Chemical Engineering - Chemical Reaction Engineering


"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."
- Albert Einstein

Which of the following will give maximum gas conversion ?

A. Fixed bed reactor.
B. Fluidised bed reactor.
C. Semi-fluidised bed reactor.
D. Plug-flow catalytic reactor.


__________ explains the mechanism of catalysis.

A. Activated complex theory
B. Collision theory
C. Thermodynamics
D. None of these


From among the following, choose one which is not an exothermic process.

A. Methanol synthesis
B. Catalytic cracking
C. Ammonia synthesis
D. Oxidation of sulphur


The fractional volume change of the system for the isothermal gas phase reaction, A 3B , between no conversion and complete conversion is

A. 0.5B. 1
C. 2D. 3


A catalyst

A. initiates a reaction.
B. lowers the activation energy of reacting molecules.
C. is capable of reacting with any one of the reactants.
D. can not be recovered chemically unchanged at the end of a chemical reaction.

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