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Who invented television?

A. Marconi
B. J.L. Baird
C. James Watt
D. Thomas Alva Edison

Answer: Option B


The credit to who invented the television belongs to Scottish engineer John Logie Baird. He built and and demonstrated the world's first mechanical television.


What is the name of the curriculum designed to impart and strengthen the knowledge, skills and dispositions believed to be the best requisites of the current Industry ?

A. Nirmal Ganga
B. Jeevan Nirman
C. Jeevan Kaushal
D. Gyan Kaushal

Answer: Option C


Life skills (Jeevan Kaushal) curriculum cover the set of human talents acquired by an individual via classroom learning or life experience that can help them to deal with problems encountered in day to day life. This includes the core skills each individual must possess internally as well as externally for the betterment of self and the society as a whole.


Name the country, which has joined as a new member of Global Antimicrobial Resistance Research (AMR) and Development hub?

A. India
B. Swedan
C. Norway
D. Mexico

Answer: Option A


India has joined the Global Antimicrobial Resistance Research (AMR) and Development hub as a new member. AMR is the ability of a microbe to resist the effects of medication that once could successfully treat the microbe. India will be a member of the board of members of the hub from this year. India looks forward to working with all partners to leverage their existing capabilities, resources and collectively focus on new research to address drug-resistant infections. The hub supports global priority setting and evidence-based decision-making on the allocation of resources for AMR research and development through identification of gaps, overlaps and potential for cross-sectoral collaboration and leveraging.


Which company is the largest car maker in India?

A. Honda
B. Hyundai
C. Maruti suzuki
D. Mahindra

Answer: Option C


Maruti Suzuki is the biggest automobile manufacturer in India that also holds 53% of the market share in Indian passenger car market. Maruti Suzuki has 3 manufacturing plants in India that produce vehicles like Alto K10, Swift, WagonR, Ciaz, Baleno and Vitara Brezza.


The festival of Onam is celebrated across which among the following states?

A. Kerala
B. Odisha
C. Punjab
D. Himachal Pradesh

Answer: Option A


Onam festival marks the homecoming of the mythical King Mahabali. Vallamkali or the Snake Boat Race is the most enchanting facet of the festival of Onam.