 = 8:3.

Raj said: (Jan 18, 2020)  
I don't understand, please explain clearly.

Goutam Das said: (Apr 25, 2020)  
Below 30 is mentioned in the UK then why it's considered while talking about the USA?

Palak D said: (Jul 9, 2020)  
Both the pie charts are different. The colours in them don't show a relation between the country and age profile.

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