Chemical Engineering - Polymer Technology


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Which of the following is generally not drawn into fibre ?

A. Polyamide
B. Unsaturated polyesters
C. Saturated polyesters
D. Polyacrylonitrile


Condensation polymerisation of caprolac-tum is carried out in the reactor maintained at a temperature of __________ °C for producing nylon-6.

A. -20 to 25
B. 50 to 75
C. 100 to 150
D. 250-280


Which of the following is not a natural polymer ?

A. Nucleic acids e.g. RNA and DNA
B. Polysaccharides
C. Polyisoprene
D. Polyurethane


In case of wet spinning of polymers, the polymer solution is forced through spinnerates into, a coagulating bath to give a filament form. Wet spinning is not used in case of the __________ fibres.

A. viscose rayon
B. acrylic
C. polyvinyl acetate
D. saturated polyester


Melt spinning of polymers involves the forcing of polymer melt through spinnerettes (fine holes) into an atmosphere kept at a temperature lower than the melting point of the polymer, which causes the fine diameter polymer melt to harden into filaments. Melt spinning is not used in case of the __________ fibres.

A. acrylic
B. polyester
C. nylon 6:6
D. polypropylene

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