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Head Gestures

Head Gestures
  • Neutral Head Position - The position taken by the person who has a neutral attitude about what he is hearing. The head usually remains still and may occasionally give small nods.
  • Interested Head Position - When the head tilts to one side it shows that interest has developed.
  • Disapproval Head Position - When the head is down, it signals that the attitude is negative and even judgmental. Critical evaluation clusters are normally made with the head down and, unless you can get the personís head up or tilted, you may have a communication problem.

Both Hands Behind Head

Both Hands Behind Head Gestures
  • This gesture is typical of such professionals as accountants, lawyers, sales managers, bank managers or people who are feeling confident, dominant, or superior about something.
  • It is also a gesture used by the 'know-it-all' individual and many people find it irritating when someone does it to them.

Readiness Gestures

Readiness Gestures
  • The individual is seen standing with the hands-on-hips pose, for this is one of the most common gestures used by man to communicate an aggressive attitude.
  • Some observers have labelled this gesture 'readiness' which in the right context is correct, but the basic meaning is aggression.

Seated Readiness Gestures

Seated Readiness Gestures
  • One of the most valuable gestures that a negotiator can learn to recognise is seated readiness.
  • The readiness gestures that signal a desire to end a conversation or encounter are leaning forward with both hands on both knees, or leaning forward with both hands gripping the chair. Should either of these occur during a conversation it would he wise for you to take the lead and terminate it. This allows you to maintain a psychological advantage and to keep the control.

Male-Male Aggression Gestures

Male-Male Aggression Gestures
  • Two men sizing each other up, using the characteristic hands-on-hips and thumbs-in-belt gestures.
  • Considering that they are both turned at an angle away from each other and the lower halves of their bodies are relaxed, it would be reasonable to assume that these two males are unconsciously evaluating each other and that an attack is unlikely.
  • Their conversation may be casual or friendly but a completely relaxed atmosphere will not exist until their hands-on-hips gestures cease and open palm gestures are used.
  • If these two men had been directly facing each other with their feet planted firmly on the ground, a fight would be likely to occur

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