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Which of the following refers to the terms "residual error rate"?

A. the number of bit errors per twenty four hours of continuous operation on an asynchronous line
B. The probability that one or more errors will be undetected when an error detection scheme is used
C. the probability that one or more errors will be detected when an error detection mechanism is used
D. signal to noise ratio divided by the ratio of energy per bit to noise per hertz
E. None of the above


Which of the following summation operations is performed on the bits to check an error-detecting code?

A. CodecB. Coder-decoder
C. ChecksumD. Attenuation


The research and development department at your office has been experimenting with different technologies to help improve the performance of the network. One group has been examining the use of a broadband network versus a based band network. Select the correct statement about broadband and baseband.

A. Broadband networks carry several channels on a single cable, whereas in a baseband network several cables carry one channel
B. Baseband networks carry a single channel on a single cable, whereas broadband networks carry several channels on a single cable
C. Baseband refers to local area networks, and broadband refers to wide area networks.
D. Baseband operates at a standard bit rate, whereas broadband may operate at different rates as needed
E. Broadband and baseband refer to the different frequencies at which infrared operates then transmitting signals in certain conditions


An error-detecting code inserted as a field in a block of data to be transmitted is known as

A. Frame check sequence
B. Error detecting code
C. Checksum
D. flow control
E. None of the above


The cheapest modems can transmit

A. 300 bits per second
B. 1,200 bits per second
C. 2,400 bits per second
D. 4,800 bits per second
E. None of the above

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