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"It takes a very long time to become young."
- Pablo Picasso

In levelling operation,

A. The first sight on any change point is a back sight
B. The second sight on any change point is a fore sight
C. The line commences with a fore sight and closes with a back sight
D. The line commences with a back sight and closes with a foresight.


The apparent error on reversal is

A. equal to the actual error
B. twice the actual error
C. thrice the actual error
D. none of these.


Magnetic declination at any place

A. remains constant
B. does not remain constant
C. fluctuates
D. changes abruptly.


Systematic errors are those errors

A. which cannot be recognised
B. whose character is understood
C. whose effects are cumulative and can be eliminated
D. none of these.


If L is in kilometres, the curvature correction is

A. 58.2 L2 mm
B. 64.8 L2 mm
C. 74.8 L2 mm
D. 78.4 L2 mm.

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