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"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist."
- Indira Gandhi

If t is the duration of an activity, t1 is the latest finish possible moment of its preceding activity and t2 is the earliest start possible moment, the independent float of the activity is

A. (t1 - t2) - t
B. t - (t1 - t2)
C. (t1 + t2) - t
D. t + (t1 - t2)


Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. Earliest expected time is denoted by TE
B. Latest occurrence time is denoted by TL
C. Contractual obligation time is denoted by Ts
D. Latest occurrence time is taken as contractual obligation time
E. All the above.


For the supply of materials for concrete, form work reinforcing and placing of concrete, removal of form work and curing of concrete, number of bar(s) required on bar chart, is

A. 1B. 2
C. 3D. 4


For the execution of a project, a contractor is

A. a person
B. a firm
C. an agency
D. all the above.


Railway projects are treated as

A. light construction
B. heavy construction
C. industrial construction
D. none of these.

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