Chemical Engineering - Mechanical Operations


"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
- Albert Einstein

Short distance transportation of grain, gravel, sand, ash, asphalt etc. is done by using a __________ conveyor.

A. flight
B. slat or drag
C. ribbon
D. screw


Equivalent diameter of a particle is the diameter of the sphere having the same

A. ratio of surface to volume as the actual volume.
B. ratio of volume to surface as the particle.
C. volume as the particle.
D. none of these.


If dp is the equivalent diameter of a non-spherical particle, Vp its volume and sp its surface area, then its sphericity is Φs is defined by

A. Φs = 6 Vp/dp sp
B. Φs = Vp/dp sp
C. Φs = 6 dp Sp/Vp
D. Φs = dp Sp/Vp


Power required to drive a ball mill with a particular ball load is proportional to (where, D = diameter of ball mill )

A. D
B. 1/D
C. D2.5
D. 1/D2.5


Pick out the wrong statement.

A. Recycled coarse material to the grinder by a classifier is termed as circulating load.
B. Wear and tear in wet crushing is more than that in dry crushing of materials.
C. Size enlargement (opposite of size reduction) is not a mechanical operation.
D. A 'dust catcher' is simply an enlargement in a pipeline which permits the solids to settle down due to reduction in velocity of the dust laden gas.

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