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"It takes a very long time to become young."
- Pablo Picasso

Beta pleated sheets are examples of protein's

A. primary structure
B. secondary structure
C. tertiary structure
D. quaternary structure


BRACl, an inherited form of breast cancer, regulates cell division by

A. binding to a DNA sequence
B. complexing with cyclins
C. binding to the cell outer membrane
D. binding to the protein RAD 51 which repairs DNA damage


Metastasis involves

A. ability of cells to dissolve cellular matrix
B. metalloprotein levels
C. decreased levels of proteins that regulate metalloproteins
D. all of the above


Signal sequences are part of a protein that

A. signal folding of the protein
B. signal the protein synthesis on the ribosomes is ended
C. transport proteins to other sites within the cell
D. refold proteins in prion-associated diseases


Individuals with PKU disease are mentally retarded unless

A. phenylalanine in the diet is restricted
B. tyrosine in the diet is restricted
C. homogentisic acid in the diet is restricted
D. none of the above

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