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An isothermal aqueous phase reversible reaction, P R, is to be carried out in a mixed flow reactor. The reaction rate in k.mole/m3 .h is given by, r = 0.5CP - 0.125CR. A stream containing only P enters the reactor. The residence time required (in hours) for 40% conversion of P is

[A]. 0.80
[B]. 1.33
[C]. 1.60
[D]. 2.67

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Rohith said: (Jun 5, 2019)  
The correct Answer is B.

Moazzam said: (May 4, 2020)  
Please give an explanation of the answer.

M. Manoj Kumar said: (May 4, 2020)  
Cq=Cqo + 1/1Cpo(x).
(T/Cpo ) =x/rp,
Solving and eliminating Cpo, we get T=8/5 =1.6.

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