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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
- Albert Einstein

In quadrantal bearing system, back bearing of a line may be obtained from its forward bearing, by

A. adding 180°, if the given bearing is less than 180°
B. subtracting 180°, if the given bearing, is more than 180°
C. changing the cardinal points, i.e. substituting N for S and E for W and vice-versa
D. none of these.


If L is the perimeter of a closed traverse, ΔD is the closing error in departure, the correction for the departure of a traverse side of length l, according to Bowditch rule, is

D. .


Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. the theodolite in which telescope can be rotated in vertical plane is called a transmit
B. when the vertical circle is to the left of the telescope during observation, it is called to be in left face
C. when the vertical circle is to the right of the telescope during observation, it is called to be in right face
D. all the above.


Pick up the method of surveying in which field observations and plotting proceed simultaneously from the following

A. chain surveying
B. compass surveying
C. plan table surveying
D. tacheometric surveying.


While viewing through a level telescope and moving the eye slightly, a relative movement occurs between the image of the levelling staff and the cross hairs. The instrument is

A. correctly focussed
B. not correctly focussed
C. said to have parallax
D. free from parallax.

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