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"I do not seek. I find."
- Pablo Picasso

Borrow pits should preferably be located in

A. field on the left side of the canal
B. field on the right side of the canal
C. fields on both sides of the canal
D. central half width of the section of the canal.


Irrigation canals are generally aligned along

A. ridge line
B. contour line
C. valley line
D. straight line.


The length of a meander is the distance along the river between the tangent point of one curve to the tangent point of

A. reverse curve
B. next curve of the same order
C. reverse curve plus the width of the river
D. none of these.


If B and d are the bed width and depth of a channel in metres, the combined losses due to evaporation and seepage in cumecs per kilometre length of the channel, is

A. B.
C. D.


Pick up the incorrect statement from the following

A. Side walls of a venturi head flume are splayed out from the end of the throat at 1 : 10 for a length of 4.5 m
B. Length of side walls should be such that the width of the flume is made equal to 2/3rd the bed width of the distributary
C. Once the width of the flume becomes 2/3rd of the width of the distributary, the splayed walls are increased to 1 in 3 to get full bed width
D. None of these.

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