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"Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan."
- (Proverb)

Enzyme-driven metabolic pathways can be made more efficient by

A. concentrating enzymes within specific cellular compartments
B. grouping enzymes into free-floating, multienzyme complexes
C. fixing enzymes into membranes so that they are adjacent to each other
D. All of the above


Which of the following (s) is/are serine proteases?

A. Chymotrypsin
B. Trypsin
C. Elastase
D. all of these


Which of the following statements about enzymes or their function is true?

A. Enzymes do not alter the overall change in free energy for a reaction
B. Enzymes are proteins whose three-dimensional form is key to their function
C. Enzymes speed up reactions by lowering activation energy
D. All of the above


Tryprotophan synthetase of E.coli, a typical bifunctional oligomeric enzyme consist of

A. a protein designated A
B. two proteins designated A and B
C. a protein A and one-subunit a
D. a protein designated B


What is the specificity of the Clostripain protease?

A. It cleave after Arg residues
B. It cleave after His residues
C. It cleave after Lys residues
D. None of the above

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