Civil Engineering - GATE Exam Questions


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The kinetic energy correction factor for a full developed laminar flow through a circular pipe is

A. 1.00B. 1.33
C. 2.00D. 1.50


The slope of the e-log p curve for a soil mass gives :

A. coefficient of permeability, k
B. coefficient of consolidation Cv
C. compression index, Cc
D. coefficient of volume compressibility, mv


The modulus of subgrade reaction is obtained from the plate bearing test in the form of load-deformation curve. The pressure corresponding to the following settlement value should be used for computing modulus of subgrade reaction

A. 0.375 cm
B. 0.175 cm
C. 0.125 cm
D. 0.250 cm


X-component of velocity in a 2-D incompressible flow is given by u = y2 + 4 xy. If Y-com-ponent of velocity 'v' equals zero at y = 0, the expression for 'v' is given by

A. 4yB. 2y2
C. -2y2D. 2xy


Consolidation in soils

A. is a function of the effective stress
B. does not depend on the present stress
C. is a function of the pore water pressure
D. is a function of the total stress

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