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The __________ of a vapor pressure thermometer is a functioning element.

[A]. pointer
[B]. bourdon tube
[C]. bulb
[D]. none of these

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Nitish Nevgi said: (Mar 4, 2014)  
Bourdon tube is functioning element in my opinion, since it is the sensing element.

Asad said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
Yes, bourdon tube looks right.

Papu Das said: (Nov 28, 2016)  
Pointer could not be pressure sensing element, it only acts as an indicator.

Ravi Kasundra said: (May 22, 2017)  
Bourden tube is a sensing elements and so according to variation in pressure it will expand or contract and pointer is connected to the bourden tube so it will indicates the changes in process parameter. So bourden tube and pointer both are functioning at same time so both answer are correct.

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