Chemical Engineering - Fertiliser Technology


"Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave."
- Indira Gandhi

Phosphorus vapour comprises of

A. PB. P2
C. P3D. P4


Conversion of yellow phosphorous to red phosphorous is done by heating it in covered retorts at __________ °C in absence of air.

A. 50-80B. 250-400
C. 1000-1200D. 800-900


Commercial fertilisers are available mostly in the form of

A. powderB. grannules
C. lumpsD. flakes


Pick out the wrong statement.

A. All the nitrogenous fertilisers are not soluble in water.
B. A straight fertiliser contains only one nutrient.
C. Calcium cynamide is used as weed killer in onion fields.
D. The phosphorous nutrient makes the plant stem stronger and increases its branches.


Ammonia synthesis gas is produced from natural gas by

A. thermal cracking
B. steam reforming
C. partial oxidation
D. hydrogenation

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